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23 hours ago, LV.Bae said:


:lol: I think Somin teased JK in the bus. I feel she want him to mad at her with her statement! YJS the one try to calm JK when his face become so red after Somin said woman don't like man have a too perfect body. But he calm down so quickly by saying It's fine if she think like that.  

Ha Ha.... a thought just came, maybe it's a hint from JSM? "Don't need to have a perfect body, spend less time in the gym, spend more time with me...." :smirk:


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On 7/27/2020 at 12:10 PM, kyoko22 said:

This is from teaser video. Seems like this is after she and DJ became partner. I think her gaze explained her true feeling to that situation. There is no sweet smile or private chit chat with DJ. She even tried to discourage DJ.

I think KJK has to wake her up to work..looks like she has been staring at KJK instead of working :joy: That's why don't pay attention. She was facing KJK when he ask her about the drama.


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i think there is much more going on than all the jealousy theories. i would have gone on with the jealousy theories last year end, especially when the chanmin loveline started. ever since jsm came back, i feel there are more things going on. i don't know if others notice, but for me, jsm isn't fully there yet. she was kind of down in the last segment of the previous day's shoot and if you re-watch this episode, you would spot her looking kind of lost in many places. she used to participate more in conversations before but now her energy is not what it used to be. she and her partner were quite active during their 'show the box' but for the rest of it, she was sitting quietly. that was the case with the dance segment as well. she would have gone all out before but here she needed more prompting to join in. it was the same with the last round. when her turn came, she was active and even showed hidden athletic skills, but otherwise, she was just watching on.  it may be the strain because of her health issues or things we don't know of, but definitely, it is not as easy a process for her to get back fully to what she used to be. 


since she is someone who lifts the mood of the team, the energy is different when she is a bit down. the show is also struggling with the ratings so there would be more pressure on everyone to do more.  i guess jsm knows that which is why she tries to arrive earlier than others, when kjk came in, her words to him were that she had been working. so perhaps there is also a sunbae-hoobae thing there where he is advising her to just focus on working hard and not care about the negativity. that was the vibe i got when he asked her why she was not pitching in with her comments about the female guest. it was yjs who turned it into jsm being too lost in admiration to contribute anything but i don't think that was what kjk intended to say there. he was definitely helping her with her loveline more than he used to like with the comment about the guest being someone quite persistent when it came to love' or the 'love story' comment at the end when she was having the penalty in the starch field.


it is obvious jsm knew she would be paired up with a male guest and she was ready to take on her love frog character.  on jessi's  show, she wondered why she always got teamed up with yjs and lks, confirming my belief that while the guest may have a choice, the pds also choose those pairings which they think are interesting for the audience. jsm's monologue about male guests fighting for her in the opening gives me the feeling she knew there was going to be a male guest. i think jsm got really excited in places but i also thought some of it was acting. if you observe her face when the guest walks in, it is partly a made up excitement.  i don't think it could be because she is dating kjk that she is being careful.  when she works, she goes all out. but she is not 100% there yet where she can flirt and tease with abandon like earlier. that is why many of the loveline moments were the members pointing out jsm was shy or that she couldn't focus which would make jsm run away from the camera and out of the room. jsm has a habit of doing that when she is shy, but i wondered if it was also her collecting herself to give the appropriate reaction.


added to all of it is the difficulty with the chanmin loveline. i wouldn't say it had ended before jsm took her break, because one of the heavily promoted segments that marked jsm's reappearance after her break was ysc visiting jsm's house with flowers.  when jsm came back,  it was briefly brought back by members and jsm herself, but in this episode, seems like there was an official end to it with both ysc and jsm being quite firm about their stances. that could also be the reason the cast kept mentioning that the loveline with Dong Joon is just for the show so that viewers won't take it too seriously.  Dong Joon has been on RM a number of times and he knows how lovelines work, so why would they tell him it was not xman and he shouldn't hope to meet jsm outside?  if they want to warn him off because jsm has someone, they can do it away from the camera. i felt it is more  for the sake of the viewers. from what ysc mentioned when yjs brought up the BF joke and the way he said it , get the feeling there were people who really thought he was so min's boyfriend.  RM members might not want a repeat of that where viewers take lovelines too seriously.  So while they were encouraging so min to do the loveline by saying her heart was on fire or telling her that she was acting like on a date, there were also reminders that it was just for the show. jsm herself was being a bit more careful with her words than she usually is. that would explain the mixed messages the members were sending. they were also taking care of ysc, saying he was looking excited about being paired up with Do Yeon, that he was looking brighter after a year and asking his partner whether she found him attractive. so i felt putting an end to the loveline for good could have been on everyone's minds.


i wouldn't say this episode gave me a lot of hints on kookmin. it is still up for debate what their relationship is. kjk brought up the drama jsm watched in a particular context because nobody else knew much about the female guest Do Yeon.  it reminded me of the time kang hanna guested back to back and yjs wanted to cut short her interview because there was nothing new.  it was kjk brought up she had a new radio show coming up so it won't be cut out. obviously, he must have got to know it from jsm who had guested on the show . Hearing kjk mention that, jsm also chipped in with tidbits about the show.  here, he was doing the same. it was yjs who brought up that so min must be absent minded because of the male guest, but i felt she was just a little  bit lost. 


i also didn't think kjk was being snarky to the male guest in the bus. kjk  never does that to men he doesn't know well. he is quite polite and admiring of younger male guests, who are up and coming.  that was the polite thing he could say to the guest who was being equally polite choosing him as a role model. jsm's comment there was not about defending the male guest, but her way of annoying kjk and getting a rise out of him. it was the first time she butted into the conversation. for the most part, she was just looking out of the window. his expression was like 'i know you are trying to annoy me but i will let it pass'. :) the members are just smiling at the exchange and kjk also has a naughty look in his eyes when he answers. another thing i noticed in the bus part was how  kjk tried to get more focus on ysc and his partner. on MUD, he spoke about having to find someone for ysc. here he went on and on about ysc being precious to him. is it about how with the end of the loveline, ysc could need something more to stabilise his character? 


this  episode was shot before the 10th anniversary. was it that which made everyone seem a bit preoccupied  though it was  overall a really funny episode? i get the feeling the team needs to pull up ratings and so want everybody to try their best. jsm is also trying really hard to get back to her character. i also felt the PD gave back a lot more focus to jsm after a long while with a lot more solo segments of her. the pd had similarly tried to highlight sjh thinking that would bring back some old fans to RM. now that it is only partially yielding results, he perhaps feels some of the viewers have stopped watching RM because there isn't enough of jsm on the show and what people love about her - her being the love frog or dancing and enjoying herself.  there are so many pressures on the PD and the members which we have no clue about. i think we should keep that in mind also while analyzing kookmin moments.


PS: the "boyfriend" comment needn't be about kjk, but about yjs bringing it up to put an end to the loveline. i checked everyone's reactions for clues, but found that the only person everyone looks at is ysc.  what i found intriguing was the question ysc asked jsm about "who she wanted to eat her item with". it could be he was prompting her to say Dong Joon, but have felt ysc supports kookmin. jsm looked a bit flustered and was looking at someone sitting near ysc. it could have been that kjk was also prompting her to say something but i found it interesting.


kjk, out of all the people there, knew about the eating places near her home. may be since they had waffle together which so min must have recommended, he was reminded of waffle. still, he knows a lot more than half the cast about what she watches and what she likes eating. may be they have more conversations these days or there is something more.


it is better to keep an open mind about kookmin and see where things go. we don't know if they have someone else. jsm has got many male friends and kjk is quite secretive about his personal life. the episode with the reader's stories told us there are people the two of them meet outside. in my heart, i would like to believe they have something and may be after a year, we will get to know. but i am also trying to be realistic because anything can happen. we are making our theories based on a heavily curated show, so stay cool and calm while shipping.

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On 7/30/2020 at 7:32 PM, kookminclan RunningMan said:

on jessi's show, she wondered why she always got teamed up with yjs and lks, confirming my belief that while the guest may have a choice, the pds also choose those pairings which they think are interesting for the audience.

Just wanted to say the reason why Jessie said that was because she’s been paired with YJS every time by the producers. Meaning she’s never really had the option to pick her partner or team on camera before. Every single time she’s been a guest (so far) her partner has been pre picked for her off camera. So while it is true they pick the best pairings for the audience I think its also highly likely Dongjun did just choose Somin on his own without a producers suggestion.

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I swear they look like 2 teenagers having a crush on each other and having no idea what to do with those feelings. 


Also, i want to add something about the "JSM not feeling like her self". I think (i'm pretty sure actually) she know that in a way, her image on Running Man kind of hurted her chances as an Actress/In the industry. She went all in with Running Man to help it grow and make people laugh but now, she wants to tone down the crazy and act a bit more normal.


I feel it's the right choice to do. She really went all in when she came in Running man and did things that not a lot of female korean actresses would do. That's why she is trying her best to not lose games, because if she has to, she will 100% go all in again. I mean, she still is doing amazing funny stuff, like the fights with KJK & Kwangsoo but i think she is trying to balance those out. 


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41 minutes ago, Rahayu Muktiayu said:

in Moms Diary eps 201, Jongkook oppa go to Jin Young house with sleeves shirts, 


Lol. He wears his sleeveless tee everywhere. It's just Jong Kook being Jong Kook.


If he could, he might even wear his sleeveless tee to a wedding.


Even on this week's MUD, the other guys were questioning if the weather was warm enough to wear a sleeveless tee.

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1 hour ago, HydenG said:

Also, i'm literally watching right now. Minute 30:44, Jessi was dancing to her new song and JSM started dancing to it in the background, KJK was more focused on her than the actual performer. 

Haha, really ?

This reminds me of Ep 483 Cannes episode. The guest was dancing and everyone was awwing at her performance. Jsm was imitating the guest's dance moves and KJK was laughing looking at her. 


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Awww kookmin being cute and playful, love the arm part,  that lil bit fed me and I’m content till next week :D 


Still waiting on my MUD subs, I need my Kookie content with all the MUD cast. 

This episode, everyone did great game wise and had good energy + chemistry but this episode still missed in a few parts even with the amazing basket game and the funny water. Bo Pil’s editing was better this ep though, so I’ll give my boy that. All I want is for the show to do good :tears: the ratings for the newest episode have not been posted yet but I hope they’re higher. I’m very excited for the prison ep next week, looks like a fun time. 


Hope all my running members are successful and happy always.

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