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What's the biggest couldve been and whatsifs of kpop?

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List them down and discuss if possible.

1) hyuna never left wonder girls

2) wg never went to US

3) soyeon joined snsd rather than t-ara

3) jay park never had to leave 2pm

4) han geng never left super junior

5) t-ara hwayoung feud never happened

6) lu han, kris wu and zi tao never left EXO

7) jessica never left snsd

8) park bom issue never happened

9) seungri burning sun did not happen

If those didnt happen, would the course of outcome been altered?

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To answer the Jay Park one, he hated his time there. He always wanted to contribute musically and JYP never let him. He gained nothing by being there, didn’t get to show his talents...he’d be one of countless old and washed up idols. (Sorry to be harsh). He’s actually loved in the khh community and a lot of people agree he helped the genre grow. 



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