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hi everyone. soompier here for many years, but haven't been active for a while. but lo and behold, TKEM brought me out of the woodwork.

i've been lurking since it aired on netflix. this has been my haven for SO many unanswered questions. i love how insightful so many of you are & i would like to thank you all for clarifying a lot of things that didn't make sense to me....or things that i've missed or things that just went over my head.  honestly, at times i thought i was going insane trying to make sense of it all. luckily, you guys helped me keep sane. :w00t:


 i have adored LMH since City Hunter & KGE since Cheese. So the two of them together is a kdrama dream come true for me. the episodes are getting better. the 6th really made up for all my yearning that they would focus a little bit more on LG & JTE. I was not disappointed.


memorable parts in no particular order:


- the cooking/kitchen scene...the forehead skinship (that kinda sounds pervy sorry) rendered me speechless. the execution was perfect. so sweet and thoughtful...:wub:


- low key mile high club action. LG & JTE exchanging secret messages on their palms, while sidekick & that lady watching, had me delighted to bits. it was so unexpected...but definitely needed. thank you writer KES. 


-the KING showing us why he's KING. LMH effortlessly delivered the acting goods during the warship battle. truly wonderful!


-JTE's fearless & upright stance / she's so kick richard simmons tough....loved how she didn't back down on the bullies...albeit outnumbered & all. girls got HUGE cajones!! :ph34r:


-lastly, the scene that finally lead up to THAT HUG. not a lot of words....but overwhelming emotions subtly conveyed by LG & JTE. Brilliant!!:wub:


that is all for now. have a wonderful day/evening wherever you are. keep safe :-)

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Hey Monarchs! I would like to thank you all for visiting, posting, liking, and lurking on this thread. "The King" has been quite a ride for all of us. Kudos to us for sticking with the drama until the

This thread will probably stay sleepless for a few more weeks....  however it's time for me to say a few words of appreciation to everyone who are here no matter if you were here since episode 1 or ju

This is the episode I've been waiting for in regards to SJ.  I don't even like him all that much - so I'm not sure why I'm so invested.    But he's been dealt the worst hand in this entire s

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5 minutes ago, simplebeauty08 said:

This makes sense. Could this mean the tree will symbolize JTE or her life? I really hope not because this would mean a SE for our couple. :wacko: When I first saw that scene when she left the seeds in the path between the two worlds, I felt nervous and sad. It's like the writer is giving us a hint and letting us prepare for a SE. :tears:

In a lot of the versions of the Moon Rabbit tales the Rabbit(s) are pounding mortar to make medicine (though sometimes it's rice cakes, lol) and the gyesu tree may have been added in the tales specifically because of it's long life and medicinal properties.

The thing with Rabbits in both Western and Eastern folklore is - likely thanks to the fairly universal biology of rabbits across the globe, heh ;) - they represent life due to their capacity to breed and how most species of rabbits thrive in spring.  The notion of planting flowers, even if the gesture seems futile now as it's a place they (allegedly) can't grow at all?  I actually took as a good sign for her future, even if there's some really dark times coming too, because - despite the lack of oxygen and water in the liminal space (?) of that middle world - I do think those flowers will grow and bloom, to LG's shock/surprise (though also could give him hope when he needs it the most).  In which case, the idea life can exist, no matter how impossible, and life that JTE herself seeded there?  That's a very powerful symbol.  That could be the proof/motivation for LG that regardless of the odds against it,  he'll be able to bring JTE back to life (probably via time travel), even if she dies.  Life coming to exist (again) when all reason and logic said it shouldn't have.  JTE making the impossible possible and LG does too.

Though with all the series heavy talk of marriage and heirs for LG, rabbits and LG/JTE's impossible star-crossed love story?  If that isn't foreshadowing those two having a bunch of kids together, I don't even know. :lol:   If she dies, it'd be JTE's impossible, miraculous salvation via LG, leading to just as impossible children (born of parents of two different worlds).

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1 hour ago, Jam Dungca said:

Its because he just learned that his evil uncle is alive and is also crossing the other world.. Imagine what will happens if LR finds out that JTE is LG gf? He will definitely use or harm just to get back at LG . That is why it make sense  that LG said that he will put JTE into  danger.. LG is not alwys beside JTE side since he will also need to go back to his kingdom to do his duties. That alone is something alarming and may cause danger to JTE sicne LR is near JTE's friends. 

Thanks to you and @Heretorant for responding.


What I meant to ask is: does the ending scene dialogue signify no other risk than perceived threats from enemies of a King? Isn't any King with a family vulnerable? Maybe I am overthinking it.


We know that LR is near JTE's friends but LG doesn't.


@1ouise I got the same feel: bodyguard and prince analogy from the other series you mentioned. I could never understand why did he have to die and that too towards the end of the series. In the end, the villain gets punished for some weird thing rather than his death! I was so... :thumbsdown: I hope nothing as anti-climatic happens here.

Though I will say: I was way more invested in that character than I am in Officer Jo as of now.



@cpt_falcon interesting! so rabbit foreshadows a merger of the two souls :D
I had searched up acacia and google said resurrection. Who knows... but am not sure if the leads would agree to onscreeen kids (image of young actors etc etc)


Just a thought: LG says you were the only who was supposed to call the name that cant be called. 
We are referring to the poem again. Will the name (his name) be called more than twice?
The first 4 songs and the poem to me pointed to a sad ending.

The fifth song  of the OST didnt fit in for me and I am not sure where is it used. I really like what I heard of the 6th song.

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MYM IG update


Actor Lee Min-ho attracted attention with his different eyes and charisma yesterday. A king who is doing his work looks always charming. He is also perfect with his navy uniform as if he is a model of it. Let's see what actor Lee Min-ho will do to keep the growing love and make the world right next week.



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Wow to the Armada navy ships :heart:

King Lee Gon is the most handsome King in this real world, OMG he is also the most handsome Navy Commander in the entire Sea!!!


Let me salute him first.



Daebak episode 6.

Now we know why LG skin is a bit dark, he's been on the ship for awhile.

So the King Uncle is a never aging time traveler, but the King is growing (aging) then become a time traveler.

wonder how The Uncle that aging immunity from. He's not a vampire.

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2 hours ago, Dramafreak said:

A dumb question: why does he (LG) come to the realization that JTE is in danger? Can someone please explain. My brain failed to process that.


I think LG realized that JTE is in danger because she has feelings for him and his Evil Uncle LR is in the same world as JTE. LG has really good foresight and he likely knows that since LR has the other half of the flute, he can also do what LG does, travel between worlds. The fact that there are others in JTE world means so many things. JTE has also realized this while she was listening to the news recording. 


On a side note, my opinion regarding time travel is that it will be restricted to LG only since he is a mathematician and can solve how to harness time. LR on the other hand can only experience when time stops but not maneuver time. This is why LG (I think it is him who saves his young self, hence the need to wear a mask!) went back in time to change his future. 


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2 hours ago, Dramafreak said:

But then arent the ones closest to him always in danger? The autopsy bit I got, but the jump from I am in danger to :


>exact dialogue<
Lady Noh was wrong. JTE is not a danger to me. I am a danger to JTE.


He loves 3 more people and so they are also always in danger because of their association. But then so what?


I say the answer is rather simple. IT just clicked. A lightbulb just went off in his head. Before, he was so focused on pursuing her, he didn’t realize being next to him would mean danger for her. He blindly and selfishly chased after her. 

So what? Nothing really. He just knows he needs to protect her now. And well, it’s sad when you realize loving someone means putting them in danger. 

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The drama has already spent much time on building up the story behind Shin Jae's character, that he must no longer be regarded as a mere sidekick of Tae Eul, but rather plays a bigger role we are yet to see.    











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So I replayed ep 1 intro


"When the flute is played, the enemies would retreat, diseases would be cured, rain would fall ........."


Sadly it's only a drama, otherwise I would rush King Lee Gon to blow the Manpasikjeok flute so this Corona virus could end.


#I.cant.wait.another.week.just.stay.at.home"#  LOL




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Posted (edited)

a quick thing to say, I was reading a comment in Naver (Yes, I am hanging out in Naver because the feedback from episode 6 is so good and I feel energized :D) and I came across a very simple and good comment. One netizen was saying that if the first episode of the drama had narrator telling the story, it would have been easier to understand the story. When I read this, it kinda hit the home. I am wondering why did they not go with a good and simple narrator to simply tell the viewers what to know. 

Netizens and the viewers all say that episode 6 was clear and they understood it. I think it is because that Lee Gon also explained things nearly the end of the episode as a narrator. This episode was really great. :))






:heart::heart:   Love it so much!!

Edited by Jillia
Please do not post consecutively, edit you previous post instead. Thanks!
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Hello , I have enjoyed immensely all of your understanding and observations. This drama is extraordinary, not your typical "I seen it once, it's good onto the next drama" . 


This one will definitely put a place in your heart , it can never be understood in one shot . And as you yearn from it with all the complication ,  puzzles , dialogues which almost  are foreshadowing , you realized why did the actors chose this.   You become part of the story , solving the puzzle, becoming a mathematician which you have never been in your

 whole life. I just  hope that this drama is introduced when I am still struggling with my math and didn't pay attention , almost failed because I am a liberal arts person. 


By the way , I am impressed with the way the father of JTE showed apathy to her when she went back home and back hugged him.  Indifference with sadness in his eyes. He knows JTE will leave him soon , and I am more interested on what transpire on his discussion with the owner of  the white horse, and "his" longing for the absence of Lady Maximus and the King. His dialogues are all leading to something in the next episodes to come. 

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] The King: Eternal Monarch, 더 킹: 영원의 군주

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