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DaysPassAsIDream- JouRyuGirls (Eng,Hmong,Krn.)


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(remake of YoonGun's "Let's Separate"/"헤
That is "헤어지자고" by the way..~ didn't notice it got cut off! :P haha.. anyway-- :) hi everyone. Phew! ~WE haven't posted as JouRyu Girls (ryugirl+bijougirl) for awhile! This song took a long time to complete and work on due to timing/busy-ness etc. Took me a long while to mix and rewrite the lyrics over and over. o_O!~worked hard on the mixing and I'm obviously not the best at it yet, but hoping to improve on the way! ^_^ This is a remake of YoonGun's original "Let's Separate"/"Heojijago". I rewrote the lyrics and on the way I used some of YoonGun's original lyrics and had them translated.~Totally different meaning/message given in this version. I added a line in korean and a line in hmong~ with the help of my dear Yer of course!*~ haha. It'd be awesome if you please leave a note of C/C after you've had the chance to listen. ^_^[jouryu girls soundclick] 4:39 Green= Yer (yerstar/bijougirl) Purple= Song (songie_ryugirl/ryugirl) Underlined= background [bracket]= English translation "Days Pass As I Dream"- JouRyu Girls (yerstar & songie_ryugirl) ©2005 Ah~hoo~...Hoo...ha... 1st verse: Let us trust in it/ let us trust in this Because we deserve/ more than the world Love is all we need/ in this life of sad/ tragic memories I will always smile (I will always smile)/ when I'm by your side Speak your heart and say/ that you'll take my hand And in trusting me/ I'll take you to that/ place that they call "love" ...~hmm...hm... *Chorus 꿈꾸는 사이에/ 지나간 세월 [time that passed while I was dreaming] It is only in my sad/dest memory/ that he was with me But please tell me that you'll be here/ to share with me all your dreams Just let me know you feel the same way It's not only fate/ it is love... 2nd verse: Because I know you/ because I hug you It feels like I'm wan/dering with the wind So light and free/ your smile and laughter/ takes the pain away In your hurtful mind (In your hurtful mind)/ in my dreamy life We can just forget/ all of our sorrows So instead let us (so instead let us~)/ believe in that thing/ called "love" again~ ...~hmm...hm... *Chorus Nhub rau kuv mpau suab [days pass as I dream] (nhub rau~...) [days pass] tias koj nyob nrog kuv [that you are with me] (eh~) And it's only in my sad/dest memory/ that he was with me (hm) But I see now and look up (oh~whao ~ah..!~)/ to find that you are my light (mm~nono~) So hold my hand and let me believe you It's not only fate/ it is love~...-- Bridge: *Days pass as I dream (hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo~!)/ you are beside me (Hoo~...)~ (hai~yaiyai~) ~ha~--- *I can see now (hoo~) *when I look up (oh~!) / *you are the light in my life (oh~whao...~) *So hold my hand and believe in me~ (eh~) *It's not only fate/ it is love... ~hoo...hm...hoo...ah...hm...hm...~ ---------------- Credits: -"Heojijago" instrumental- *Yoon Gun (2nd album: Heojijago)...BIG thanks for his beautiful music & composition & voice & talent etc <3...and always allowing us to sing along to his instrumentals!!!~ YAY! j/ love him! -Original "Heojijago" lyrics~ translated- aheeyah.com -"Days Pass as I Dream" lyrics- JouRyu Girls -"Days Pass as I Dream" mixing- songie_ryugirl -------------------------------------------------- *yerstar: ~"You are my light~!" :D Thanks haha. You were awesome and sounded GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for not giving up b/c you didn't really enjoy singing this song as much :( . But as much as you probably didn't enjoy singing it, I had the most fun with working on it b/c it taught me a great amount of patience >_< ;) . sorry i had taken so much time to get it finalized..~ you know it.~ Thanks--*So at the end, I tell yah: tu es belle! :lol: Awesome job yer. Love you! ^_^ Thanks for listening!* :)
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Guest yerathy

I have to come back.. I gtg right now.


well, i have to say song wrote the whole lyrics. i just changed some iny biny part and helped her with the hmong parts. so it's mostly song on that ;)

singing.. song, of course, u did great :) i wont say anything on me.

Well, PLEASE LISTEN AND GIVE US SOME CCs.. ^^ Thanks for looking and listening. :D

Thanks for ur warm support, Choua. ^^

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Guest superstar`kiss

Yay!! You guys are back UP!!! My favorite duos are at it again!!!!

Didn't hear the new version yet, but i will in a bit~!

Awe~ i got the chills~*shivers*


Loved how you put in the hmong lyrics! ANd ang song!! You went up HIGH~:D

<3ed it!!!

Wow, it sounded SO nice song and yer!!!



--JouRyuGirls#1 Fan!!!


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