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Edit: better quality...      

Once again  . . . sub spoilers.   I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments).  Besides,  these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the epis

That awkward moment when you got caught staring at your "crush" and now you have to pretend like you're looking at someone else.   

LKS had me laughing so much!!  So before I talk Koomin below please enjoy the facial expressions. lmao




:joy:  I would never curse him!! :joy:




My thoughts on this game and kookmin. I have taken time to collect my thoughts.  So in this situation, I decided to focus where I think the cast is talking genuinely and watching the body language and facial expressions.  It is more telling than the words (oh those actions always being so louder than words haha).


For me it does not get interesting until the end of this portion of that game (JSM really speaks up and the cast share their real thoughts).   I am trying to keep everything in perspective that they are on a variety show and on teams arguing sides for points.  KJK is not going to answer questions about if he is dating someone.  


 Most of this conversation, up to this point, was potentially just a hypothetical ("KJK says, he wants to get married and has a plan to do so", "I will meet someone" "there are decent people around him"). This is where we really start to see a serious argument with evidence being used by both sides to support their position. Whether it is when YJS starts to mention how he is changing which makes him a more likely candidate for marriage or when the teams talks about his prior dating history, which he does not deny, but he does argue that it might not still be relevant.  Most importantly they talk about their true thoughts. 


YJS starts talking about KJK everyone turns to listen but KJK (you can see above and below).  KJK is listening but his face and body language say he is uncomfortable and focused on the ground/spoon.  What I find interesting as he continues to talk more people become uncomfortable.

Now, it could be a lack of interest or being uncomfortable with the topic you can see that JSM, SJY, and LKS are not as attentive to what YJS is saying.  LKS above almost has a where are you going with this. . . maybe worried. . . but it doesn't look angry or look happy either. 


This is a piece of evidence that shows KJK is changing.  However, this is not the strongest piece of evidence in my mind.  His mood is happier, and he talks about relationships and marriage whenever he gets a chance.   They have seen it on RM because we have seen it as the audience.  Realistically, YJS is not going to mention all of the suspicious things that KJK has said or done on this show or other SBS shows.  One I doubt that YJS watches JK as much as we do and two it might be getting too close to acknowledging that something is really going on with JK and someone. This all being said, the fact that JK is changing his eating habits because he knows that when he gets married it is something that he can compromise for his wife (unlike exercise which I understand and respect).  You have to know yourself and what you can and cannot compromise on before you can be in lasting relationship with someone.  JK is right (talked about it on MUD this week) his wife does not need to work out as much as he does, but she does need to understand that it is important to him to be happy (not exactly what he said but what he was getting at). 



What JK says below, was very interesting because it is a very specific example/reason he gives as to why he might workout more.  I will also point out, if this is a hypothetical statement, then JK does not phrase it that way.  It could be a mistranslation (I would not know).  However, he says, "Then I can eat something nice late at night with my girlfriend or wife to be" this really made me think that this is something he already does.   I know "or wife to be" could be hypothetical phrasing but he has been saying this phrase a lot on different shows.  It make me think that he is contemplating his gf as a potential spouse. 


I will be allowed one Kookmin delulu - Who else do we know that likes to stay up late?  Who does he have drinks with?  Who else has been on cooking kick on IG?  We all know the answer (anyway moving on).

These RM editors cutting to SM when JK is talking about his gf or wife to be.  haha I know they were probably wanting to show what is going to happen next.  My questions is why do they want to show us YJS forcing JSM to talk. 


YJS nudging JSM to say something.  JSM is one of the best at arguing/convincing others and for most of this time she doesn't really say anything.  She is arguably one of JK's closest friends on the show.  So, why is she relatively quiet, just mostly agreeing/repeating comments that others on her team have said?  This should not be awkward/hard task for her.  This should be simple, SM just has to talk up JK as someone that is ready for marriage/good potential partner for someone (whether they are dating or not).  I am still hung up on this part, and I wish the answer was simple.


 I have thought of a couple of reasons, why this was not easy for her at first.  Maybe she was bored/not interested or felt awkward/uncomfortable talking about JK's love life (because they are dating or it is a sensitive issue for either her or JK)?  Of these potential reason, and based on her body language when YJS started, I think you could make an argument for both options.  However, I don't think that JK is sensitive about the topic of his love life right now because he talks about it in a lot of his shows.  I don't know why this would be a sensitive topic for JSM.  I will stop thinking about this. 


The simplest answer is usually the right answer and it was probably boredom.

If SM was bored, then this statement definitely made things less boring. haha  We have already talked on the forum that JK takes what SM says to heart and he did not get this angry with anyone else that talked about him not getting married.  I know that she is suppose to be on his team.  However, tbh, this was an extreme reaction by JK.  It made it really clear that JSM affects him like no one else on this show!!  Also, on the note of body language, this is one of the first times he lifts his head and looks at the person speaking since YJS started to talk about this topic using specific examples.  Once JSM makes this statement it is like the serious mood is broken and they all become more talkative. 


So does this count as JSM kissing JK's hand? lol 

NOW, JSM starts to really contribute and engaging in topic/game. 



Apparently it might take JSJ longer to get married but the others think it is possible because they use their real relationships as evidence (even when they are not on the same team as JK). 

What SJY and HH say above are evidence because they are not disputed by JK.  So we know that it can take JK awhile to make a move.  When HH spoke I wish we got to see JK and JSM's faces.  Oh well.

Look at JSM's face below . . .she is staring so intently at YJS when he starts to say this sentence above.    

However, what I did not capture (because it was less than a second before the camera panned away from her) was that when she heard the end of the sentence she turned her head to ground and laughed/smiled.  The idea of JK dating someone older the YJS was funny to her. haha

In the slide above I wonder if JK is looking at a laughing JSM. 


Watch JK's face below as JSM says that she can set him up with someone that is older than her. 

When YJS suggests someone he is weary/not interested and says that she is too old.  When JSM says that she could set him with someone, his face changes from like what are you saying/confused to something that is funny to him.  Why is it funny to you that JSM would want to set you up?




Real Opinions Section

Wow YSC! Next year!?!  You were so convincing that JK would never rush into anything.  That might not have been what you really thought. However, a year is a short amount of time for him to meet and marry someone in a year, but maybe not so unrealistic if he is already dating someone (cough cough JSM). haha   




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Apparently, dong jun and somin's leading man in a drama, together with their other two co-stars will guest on running man and the episode will be released on March.


Will we see a jealous kjk? hmmmm. 

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Just like Somin has this habit to talk to JK when they sit or stand side by side, there is another habit which she only did to JK. I don't know what to call this habit but it is obvious that JK receive special treatment from her compare to the other oppas.


EP 513




Somin arrived early. When other members arrived, she, at first just stood still, waiting for them. Then, she specifically approached JK and told that she was working (she became an MC while waiting for other members haha)


EP 534






Somin noticed that JK wasn't there yet. When JK arrived, Somin walked across the room to him and they walked together to their team.


EP 536


While she greeted her other oppas with "Anyeounghaseyo", only JK she greeted with handshake. The first time I see them greeting with handshake was in ep 476 but it was JK who gave his hand first.



EP 543


JK sat on the stool and he got cover by the standing lady staff. Somin hadn't come back from changing room yet. 



Seems like, after she came back from changing room, she went to him first and walked together to the desk. Somin can just wait directly at the desk but no. She went to him first.


Credit: Gif by Mandelbrot and couple of photos by Catch-22


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These are just based on my personal observations: 
1. Before they knew what team they would belong to the question was first presented to them. Haha who is one of JK's closest friends, said in a matter of fact that Jongkook will marry. He said it as if it's already a given that jk will marry within 3 years. Now, if jk is NOT yet currently dating and has not seriously been considering marrying her then he would have not said it right? Right?

2. I'm not an expert when it comes to debate but to be honest, I've noticed that the arguments that the negative side presented in the debate were more convincing than the ones presented by the affirmative side, jk's team. Now this was how i see it, they were having difficulty in presenting a much sound argument or defense  because they were very much aware that they're treading on a thin ice. Meaning, they were extra careful with the words that they would say or else they might accidentaly blurt out jk's real dating status. Maybe that's why they ended up saying all those ridiculous and nonsense stuff. The members of jk's team are good in debate but I was far from convinced by the their arguments. The other side's rebuttal was more convincing because they had a liberty to attack jk based on the position that jk has no girlfriend yet. So they were somehow correct in saying how can jk get married when he has no woman yet. Ha! 

3. When JK covered the mouth of JSM, she was still talking and since she was still talking, her mouth was open. Now there was a possibilty that his hand was smeared by her lipstick or (allow me to be crass for just this time) by her saliva. I don't know with you guys, but if it was my hand that was smeared by someone else's saliva, even if that person is a friend or a brother, my instinct would be to wipe it off with my shirt or perhaps with the shirt of the one who has caused it. Now, observed what jk did. *wink* *wink*  When I saw it I was like, "Really?!" Lol

This may just have been a small thing but it's something worth taking note of. 

4. Guys, have you noticed JSM gaining weight lately? (She looks good though.) Don't you think that's the result of having late night snacks with jk? :tounge_wink:



Edited by Tiger_loves_Froggie
I forgot to include no. 4.
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On 2/21/2021 at 2:50 AM, MandelBrot said:



This was the cutest part of the episode for me. They didn't actually walk in together, he actually was sitting alone drinking his coffee. Then when Somin walked in, he stood up to walk with her and they took their sits. I just found it adorable because it made it look like he was waiting for her but who knows if that was actually the case-_-, okay I'll stop being delusional:joy::bawling:


And the last game where they asked if he will be able to get married in 3 years was so hilarious to me. I guess since I started to see and ship them more as close friends, I didn't read any deep meaning into anything. But it was very puzzling for me how quiet Somin was. It was almost like she was afraid to say anything if not she might spill some things he wants to keep personal. And when she was finally persuaded to talk, she starts trying to sabotage the team:joy::bawling:. Jongkook covering her mouth immediately and helping YJS push her away killed me, she's such a nuisance lol. Just love the casual skinship, they are so close now:wub:.


Loved the episode in general, I laughed so much.

Edited by ferily
Please don't quote gifs. Thanks!
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28 minutes ago, luffy123abc said:

Looking at all your posts, I have to say something. Some of you guys are honestly delusional. 

I think maybe you shouldn’t come to a thread that was obviously made for shipping KJK and JSM?? like that’s literally the whole point of this thread which you should’ve already known by the name of the thread. You could’ve easily ignored it. I  noticed you are someone that ships Jongkook and Yoon Eun Hye (correct me if I’m wrong)...I won’t say anything about that b/c everyone is free to ship whoever they want together, but maybe stick to threads about them? and don’t come into threads focused on other pairings? I don’t see how there’s any difference between you and the people posting in this thread. You just ship him with a different person lol it’s not like they’ve had any interaction in a long time. Anyways, have a nice day!! :relieved:

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For us delusional people, :rolleyes: once again KJK compliments only JSM.  Does anyone know the exact number of times he has complimented her, been kind just to her, side conversations just the two of them, drawn attention to her (even on other shows), helped/protected her, or mentioned her book/work over the last year?  I have lost track.  I know there are some people with wonderful IG accounts that keep track, and I have been enjoying the recaps of their interactions.  The reason I am wondering is because sometimes it helps other people understand why we are on this ship (maybe they don't have the time to read the forum from the beginning).  The minimum that you can say about these two/this ship is that JK is very close/cares about JSM. :)  I get that we ship them together but there is a reason that we ship them.  If all they ever did was occasionally smile at each other or wore a white shirt once on the same day, then I know I wouldn't be here and I doubt this forum would exist. 


When I first started silently reading this forum I really appreciated the people here because they said let's not pick fights with other ships, or fandoms, and I still agree with that position.  It can be frustrating when others pick on you or call you names (it is ok for me to call myself delusional but not for other people). Anyway, I like this forum because we try very hard not to be mean or negative to anyone (even when they start it).  Thank you @avonsdmv for keeping it classy!! :doggie:


No matter what happens on the ship I will still be a fan of SM and JK because they are kind people. 






JSM is a romantic because when JK encourages her to give an example she focuses on relationships/marriage compatibility. 

I like the slide above and below because JSM should be making her argument to the other team or the crew but instead she is explaining marriage compatibility to JK (haha you do not need to convince your team). 


It really felt like YJS was picking the fight as a way to distract from the debate because JK's tone was not that really aggressive or upset until YJS kept pushing it. 



This was JK finally lost it.  



When JK got up set with SM in the previous debate (just a little bit before this) it felt not forced (he just reacted instinctively) and it was funny.  This was like YJS was trying to provoke another funny sudden outburst/event and so it wasn't as funny for me.  I will say that JK is changing because either real or not he lost his temper and almost immediately apologized.   I did not include them but I did enjoy JSM's one on one updates to audience/crew. 



JK compliments SM and dancing skills (it was brief, but not only did he get to talk about her, but he got to complement her).  YJS starts talking about JSM and her dancing.  Other members said nice things and complemented her, but JK likes to be the last to get a word in about her.  What I also thought was so cute was JK joining in on the dance.  I know JSJ was also dancing in the slide and at other times YJS, but these guys are her biggest fans. 


JK says this below.  YJS brought up that she learned it at a community center, but JK turns his statement into a compliment. 


This is JK saying this above about JSM. 


When it comes time for JSM to give her gift to JSJ you can tell that YJS knows they are close.  YJS references JSJ Youtube video where he said, he wishes he had a future daughter-in-law like her. 

I really like that JSM and JSJ have what appears to be inside jokes.  They both crack each other up.  

JK always getting that last joke/word. lol










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I'm sorry this out of topic but does anyone know which episode they turn into zombie ? The one where kwangsoo and jongkook have to hold their laughter when they encounter a funny girl with hairy nose i think...  I like kookmin moment in that episode

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36 minutes ago, xi sophie said:

I'm sorry this out of topic but does anyone know which episode they turn into zombie ? The one where kwangsoo and jongkook have to hold their laughter when they encounter a funny girl with hairy nose i think...  I like kookmin moment in that episode

Ep. 473

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JK and SM like Waffles! Not a comment on their dating status.  JK just likes to bring up waffles (even on different shows).  Apparently the way that he likes to eat his waffle has changed since eating them with JSM.  Guess he buys them more often. 



Episode 364 and 513



"This is not bad" . . . you can take it that KJ enjoyed the waffle or spending time with SM or in my opinion both.  Also, he used to like apple flavor and whip cream.  So, the dish below in CRA must have been really too sweet. 


At least JSM was nice enough to shake her head and tell him that it wasn't a waffle.  Apparently when he thinks of JSM's neighborhood waffles come to mind. 







Last week on Crazy Recipe Adventure - While eating french toast he brings up waffles. 



I do enjoy this show! lol


As Kookmin shippers we know that you like your sweets.  We have seen you share cookies and waffles with JSM.  So the information above was not surprising.  However, I did not expect him to mention eating waffles on this show. 



Take away JK has eaten enough waffles since 464 that his tastes have changed.  I wonder if he goes to JSM's neighborhood because he knows they are good and cheap. haha




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4 hours ago, luffy123abc said:

Lol he's mentioning waffle because on those pics of CRA, they were eating waffles. 

It seems you’re lost! There’s another thread for u to hang out in and it ain’t here. It’s obviously ok to not like a ship but to be here and be annoying is another type of weird behavior. Anyway, you have fun on your thread, leave us alone to ship happily. :heartxoxo:



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Pls ignore the sad lost troll who doesn't have better things to do with its time. Only kids poop in public places without considering others. No point arguing with children. :)


Btw, it has been a while since I last posted and I completely missed the landmark moment we became an official kookmin thread WOOT WOOT! When we first started the thread, it was to provide another platform for kookmin discussions, inspired by the wonderful videos from @kookminclan RunningMan. We have come far since then whoo. 


Kookmin still sailing and close as ever, though sometimes it feels like they are on the down low after the days of insta interactions that would feed our kookmin cravings lol. I am wondering if it is because they are at the more advanced stage of their relationship? 

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Topic: My Favourite moments


EP 500


"I should take care of Somin" said JK while linking hand with Somin's standee. He did that at his own free will. Nobody force him to do that. Naturally the other oppas also will take care of Somin but none of them announce it in front of camera for the world to hear.


The "oh my..." skinships


EP 507




His help is totally unnecessary. Somin needed to have a stable hand to slice the balloon. And this is not a chaos situation where he didn't realize his action. Heck, he even looked at Somin's hand before grabbed it.


EP 508







JK showed his protectiveness to Somin. Somehow it seems necessary for him to protect Somin from Haha's water balloon when Somin herself already soaked at that time.


EP 527


Those were elastic bands. No matter how hard he adjusted them, it won't help her to feel any more comfortable than she was at that time. So, the ears pinching is so unnecessary. So as the forehead tapping. Yet he still did it. In front of members, staff and rolling camera.

Before Somin's hiatus, the level of JK's skinship to Somin just at tapping her hand, her back or her shoulder. At most, he gave her shoulder hug. Acceptable for oppa-dongsaeng relationship. However, few episodes after her come back, the intensity of his skin ship drastically increase. It went from tapping her  to pinching her ears. From shoulder hug to crowded her from the back and engulfed her hand.


Little things that he notices/remembers about her


EP 513


He knows that Somin like Be Melodramatic drama and took initiative to mention it.


EP 513


He knows there are famous waffle shops near her neighborhood (Sookmyung Women's University)


EP 496/527



He noticed that Somin wore make up. And this is important to notice because...? 


EP 524


He remember the story that Somin told about how she took care of her ex bf who injured his finger. Same as the waffle shop near her house. He makes effort to listen, remember and notice little things about her.


EP 541


He knows what type of music genre that Somin likes.


EP 544


That was JK who said "She likes that dance move so much". Again, he commented on things that Somin likes.

It is normal if he notices/remembers one or two little things about Somin since he is a man with good memory after all. But it is very extra when he knows/notices/remembers lots of little things about her and he let others know that he knows. If my boyfriend act like that to other woman, I will definitely feel jealous.


The time they spent time together privately and the time they spent together during breaktime at RM filming.


The time they spent together privately

EP 521


Premise 1: JK opts not to drink. Premise 2: He is a busy person. Premise 3: He usually spends his free time to exercise. Yet, he let us know that he has spends some of his precious FREE TIME, to have DRINKs with Somin, OFTEN. So, this is not he is just being polite case. If my BF act like that, I will slap him. How dare he goes so extra for other woman when I am his GF.


One thing to ponder. Where did they have their drinking dates? Both of them being famous artist, for sure it is inconvenient to drink outside all the time. Also JK's physique makes it hard for him to camouflage. And there is corona also. Therefore, the safest place for them to hangout is...? Little trivia, in Korean drinking culture, they drink at night, eating delicious snack along with the alcohol.


APAN Music Award


Somin most probably landed with this gig due to JK's influence. In other words, JK chose her to be his MC partner. Think about the time they spent together during rehearsal, during the award day (red carpet, waiting room, behind the stage, on stage)


The time they spent together at RM set yet out of camera rolling

EP 522


He said that they had some talk at the parking lot before the filming started.


EP 542


They were the last 3 who entered the hall. Somin is known for a member who always come early. Yet, for this ep, she entered the hall almost at the time filming start with JK and Haha. Maybe they had another talk at parking lot before filming started.


EP 525


They were not in the same group. Yet JK waited for her and they walked together with Somin's hand hooked on his shoulder.


Haha PD YT Channel


Somin went to JK's car during break time.



Group photo for Vietnamese fans. A couple photo in group photo. JK leaned so close towards Somin that their body touched.



He sat alone and Somin hadn't come back from changing room yet. The next scene, they walked together to the desk. They could just go directly to the desk, without meeting first.

Their interaction does not end just at filming site. They spend times together during their private time.


Ahhh... After the compilation done, there are lots of their moments that I love actually. And all dated from early 2020 until now. Still fresh. So everyone, please enjoy :wub:. Maybe some of the moment you guys already forget. 


Credit: GIFs by MandelBrot, wanderlustanna. Few photos by Catch-22. Thank you.

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On 3/3/2021 at 7:25 AM, luffy123abc said:

Lol he's mentioning waffle because on those pics of CRA, they were eating waffles. 

Heheheh CRA is 2020 or 2021, but Waffle Runningman is 2019 or 14 weeks after Jongkook concert , remember He is change, but one he didnt change is, he hate spicy food. In moms diary how many he eat Ramen, Jajangmyeon, after close with Somin.Before Somin recomendation health food (Chicken breast eps 373) no one can change Jongkook, the last he hate ramen in eps 373 before Somin recomendation Chicken breast, but still he hate oil food before Moms diary eps 135, after RM eps 449 or moms diary 135, he eat Chocolate, Sweet pie, Snack. Remember Somin have younger brother is bodybuilder, her young bro eat like that, Ramen, Pizza, Hamburger, Fried chicken. Or Somin cooking homemade 




Oke in 411 Somin and Jongkook give Kwangsoo Spirit and eps 544 They give Sukjin Spirit, after Sukjin lose, nobody care, only Somin and Jongkook give him spirit, like Kwangsoo do


This is same investment






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honestly, this might get deleted but i'm starting to support KookMin. Not as much as you guys are but i'm getting there. They seem to be getting closer and closer each episode. 

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I dont know, after watching moms diary, it Just like Coincidence. Oke this is kookmin moment



RM eps 183 = the Woman with big eyes like shih Tzu 

Happy Together 452 = The guest say Somin like Shih Tzu


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