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@Itsbrutalouthere Among the 3 groups, Kookmin team had the least screentime. So, compare to previous recent episodes, their interaction was just okay. But what I like the most is, even Somin did bad in game, JK didn't scold her. I like not because I root for them but because by not scolding Somin, Somin felt less pressured. 


Not sure if anyone notice this, Somin doesn't really want to be in the same team as JK. Because his expectation makes her feel pressured. If she failed when she was in YJS's team, she still can relax and genuinely laugh but if she was in JK's team, when she failed, the first thing she did was to see JK's reaction. Remember, during the YJS Deasang vs KJK Daesang, after JK's team lost in hide and seek game, the first thing Somin did was to abandoned  him and go to YJS. JK also noticably irked when she didn't choose him on the next round.


So, for this episode, I'm glad he didn't scold her. 

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I'm wondering why Somin didn't play her love frog character with the guest? Is he not single? 


Also if Somin is injured (fractured rib), could this be why JK was more patient with her?

I have noticed that JK is often in a team with Somin when she's injured or unwell. Did the editors deliberately cut a lot of their interaction? 




One thing I've noticed is if JK's close friends (especially Dragon Brothers) are guests he's more active with Somin in that episode. Am I imagining this? I'm going to watch his behaviour next episode with interest and see if he's the same with Cha Tae Hyun as a guest. 

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3 minutes ago, NoonooBu said:

I'm wondering why Somin didn't play her love frog character with the guest? Is he not single?

Heo Kyungwan is single but he is considered a close friend to Somin as he also joined Somin, YJS and JSJ to Osaka(?) in 2017. And he is older than Somin. Somin doesn't really play her love frog character to an older-than-her guest. Recall back, Kim Haneul, Park Seojun, Gong Mung, Kim DongJoon, Chae Junghyeop... All are younger than her.


Somin also never really play love frog character twice with the same guest. Example, she got all shy and flustered (though I think this reaction was real, not a love frog character) when Kim Dongjoon guested in ep 513. But the next time he came, Somin totally ignored him.


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I noticed something in today's episode.


while Cha Taehyun was saying "I wished my butler to get married", he looked at in the direction of somin first before looking at kjk. It's around 15:40. Did anyone else notice this?


Or is it only me being deluded?

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@N M V  CTH had said something recently. I don't remember where he said this but CTH said, he never know who was JK's GF until the breakup news came out. Only then he knew JK was dating. Even they are best friends, regarding his love life, it is not something JK comfortably share with CTH. 


So, if Kookmin is a couple, I doubt CTH will know about this. My assumption is, it is just coincidence he looked at Somin's direction when he said about wanting JK to get married.

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- Somin wore cap to dinner party

- Haha teased her (though it was JK who mentioned it first)

- She got upset and asked JK to hit Haha for her 

- JK seriously(edit: jokingly) punched Haha :joy:

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9 minutes ago, kyoko22 said:

- Somin wore cap to dinner party

- Haha teased her

- She got upset and asked JK to hit Haha for her 

- JK seriously punched Haha :joy:

They were kinda cute this episode. When JK came to help SM whipping the cream and gradually created personal space for just 2 of them :) And he was so comfortable around SM

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I know I’m late but do anyone realise that one part when Somin presented the banana brûlée with the whipped cream to Seokjin , she received one R coin after she told SJ about how she worked hard whipping the fresh cream from scratch.


Then after that scene, while they focused on people who were trying the banana brûlée we can see JK coming to Somin and Somin show him 1 finger and JK nodded happily and patted her shoulder (I think he did I wasn’t sure).


To me, considering the timeline she probably told JK that she received a coin for the whipped cream and JK being happy fr her but we all know who also contributed to the whipped cream right? Yes it’s JK. But man didnt even bother to mention about it nor taking any credit for it.


Its this kind of interaction that makes me think how these two people have greater camaraderie than whats being shown to us.

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Episode 644


Do you notice that during team dinner, the members consciously or unconsciously let the seat in front of JK empty for Somin?


YSC, in the beginning, stood at the seat opposite of JK. By logic, naturally he would sit there right?



But YSC moved to the other empty seat and freed the previous for Somin. 


YSC also did the same thing once in ep 603. He vacated his besides Somin for JK.


EP 603


JK entered the waiting room while all the members were already there.



JK walked to YSC's side and YSC vacated his seat for JK.



And naturally, JK sat next to Somin.




Koomin whisked whipped cream together.


If you watched the details during the makin desert session, Kookmin were together the whole time Haha and YSC tried to take money from the members using the roulette. You can see JK and Somin together at the back.



Well, the subtitle here actually give quite a different meaning from what he actually said. What he actually said is


JK: I'll get it done. Sha sha sha 가 가 

(ga) - Go.


The 가 part isn't very clear but he did say that. The subtitle tried to make what he said less harsh. But he literally shooed SJH away.



JK teased Somin



Teased Somin with her cap. 





Somin: Oppa, I won't care about your words. So please hit Haha once. Please

My interpretation of what Somin means: Oppa. I will overlook your teasing. In return, hit Haha once for me.



And JK? Immediately punched Haha :joy:



JK's gesture - See! I punched him for you. 


In the above scene, we can see Somin has the power to order JK punish Haha for her. And Somin has this power only because JK willing to indulge her. Even SJH doesn't have this privilege. Actually, Somin too before as JK is not naturally indulge her by default. Remember, in 2017, when Somin still new in RM. One time  she had snow fight with LKS and tried to take shelter behind JK. How JK reacted? Not really warm and quite reluctant too.  Something happened that makes JK's treatment to Somin change.



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I found interesting clip posted in IG by darealme_1. JK hold food in his hand walking toward SM direction his eyes fixs to her direction (I guess it’s SM direction she was not shown in the screen there but previous scene shown she was standing in that direction) It seems to me he’s going to feed her but the scene just cut before we see that :D


I haven’t watched the last 2 ep. So, don’t know this scene time stamp.



Finally found this scene in youtube






  It from ep. 643 starting around @ 17:00 min. Also hear the back ground he talks to her but not translated. I only understand  “Somin ah” and “Mashita”


First standing position, we see SM is standing next to JH.



And JK walks toward her with something in his hand and the back ground conversation.



He walks with something in his hand













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The latest EP.  # 645


JK randomly comments  about the girl guest and Slam Dunk. I remember SM also posted in IG sometime ago about Slam Dunk she might be a fan of that manga as well as JK. I like how they have common interest.




This scene JK playfully told SM to be careful.





Look how she likes what he said.

SM: What? Cut it out.
JK: Somin, hold it tightly.








JSJ immediately said the same thing to SM
JSJ:  Somin, don’t fall.






And YJS finally add : Somin loves it when you say such cliche’ lines :)






The X-oppa helps her to sit safely and compliments her.








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Topic: A Collection of JK Commenting on Somin's Fashion


EP 646


Somin and JK complimenting each other.

JK: You look great today.

Somin: I like your outfit today.


EP 644


JK: Are you hiding a pigeon in your cap?

They had the team dinner after finished filming the ep 646. He teased about her cap. In the morning he complimented her for looking great (his exact word is yeppo) but at night he teased her cap for being too tall(?) :joy:. When Somin changed her cap to the blue one, JK said the new one looks much better.



EP 632


He said Somin looked like a character in The General's Son movie (Namiko)


EP 631


He commented about her beanie few times (during intro and on the way to bus stop). He said her beanie kept coming off.


EP 629


Other members still talking when he cut them to bring the attention to Somin

JK: Somin is all dressed up today. We need to point that out. It's strange. She's too dressed up.

Note: Somin looks gorgeous here.


EP 628


JK: Doesn't she look like a student of an arts high school?


EP 624


He teased Somin who just got her new bangs.

JK: Did you want to look funny too?


EP 619


Mentioned Somin's new hair colour

JK: Somin dyed her hair. Well done.


EP 613


The episode opened with JK's voice complimenting Somin. Sweet oppa.

JK: Somin, you look good.


EP 607


Somin just innocently walking when he suddenly complained. He noticed that Somin being too much into her character :joy:. I didn't realize he quietly observed her until he complained about her walking style.

JK: Somin, stop walking like a model because you're dressed like that.


EP 600


They supposed to wear their own clothes. So, he complained about Somin's boot as she isn't wear boots like that normally.

JK: By the way, I know the shoes aren't yours.

1. He notices little details about her (her boots are not hers in ep 600, she dyed her hair black in ep 619)

2. If Somin looks good, he will honestly compliment her

3. If he thinks her fashion is kinda weird, he will tease her (beanie, hair bangs, cap).

4. You will understand how significant all these comments, compliments and teasing about her fashion if you watch Soya's vlog dated April 21st 2022.


YT: 그냥김소야kimsoya


JK: Somi, I'm talking because I really love you.

Context: He advised Somi (his niece) to tie her hair as she looks better like that rather than let it loose.


He shows his interest or concern only because he cares/adores/loves that person. If not, he will just keep quiet. He comments, compliments or teases Somin's fashion because he cares/adores/loves her.


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Kookmin moments from latest episode that makes me giddy (will edit once I finish watching the entire episode)


  1. During the opening, JK greeted both JSJ and YJS by tapping their shoulder/arm and went over a bit to JSM but due to the distance he just ended up standing between his two hyungs while leaving r remark “You dress prettily today” to JSM.
  2. YJS stated how they’re at JSM “boyfriend”’s hometown (YSC) but JK cut him off by suddenly talking about the famous cuisine there.
  3. While strolling (KJK And JSM walking side by side yep) YJS asked JSM how did you find your BF’s hometown so far? (IDK why he kept going with that narrative tho sigh), JSM casually said she finds it charming then KJK naturally talked about the fine weather (from what I heard, could be wrong) then about how the place would be packed with people. LOL
  4. While they’re at the patch shop (idk what it’s called) JSM walked over to be next to KJK and later both were seen talking while looking at the stuffs they want to put on their RM pouch. 
  5. JK who initially was fixated on the skull patch ended up choosing pink “S” superman logo and do you know who else an S with pinky aura (lol yes I’m feeding my delusional mind but bear with meee)
  6. PLS the moment at the restaurant when YJS talked about JSM calling him to complain on KJK! The entire scene was so cute and adorable but it also makes me think how these days we hardly get their interactions on cam so what is there for JSM to complain (we def been robbed)


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8 hours ago, pngame6242 said:

After JK told Somin it's ok to call him KJK, he said the reason is Somin has a good personality but the audio was overlapped. Anyone heard that?

Yes. I heard it too. His exact words were 성격 너무 잘하니 (seongkyuk neomu jalhani) - (Somin's) personality is very good 

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On 3/21/2023 at 1:23 PM, kyoko22 said:

Yes. I heard it too. His exact words were 성격 너무 잘하니 (seongkyuk neomu jalhani) - (Somin's) personality is very good 

I think what he said was “성격이 너무 잘아니까“ (Because I know you too well) referring to him saying it’s okay for JSM to talk behind his back and informally calling him Kim Jongkook.


I think it’s cute because he basically saying you can do anything and it’s okay because I know it’s just who you are and I’m totally fine with you being you lol far fetched enough?

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