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1 hour ago, kyoko22 said:

ODM - Somin denial statement really caught me off guard since it is really came out of no where. To know whether it is a big news in SK or not, it is when Soompi or Allkpop publish the EN version news. For Somin-ODM rumors, nada, nil. And Somin is a hot topic since her hiatus statement. It is impossible if there is a rumors about her dating, this thing hasn't blown out by press.


I had asked this before, did this rumor explode in DC Gallery because none of her international fan IG acct mention highlight this up. Maybe the rumor only just started to budding up but both side denied it immediately. From, ODM's comment from his interview, it is for Somin's sake. Which makes me wonder. She also has dating rumor with KS, with SC but as far as I remember, she never take this swift action, only simple denial on RM. She usually just proves the rumors wrong, just like how she still hang out with KS and SC as normal friend. But for ODM's case, she immediately released the denial statement. So, I agree with you. Maybe she denied this because she has something to protect and doesn't want to cause misunderstanding.

@wanderlustanna has explained how the rumours came about. may be they became big in korean fancafes we don't know of.


The reason why so min's dating news got talked about on RM was because sjh diverted the topic  to jsm when she was asked by yjs, "are you going to make an important announcement ?" so there were korean fans speculating that sjh too could be nearing a marriage announcement. perhaps she didn't want to hint at it so soon?

1 hour ago, wanderlustanna said:


I couldn't agree more about this. I've said this somewhere but I'm just gonna said it again here. The word "shipping" basically means an act of wanting or taking two people (in kookmin case) a celebrities to end up in a romantic relationship. So we are basically pressuring the "relationship".


As a shipper we must always keep an open mind and try not to read too much into everything. Because I've done that and trust me when things doesn't go on your way you will get upset but that's totally normal. 


If you guys ask me about kookmin my answer is still the same, I still don't know what stage they're in right now. We don't have the answer or will there be any answer? We just don't know. But there's one thing I know for sure after what they've been through (talking about past relationships) they both deserve an happy ending. Together or not that's for another story. 


About ODM and JSM rumour, I trust her on this~ 

So that's why I chose to believe her.   

thank you. this makes sense. now i understand the context of jsm's quote and how it could have been misinterpreted by fans and antis. oh dong min is an actor i like; it feels nice to know more about him. he seems really chill and sorted. it is good to see jsm supporting her fellow cast and others who require a friend's counsel. many of the my embarrassing days cast are still on the ladder of fame and dong min, from what i have heard, is yet to play a main lead. jsm has struggled a lot in her career; so she can give good advice to her friends.

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Edit: better quality...      

That awkward moment when you got caught staring at your "crush" and now you have to pretend like you're looking at someone else.   

Once again  . . . sub spoilers.   I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments).  Besides,  these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the epis

I don’t know why people were still debating Somin and Dong Min anyway. It is a good way to keep shippers grounded though because if not they could head into dangerous territory. By that I mean shippers could very well start attacking either half of Kookmin the same way other shippers do now because their ship isn’t going the way they want it to. At the end of the day we’re shipping real people not characters on a TV show. We can’t control them or their personal lives so it’s always good to be reminded of that. 

That being said Somin doesn’t do public relationships and won’t hint at being in one especially not on social media. The fact that she’s still comfortably hanging out with Dong Min should make it clear where their relationship lies. And lastly the cast would never try to expose her actual relationship like that. All signs as of right now point to friendship so I don’t see why anyone would need to worry about that. Kookmin is what we ship and of course we all are rooting for them to be together. But like many have said today we have to always keep an open mind. You never know what could happen in future so just enjoy the ship for what it is.

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It is always refreshing to read some very balanced view points on KookMin. I really like this ship forum as the members are courteous, realistic and not the fanatic type that transpose wedding pictures or babies. We only post actual KookMin moments.


Yet to watch the Eng Sub of recent Running Man but the IG posts has given enough leads on what happened yesterday. :smirk:

As many members have said, we only wish for the best for KJK and JSM - whether together or with their choice partners in crime - oops... in life.

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@YellowDress I think that's Jihyo. Her sleeves kinda baggy while JK's sleeves were tighter. Because at the last minutes, it was JH who stayed with JSJ and Eun Bin. Maybe that is why, whe  PD announced the punishment, JH seemed shock and  looked at Somin's direction.

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16 hours ago, kyoko22 said:

@YellowDress I think that's Jihyo. Her sleeves kinda baggy while JK's sleeves were tighter. 

After review the episode again, I have to agree with @kyoko22 the sleeves looks like SJH and also the way the hand tear off the nametag, looks more like SJH. Others were so happy both KJK and SJH wore same white long sleeves for this episode :rolleyes: but it does make it confusing when pd only shows the lower part of the hand tearing off JSM nametag. Oh well, at least JSM is active in this episode and not got knocked out early in the race. 

But the female LKS will always choose the "right" penalty, just like YJS. :grin:

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Just created this account since I got hooked up reading KookMin moments and observations from shippers. I am also one of you! :DOne particular comment caught my attention, it was the group photo where KJK and JSM were edited out. Someone mentioned it was the shadow from SJH's arm but nah, I tried playing around the photo just to check if it a shadow or otherwise. After a thorough investigation, it was actually a hand around JSM's waist (it must be KJK's hand:wub: .Try checking it too). If not, why waste time editing them out. Was it really too much too handle? Also, I noticed lately most of So Min's part were being edited out. Like all members will have a screen time doing some mission except for So Min. Hahaha. Anyway, apologies for being too delusional. Whatever, the outcome of their relationship, I'll be happy for them. Cheers! Kookmin Clan, Fighting!:D 3-DC6-EC5-E-6-C95-4-AB1-8-BE4-CEBE13-BDE

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1 hour ago, AB_fan said:



For those who have yet to watch, please try out the first episode of Sixth Sense. Personally, I quite like the episode.:thumbsup:

Just finished watching on Kisstv with Eng sub. JSM in her element, great that she can be her real self there. JSM speaking English, "Jessi Go Go, Hurry Up, Go" is so cute.:wub:

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