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Edit: better quality...      

Once again  . . . sub spoilers.   I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments).  Besides,  these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the epis

That awkward moment when you got caught staring at your "crush" and now you have to pretend like you're looking at someone else.   


Somin who wished someone would think she is a capable opponent



JK who vowed people won't touch his name tag so that he will be there when Somin entered the game. Sadly, the game already ended even before Somin participate :joy:. Another chance for me to see him being her knight in shining armour burn. Huhu.





Squeal!!! The gaze that so tender and smile that so sweet... Melt...


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We had plenty of good and sutil kookmin moments on this episode...I am so happy just to see them together on the same team...

It is good to see SoMin being considered a good friend to KJK by his other friends...

I felt a happy KJK just for being near SoMin...he was kinda sweet with her...he was mad with her just like what?...2 minutes????

SoMin and KJK ARE THE BEST when they talk about love and relationships....


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It began from eps 449 about 10 years gap, it just like puzzle for me 



Then this, why he want introduce Sechan with other woman ?



In eps 500, He say should take care her in the television, and some member ask " why are you being like this? Then 



First my Question is it like seriously talk together because this



1. About " it might affect her choice" for what, i dont know

2. Then Sukjin say I Know, and she's......

3. Then this




It misterious for me about Kookmin

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Please put more than 3 pics/IGs in spoiler tags, thanks!
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I don't know whether people will appreciate this but I still want to share since it is a very big deal for me. After all, the changes are very subtle. Unless you look closely for it (read: me), you won't notice it. I tried to map the real time of what he saw and his facial reaction. 




Pic 1a- This is exactly after he said 'See?'. From his angle, Somin still well hidden behind the door.



Pic 1b- And this is just a moment after above pic, where Somin finally visible from JK's angle of view.


Now, we compare to his real time facial expression.



Pic 1a- JK with slightly disappointed face. At this time, he still couldn't see her. 



Pic 1b- This is when he finally saw her. This pic can't do the justice but I don't know how to do the GIF. Here, when he saw her, his face muscles immediately relaxed (look at his lips). The disappointed face quickly gone. How I wish PD shows this close up shot  few seconds longer so we can see how further his facial expression will change with her appearance. Because, after this scene, we can see him tried to maintain poker face but at the same time smile visible on his lips.


Why this scene is a big deal for me? Because I usually see this scene in romance drama or movie (of course with exaggerate acting by the hero with round eyes and open mouth). To see it in real life, by the couple that I root for... How I feel like I found a treasure when I noticed this. Hahaha.


If you understand how meaningful that instant changes the facial expression of his caused by the appearence of her, you will understand how significant she is to him. 


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There are some cute moments this week, but my single favorite kookmin moments are in the spoiler below.  Also, JSM is hilarious!  I don't want to disappoint anyone, but I can't go through the entire episode this week. 



YSC and JSM get into the characters that they have created for this skit.  However, JSM is an actress and a comedian so she will always do more to get the laugh. Also, as always KJK is the first praise (she is elegant) her and finds her hilarious (even when she is pretending to be pregnant with YSC's child or sticks out her leg in an unlady like way).   YSC doesn't find the pregnancy idea as funny as KJK, but in the end he jokes about their unborn child Pouty Mouth.  KJK just goes with her ideas and supports whatever she does.



So the  character that JSM creates for herself is named Sweetheart.  So, that meant that KJK called her Sweetheart (haha my kookmin heart was so touched :issohappy:).                                                               I will also point out, that after JSM introduction of the character's name, for the rest of the episode no one (except KJK and JSJ) called her by her by character name.  Instead, they would just call her by her real name.  To be fair, I could have missed it, if someone else called her Sweetheart.  They were talking/arguing a lot and the subtitles I know did not pick up on everything that was said.  





KJK always concerned about her and then he catches on. 



Then it gets funny and KJK is in for the laugh.




He ends with praising her . . . okay like this whole episode he is pointing out how great she is at stuff. 


This is another game segment. KJK cannot say no to her. 






Not sure who said this one it might have been JSJ.


Throughout the game she is hilarious! She was cheering people on through dance and roots for KJK with her magnet powers lol.




When she goes again she starts off elegant (which KJK says and he doesn't stop looking at her), but then JSM sticks her leg out once she is seated and KJK just looses it (he can't stop laughing). 













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It is his Daughter-in-law (DIL) who's pregnant. So, what is Father Kim trying to count actually?:naughty: This FIL-DIL duo were too immersed in their character. Hahaha. In this ep, FIL praised his DIL far too much compare to his son. 




This smile is really a mystery to me. It is his typical smile to Somin. It was after KS cracked his and Somin's egg. Then all members went out to search for more eggs. JH didn't go this way and it make no sense if he smile like this just because he saw the male members. Somin went down the hill and he, as nothing weird happen, casually walked to the direction she go. What funny is, with his hands inside his pockets (meaning he wasn't in serious mode), he acted as if he's searching for egg, before abruptly changed his direction as in pic above. Me think there was a lady in yellow hanbok behind that wall. But this will remain as a theory since there is no way I can prove it. Hahaha.



"Sukjin Hyung, you are blocking me! Get out of my way!"



Not about kookmin but somehow related. So, I just want to highlight it.


JK: It would be nice if SC became a part of my family

JSJ: Is there a possibility?

JK: Of course there is. My nieces.


Another solid proof that there is no chance between chanmin in real life (in case if any of you still feel doubt about them) Without overpressuring by Haha, sometimes YJS, their LL is fun actually since it is mostly funny skits by Somin. But this conversation shows that in the end, it is just work for both of them. 


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I think KJK now is not pushing ChanMin LL in real life or the show anymore....he knows they are just close friends not more than that...I think SeChan can have a little crush on JiHyo but nothing serious...

In this episode KJK was all smiles with JSM...really the glances they give each other sometimes give that romantic vibe....but other times I feel he treats her like SeChan or KwangSoo and I am worry that he already friendzoned her...

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