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Hi hi halo... thanks @nohamahamoud2002 for creating JTH thread.


I only knew him in Monster as Dodo Group Chairman Son.




I enjoyed him there immensely. He bring a lot of laugh and at times you want to smash him too :joy: 


Can I also talk about his look? He's pretty handsome... but not so tall haha... 


All the best for him. Hope he can get more lead roles in future. 

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Park Si Eun And Jin Tae Hyun Share Heartwarming Story Of Adopting College-Aged Daughter

Park Si Eun And Jin Tae Hyun Share Heartwarming Story Of Adopting College-Aged Daughter

Oct 28, 2019
by J. Lim

Jin Tae Hyun and Park Si Eun have shared the adoption story of their daughter.

On October 28, Jin Tae Hyun and Park Si Eun both took to their personal Instagram accounts to share the story of the adoption that they wrote together, as well as a photo with their daughter Se Yeon. Their post reads as follows:

In August 2015, we got married and went on our honeymoon to Jeju Island. While we were there, we visited the Jeju Angels’ Home Orphanage and met our Se Yeon for the first time. We still remember how she was giving out abalone to the younger kids with runny noses as they stood in line. Since meeting her when she was in high school, we have been watching over her as an aunt and uncle.

Of our nieces and nephews, she was the first one we invited to our home. We spent time with her during school vacations in Jeju. When she was applying for colleges, we went to all the exams with her and when she was accepted to a college and came to Seoul, she stayed at our home and we were with her the whole time. We’d already become a family.

There are so many things she has to do on her own before she starts her own family, go to college, graduate, get a job, meet someone she loves, and get married.

Therefore, we’ve decided to stop being Se Yeon’s aunt and uncle and become her real mom and dad.

Children and teens need parents, but our Se Yeon has unfortunately lived without parents though she had the amazing orphanage workers. We want to be her mom and dad and be with her as she navigates her twenties. Because everyone needs a family, from their teens, to their twenties, thirties, and till they die. Adoption is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and as God has taught us that we must help those in need, this was not a difficult decision.

Though there will be realistic issues in the future, family is about experiencing all of those things together, so even if there are difficulties, we will be with her. Most of all, as we love each other, we have nothing to fear and nothing that will be too difficult for us. Please continue to send us your support. We still want to give birth to a baby who looks just like their mom, and invite more kids to join our family.

We spoke with Se Yeon and thought about it for a long time before deciding to share that we’re now a family, and we are now sharing the news to acquaintances and our fans through social media.

Park Si Eun and Jin Tae Hyun are now not only actors, but parents of our first daughter who is in college.

We’ll work hard to live a good life. Thank you.


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