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Hey Monarchs! I would like to thank you all for visiting, posting, liking, and lurking on this thread. "The King" has been quite a ride for all of us. Kudos to us for sticking with the drama until the

This thread will probably stay sleepless for a few more weeks....  however it's time for me to say a few words of appreciation to everyone who are here no matter if you were here since episode 1 or ju

This is the episode I've been waiting for in regards to SJ.  I don't even like him all that much - so I'm not sure why I'm so invested.    But he's been dealt the worst hand in this entire s

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The king eternal monarch was indeed a memorable drama


No matter how much I say 

but still my heart keeps on asking me to say it again 

 Each and every actors in this drama had their own charms and 

shined in their own niches that made the ”scenery “ more beautiful and bright !


Thought of placing KES from A to Z 

but i gotta take back my words !

she is one of the “zero” for me ! 
How beautifully she unfolded things straight in ep 16 ! 
Each scenes were breathtaking and warming ! 
And park won sang’s ( chief park -head inspector ....bad that i saw him with eyes of suspicion) his character was so warm ! 

And KES’s dramas never fail to engrave certain of the characters dialogues in my heart ! This drama did it too !



“I am the king of kingdom of Corea, and my name, that can’t be called, is Lee Gon”.


“It took me a long time to realise this. When its fate there are no coincidences. Your fate is determined by the choices you make, but there are times when your fate chooses you”


“there will come a moment when it seems i have disappeared. I don’t want you to worry too much if that happens. It just means I am walking through the frozen moments in time”


”you can never know what will happen in life.But if there is a place you want to reach, even if your life maybe at risk, that is fate. The footsteps you take by risking your whole life is what’s fate !


“Your choices determines your destiny but no one gets to choose their parents.

so change this ‘choice’ of your’s , for the choice you make will determine ‘this boy’s’ fate. “


“I wish to be able to love tirelessly “




I thank every “monarchs” for making this thread bright, positive, friendly, naughty and warm. 
Wish to meet you all with a new drama.

Stay positive stay safe ! 
Gonna miss everything about this drama including monarchs !


@syntyche your effort to tag all of us was indeed touching ! Thanks a-lot  !


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since most of the things i have to say have already been said by the other monarchs, let me just say, to everyone, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING (theories, pictures and even the drawings). watching TKEM was so much better and understanding it was easier because of the interaction in this thread. i learned from the various theories contributed by the monarchs. it was a joy unlurking and sometimes joining the conversation of the monarchs although i was mostly lurking because i couldn't keep up with the LTE speed of the thread, which is actually not surprising as this is Soompi after all.:):):)


@vangsweetie637, i knew the green dumpster was on standby yesterday & i was so happy it was of no use after all.:lol::lol::lol:


@SweetButters, i will miss your legendary drawings.:lol::lol::lol:


monarchs, see you around.:):):)

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2 hours ago, marshemell0ws said:

Did anyone understand the leaves part? The part where they found the Joseon period and TE was looking through the luggage asking LG why he brought leaves. I couldn't understand what he meant


Just in case they end up in this time period :P



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18 hours ago, lyrically aesthetic said:



Especially his reaction to Jeong Tae Ra. He was holding his laughter in that scene :D 

Tae Ra Byte! Genius!

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2 hours ago, Joanna Alfson said:

His not a deity but his the flute. I never agreed with these theories but nobody also predicted the Yoyo kid being the flute with all these theories you won't find one of them that gets it right with the flute kid 


For me, being the flute is still tantamount to being a deity  such that being they possess supernatural powers, esp in the TKEM context.  I just couldn't appreciate Yoyo Kid being the bully. If it is to emphasize the initial ties that brought TE & SJ together like what @SweetButters proposed, I think there are more ingenious ways of showing that.  Perhaps I will find better context after I binge watch the whole series :)

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Good night everyone.  It’s our first Saturday morning for US fans that we get to sleep in and catch up on rest.  

I realize we had a Saturday off when the Contagion showing happened but if I recall right, we all raged about it for hours and didn’t believe it and woke up early anyways only to be disappointed and rage again.


Sleep tight, dream of Cousin getting his neck snapped by Jo Yeong, and the Security Room Inconsideration.


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so my sister tells me she is watching the last episode of TKEM.


Me: “You ain’t gonna understand anything if you didn’t even watch the drama.”


She ignores me and I hear the episode with sounds that goes on and off (because she is skipping scenes).

She keeps saying omg this, omg that. She reaches the ending in like 2 mins and tells me “This drama is way too complicated.”

This is me to her, again.. :



She then tells me “This drama is too hard to understand. Too complicated. Too complex.”


“I just told you earlier that if you didn’t watch the whole thing, you ain’t gonna understand shitzz.”


”Well, I understood nothing.”








Goodnight everyone!



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Ok I was rewatching episode 16 again and it struck me...where did they change into the appropriate attire to wherever that they are going? We see the in between portal with suitcases...but where do they change their clothes? Maybe that is what the leaves are for :lol:

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56 minutes ago, AgentQuake said:

lady noh was awfully excited about the inconsideration 


are we sure she isn’t a sleeper agent on this forum


OK I will confess. I am Lady Noh. See how I ship, eventually? And notice how grumpy I can be at times?  Am guessing am probably the oldest also in this forum.  We are also of the same height bahahahahahaha

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6 minutes ago, AnisNisa said:

Ok I was rewatching episode 16 again and it struck me...where did they change into the appropriate attire to wherever that they are going? We see the in between portal with suitcases...but where do they change their clothes? Maybe that is what the leaves are for :lol:

Nudie beach


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8 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

Did LG go back in time again to save JY or was it the same timeline and he ran back to the palace to get JY medical help (so in fact JY was not dead) ?


Same timeline. They never left the palace grounds.  JY had the vest.  Check the scene where he had bullet holes on his back - no blood.  So he was not dead at all. So it was easy for LG to bring JY to the present time 2020

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What a sweet finale for the show! It was a largely satisfying finale with a good balance of intense moments and funny moments. Yes there are aspects of the show I felt didn’t work so well, but it was definitely one of the most original and interesting shows this year! Sharing more of my thoughts here:


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