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59 minutes ago, andaer kim said:

I wish i could Tell him LOL i really hope his close friend realized about KJK changed and helped to find a way to expressed his real Feeling to JSM. 

Other than that i couldnt find any Changes in KJK 3 year live alone lol

I think jaesuk and haha notice it and trying to help as well. We may think that the two are chanmin shippers, but they know the difference between what is in variety and what is in private life. 

if you rewatch the conversation when haha and sechan came to visit Jong kook talking about somin. Haha mention that he talked to somin about love for a long time. He mentioned that he talked about sechan and even jong kook with somin on topic about love. Jong kook is not logical at all especially the part that he advised to go movie together with somin and sechan when he knows very well the they are very well acquainted. So what is the point of his body language and choosing topic about somin. It was his second time to match make somin. I mean that kind of manner is weird. Why not let somin make a choice between sechan or jong kook. She would choose sechan for safe choice just variety fun. Or she can say none of them because they are her Oppas or like family. Somin has large circle of friends and jong kook has many people to introduce to. So why is he going to sechan? Jong kook’s being really weird. 

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Edit: better quality...      

That awkward moment when you got caught staring at your "crush" and now you have to pretend like you're looking at someone else.   

Once again  . . . sub spoilers.   I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments).  Besides,  these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the epis

4 hours ago, YellowDress said:

To long time KJK fans, can you recommend shows of his that I can watch? I watched 'Dragon's Club' recently and can confidently say he is not frugal as they show on MUD. He spends money sensibly, is not a fan of extravagance, and wants to spend on his family.




Thanks - yes, he is not as frugal/thrifty. More accurate will be to say that personally, KJK is very low materialistic maintenance (sort of minimalist lifestyle). He still spends quite a lot on close friends/family.


Some shows you can watch. Tried to give some personal recommendations (note: preferences may vary).



Shootdori - recommended, very touching

Fly Shoot Dori  - recommended



I can see your voice 4 - 7

The call 1 & 2 - recommended, the music collaborations are great + mini loveline with Ailee is very endearing

Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang (Chinese Variety)




Escape Crisis No. 1- recommended (a lot of life hacks to pick up)

5 Cranky Brothers - recommended

Talents for Sale

Family Outing - recommended/more like must-watch



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1.JK doesn’t like to go on date through matchmaking checked.

2.JK like meeting someone he is comfortable with checked.

3.JK doesn’t meet someone he feels emotionally uncomfortable with checked.


Let Analysis

1. Who pushed Kim Jong kook with Jeon So Min after their mission, no one, first time he hate her. other members never care about them, that natural

2. after coffe date, Jongkook Always Close, sometime he always teasing her, and many more. He more comfortable with her like example with Jongmin, haha and Byul, why he call Somin

3. Somin more confortable too, like when she call Jongkook is "Kook"


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i have a wild theory.




after watching last rm episode, i felt kookmin were definitely together and after watching this mud episode, i wondered for some time if that 'some' had ended. the possibility entered my head that perhaps jsm's confession had ended nowhere and kookmin had gone back to being friends. kjk looked so single and pathetic on mud. however, now i think it is all definite scripting and if i may speculate, some of the recent statements by both could have been made to give that impression. it all started with jsm's guesting on hanna's radio show where she said she is single. kjk's recent posts have all been about being single, washing his laundry alone, eating alone etc. the biggest surprise for us was when kjk, for the first time on the show, promoted chanmin during the fortune forecast episode. how did jsm respond to that? she said she, ysc and kjk should meet together and kjk replied that he liked the idea. jsm and ysc definitely meet outside the show. jsm's story about inviting ysc for shaved ice after church gives me the feeling they can meet up alone if they want. they really don't need a third wheel. so why does kjk and jsm always say on broadcast that when she has to meet ysc, kjk has to be there?


so i am definitely suspicious about this episode for a number of reasons


1. this is not the first time kjk is trying to set up jsm with someone else on mud. why would he do that? why is he so obsessed about whom she should date? that too, on broadcast? if he wants to, can't he set her up with other eligible men privately? 

last time, haha and byul were present when kjk called up jsm all of a sudden as if he had a brainflash that jong min might be interested in jsm. you have the same pattern - haha is with kjk and another man. kjk's lovelife is briefly discussed but there is nothing going on there, so the other man's lovelife gets more focus.

in that episode, haha wants to introduce female celebs to his friends but kjk isn't interested in dating female celebs (liar!liar!). then perhaps jong min is interested? jong min mentions irene but kjk and haha think jsm fits him better. jong min is cautiously enthusiastic but when kjk suggests he would immediately call up jsm, jong min balks at the idea. objection overruled. somewhere between hello and bye, jong min gets the weird idea that the set up is not for him but for kjk. he asks kjk why he is setting up him with jsm if he has a thing going on with her. haha gives a lame explanation that kjk and jsm are super-close (when they aren't that close on the show) and kjk looks too flustered to give any explanations about his pure brotherly feelings.


in this episode, jsm is called up again on mud. however, there are differences. it is not for her sake alone. it is also for ysc. the pattern is similar though - kjk and another man with haha. haha is not interested in setting up a date for kjk because his love cells are apparently dead. the date is for ysc, but it is with our regular voice-guester, jsm. this one seems a better story because chanmin are having a loveline on rm. ysc and kjk know each other well so he knows enough not to ask kjk awkward questions during broadcast like for instance why is kjk so bothered about why jsm's voice sounds so low. haha carries on as usual -  keeps  the conversation going and fills in the awkward pauses during the phone call.


the pattern just seems too similar to me. 


2. after one month, kjk's episodes are being shown. so there must have been some planning on how to do his character arc this year. this is his first episode of the year. it just seems too weird for it to begin with kjk setting up a date for his dongsaeng. it is a hard story to buy as the audience response indicates when the chanmin loveline itself seems so fake in places. surely, kjk can think of a better story to begin his yearly series. if kjk was all enthusiastic about chanmin loveline on RM, this would have made sense. however, kjk looks quite uncomfortable with it on the show. the only time he openly promoted it was during the new year broadcast when he recommended ysc to jsm. he had similarly recommended jong min to jsm last year. both the times he recommended another man to jsm, those set-ups were part of MUD. it is too much of a coincidence. what does kjk get out of chanmin loveline on MUD? it almost looks like he can't find his own story, so has to use a fake loveline from his other show to make it interesting. it is ludicrous to believe that this is the first episode from his yearly series when he can begin with so many others. let's call kjk extremely selfless who wants to set up his dongsaengs because he loves them so much. surely he can do it privately instead of on broadcast? 


 this is kjk's new year episode on MUD and it was on RM's new year episode that kjk recommended ysc to jsm. were they shot around the same time or was this idea already there in place? 


3. kjk's lonely man act is just too scripted on a second watch. it is like MUD writers want us to believe that kjk hasn't moved an inch from the all black kook from 2018. we know it is not true. even his colleagues have made comments on the change in his sartorial choices. he positively glows when jsm is around him. he invites her to his concert and sings a heart-fluttering romantic song with her when her loveline is in the dressing room, either cringing or cheering them on. surely, cupid kjk could have added ysc to the confession song since it was originally supposed to be for a threesome?

what was with kookmin in the last episode? kjk hates it when juniors talk down to him but he goes all cute kook for jsm. kjk talks in a mock-complaining tone like a fed up boyfriend 'i wanted her not to go for the tv but i saw the look in her eye and knew she was not going to listen to me anyway' and jsm laughs in embarrassment. 


4. i know some of you think of kjk as an open book. however, i am telling you all the man can act when he puts his mind to it. remember in the ryan reynolds episode, kjk was a joint spy with yjs. kjk tried to ward off suspicion by stressing out everyone with his long drawn out fight with haha. it got so bad he threatened to withdraw from his restaurant business with haha. the shock was visible on the cast and guest faces after that. when it was finally revealed he had been the spy, everybody looked so relieved and mr. kook gave his best sheepish smile. so kjk did succeed in making many of them feel for a major time of the shoot that he was seriously pissed with haha. so when kjk tells jsm, 'trust oppa. ysc really likes you', oppa may be just acting. 


kjk and haha, when they work together, are ridiculously persuasive. haha is great with words and kjk brings in enough dose of sincerity to make haha's bluff sound believable. long back, they made jsj believe an Arab Sheikh wanted to make him his business partner. if you want to see how these two can bluff, you have to watch big picture, especially the first two seasons. so who knows? haha may be helping out kookmin in his own way. it is definitely funny to see byul wishing kjk would have his wife beside him next year when kjk in the beginning of 2020 looks so forlornly single. 


let's see where this goes. if you take away the fact that ysc is jsm's loveline or that they are close friends, the similarity to the jong min episode is just too striking for me. kookmin interactions increased by leaps and bounds after that episode last year. many became convinced afterwards that kookmin had something going on. however, if jong min hadn't called out kjk's bluff, maybe we would all have believed kjk only had platonic feelings for jsm at that point like we do now after this mud episode.


who knows what the future holds? perhaps there will be a follow-up to this with jsm finally guesting on mud or there might be an end to the loveline on RM if that doesn't happen. however, i also remember that chanmin started on rm after the jongmin episode was aired. will RM try to set up a major loveline for kjk? sometimes i feel RM PDs want kjk to declare on the show because both are their members while kjk wants to do it on MUD because they may be able to show a bit more of their real selves in that format. 



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@YellowDress i have two other other shows on my list, but some of these aren't that great and may only be for devoted kjk fans. lol


however, i would add x-man because that is the grandma of variety shows. x-man is dated but to see ho dong and jae suk at their witty best and the loveline drama, it is worth a watch. i know people generally hate lovelines and some of the x-man things are really cheesy, but the lovelines there had that rustic spontaneity which you don't get on variety shows these days. now lovelines have become more standardised and artificial. the partner selection and the of course game are the highlights. 


big picture first two seasons are fun to watch. there is a lot of referencing to RM and you get to see more laidback kjk and haha. hope you have also watched kjk's and lks's guesting on amazing race. 


i would also recommend some interviews like kjk's healing camp interview which takes us through his whole career and then knee drop guru where kjk explains his military controversy in detail. 


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8 minutes ago, YellowDress said:

@kukumarq1 @kookminclan RunningMan

Thanks guys. 

Will I be able to get subbed episodes of Shootdori 2005?


And yeah, his interviews are something I want to watch.To understand him a bit more. I'm more familiar with SoMin. And been a fan of hers since 1% of Anything. 


Has KJK ever appeared on Happy Together ? 





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some of the conversation with jsm on MUD is really funny if you pay attention:


jsm: i am restless these days

kjk/haha: why?

jsm (ache in her voice): my career is not going that great and i can't seem to get into a relationship

ysc breaks off character here and laughs, though the captions interpret it as him happy at having found his chance

the guys (mock sympathy): we can't do anything about your career, sorry, but you know you have your official loveline. why not date him for real?


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I think the phone call they made to JSM was all for the show and for the ratings. That phone call part was the best one minute of the episode. The episode when they called JSM to introduce her to Kim jongmin, that part was also the best one minute of that episode. So it's all business. 


I think the reason why Kookmin is stuck at this flirting stage is because they work together. They realize that if they are dating each other,  their relationship would somehow affect the team dynamics and the show. I know some people who refuse to date people they work with. Cause if their relationship doesn't work and at the end they have to take separate ways, things would be awkward between them and they still have to work together. It's sad if their job gets in the way of our Kookmin cause i want to see Kookmin to get together. We can see the attraction is there. Their chemistry is beautiful. And how they are so natural with skinships lately. 


And now to lighten up the mood, what do you think KJK does with that tshirt? I don't think he wears it, it's not his size. Looking at it when he feels lonely? :lol:

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34 minutes ago, Rahayu Muktiayu said:

Fortune teller say Somin perfect match with Se Chan, but Se chan is same age. And other that, Somin Spouse is Old age:lol:. I Remember when Yoo Jae Suk Say, if we keep trying root chanmin, then one day Jong kook and Somin anouncement married :lol:

actually I think the fortune teller said somin and sechan are most compatible among the members. However his description has negative aspect of it which explains that they have opposing elements. I don’t think he was her best match. I think it is excuse for RM to tease the taffy like relationship. Sechan said it sounds so negative and offensive which brings more laughter. In 2018 fortune telling forecast ( I think it is from fortune teller, park Sung hoon, not tarot reader) that jong kook and somin were most compatible in the list without explanation. I find it funny that no one asked about jong kook and somin’s compatibility after jaesuk said earlier the two may end up dating. 

remember, compatibility is different from destiny. You can be compatible with your parents, siblings, same gender friends, even opposite gender friends with attraction or marriage. Like jaesuk is most compatible with Kwangsoo or anyone born in the year of cow. It doesn’t mean they will marry. 2018 forecast also chose that jaesuk and kwangsoo have best compatibility. Destiny is someone you end up with. Somin’s destiny is someone who is older than her. She is most compatible with sechan. Sechan is actually same age and 8 months younger than her.


i saw you tube comments, some  fans were trying very hard to prove that jong kook and somin aren’t match at all. They were fawning over chanmin loveline. They were always referring to fortune telling forecast about sechan and somin’s taffy relationship. They got confused with compatibility vs destiny. They said sechan and somin are the best match or perfect but she is meant to be with older man outside or rm ruling jong kook out because she wasn’t chosen to be compatible with jong kook among members ruling him out. They didn’t realise that they are confused. 

The time line, gannes film festival comes before or after the fortune telling forecast, and you may be right that jaesuk’s marriage remark may reflect the forecast. Someone help me out with this timeline!! 

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Jong kook and somin have some kind of very interesting bond with each other connecting their painful past, running together in present, and dream of happy and filled with love future finding their significant others. If they didn’t get married to each other, I think they will be best friends. But jong kook is loyal kind, and how he could forget someone who he has so much bond with him that makes him laugh, indulge with her demands to be cute, and offer to chaperone to her dates. He does sound like somin’s father who couldn’t let her go and watches over from time to time. It reminds me 2018 fortune telling forecast that she is destined to be with a man who approached her slowly, and care for her like his own daughter. It is pure happiness for somin to meet someone like that in her lifetime. Then there comes 2020 forecast there her husband is older and devoted to her as well. 

I always thought before I became kookmin shipper, I saw gradual and growing bond between the two. They impressed me when or how they want to reveal or keep their secrets. I wasn’t convinced with their chemistry but amazed with their true nature and personality. I didn’t realise until I became kookmin shipper that they two care about each other not to take each other for granted. Somin wants to win, but she will never break her bond with him. Jong kook wanted to stop resenting her and see her in different light that he enjoys her craziness and sense of humour to secure their bond. He could take the example of how somin and Kwangsoo became so close so fast that they always betray each other for funniest reason for variety. 

the growth of jong kook had rubbed off his old variety persona. I like somin’s sense of humour. This is how she gets close to one of the korean’s beloved comedian, and Asian prince who had endless of stories hanging out with her. She is a friend first to him. He said in mud recently that he likes to be with someone who he is emotionally comfortable with. He mentioned that somin is extremely a good person like he was proud of her. He said she always brightens up the atmosphere. It feels like he is emotionally drawn to her. He said he likes talkative wife or girlfriend. I mean I am quite surprised because he is the very talkative one so he probably need someone who is more of listener or quiet. 

I do think haha has been helping somin to find the love of her life or more specifically, to get jong kook’s heart. Sechan was very surpportive of kookmin early. I think he was the first if you watch some episodes earlier especially early to mid 2019. The clue I find from haha is that he told or scold jong kook that his love cells are dead. It is so funny. Haha wouldn’t put jong kook and somin together if jong kook’s love cells are dead. He needs time to observe himself and his feelings. Sometimes you have to tell him. Haha knows somin deserves better. To me, sechan and Haha are Cornering jong kook so haha could remind jong kook that his love cells are dead. How could haha accused jong kook’s dead love cells not to chaperon chanmin to movie? It is to me that jong kook doesn’t deserve it. Does haha mean that jong kook needs to have his love cell awaken to chaperone Chamin. It sounds like sechan is their chaperone. The logic is weird and it could be scripted. I can tell haha is telling truth that he talked to somin about love, and even included jong kook in the topic. 

In recent episode, when they are in commercial parody game, there were four seats. Sechan sat on the end, empty seat next to him, then jong kook, and another empty seat next to jong kook’s end. Kwangsoo made the move first. He at first go on jong kook’s end, but decided to move to sit between sechan and jong kook. Then somin took the seat next to jong kook on the end. I mean, if they really want to promote chanmin loveline, why not sit between jong kook and sechan. I find it interesting because Kwangsoo approach first.  It is same thing I saw from IG posts. Kookmin shippers really have eagle eyes. 

I don’t know whether they are dating or would get married to each other.  I could tell they enjoy each other’s company. 

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10 hours ago, Rida Live said:

Unless kjk had a character change on RM, I mean we can all agree that he is definitely brighter these days. The man was doing cute skits in the latest episode for God's sake and was enjoying it and made a certain someone very happy doing it. He talks more, teases more and laughs more. Our cranky bachelor isn't so cranky anymore. Unless I'm seeing changes that aren't there. 


It really amazes me how they haven't made a connection between him and jsm. Let's even ignore the fact that he cares too much about her lovelife, a generosity I haven't seen him extend to his other female dongsaengs on his show. But they are literally around eachother all the time (on the show at least) and around eachother outside too it seems because that duet didn't practice itself. How he always wants to third wheel when she's being paired up with someone? Let's even start from the earlier days when he called to pair her up with his friend and started making plans to hang out with her later? Yjs has brought them up 2 or 3 times true but the fact that everyone simply ignores the fact that those two have been as tight as thieves for a while has me constantly raising a brow up in suspicion. We'll see how this dramatic tale will end. Like the man literally glows around her, he radiates such pink and bright energy. He really should wear pink this year, it looks good on him-_-


He has changed a lot over the past year and it is not just in wearing more bright colours from his wardrobe. i feel last year was about kjk making lifestyle changes - playing more football, cutting down on the gym a bit, eating things he never used to eat before and calming down. the change i see most with him on rm is with his attitude. earlier, he used to be uber competitive, loved winning and didn't like wearing weird make up or acting cute for screen time. from last year, one can feel he doesn't mind losing or taking penalties, is starting to enjoy wearing weird make up, goes more out of his comfort zone to make things funnier. 


i love seeing kjk and the maknaes together. his character changes when he is with them. kjk has a hyung equation with both lks and ysc. kjk and lks have also a friend equation where they can do anything to each other. with jsm and ysc added to the group, he becomes calmer and more even-tempered. one of jsm's greatest wishes which she expressed in her first anniversary episode was to have a game where she could drop the honorifics with her seniors. last episode, that came true to a large extent with her chanting "kook" "kook" whenever she could and kjk being supercute responding.  i could feel that kjk was also trying to shed some of his strictness so that jsm could be more comfortable around him and would treat him more as a friend. he beams when she is around him like in the restaurant. it was so funny and sweet seeing him acting all cute and bright so she would compliment him, and here she was planning to betray him when his back was turned. :) kjk hates it when people betray him, that is one of his character quirks. earlier, he used to react more when jsm did that, these days, he takes it more lightly and funnily. but jsm looked worried for a second whether she had genuinely upset him. in the car, he was being playful with his grudge with her and was back to good spirits very fast.


i am not saying kjk is all moody and dark. he is someone who laughs and plays around a lot with his dongsaengs. he is also softer with women. but with jsm around him, the change  is more striking. his humour is generally dry and sarcastic while jsm's is more playful. earlier in their interactions in 2018, he would tease her about looking weird comparing her to funny looking men or gagwomen and she wouldn't look that amused. there is an  episode with the reincarnation theme in 2018 where jsm says she cannot understand when he is joking and when he is being serious. i think it took a while for jsm to process that he was trying to be funny and didn't mean those comparisons as an insult. from last year, i can see she gets his humour more and in turn encourages him to be more playful. 


almost everyone can see how indulgent he has become with her. no matter what she does, he doesn't get upset. every time, she is on his team, either she says her team is great or yjs says jsm must be happy with her team. alternatively, she knows how to lift up his mood when he is feeling down. whatever their relationship, they have come a long way from what they used to be and it is nice to enjoy the journey as a fan.

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55 minutes ago, jialinggoleong said:

The time line, gannes film festival comes before or after the fortune telling forecast, and you may be right that jaesuk’s marriage remark may reflect the forecast. Someone help me out with this timeline!! 


gannes festival came first. the fortune forecast episode was shot the next day, but i don't think jae suk's remark came because of the forecast.

jsm has always had a forecast that she will marry an older man. the cast will know that, but they never mention kjk as a possibility even when it is discussed or even if they do, it might get edited out.

i also feel more than anyone, jsm would know about her fortune. she must have consulted so many fortune tellers and fortunetelling apps that she may be an expert. she knew feb 4 was the date her fortune would turn. she was even prompting the fortune teller about the age group of her prospective husband, so she might know more about it.

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