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[Drama 2019] Melting Me Softly, 날 녹여주오


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4 hours ago, midorinokerochan said:

Just sharing here the BTS for episodes 7 and 8 released by tvN: 



Thank you.

Next episode please more more more MR DC moments ( it will helping me cleaning memory of unnecessary scene of HY dreaming kiss)

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On 10/21/2019 at 2:26 PM, gilaswan said:

There are so few of us on this thread, as @LavelyShaipointed out, it's awfully dismal for a JCW drama. The main conversation going on here seems to be us trying to find the reason for the poor performance of the drama so far, given that in reality, the cast is not a weak one from the leads to the support. For me (and I think a number of you feel this way as well), it all boils down to poor direction and editing. While actors have a fair amount of room to interpret their characters, the director still has final say over how he wants certain characteristics emoted and portrayed. Like@aznchic209has observed, I too wonder why Miran is always shouting. I get why her character might have grown up angry, but that again is a problem with how the story has been set up -- I have to fill in the blanks myself because of poor storytelling. 


Sorry for the snip.  I wish my life calmed down enough to join in the conversation.  Between working on back-to-back trials, barely keeping The Kitchen going, and getting ready for Wook's 11th Debut Anniversary events (it's today!), I've had barely enough time to breathe or sleep.  Hopefully things will calm down by this weekend's Eps 9 and 10.  We're over half-way now, and I gots some things to say.  Big time.  :angry:


On 10/21/2019 at 2:26 PM, gilaswan said:

I'm sticking around really because Ji Chang Wook. And feeling bad for him through it all.


Na do.  Granted, Wook is not one to give a rat's hinder about the ratings.  He joins projects based on the premise, not on the promise of it being a ratings phenomenon.  (Case in point: "Bachelor's Vegetable Store."  Ugh.)  But it does break my heart to see Wook's comeback drama be such a clusterf*ck of epic proportions.  The absurd outweighs the sublime.  I just pray this production finds its right path ASAP and gets to at least a decent percentage so we can see what the cast decided as their Ratings Promise.  :)


Note:  I made the mistake of having the Viki timed comments on while watching Dong-chan and Ha-young's hotel room scene in Episode 7.  I have NEVER seen such misogeny, hate speech and personal attacks on an actress before in all my decades of watching Korean dramas.  Those commenters should be ashamed of themselves.  I hope karma bites them hard for their vitriol.

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1 hour ago, cherkell said:

I have NEVER seen such misogeny, hate speech and personal attacks on an actress before in all my decades of watching Korean dramas.

Oh, that's scary :tears: 
I dislike that scene  (I don't like main lead kiss others than OTP  :lol:) but never thinking of blaming her an actress or anyone. I enjoy waching chemistry main lead :wub:, cinematography (beautiful scenery set comparing with other drama which higher rating). 
Cheer up everyone on this project.

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Annayesayo chingudeul....

I like the drama so far. But I have to say, it's not one of the best works of JCW. My main issue is the leads are getting way less screen time.... Cry cry. 

For eg. I dont know why I must invest so much on the relationship between Mi Ran's ex and her friend. Ugh

But I so am looking forward to their son's reaction when he finds out the noona he has a crush on is his father's ex. I also really wish he gets more screen time than his annoying parents. 

I wish they will give more screen time to the leads, letting them grow their affection beyond Dong Chan feeling responsible for Mi Ran. 

Anyways I have not been posting much because I thought I must not overanalyze the show.

That said, even though I have issues with the show, I dont think it's on the level that I will drop it. (I will never drop a JCW show anyways)

But what I meant is I won't drop it even if it's not a JCW show. Because till now, the plot lines and character behaviours are ok with me. 

So I really really hope the drama picks up steam from next episode onwards.

Fighting MMS!

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On 10/22/2019 at 3:10 PM, cherkell said:

Note:  I made the mistake of having the Viki timed comments on while watching Dong-chan and Ha-young's hotel room scene in Episode 7.  I have NEVER seen such misogeny, hate speech and personal attacks on an actress before in all my decades of watching Korean dramas.  Those commenters should be ashamed of themselves.  I hope karma bites them hard for their vitriol.


Omo!!! That is so sad!! That kiss was fire and I WANT THEM TO GET TOGETHER!! I felt it in my gut!! (That's the problem with these idol hearthrobs, their fans are mean and rabid and cruel to anyone who kisses "OPPA!")  I've made my peace with the fact that I wouldn't get my noona romance, but that kiss had me wishing!! If only!:bawling:  


And the complaints about the Female Lead's voice.... I don't understand!! Her deep voice is ridiculously sexy!


I wasn't too enthralled by the script when the synopsis was announced but I stuck around because of the cast.The drama is really not up to par, let's be honest... (what with all those cartoon-ish characters and a plot that needs serious panel beating, but I will hang on, hoping for another noona kiss...lol). I'm not sure what's going in the writer's mind because she can write brilliant stuff as evidenced by Woman Of Dignity, so I am more disappointed in her work this time. it's not at her level!!


*As I go back to replaying the kiss scene* It's about time Yoon Se Ah was a female lead!




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2 hours ago, africandramalover said:

That kiss was fire

Yeah..the kiss sure was hot. I also agree it's sad there is nothing more to the love triangle than her one sided pining, because the reason for their breakup is to strong to prevent anything more happeninh. It's very easy for Ma Dong Chan to let her go because what she did was horrible. So for me that means, there is no room for her character anymore, and she now feels like an unwanted extra. Hmmm.. may be if her reasons were a little less selfish...like someone threatened her family. But now I don't even know why that character is still relevant. So I also agree it's really not up to Yoon Se Ah's level.

But yeah... I enjoyed the kiss.

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When I started watching Melting Me Softly 20 of these pages ago, immediately I loved its comedy, funny one-liners, and its current and timely satire, (and even the farcical and sight gag bits), the pacing, plus the major draw, Ji Chang Wook. Although he can be a very funny guy it is also evident that he is a serious artist and performer who chooses works which express his open and positive nature. I see that he likes works he feels are representative of what living “a thoughtful life” must be all about, both in music and dramas and movies. Sometimes those choices don’t resonate with the viewing public at large, which is too bad for the viewing public.


The story is a satire, a light, humorous, and good-natured satire about the effects and the ravages that the passage of time can take on a person’s character, especially when the person’s character was not too healthy to begin with. Our hero and heroine are the “normal” foils; they provide the counter-point to the childlike adults (Ma Dong Chan’s brother and sister and the goofy girlfriends), or the underhanded and cowardly characters, or the just-plain-deluded souls. Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran grow and learn and show integrity and honesty and are people I can identify with. Isn’t that the purpose of a satire? To laugh at and negate the evil or bad or negligible by contrasting that with the good, the positive, the healthy human beings?


I would say, given the fact that the drama is only half over, that that is the theme. How the creative writer intertwines the people in the story to illustrate the theme is that writer’s value choice, and becomes the plot-theme, which, as I see it, follows what happens when good intentions go bad (really bad in this case) and everyone has to deal with unintended consequences regarding time and aging, not to mention the medical complications of "overheating."


When I went into the story with that theme in mind as the intention of the writer, all the other actions and activity fell into place and made sense.


But everyone is saying the writing is bad, the directing is bad, and saying it consistently. Unfortunately, they never specifically define exactly what is bad, how it is bad, and how it could be better. There are no objective reasons given why the writing/directing is bad. People are saying how they feel, but those are not facts. This is something I would like to hear, because I liked all of this story, and I am not a stupid or uneducated person. The closest thing I read with any objectivity is @cherkell:"The absurd outweighs the sublime."


She contrasts what is a satirical comedy of the absurd, with what could have been written as an all-encompassing love story….the sublime.


If you know the story is a satirical take on what time can do to us all, then the absurd and humorous premise becomes valid. It could equally have been written as a sublime dramatic love story without the broader satire, but that is not the direction the writer took.  


And, just to toot my own horn…..in my comment about 18 pages ago I offered as an *outrageous plot* comparison, a look back at an old, old Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis movie called Some Like it Hot. Imagine my surprise when I got to Episode 4 and it’s title is: Some Like it Cold! Huh?.....Huh?   Yeah!   Boom!


I stand with the few others here who really, unequivocally like the Melting Me story.  And I can tell you why, give you reasons, not just feelings.  Plus, I may be the only person in the world who LOVED Bachelor's Vegetable Store for the same reasons.   Every. Single. Scene.  

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I'm enjoying the drama so far, the story could be a bit better but I still like it. What I'm not enjoying is HY.


Girl, he doesn't want you anymore! Take a hint, move on with your life! You did it for 20 years, continue doing so! I hate the jealous ex plots! Leave my OTP be!

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Overall, , I have a lot of love for the leads. I agree with the comments, it's one I can shut my brain off and just watch. It's not a perfect plot, but I'm enjoying it. I just wish the ex girlfriend role was snipped or altered in some way.   I can't tell if it's the script or the actress (in this part specifically), either way I find myself cringing whenever she appears.  I just hope the writer doesn't make the her crazy with jealously and take over the story line, we're only half way through and I don't see her going anywhere any time soon. 

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