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33 minutes ago, HappyVirusRM said:

Some K-fans on Twitter are saying KJK’s photo is from a running man shoot today??? They filmed last week though... but the K fans seem convinced based on KJK‘s shirt. Apparently the slogan, -Change is a team sport- is an Adidas slogan and since Adidas seems to low key sponsor RM (based on shoes and clothes) it seems like an RM shoot. 

anyway, hope KJK is taking it easy on his ankle if they are shooting today. 



Yes, likely to be RM shooting if on Mondays. Technically, RM shootings are Mondays every week. :grin:


For Adidas, I think officially no one knows if they sponsor KJK but apparently he always 'advertised' their products....so many of us believe so. 


There are even speculations that he seems to 'know' Adidas Korea higher up but no proof though. :rolleyes:



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Edit: better quality...      

Once again  . . . sub spoilers.   I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments).  Besides,  these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the epis

That awkward moment when you got caught staring at your "crush" and now you have to pretend like you're looking at someone else.   

Just watch Eng sub of Running Man ep503. It's so funny when YJS commented - the rest of SM is still recovering but her mouth is 200% recovered - her talkativeness is always there even though she is still not fully recovered. That's Somin.....:lol:

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Posted (edited)

Hi guys I'm a silent reader here and its my first time to participate and post in this kind of forum, these days I can't keep myself rewatching videos and reading opinions about kookmin because I miss them so much. 

Since there are no recent events, I decided to read from the first page of this forum. I stumbled upon Benji D's insights about the evolution of kookmin and watched Episode 444... I have seen clips of balloon popping (where somin asked jk to help her to pop the balloons) on YT and other kookmin fanvids but not the full episode. 

This one particular scene caught my eye and gave butterflies to my stomach :D:wub: Somin took out the popsicle but she said she can't eat because its too bitter/sour (?). She faced JK and mouthed something and handed the popsicle to him. He willingly took it and ate it. For me, they are like a couple here. I noticed in this episode jk did not seem to participate much, but when somin gave him the popsicle he did not hesitate and just put it in his mouth even though he knows that its too bitter/sour(?). :lol:


By the way, I will keep watching episodes that Benji D mentioned on his/her insights until Somin comes back after a few weeks. I really miss them :unsure::unsure: Sorry if there's a lot of grammatical errors, english is not my first language. Haha.



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I think I'm not the only one who miss them. So, here I want to share with everyone the scenes where JK and Somin stare at each other across the room.


Ep 483: I think this smile of him that makes me hook to Kookmin chemistry.




Ep 492: Somin stared at him while smiling. And he seems can't help himself from responding to her smile. I think Haha and Sukjin noticed this 'flirting'.




Ep 494: This is when they waited for Sohyang to choose her prize. Their eyes locked then they slowly blinked their eyes. I still smile silly every time I watch this scene.




Ep 497: Of course the most darest flirting ever. The 'nekohaja' scene. And his smile is so heart fluttering.



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10 minutes ago, kyoko22 said:

Ep 483: I think this smile of him that makes me hook to Kookmin chemistry.




Thank you for compiling these moments. I would surely rewatch and now focus with kookmin moments:wub:


The first one is one of my most favorite moment between them (rip replay button).


"What were you thinking about?" -JK


"Sechan, Tae Oh... or me?" This is what I imagine JK would say if there are no people around them :rolleyes::lol:  The way Somin smiled and stared at him (and JK stared lovingly too) when he asked her that, its like she's understanding it and they talked with their mind lol in the back of her mind I'm imagining that she said "Yes I'm thinking of you silly" :wub::D



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Ep. 497 had a lot of heart-fluttering moments in the bus

jsm's sitting position is itself weird. kim ji min is looking straight ahead while jsm has her body turned sideways. looks like it is for kookmin to look at each other. love kookmin's sneaky glances and jsm's shy smile :))


"looking at you, i can sing for ever"





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Completely random, but am I the only one that is still fascinated by writer jeon. Her poems and writings were always topics of jokes (in good nature and humour of course) but how it suddenly went from a joke to a best seller is really so amazing. She really did that, went from crazy writer to professional writer jeon over night. I see why jk is proud and shows off writer jeon whenever he sees an opportunity, I am so proud of her too. And her book really needs an english version :bawling:, (a huge shoutout to the page that gives us translations of some parts, it just makes me want more). She even addressed her haters in the book, Somin needs to take pity on us and at least release the English version in an ebook. The book is a collection of Somin's thoughts for the last 10 years and maybe older, someone was gobbling up those thoughts, 'I can't put the book down' indeed lol.


I really hope she has the book signing after everything and everyone gets betters, You can call me after a drink deserves the whole world. Jongkook should make it for the signing too, he is the biggest celebrity fan of writer jeon. The fact that no other member gets as excited about the book as he does is so cute.

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Sports Chosun.com reporter Yu-na Jeong] 'Running Man' Jeon So-min reveals his home.

On the 24th (Sunday), SBS 'Running Man' broadcasts the current situation and the home of actor Jeon So-min, who had a break for health reasons.

Recently, Se-chan Yang went to 'Jeon So-min House' with Lee Kwang-soo, holding an invitation to Jeon So-min's house, which was received as a winning privilege at the time of the last 500 times. Yang Se-chan, who was selected as one person to do household chores, also summoned Lee Kwang-soo, the eldest brother of the youngest line to keep his promise.

The three people were pleased to meet for a long time, but soon Jeon So-min's 'housework training' began. Lee Kwang-soo and Yang Se-chan did not have time to rest on the order of housework like a storm, but they went on to escape the house. However, he was caught by a fast-moving Jeon So-min who was planning to escape from the house and made the scene laugh.

The youngest line chemist of 'Running Man' was still there. In response to Jeon So-min and Yang Se-chan's 'Kongnyanggongnang' stream, Lee Kwang-soo complained, "Why did you call me?" And "I'm going home."

You can check the status of Jeon So-min's 'welcome face' and Lee Gwang-soo and Yang Se-chan's housework at the 'Running Man' broadcast on Sunday, 24th at 5pm on the 24th.


Note: Seems like KS and SC filmed escape room from Somin's house :joy:

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