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i was rewatching the recent episode with jeon so mi and jessi and something struck me. i don't know whether this was discussed, but i got the strong feeling that kjk and so min may have done the 'we are siblings' mission with so mi and it was edited out. if you watch the episode, jsm is shown only at the beginning when she is in front of a cafe and then she goes missing. usually jsm calls up her partners in crime, yjs or lks, to get some information. here, she goes missing for a long while. kjk is shown travelling around in the car. the only person he goes to is so mi after haha and ysc have met her. kjk doesn't meet anyone else. jsm, when she re-appears, says she had been to so mi. we can see sjh has been trying to reach her because she is on the phone when jsm rejoins them. kjk's only segment is with haha and ysc and so mi. once haha and ysc leave, kjk is alone. later, kjk is shown calling up jsj to inform him that he is the other brother. what happened in between? so mi scored 30 points which means she fooled three people. it is obvious she fooled ysc and haha. if so, the third person must be so min and since the mission requires three people to hold hands and call out to the pd that they are siblings, jsm must have been there with kjk and so mi. 

in the opening, jsm and kjk stick together and she imitates his pose and when she dances to jessi's song, kjk cheers her on. it almost looks like they are in the same team instead of being in teams with the other members.  

this was the episode where we were all discussing how jsm had dressed up like she is going on a picnic. she doesn't wear off-shoulder tops that much. last time, they had a meet the guest mission, remember they ended up together on the same team after the male guest fooled jsm? did they think there was a chance they would be teamed up again? all the same, it was really weird for jsm to be edited out like that.


so, just feel there could be more editing these days. in the prison break episode as well, jsm was teamed up with ysc and kjk with the female guest. but they were near each other when ysc came to share his clue. there was no reason for them to stick around since they were not even partners. it is really weird. when ysc tells jsm and kjk about the fake wall, it is to kjk jsm asks the question, 'how do we escape?' ysc is jsm's partner, so the question was weird. 


in this episode as well, when kim dae myung shares the clue with sjh, she is in front of a flight of stairs. you can hear kjk's and the guest's voices and jsm's laughter. we never got to see them discuss anything other than at the end when the other members were nearby, but during the break, they were sitting side by side. 

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Edit: better quality...      

Once again  . . . sub spoilers.   I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments).  Besides,  these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the epis

That awkward moment when you got caught staring at your "crush" and now you have to pretend like you're looking at someone else.   


It was Sukjin who talked about LA and Las Vegas here. But her eyes were looking at his direction when she expressed her desire. And she wasn't looking at JH since she started her sentence with 'Oppa'.



Her Oppas were looking at her with adoring smile while waiting for her action. JK even stopped adjusting his tshirt collar :wub:.


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it's always better to keep an open mind but with kookmin, there is a definite ambiguity in their interactions. if it was an open and shut case of siblings, there wouldn't be the need for this much editing. that is what i feel. they are not even the loveline and chanmin have been going for some time, so nobody would think of their interactions as anything other than those of colleagues. then there is the curious question of kjk on mud talking about wanting to find someone for ysc.  what was the deal with that?  last time, kjk and haha were pushing ysc with jsm. what happened in the interval that kjk wants to find someone for ysc? is jsm no longer an option?  or was he trying to say something else about ysc which couldn't be aired?


 kjk also has a 'her' whom he thinks of when he has good food. that 'her' is definitely not his ex because even his mom started wondering if he had someone. when asked if he had good news, kjk said he will continue like this for a year more. he might have been talking about needing to find someone. if so, his statement was ambiguous because jsj then say had to intervene/cover for kjk saying he needed to find someone first. 

 it could be kjk's and jsm's lovelines, but lovelines always strike me as being there for a reason.  not saying two people in a loveline cannot end up dating. still, the two people involved are so much in the public eye that it seems hard for the relationship to meet the conditions required for steady progress. 


so, kookmin also have a shot at becoming more than colleagues.  we have to see. i would say they meet some of those conditions - they are both not too busy to meet each other, have a close friendship where kjk knows what jsm is watching and are not associated as much together in the public eye.


as a shipper, my theory is that they are being cautious and that while there is editing, that also is an important factor.  if i may take a guess, i would think some of it could be what the pd and the members require of them.  there has been a lot of negativity surrounding rm because of the haters and the fanwars and the pd seems to be trying to address some of them - giving everybody screen time and fixing their characters on the show. so, they may also be advised to keep a low profile till everything settles down. 


i got this feeling after watching these two episodes. there were two moments when jsm interacted with kjk in a more intimate way.

this was in the caramel episode after jsm put her hand across kjk's. i don't know if it is me but i felt she started checking other people's expressions soon after. i also have noticed slightly guarded expressions on members' faces when jsm tries to talk to kjk in particular in the openings.



this was from the prison break episode where i felt something similar happened.


it was also weird when ysc spotted them alone. kjk's body language was really awkward. when jsm asks him something, he tries not to look at her  face while answering.  



perhaps they have become awkward? but during breaks, they sit so close and comfortable together like this.




from the last episode, i think they are also being cautious and are being rewarded for that.



but they definitely are being more careful. in the last episode, during the movie quiz, i felt kjk wanted jsm to either participate or be on his team. but he didn't say it directly. he said those who are good at it should play. lks, next to kjk, suggested jsm, but nobody took it up and do won was asked to participate. kjk then said the members should also play and i got the feeling, he was pointing to jsm who was standing nearby. he was also scratching behind his ear while looking at the pd. yjs perhaps helped them there making it into a joke. we don't know what happened afterwards, but when they play, kjk and jsm are in the same team. kjk and jsm do play on the same team at least twice and win both times, but they never play side by side.





whenever kjk makes an indirect suggestion, kookmin end up playing on the same team.  here, kjk wants to score a point which may translate to 'those who are good at this should play'. others suggest for him or jsm to play but kjk decides they should play together. 



they are cautious to celebrate together the first time.  they celebrate together the second time, but we have the curious case of the pd always giving us other's reactions when kookmin are having a high-five moment. compare this with the one in this episode as well as pointed out by @MandelBrot





in this episode, when kjk comes in, there isn't the usual greeting but jsm is the one who responds when he talks about the set up. 



compare it to this a few episodes back




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@kookminclan RunningMan


Ep 512. KS was innocently looking at them when Somin took the face mask from the table. When Somin stepped closer to JK to sit beside him, KS immediately turned his head away and smiled like that. I mean, what's the big deal when colleagues sat together right. But KS's reaction and smile made this scene looks suspicious.


About JK wants to introduce good girl   to SC, we have this scenario in ep when Dong Jun came, during the bus riding. Everyone was promoting SC as a great guy, a good catch. Based on their usual pattern, Somin will joined the conversation saying she too wants to have a BF or the members will tease DJ to her. But no, nobody promotes her as if she already off the hook. And in this episode, the members, especially JSJ and Haha looked so opposed when DJ flirted with her.  


I also notice about the suspicious editing. The best suspicious one is when both of them totally got edited out from the SBS Youtube promotional video . JK was there because his right hand can be seen on Haha's shoulder but amazingly, JK and Somin got cut out from the video :joy:. I was like, WHY???


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9 hours ago, Grumple Lee said:

This is KookMin couple forum sis. Any KookMin content?

So,any problem?i tot we can discuss it here too?bcos kookmin also bit off lately?seems like my posting bothering u?i saw there also have posting that seems like dont have kookmin content here..y u picking on me?just ignore me pls..i also want to read any other opinion regarding this..of cos this have kookmin content since lately we only see the like and comment from that guy instead of jk..:expressionless:

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@Sominangel Though Somin is a playful person, I don't believe she will joke around about her potential spouse. She played her part as SC's love line but when things started to get serious or over her boundaries, she immediately denied and clarified it. So, when she said ODM is her friend, I believe she really means it. What ODM did/does doesn't matter because it is about what Somin wants. If let say someday she suddenly said JK is just a family, I will stop rooting for them because after all, again, it is about what she wants or JK wants. 


JK doesn't like and comment? Based on articles about him recently, he seems very busy. And I'm around Somin's age. Liking or commenting on my social media is not that important anymore. Social media is nice but it is not everything. We are in era where we can facetimes, calls, texts. If they liked or commented on each other's post, that's nice because we can see it. If not, it doesn't matter because if they want to keep in touch, they always can do it in private.

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1 hour ago, KookMin_sg said:

Interesting bowl made by JSM today, 2 figures holding hands with :heart: but in her comment she posted a sad face....

The meaning of the emoticon seems to mean that the work was difficult to complete or that it was not satisfactory than expected.




Wookmin posted a drink advertised by kjk on Instagram story.



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i look at kookmin's other ships as well because they give you a fair idea of how kjk and jsm behave as people. there are things which are common and things which are different. of course, they may both take us by surprise if they are dating other people, especially celebrities we don't associate them with or non-celebrities we will never get to see. so there is no harm wondering what is going on with odm-jsm as well because they had a recent dating news which was denied. they both wrote things which had enough ambiguity to be misconstrued by eager fans and antis, so can understand some fans wondering if the denial is just a ruse. all the same, i feel jsm and odm have to be believed in this case.

there is only one previous instance where jsm  issued a denial about a fan link up. that was in 2018 when fans speculated that kwangmin were a couple based on their couple bracelets. at that time, shippers continued to believe that kwangmin were dating but didn't want to be caught. now we know that is not true. jsm was dating someone else in 2018 and from the looks of it, lks may also have been dating others/ searching for the perfect one which ended in sunbin. we now also know that kwangmin had an equation where jsm got the number of sunbin, whom lks may have wanted to get close to. so jsm made the denial because that was the truth. she may have also wanted her bf to feel secure about her. therefore, keeping that in mind, i would say there must be reasons she put out that statement. i don't believe dong min would have announced anything with a girl while he was in the middle of a drama shoot. his career is just getting there and that kind of a lovey dovey declaration as some fans interpret it to be seems quite impractical to me.


dong min may be showing his support because it was his deletion of the post that added fuel to the fire. people thought he must hae been dating jsm since he deleted what they thought was 'evidence'. i, on the other hand, think it was a natural reaction to the discovery of the insane fandom that is the rm fandom. jsm's and odm's common friends know their equation and kjk also seems to know it because he also liked the post. so odm may not have expected it to be misconstrued. however, the rm fandom doesn't know their boundaries and will pester rm members with tiring personal questions and hate comments. i believe it was a knee-jerk reaction because he didn't expect it to blow up in that way. his comments may now be to show his support and make it clear that there is nothing to hide. jsm would be careful to like the comment or reply because she knows her fans and antis. even now, there are some fans/antis who refuse to believe it and keep commenting that they should declare instead of hiding the news. i believe these are antis because they want jsm out of the way for their ship to sail.


kingkong is an agency which has always supported their artists when they wanted to declare. song seung heon, kim bum, lee dong wook, lee kwang soo, park min young all had dating declarations while under the agency.  so i cannot believe it is agency pressure that prevents jsm-odm from declaring. call it my gut instinct or whatever, but the vibe i get from jsm is that she is in a complicated relationship where there is a lot of uncertainty and obstacles. that for me is not the vibe i get from a possible jsm-odm relationship. they can go ahead and declare if they want and from whatever i have seen of jsm, she doesn't seem to be the kind to put her career over love. odm also got a lot of good press from this news. there were articles which basically used the dating news as a launch point to provide more information about him as an artist. so it is a good thing for him if he declares because jsm is a beloved korean entertainer. of course, we don't know if they have genuine obstacles beyond all these, but i just don't get that vibe from their relationship.


i also don't think we should compare last year with this year. kjk stopped commenting on jsm's ig after that was used to solidify a love triangle on rm with ysc, his close dongsaeng. if kookmin had something going on or if kjk was interested in jsm, he wouldn't have wanted their relationship and all the uncertainties that are part and parcel of a real life relationship to be in the limelight and used to get  ratings. so, there is a reason he stopped commenting on jsm's ig. that for me, though, didn't put an end to their interactions because kjk advertising jsm's book, bringing it to the shoot to ask her about the meaning of a line, calling her his favourite poet all happened when they were not interacting on sns.


things have changed ever since jsm fell sick and the hate comments got press. jsm's and the members' personal instagrams are spaces the korean fans and journalists now know; so whatever is written there will get more attention. still, if you remember,  just before odm and jsm posted those pics, we had weeks of coincidental insta posts from kookmin which led to a lot of speculation. this was not just limited to us kookmin shippers; the other shippers got worried, there were investigations into whether kookmin could be in the same place, there were cries of disappointment whenever kjk posted sky pics. there were some speculations over a particular post that jsm may have been with kjk at that time. when jsm posted that pic with odm, we got to know that she was with him that day. so perhaps, she also did that to put an end to the focus and speculations about  kookmint . sadly, that got her into another dating news. 


so just remember that many things have happened in this interval. last year, kookmin shippers were slowly increasing in number, so there wasn't this much attention on their interactions. we were all so delighted because this was the first time they were interacting before us, outside the show. kookmin sns chemistry even made rm news, so it was definitely refreshing. now things are much more complicated because of their instagrams being more scrutinised spaces.  the rm format also tries to focus less on their personal lives and more on their rm characters, so that may also not be something the show wants. under chulmin pd, sns interactions were a definite conversation starter in the openings, now that is no longer the case.


if kookmin are interested in each other and ever reach a point where they want to share, they will do so. until then, we have to give them their space. however, also respect jsm. if she is with someone else, give her the space to declare when she wants. if she says she is not dating odm, trust and support her. the reason she went to press with that is because she wants the speculations to end. when odm supports her even when fans/antis made it uncomfortable for them both, appreciate that instead of being intrusive. at this point, both jsm and odm both want their fans to trust them than force them into speculations again. 


i am not someone who believes that feelings between celebrities have to definitely end in marriage. whatever were between kookmin once upon a time can end in a relationship or can fizzle out as they settle down into a less risky senior-junior relationship. so there is no point saying they did all those things last year, so they must be still dating. all the same, the ambiguity in the kookmin relationship still continues for me and makes me believe that there is something more going on. like @kyoko22 pointed out, there may be other ways they support each other that are equally or more genuine.

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