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59 minutes ago, RM xx said:

oooooooh who's excited for this tomorrow, because I sure as hell am!!:gangnamstyle:

Why am I just realising, he's probably saying something to her in this picture. I feel so dumb lmao, like I looked at it closely before but just taught about how nice it was to see them entering together lol.


And hello, I am so excited. :shaq: 2 months of kookmin drought will make anyone excited about any episode since her comeback. It's so nice to see my babies back on sundays giving me more reasons to fantasise about them romantically. I just want another heart fluttering moment, we been having a good streak so far. From hand holding to ear pinching.


I'll just ignore the whole Instagram affair, even if there is something there to dissect, something tells me it's too complicated for me to theorize lmao. But I adore their activeness there, I want more updates! Now I'm getting emotional thinking about SNS kookmin from last year and how we'll probably never get moments like that because SNS kookmin was>>>> *sighs* I mean where else can you see jongkook posting a picture of himself taking a picture of somin, then shamelessly lying that he's not and she's photo bombing, then somin savagely but slyly calling him out on his lie, then him responding by inviting her to sing at his concert. Things like that don't just happen no more and it's making me and my home girls upset:bawling:. Now we're getting pictures of flowers, food and skies and birds flirting. Lol but all jokes aside I'm really happy they've been sharing pieces of their daily lives with us. It would be so cool is jongkook went live during one of his workouts. I know one person who'd be among the first viewers lol.

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Long term Running Man fan, recent KookMin fan after noticing their interactions. They make me so giddy! Tbh the last people I shipped were Jaesuk and Lee Hyori in Family Outing lol. 

Question, where do non-SK viewers watch the RM livestream?

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5 minutes ago, Rororowyourboat said:

Thank you. I was struggling to make that work, but I was on my phone. I’ll try it on my laptop come Sunday. :)

Try to change the channel. I also use my phone and SBS-Stream-3 works for me.

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