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I have noticed a trend where Kookmin interactions got curiously edited. It was from the Jeju Island episode last year that i started noticing it.

1. This is from episode 389 which has lots of kookmin moments. kjk keeps looking for jsm who comes late in team uniform and after she comes, he again looks at her.


After senior yu team wins, kjk goes near jsm and runs away celebrating. kjk celebrates only afterwards with haha and yjs though they are also on his team. however, kookmin celebration is not focused on at all. 






though they win, the losing team can choose one from the winning team for the punishment. jsj calls jsm on her phone to talk to kjk and decide who will be exempted. first kjk calls yjs and  kjk extending his hand is shown in a full shot, but when it comes to kjk extending his hand to jsm, the angle becomes weird



2. This is from episode 414 where jsm was the architect and her ally was the guest ki kwang. after she is able to remove kjk's nametag after an intense battle with the help of ki kwang, there is a shot of her from the back looking overwhelmed. she takes down yjs at the end and wins the mission. however, when she is standing for the closing, she has a nametag in her hand which she holds facing away so we cannot see whose it is. later, when collecting the prize, she accidentally drops it and we can see it is kjk's. 

one explanation could be that though it was shown to be yjs who survived till the end, perhaps it was kjk since he is the strongest and if they had taken him down earlier, everyone would have known there was an ally. i am not sure though since it looks darker inside when they take down yjs. whatever it be, it is interesting that so min held on to kjk's tnameag and wanted to hide it from the camera. it is also interesting that jsm's backshot after she removed kjk's nametag was shown while when she looks at yjs' name tag, it is a front shot.







3. This is from the next episode, episode 415 where Noh Sa Yeon guested along with SY. there is a segment where members have to run for a flag while performing missions set by sang yeob. For this round, the criteria was show affection for someone. jsm backhugs ysc and lks kisses kjk on the cheek. sang yeob ousts ysc from the game but we are not shown what he does with jsm. we are only shown kjk and lks after that and kjk keeps complaining about lks kissing him. kjk answers his question right and wins against lks. after he wins, kjk fist pumps while looking down and then moves his leg away while chuckling at something.

if you look carefully, there is someone near kjk's leg under the big caption box, i.e., jsm. she was wearing white and orange shoes there and you can see her lying down next to his leg and stretching her leg after he wins. now she could be showing affection either to kjk or lks, as part of the mission, but she lies down closer to kjk's shoe and the one who reacts to her is kjk after he wins. lks doesn't even look down.very curious editing, right? why couldn't they show jsm doing that when it would have been hilarious instead of trying to hide her under a box?








None of these are big as such, but still make you wonder how much gets edited out of rm. many people think kjk and jsm got friendly all of a sudden, but they could have reached there gradually, only we didn't get to see a lot of it.

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Edit: better quality...      

That awkward moment when you got caught staring at your "crush" and now you have to pretend like you're looking at someone else.   

Once again  . . . sub spoilers.   I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments).  Besides,  these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the epis

8 hours ago, kookminclan RunningMan said:

None of these are big as such, but still make you wonder how much gets edited out of rm. many people think kjk and jsm got friendly all of a sudden, but they could have reached there gradually, only we didn't get to see a lot of it.

Very True. I agree. Their process must have been developing slowly but editors chose to hide those moments whenever they happened. Great catch. It would be surprising if their chemistry happened overnight. I am starting to understand that, we only see what editors really want us to see. Those moments that you shared that were forcibly edited could be used to develop some cat and mouse sweet relationship of 'national siblings' but they didn't. Back then for me before yebo episode, it was ever very hard for me to even imagine kookmin being friends let alone in private, I thought they were not close on set. At some point after yebu episode I think editors  just couldn't cut those moments out because I feel like kookmin had just too many moments that the Camera could ignore. We should trust our Kookmin who are powerfully solidifying their stance on their relationship, than heavily rely on deceiving camera angles. Also, something you quite touched on, is that just for the suspense of the Show, I think that Editors sometimes play around with the sequence that things happen. Maybe, it was KJK who was outed last or YJS but with full right of the editor, they could have rearranged them to create that tension. Which sometimes might happen with conversations as well, I have noticed multiple times that the editing went back and forth when the members were having a conversation. One sec for example you would see the members discuss some topic standing in a certain order, and while having the same train of thought, the arrangement changes and the conversation goes one and it just fits perfectly. I don't have a specific moment in mind. But, that is something that we have to also keep in mind. Editors have to make 1hour and 30 min video with a material over 7 hours long and each member has their camera man, meaning each member has 7 hours of their own footage. Anyway, the point is that Kookmin might be having conversation and interacting but the editor might have ignored  those moments in order to highlight other moments so that the show follows the theme they have in mind for that episode. 


I think we should keep watching them closely and what I always tell myself is that, they are not characters in a drama whose interactions are just for that story the writer wrote and thus what makes kookmin is beyond those little interactions and stares that we see on the show. We now know that they have met outside the show. They have great chemistry on social media {Even though quiet lately}. Anyway, let's keep watching for kookmin beyond interactions on Running man. 

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chanmin loveline continued though today it was more of a love triangle because of jin young. ever since chanmin started on the show, i get the feeling that kookmin are stable enough not to allow lovelines to get in their way. kjk didn't go for the loveline with eun soo. neither did the members tease them together. when at first only the female guests walked in and eun soo greeted kjk, jsm didn't seem too excited. but when it was announced male guests were also there, jsm got quite happy and even kjk looked really happy for her. i could hear him saying something like 'wangja'. jsm got adorably shy when jin young walked in but some of her reactions during his dance seemed more for the camera. yjs had to cue her after that to react more to the dance. i want to know what kjk was saying when jsm wanted to do her korean dance. from the tone, it seemed like 'why do you have to do that?' jsm was so embarrassed when they pointed out she was sweating and when the male guest made the nice acrostic poem to cheer her up, kjk kept watching her and looked happy. 





the positive thing for me today is that after long, kookmin were teamed up. i feel kookmin made it happen because there was no point putting kjk there with the other female guest because kjk already had a history with eun soo and would have been a better fit there. this was the first time after long for kookmin to be the lone members on a team apart from the guests. jsm was pretty happy and did a mini fist pump when teamed up with kjk. since jsm was on his team, kjk didn't complain that he had got two guests on his team. :P




what happens here is cute. i think it is jsm who distributes the badges of seniority among her team and it seems to be based on their age, so it is natural for jsm and kjk to sit side by side. however, for variety, jsm could have made herself younger like jsj makes himself to be the maknae among the interns. also, despite the seniority in their positions, jsm could have sat at the end with jin young or in the third seat after the female guest. that would be considerate since making the guests who don't know each other sit together without a member to guide them can be awkward. that is why usually in team positions, the members stand on the sides of the team and make the guests stand in the middle.


But after coming in, jsm immediately picks her chair and sits down even when others are still playing around and discussing things. in fact, ysc and sjh look at jsm and realise they have to sit down as well. she is the youngest in the team, so she rarely takes a seat when everyone else is standing or sits down before the guests do.  i found that very interesting because taking that seat automatically means she will be sitting next to kjk who will sit at the head of the team as the oldest. kjk immediately catches on. the others are having some major discussion in front of the board but kjk  moves ysc out of his way. his focus is on sitting next to jsm and she points to him to sit down beside her. where kookmin have the will, they find a way. :D






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3 hours ago, MandelBrot said:





Can i get someone who looks at me the way jsm looks at kjk? she keeps giving him that honey dripping gaze from the korean fanmeet. Also, i have noticed that when kjk sits next to jsm, sometimes he adjusts his seat so that he can have a better look at her face. 

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@kookminclan RunningMan..yes, i also notice that the way jsm looks at kjk is always different than when she looks at others...full of love:wub:


From today epsd, they continue again chanmin loveline, dont know until when. We will see if they get nominate for couple award or not. I just love they being themselves..as bff, its more natural like that. The loveline sometime its funny, but sometime its get akward:sweatingbullets:. No need actually. Sechan also more funnier these days. I love him, hope he gets some award at the end of year. 


I dont see jinyoung as kjk love rival..bcause he's young & Somin just his normal fangirl. I love how Somin got friendly with him so fast. 


The members not teased kjk anymore with any girl guests. I wonder why. And his shirt become brighter than ever:D. Somin not hype as bfore when it comes to flirt/being romantic to male guest. I expect more actually:P. Something changed. Like @RunningGirl7686 said, she is more interested in kjk than the guest. 





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I haven't seen the episode with subs and I am already dying of laughter. We get to see kookmin in the same team finally. Even though we won't have kookmin couple moments, we can have kookmin siblings moments.


The cutest part was her tapping the sit beside her for him to take. It reminded me of ep 452 when he tapped the sit beside him for her to sit even though she was going to sit there anyway. They way she also tapped the sit with possession like only kjk was allowed to sit there lol. Notice yjs was also eyeing the sit but kookmin immediately  interceded, with kjk carefully pushing his way through almost in a hurry. If you also notice afterwards, her sit was mostly turned towards kjk and so was his. I mean jinyoung has finally come to RM and was sitting beside her yet her body angle is towards none other than sparta. Since it's edited I think they cut out scenes where they were interacting, one scene in particular was weird, we could only see JSM's sit and the way her body was turned which was towards jsj and kjk, it also looked like she was talking but we couldn't see her head or who she was talking to.


And omg my poor baby was so embarrassed because of her armpit sweat, I felt bad but I laughed too much lol. She's a born entertainer, how does she suddenly have armpit sweat on the day she finally meets jinyoung. I saw a comment on insta about how only her can manage that level of embarrassment and it's so true, she just bravely smiles and behaves exasperated at the end of the day like it was nothing which it was. Everyone sweats, anyone that bashes her for that needs to be mentally evaluated. Chanmin loveline was okay today and like @kookminclan RunningMan said it was more of a love triangle which made it hilarious. Kjk reactions when jinyoung was doing an acrostic poem for jsm was over the top cute, waiting for subs to figure out what he said.


Shocked that kjk wasn't put in a loveline with eun soo, they aren't even in the same team. I also noticed how dim jsm looked when she came and she shook him lol, since she usually feings emotions like that for the show I was surprised to see it on her. It may just be her sad that they weren't any Male guests again  before she was told otherwise tho lol, who knows but wow it looked like jealousy. And Jinyoung really is a sweetheart. He was so cute to his noona and even exchanged in light banter with her. I like how happy kjk is for her lol because he knows she's just being a fangirl. The second half of the episode was really hilarious, can't wait for next week.

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sync 100% hahahha

in this part, jsm doesn't stop looking at kjk, she did it 4 or 5 more times



PD: at the end of ep.


KJK: There's some bad news in my family

YSC: Really?

YJS: You dressed too colorfully despite the bad news.

KJK: ... (laugh)


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Dear All ...

I know you guys still new and do not know or DO NOT read the rule before posting comment in this thread but Soompi Moderator already give you guys a few warning before. 


Do not quote Images, gift or video

while replying or refer anything.

Remove the image, gift, video, IG pic link before quote.


If you guys do not want this thread to be closed, please obey the rules.


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