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  1. 1. what really stood you to in the re-watch of the first 2 episodes?

    • the set-up of the back story
    • the sets
    • the cinematography
    • the music
    • the PPL! hahahah
  2. 2. Q2. which side character were you most delighted/interested to see again? (pick 2)

    • Jo Yeon
    • grandmother
    • Kang Shin Jae
    • Jo Eun Seob
    • Koo Seo ryung
    • Lee Lim
    • Na-ri
    • Maximus (the horse)!!!! :D

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As you know, I have closely been monitoring the case of the lightning scar & have posted a table for this a while back.  I have updated the table as of Epi 13 




1. Speculation that those who actually killed their doppelgangers are getting the lightning scars may have to be debunked based on more info gathered up to Epi 13. Thus far, we have only two "kill-your-doppelganger-condition" made apparent & they are --

  • HG Chairman Park's son who was stabbed multiple times by his Corea doppelganger (in LR's hellish arts & craft office), despite the fact the LR henchman already stabbed the son.
  • LR specified to Preggy Poor Lady that she has to kill Preggy Rich Lady.  Although they have been swapped, both are still alive so far.  Hence, no scar yet on Poor Preggy Lady.
  • All the rest (see RED FONT) were either killed by LR/LR minions or collateral damage or drama has not shown us specifically how they died e,g, PM doppelganger or husband of Preggy Rich Lady

2, Speculation re scar placement - meaning scars are appearing where their doppelgangers were killed seems problematic cos

  • LR's scar is on his face but his doppelganger was killed by the neck;
  • Lee Sang Do's scar is on his belly/stomach but doppelganger was killed by head trauma .
  • Yoo Kyung Moo's scar is on his leg. but doppelganger who is LR's driver was killed by multiple gunshot
  • Byeong-U's scar is on his hand but his doppelganger was killed by multiple stab wounds.

What is clear so far are these TWIN conditions applicable to those in RED FONT in the table above

1. They have crossed the portal (not necessarily staying on the other side)

2. Their doppelganger got killed (not necessarily by their counterparts) or have died of natural causes


Note that our scar-free gang (those in BLACK & BLUE font in the table above) still have living doppelgangers, even if they have crossed. It would appear that BALANCE is key.


The theory for this twin condition will fall apart if we find out later that LG's doppelganger is still alive in this timeline.  So we shall see...


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Hey Monarchs! I would like to thank you all for visiting, posting, liking, and lurking on this thread. "The King" has been quite a ride for all of us. Kudos to us for sticking with the drama until the

This thread will probably stay sleepless for a few more weeks....  however it's time for me to say a few words of appreciation to everyone who are here no matter if you were here since episode 1 or ju

This is the episode I've been waiting for in regards to SJ.  I don't even like him all that much - so I'm not sure why I'm so invested.    But he's been dealt the worst hand in this entire s

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1 hour ago, imels said:

That’s what I was thinking of too. Beside in the 1st pic TE had to go back by herself, the second one was three of them were back to ROK together. But, about the day and the night with many stars was confusing me. If there was no air, no wind and time did not change how there were days and nights? Is it because the gate or the dimension has been broken? That’s why time will exist in that dimension and all the seeds that TE sow will grow?


I thought that it was a sign of balance between the worlds deteriorating as well. In the special preview, the "showdown" between LR and LG in that in between place looked gloomy like this and it scared the hell out of me. It looks like the worlds are breaking down. 

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5 hours ago, AgentQuake said:

But also - the men in her life obviously care very much about her, but they don’t treat her like, well, a Queen.  Obviously ES and SJ are very good friends to her, but she’s just TE to them.  A good buddy, maybe something more for SJ, but she’s just good old, plain, brave, fun JTE.  She is who she is.  She’s great.


LG literally worships the ground she walks on and tells her that, and even though she gets secondhand embarrassment from it and smacks him around, it has to feel good to be acknowledged for something that others just see as a part of her.  Of course her friends think she’s a warrior and brave, but it’s nothing new to them.  Hearing LG talk about how brave she is has to be heartwarming.  Her family and friends don’t acknowledge her beauty, because she’s never been the type to care. But LG doesn’t ever hesitate to show her that he thinks she’s the most beautiful person in the world. 

She’s got a great support system around her, but  LG just goes above and beyond. 

Which brings me back to your original point - the jacket scene.  She’s super tough around her friends, and they may have just brushed off her complaining as lol haha.  But LG gave her his jacket without asking, after she just finished insulting him.  Nobody in her life actively goes out of their way to take care of her, and while she may be fine with that, this person is anticipating her needs, picking up on barely existent cues, and making sure that she’s taken care of. 


Love ES character, it was potrayed perfectly because he is a childhood friend, considered a baby brother to JTE. I love how ES same like JTE,  do not bother with LG's King status from the very beginning...ES for me is a male version of JTE to LG.  Remember ES offered his neck first to LG to be beheaded in the Supermarket :D , it is way before JTE on ep 13 !  , ES ignored LG calls for 13 times, called LG crazy few times and LG bought cake, open the toilet door, open the car door for him ... who else dare to do that to the King? hahahahaha


... and I dont know anybody notice, the Jacket design at the back of the jacket when LG first put to JTE resemble the design of the King/Emperor costume. When I first look at that scene, I am pretty sure..... it is a symbolic that JTE will be the Queen of KOC. But, when episodes goes by... , my hope for happy ending is almost near to impossible + considering KES's writing style for previous drama.



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2 hours ago, Orientalfan said:

If JY can see how ES been acting at the hospital in front of the nurses...he's gonna die of embarrassment. His persona of a cool guy just drop to the drain...


Yeong doesnt have to worry, none of the bodyguards 

saw this scene...



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1 hour ago, SweetButters said:

just speaking from my perspective that if I knew I might be stuck in a situation like in the movie Parent Trap, I would tell one twin a secret word to differentiate them from the other evil twin. Plus LG is a logical being that is aware of the doppelgänger situation, so I dont know why he wouldn't suspect anything. People who are in STEM usually are suspect of everything and everyone lol. We tend to have a plan A, B, C, D, E, etc. As for why JTE didn't tell the Scooby gang, Lady Noh had asked her not to tell anyone. For why the whole team hasn't met up? I have no clue, it would seem like the logical thing to do in order to communicate the accumulated info that each have gathered.

@SweetButters i do like the idea of having a password or something as you suggested. I havent seen parent trap. I am not scientific :) or rather from the STEM side of things.


as for LG not suspecting anything, i think it is because the drama wants to say that he is caught unaware. He knows Luna is in Korea but not where and he hasnt been warned that Luna made any contact with JTE/her world yet. 

Also, he was expecting to see JTE after work, and I interpreted Luna arriving as LG assuming that JTE is arriving earlier than expected, which she could have for multiple reasons. Not sure if I am explaining it well but that way I thought the drama justified him not suspecting until the first few moments (sips of the drink) were over or done with.


LG and JY -- what you said is true. but what @violet.ears said is what I was paraphrasing. I think human intent is complex so it is not always x alone leads to y and that is why for me it is a mix of what both of you have said... for me as a person.

JY is concerned about LG and his being heartbroken but there is also a need to have my best friend to myself (fear of how the relation might change because of a new person). I have seen the range in people around me so I go with both.


And yes, will read about wormholes as well as the pdfs though physics and maths make my head spin unless explained well :)

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2 hours ago, Dramafreak said:


As for JY and LG... i think someone here justly described how JY reminds them of cocubines in Cdramas. I think I go with that. Irrespective of JY and LG's sexual preferences, JY wants LG exclusively to himself. A complex often observed in best friends.




I don't think JY wants LG exclusively to himself.



He is merely just concerned for LG and worries how LG is going to handle his broken heart IF the door is closed permanently. 


JTE is respectfing Lady Noh's wish.

For this, I would understand why JTE did not share this info to LG.

Because.. a promise is made.

I personally will not break too.


Of course. This is of my own personal opinions.


I truly think KES need to write a story whereby everyone has NO communication problem to ease our heartache and headache.




Edit to say:


1 hour ago, violet.ears said:


SJ was right, JY ought to be shot for what he did. 



I'll gladly help like I said.

If he gonna be a wet blanket for the 3rd time.


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2 hours ago, Umjicheok said:

JTE-Luna connection

I just wanted to add one more pt:

7. The mini foldable knife that yoyo kid gave to JTE to protect herself actually belongs to Luna , it was in her bunny jacket's pocket and when yoyo kid tries to give her back she says to keep it and says 'use it to protect what belongs to you'. Coincidence?

 Nah knowing KES it was intentionally written and shown.


Ok bye , I am trying hard not to come online to avoid spoilers:lol:


And you left us with question to ponder!!!!

Not fair!!!




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@mrsj3n and @SweetButters


Sorry for missing that Lady Noh's point. You are right, i forgot about the promise. But is there no way to share the principle without sharing the proof because we are dealing with large matters-- life and death! Saving the world?


I agree KES for me has not built up the emotional momentum and left everything to interpretation. I am glad that I can read explanations but if I couldnt then I would drop the drama as it is too many random events and not always a cohesive story.

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11 minutes ago, Dramafreak said:

I agree KES for me has not built up the emotional momentum and left everything to interpretation. I am glad that I can read explanations but if I couldnt then I would drop the drama as it is too many random events and not always a cohesive story.


Right.. that's why a common review for this drama is that it is not everyone's cup of tea and it's not for the casual viewer, since it requires a lot of effort to fully understand. 


I mean sometimes I don't even know if the theories discussed here are really part of the plot, or if it's just the geniuses here who came up with those explanations in their effort to make sense of the story lol

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Thank you, @Joanna Alfson and @Dramanoona :). I am reposting this:



 My Review of Episode 13


Looking back at the scenes of Court Lady Noh in the previous episodes, it does make sense that she is from the other world. She is aware of the power of the flute, and the existence of something beyond their world. It is interesting to know, though, what happened to her counterpart in Corea. And why Lee Gon's grandpa would go as far as to the other world to recruit someone to work at the palace. 

  Hide contents



episode 2



episode 9




So we see that the wife of the police chief also has a counterpart in Corea; she also works in forensics. She finds that there are scars on the body of the traitor/resto owner in Korea, and that she has seen similar scars previously. This leads Lee Gon to thinking that the scars are related to those who have crossed the worlds and killed their counterparts.

  Hide contents



episode 8




He further speculates about these scars as he learns that Tae Eul and Eun Sup, whose counterparts are still alive, do not have such.

  Hide contents




Prime Minister took the bait of Lee Rim with the Korean newspapers he sent her. She's smart enough to figure things out quickly. Meanwhile, he is right that with her greed for power, she would easily take the deal.

  Hide contents




Lee Gon knew about the PM crossing the worlds and possibly killing her counterpart. But he was wise enough to take on a bolder move rather than confronting her on the spot. He presented a proposition to Chairman Choe of the KU Group, ex-wife of PM - he made him choose between his company and his ex-wife. As his company always comes first, we later on see that he chooses his company and exposes the PM. It turns out that white-haired guy has his loyalties with the Chairman after all. And Koo Seo Ryeong is prime minister no more. 

  Hide contents






We get a confirmation from tea lady that Kang Shin Jae is her son. It turns out that aside from being a palace spy, Lee Rim's ultimate purpose for her is to poison Lee Gon. With her begging Lee Gon to protect Shin Jae, it supports the theory I've previously mentioned that her motivation for agreeing to Shin Jae's switch and being a palace spy is her son - to give him a better life. 

  Hide contents




Pregnant lady memorizing the names of her family and their identification numbers tells us that she did make the switch. In the previous episode, we did not see her get any of the burn marks when lightning struck, since her counterpart is still alive, and was left with the poor living condition in Korea.

  Hide contents




Jihun's mom realizes that Shin Jae was also a switch from Corea. And the adult Shin Jae is the one she saw at Ji Hun's grave. It is apparent that Shin Jae's mom is not aware of the switch, or knows that Jihun has long been dead. 





After the crossing between the parallel worlds, we finally hear Lee Gon talk about the possibility of time travel. I am curious as to how this will be laid out in the next three episodes, considering that we've been trying to wrap our heads on this for the past 13 episodes!




True to her "seize-the-moment" mindset, Tae Eul shocks Lee Gon and her dad with her sudden revelation of her boyfriend. Never mind the sweet and emotional announcement, the point is the same either way. Heh.

  Hide contents




That is a shocked face, alright. It's either she's seen photos of Shin Jae taken by Lee Rim's men, or they've been keeping (and raising!) the real Shin Jae in that care center. Why would they keep the sick boy and keep him alive all these years? We're still not done with the revelations on Shin Jae's life, apparently.

  Hide contents




Twelve episodes later and they finally confirm what we knew all along, that Lee Gon is the Savior. My question as to how the Savior got the ID is answered as well. "He was fighting with all his might for me." I've been saying all this time that Lee Gon is in the best position to save his younger self. 



Curiosity abounds though, on Luna's motivation for poisoning Lee Gon. With tea lady's failure on poisoning Lee Gon, Lee Rim must have ordered Luna to poison him instead. But Luna is now in Korea, so was she on the lookout for Lee Gon crossing to Korea? (By the way, Luna's character profile says that she retaliates two to three times of whatever she receives. I'm thinking that she still keeps her end of the bargain with Lee Rim, and her robbing him is her way of retaliating for kidnapping her. And basically to tell him she's no pushover).


Back to the poisoning of Lee Gon, Luna could also have planned this on her own, to get back at Lee Gon, who is her king to begin with, for the hardships she has endured all her life in his kingdom.


But above anything else, this time travel phenomena is the most interesting part at this point, especially that it's revealed that Lee Rim is capable of doing it as well. This is not a shock, as he, too, has access to the flute and to that intriguing world-in-between. 


  Hide contents




We see in the preview for the next episode that Luna stabs Tae Eul. I've been saying that there must have been a tragic event which happened to Tae Eul which triggered Lee Gon to go back to 1994 to save his younger self. Must this scene be it?


  Hide contents







LMH IG update


*yes, LMH, what is that set??


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33 minutes ago, Dramafreak said:

@mrsj3n and @SweetButters


Sorry for missing that Lady Noh's point. You are right, i forgot about the promise. But is there no way to share the principle without sharing the proof because we are dealing with large matters-- life and death! Saving the world?


I agree KES for me has not built up the emotional momentum and left everything to interpretation. I am glad that I can read explanations but if I couldnt then I would drop the drama as it is too many random events and not always a cohesive story.


Right now.. I've been cracking my brain to find ways to tiptoe around Lady Noh's promise without compromising the secret.

Unless there is a manual book on how the flute work lying somewhere in the palace library... I personally don't think JTE can get around Lady Noh's promise other than Lady Noh herself to share the knowledge with LG.


If JTE is to share with LG, I think she will be in Lady Noh's blacklist for her entire life and maybe 3 generations. :joy:


As seen in episode 12 when she found out SJ's mum in KOC is the spy?

You know how she warned the rest of the staff from discussing what happened???


Hell hath no fury when Lady Noh is angry, yo.




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If there is a happy ending for TKEM, KES must have a doppelganger somewhere too.....



But I am ecstatic by looking at the set from LMH's latest photo. LOL.


PS @syntyche Love reading your insights!

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It's the same venue in Episode 5 in that scene with LG and the PM, where he handed her an award/certificate of some sort.

Except of course the chairs then were not dressed like wedding chairs.


(Also, I hate that I know this without even having to go back and rewatch....I've seen each episode so many times at this point!  LOL)

EDIT:  The color of the draping on the chairs matches the 


wedding gifts spoiler posted by that Instagram account a long while ago.


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