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I'm leaving my bf because he gave me an infection and he's about to cheat on me


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My bf told me to get an abortion, I minus well cheat on you since you always feel that way, and told me he checks out other girls when I'm not around. My health is bad because of him, he gave me an infection. I called the doctor for him, he has an infection for so long now. He never got treated and he's out cheating on me. I told him and he said sorry. But I realize.. it's over.. I'm sad and shocked.. But it's over. There's no good future being with someone who says mean things to you. Always scared of cheating and bringing diseases and pain. I am leaving for good this time. I have to take care of my health and I have to continue to survive. He was just like cheating ex. People who don't care about you, will do all kinds of bad things to you. 

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