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2 hours ago, kyoko22 said:

"Don't be too delulu!" said me to myself who almost got swept away by the 'sheer' coincidence that both of them post almost the same subject (sky) on their IG :joy:

I knew I was doing too much  when I started comparing the leaves on the trees in KJK's post to the ones in JSM's own. I'm like okay, I need to chill. But i did spot some similarities......okay I'll stop lol.

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2 hours ago, Kemil20 said:

Just checked jeonsomin hashtag on instagram and I think their post yesterday triggers some peope. 


why do I feel happy that they are triggered? it means there is really something suspicious about the two and they notice about it too :D 

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Wookmin’s (Somins brother) insta story is showing various autographs at a gym (his gym maybe??) including KJK’s. How I wished to know Korean so I could read kookies message hahaha. 



Hope this live episode goes smoothly, imma lil nervous not gonna lie, when it’s live is different so i hope everything goes good for all the members. 

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Has anyone else missed the era of chulmin pd over the current one. Lately running man feels so eerily similar to how it felt pre-jsmysc. The over emphasis on storylines to drive the episode limiting the amount of natural charisma and wordplay there could be between the cast paired with the poor editing that makes you wonder if the storyline was worth sitting through. Even the greatest hits episodes have imo not been up to par and as far as a mystery goes for this episode it seems so poorly laid out for people to guess. The best mysteries are ones where you had all the info to know in front of you but couldnt see it to the very end, running man has been relying so much on mysteries but simply gets by on not showing the viewer enough of anything to guess until the big reveal at the end.

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