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[Drama 2019] Melting Me Softly, 날 녹여주오


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[Ratings] "Melting Me Softly" 26 October Episode 9 Broadcast:


Nielsen Korea: 1.16% National (-1.25%); Unavailable (Seoul) *will edit when available*

TNMS: 1.2% (-1.2%) (19th out of 20)


The premieres of several new variety shows, and the Korean broadcast of the U.S. World Series Game 3, almost kicked MMS out of the Top 20 pay-cable results.  But there was a signficant drop in television viewership overall, as the normally-hugely rated KBS2 weekend drama could barely scrape together a 13.2% for their Saturday broadcast (usually ratings are in the high 20s/low 30s).  Either there is a problem with the ratings collection process, or no one is in front of their TVs on Saturday nights.  But it's not looking good for MMS right now.


There was an article on OSEN yesterday where the production company said they have taken the audience comments to heart, and will be retooling certain storylines, beefing up the romance and mystery, starting with Episode 9 (notice the absence of Dong Ju?).  Guess the public didn't get the memo. :tears:

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Whether they retooling the storyline or not, it doesn't matter to me.


Tbh, I am still planning to fast forward any scene with ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, son of ex-boyfriend and any scene at the university unless they are relevant for my viewing and understanding of the plot. 

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Just 3 words...


I loved ep.9 enough to watch it twice, once without subs and later with subs

That according to me is a good sign that I am enjoying it and that's enough for me.

Now waiting for ep.10.

There has been significant improvement in OTP interactions, more screen time for them and also plot is also moving forward...

Have a good time watching ep.10 guys...


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2 hours ago, stroppyse said:

Not much dialogue, but a translation of the interchange anyway.


DC: I told you not to open the door to just anyone, didn't I?

MR: Did something happen?

@stroppyse Thank you :heart:





guy, a quick question please (is anyone alive?? :lol:)


Is kissing in the shower difficult to beath?  :wub:


I am try to understand a things, now is my brien is freeze from shower kiss scene

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3 hours ago, lolly84 said:

Sorry for my intrusion but after THAT KISS SCENE (EP 10) I'M DEAD NOW AND FOREVER!!:love::love:

@lolly84 Wil help you with CPR, then we could analyst next what will happend!


I guess they going to take shot injection and then they ... might... *do something * :lol:,
I hope MR do not forgot to take with her this time  :wub:

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If their first kiss is already need to be done under the shower to cool down their temperature, I am afraid if they want to be intimate they need to do it in freezer room with sub zero temperature coz I don’t think fever reducer shot can control that situation. 

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I wish they started with this tone right off the bat because it's a little late in the game now if they want to pull in more viewers... they focused too much on the side characters and too much slapstick in the earlier episodes... however, I am glad that they are finally toning it down with the comedy and focusing more on the OTP interactions and relationship; however, there's one thing I need to mention - I have NOOOO idea when DC started falling for MR?

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