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Edit: better quality...      

That awkward moment when you got caught staring at your "crush" and now you have to pretend like you're looking at someone else.   

Once again  . . . sub spoilers.   I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments).  Besides,  these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the epis

@MandelBrot She wanted to sit there because there was secret mission to take photo with LKS. LKS sat at the front. JK's seat was one of the most strategic one. 


Look at how he tried to move her. He aimed for her hand (watch his eyes) Not her arm.


Edit: I was right. Somin already had lots of chance to be in the picture with LKS. Hence, JK didn't indulge her. Whoever sat next to JK won't matter. It is not about he didn't want her to sit next to him, it is matter of they playfully fight for that strategic spot. 

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It took me more than a year and half to create an account here in this thread, I was a silent kookmin shipper even before the pandemic started last year. Thanks to kookminclan running man yt channel I got curious of their chemistry. I am a RM fan and was a monday-couple fan also but when Gary left, life also happened and I stopped watching the show. When I decided to catch up again, I saw a lot of SA shippers already. I tried to digest this new loveline but somehow I gravitated towards the seemingly-platonic-but-has-a-potential-to-progress-to-something-romantic kookmin pairing. I also tried checking out kwangmin but I was waaay late with this loveline so I tried searching for crumbs leading to kookmin instead. Aside from getting directed to a ton of BTS’ jungkook and jimin wattpadds and whatnots (kkk I became an ARMY too eventually but I can’t for the love of my life ship these brothers with each other. Anywayyyy...) I crossed upon Kookminclan Running Man’s yt channel and the video “Why Opposites Attract?” and like what they always say, the rest is history. :lol:


Because I already finished KmcRM’s videos back then and the suspense of intervals of his/her uploading is killing me, I decided to search for threads, more videos, and gifs/clips but it was a bit rare at that time (I remembered following aprilcouples on ig under my real account kkk) and then I stumbled upon this thread and boy I bookmarked this immediately and knew there was no turning back already. :heart:


Just like the rest of us, I saw the transition and enjoyed the growth of this thread. Reading weekly posts and detailed observations from KmcRM, MandelBrot, MinahNoona, Rahayu Muktiayu and Kyoko22, to name a few, I really can vouch for the authenticity of JK and SM’s relationship. If it’s romantic, we’ll never know. But if it’s platonic? I’m 100% sure it is not. Not that I became a delulu but my gut feel towards stuff and people usually tends to get true or be true. Remember how I gravitated towards their pair even if they are not officially presented as a loveline?


This is my observation (you may take it with a grain salt) with all that have happened already in the past, I believe they are mutually attracted to each other already. Dating? Maybe, maybe not. But I think they’re on the stage where they are now discovering each other deeply and might be giving off clues (aka low key flirting - by that I meant the cute flirting way :wink:) that they like each other. These are evident on their sns updates and the lesser kookmin interactions we get on the show, the more I believe it is intentional that they’re not pairing on screen because of their real life status. Now that status may or may not be the usual Korean celebrity “Dating” status but there’s one thing I’m sure of, JK is now (I say “now” because early on, he didn’t seem to get SM’s personality but we all know she grew on him as time went by) interested on her - hobbies, quirks, artistry, and tendencies.


I agree a lot with some of the main contributors here that JK is a bit more transparent with his reactions than SM. It shows when he’s uncomfortable with SM’s lovefrog mode with guests or sometimes even with SC and SM’s loveline. He also can’t hide being intentional with his skinship with her. [Apologies for comparing it with his skinship with JH, but if you’ve been a long time RM fan you can really see he treats JH as his dongsaeng (and more of a 남동생 like KS and HH honestly, not to mention the times they stated on interviews that they treat each other as family and don’t see themselves being involved with each other romantically).]


Back with SM, even though she’s more difficult to read and predict given her background as an actress, I think that’s what also makes her interesting to JK, there’s this sense of mystery even if she has this outgoing, spontaneous, and puppy personality. :blush:


Well this post’s running long now and I have no gifs nor photos to attach so you might get bored with it now. :sweat_smile: I just want to share that I really appreciate this thread (kudos to our fellow non-toxic and respectful kookmin shippers!) and that I really believe they are both in a stage past beyond the platonic-phase so yeah, expect less screentime on RM show but more on sns interactions. Take heart and if they push through beyond this stage (like what SM had said previously about marriage being a reality), maybe next year or in 2023 we’ll have the reality of them getting into a relationship. But if not, I will still continue to cheer them on in their respective careers and lives! ❤️


Ps. I honestly signed up because I also have a gut feeling that this thread will grow more in the coming days but I hope I’m wrong this time. And I wish this community will stay this way more for a longer time - small but has respectful members, compact but has a lot of good content, and members actively rooting for kookmin but also loving and supporting JK and SM as individuals. (I also wish to learn how to make gifs as high-def as my idol @MandelBrot makes! Kkk)

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