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Ahhh, the casting for this new show is genius, the female cast will wreak chaos and I'm here for it lmao. Poor jaesuk is going to be stressed the hell out. Goodluck to our national MC:lol:. I can already see him complaining to the members on RM about it.


So Glad I'm gonna see sominnie on another variety show. Anyone knows if this will be a seasonal variety show or it will just be a long running one? I was so shocked with the news especially since we (her fans) were expecting any next casting news to be related to a drama. But I'm still so happy about this. Yoo jaesuk fighting lol!!!

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Hi Everyone!  So first off, I want to say that I have never written on a forum before (silent reader for almost 9 months) and never really shipped anyone.  What originally got me interested in RM and Kookmin was watching a So Min drama.  I really enjoyed her acting (she was different in a really good way from other kdrama actresses) which lead me to her other dramas and eventually RM.   Once I started watching running man, well she brought a quirky/hilarious vibe that always had me laughing.  I have watched all of the episodes of RM that she and ysc have been in.  When they started the loveline (did not know this was a concept of RM or Korean variety shows at the time) between jsm and ysc I never really believed it because their body language was not right for people that were interested in each other (later after reading this forum realized what lovelines were and their history in RM so thank you for that :D).  As I was watching the show, particularly around the time of the fan meet episodes, I started to notice the body language and facial expressions of Kookmin that seemed more natural and showed they were interested in each other (but I wasn't sure in what way).  KJK rubbing or patting the back of his neck in the 480s-490s episodes when interacting with JSM just had me giggling (as well as all of the body mirroring and his feet & body almost always facing her) and this is setting aside all of their side conversations or glances (body language does not lie).  All of this brought me to this forum because I wondered if there were other people who saw it too.  Anyway,  I have read every page of the forum (which has given me much better insight into KJK and JSM because of the long time fans on this forum)  and I've watched all of the relevant eps of RM and MUD (maybe too much :Megalol:).


The reason that I am finally posting now is that I more sure than ever that KJK is dating someone (think/hope it is JSM) based on his happier demeanor, the many recent events/questions about marriage in MUD (yes it is heavily scripted but his slip up this past week was not in the script based on the hosts reaction), and comments from friends and fans about what he is like when he is dating .   I agree with earlier comments that if he is not dating JSM, then it would be a little weird to call another girl pretty, say that he will protect her, hold her hand, and in general have as much physical contact by both of them, particularly on national television.  However, I could be wrong because I don't pretend to know everything about Korean culture (just have the general notion that it is a more traditional culture when it comes to these things).  If he is dating someone else, then I imagine she either is very good friends with jsm or he is having to do some explaining (haha okay I might be a little delulu here).  


Also, since no else has mentioned this about their posts on IG (these two post recently had me chucking).


KJK insta story with him wearing the shirt that says, "Never on my mind" made me remember ep 372 and how he acts when he is interested in someone. 



JSM posting the Boa song (the lyrics reminded me of RM ep 470 the fools) and I really wish someone better with video editing than me would make a kookmin fan vid using this song with eng sub titles. lol  


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There was a period of time when JK became possessive of his 'human doll' SC and this possessive character disappeared when the members stop ship SC and Somin.


 There was also a period of time when he post IG story of his feet, sat alone on RM filming day. This habit ended when Somin returned to the show.


Ah, this oppa... Why so cute?


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The seat on the round table was assigned by the staff (their bag was on the chair). In  superpower episode, staff assigned the team and paired them up together. Make me wonder. The staff did it on purpose or what? 

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