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[Drama 2019] Melting Me Softly, 날 녹여주오


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tvN Drama

Melting Me Softly


Network: tvN

Episode: 16

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: September 28th - November 17th, 2019

Runtime: Sat & Sun @ 21:00 KST

Director: Shin Woo Chul

Writer: Baek Mi Kyung

Official Site: HERE




Due to a mysterious conspiracy, a man and a woman, who took part in a 24 hour freezing project, wake up 20 years later, instead of 24 hours later. In order to survive, the man and the woman have to keep their average core body temperature at 31.5°C. Their relationship develop romantically.

Ma Dong-Chan (Ji Chang-Wook]) is a PD, who works on a popular variety show. He and other participants take part in the variety show's 24 hour freezing people project. Ma Dong-Chan is supposed to wake up 24 hours after being frozen, but, when he wakes up, he finds out that 20 years has passed. His appearance is the same as when he was frozen, but his parents, younger brother, girlfriend and co-workers have all aged significantly. To survive, Ma Dong-Chan has to keep his average core body temperature at 31.5°C.




Ji Chang Wook as Ma Dong Chan


Won Jin Ah as Go Mi Ran


Yoon Se Ah as Na Ha Young



Character Chart:




Official OST: 

Part 1 : K Will - Right In Front of You (네 앞에



Part 2 : Yeon Jung (WJSN) - You Have to Tell Me (꼭 말해줘)



Part 3 : Ji Chang Wook - When Love Passes By (사랑이 지나가면)



Part 4 : Parc Jae Jung - Ice Doll (얼음인형)










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News from Soompi





Ji Chang Wook Confirms For First Drama After Military Discharge

Apr 30, 2019
by R. Jun

Ji Chang Wook, who was officially discharged from military service on April 27, has confirmed for the upcoming tvN romantic comedy “Melt Me” (literal title).

“Melt Me” is about a man and a woman who participate in a project to be frozen for 24 hours, only to wake up 20 years later due to a mysterious scheme. Once out of the freeze, the two experience a dangerous side effect from the project wherein they must maintain a core body temperature of 31.5 degrees Celsius (approximately 88.7 degrees Fahrenheit) to survive. Coupled with the warming of their hearts from romantic attraction, they find themselves in a sticky situation.

Ji Chang Wook will be playing a star variety show PD named Ma Dong Chan who makes hits out of every show he creates. He decides to personally participate in his show called “Frozen Human Project,” but instead of waking up 24 hours later, 20 years have passed when he opens his eyes. Everyone he knows has aged 20 years, while he has maintained his perfect physique and youth from pre-freeze.

Written by Baek Mi Kyung of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” “Woman of Dignity,” and “Miracle We Met” and directed by Shin Woo Chul of “Lovers in Paris,” “Secret Garden,” and “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” anticipation is high for the drama.

“Melt Me” is slated to air sometime in the second half of 2019.

Source (1)

Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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Somehow I thought he was gonna maybe do a show about astronauts? :mellow:


This melty show could be good, although I admit that I immediately thought of that old Mel Gibson movie Forever Young, and we know what happened to the frozen guy in that; it was not good.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Let Me Melt, 날 녹여줘 - Ji Chang Wook - Premieres in late 2019

@liltash85 Please update the first post according to the forum rules. Have a look at other drama threads to see how a proper first post looks like.



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2 minutes ago, thistle said:

Looks like there could be more casting news:  Won Jin Ah In Talks To Join Ji Chang Wook In Upcoming Romantic Comedy.


I really admire Won Jin Ah, so my first thought was this would be great.....but my second thought was that I can't quite imagine her in a love scene with JCW.  This could be interesting.


I am so excited to read the news.


I first saw Won Jin Ah in the drama Just Between Lovers and I am quite surprise that is her debut drama. She is good. I think she will not have problem with acting and of course Ji Chang Wook will not have problems to create chemistry with her. :):)

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I read a lot of comments saying no to Won Jin Ah, that she wasn't "A list" enough or whatever. 

To that I say Pfft. I thought she was great in JBL and will do great with any project she takes on.

Full support from me!

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I really, really, really loved Won Jin Ah in JBL (one of my favorite shows ever), so I did not mean her any disrespect.  


But, to be fair and to be really honest, the one area where she had a little difficulty in JBL was during kissing scenes where she became wooden and visibly uncomfortable--this had little to do with the role itself and much to do with the actress's inability to place herself in the scenario.  I hope that she is more relaxed about that by now.  


JCW is great at creating chemistry, so let's hope he can work that magic again.

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@thistle i hear ya girl. the kissing in JBL wasn't anything hot. but of course that wouldn't have fit with the story line anyhow. i feel like, she has been in some movies since then? maybe she's had some more kissing experience we don't know about? i dunno, i guess we should see first if she's even cast! but i follow her in IG and really like her :)

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Yoon Se Ah?  Interesting!  She was in JBL, too, and I thought she was just brilliant because in that role (she played the bar owner Ma Ri) she had a very "insinuating" manner (I mean that in a really good way) where she could make herself completely understood with just a slight change of facial expression or in tone of voice.

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I like Yoon Se Ah in Sky Castle. She is one of my fav moms in that drama that she still has her strong maternal feelings towards other person’s  kids. Acting wise, I know she can deliver. Can’t wait how Wook gonna show his chemistry with a noona. 

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On 5/9/2019 at 12:33 AM, turtlegirl said:

@thistle i hear ya girl. the kissing in JBL wasn't anything hot. but of course that wouldn't have fit with the story line anyhow. i feel like, she has been in some movies since then? maybe she's had some more kissing experience we don't know about? i dunno, i guess we should see first if she's even cast! but i follow her in IG and really like her :)

She was also in JTBC’s Life . Decent actress. I hope people will give her a chance. Anyway I’m just happy to hv handsome back on screen :D 


@Sarang21 @Ameera Ali @stroppyse I believe during the freezing bit , there’d be opportunities for fan service . Maybe he’ll be like Captain America! 

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