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[OFFICIAL] Kim Jae Wook ❤️ Park Min Young [MinJae] ❀ Ryan ❤️ Deok Mi the "LaBit" Couple

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@liltash85 no need to deny it when its that obvious... that's why we have this shipping thread right? To be in that ocean where we hope for the ship to sail eminently. Btw, I looooooooove your fanfic! Pleaase continue it and keep 'em coming!


Haha I wish i'm tech savvy to do gifs and all too.. truthfully i've rewatched it so many times now that I find new things every time and i just wanna share but limited time and talent in me to get those gifs done. sighh...

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instead of making a video compilation, i made gifs instead of all those times PMY complimented KJW of his good-looks/aura. so far, i think she has mentioned at least twice that she finds KJW handsome

Park Min-young's comfort level with Kim Jae-wook is unbelievable. They are not afraid to get touchy feely with each other because there is so much implicit trust between them. Also pretty sure she kno

Just wanted to share this moment whereby PMY was initially laughing out loud because KJW was putting flour all over her face. But then her facial expression started to soften when KJW started speaking

Dear all, it has taken me awhile to rewatch HPL again. I hesitated initially because I did not want to get my heart all worked up all over again. Of course I gave in, and here I am, halfway through the entire drama for the 2nd time.


Watching it again now helped me appreciate and admire our Labit couple. It gave me a sense of renewed admiration for their good looks, skillful acting skills and of course, their great chemistry together. It also gave me a chance to get my imagination all worked up on whether those are true acting skills or real heart felt emotions of the main leads. Watching the drama again after watching all the BTS and reading all the comments and analysis from you all have gave new meaning to the entire drama.


In my view, regardless whether they were using method acting or that they were just so good in their acting, they are humans with emotions and I am certain they are definitely attracted to each other. Of course, as celebrities, the both of them are cautious not to make mistakes or jump into relationships. Unless one of them makes the first bold move, nothing will develop further between them, particularly if both of them deliberately put distance between them after the drama ended.


We can only hope that they do not exercise so much caution or deliberation. Instead they should let their hearts lead the way. Continue being friends, connect with each other consistently and hopefully they realize they should give this relationship a chance!

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1 hour ago, jaeuckismylife said:

@liltash85 LOL. I believe most of us are mature here who can see clearly which one is the real “tension”, even just from their gazes. Fiuuuh :sweatingbullets:

And your fanfic, It’s been years since your last chapter girl. <_<:ph34r:

Sorry to keep you waiting actually I have a writer's block and dilemma for the story. On the other hand, I am editing my first fanfic to send out for printing hence the no updates. I have written half of the new chapter and thinking how to make it more alive. 

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\ Mnet Event Open /
Park Minyoung & Kim Jae Wook Performance,

HPL Episode 1 Invitation to 300 people to the free sneak of her private life preview

[date and time] 8/16 (Thursday) 10:30 opening 11:00 SHOWTIME
Hanmadang Hall (4-4-10, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

[Application conditions] Anyone can apply

[Application is closed] 8/1 (Thu) 23:59


Details & Application

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Finally..it took forever for HPL interview lol. Here the ones from uri Geum Saja a.k.a Kim Jaewook from Mnet Japan. He's a genuine and deep thinker person so i really enjoy reading his interviews :wub:


He talked a lot about HPL such as he was so happy during filming the drama, the set atmosphere was great, all praises for PMY is wow, they both trust each other so it led them for all adlibs. 











swipe for the translations. cr thekdramaholic




another translation cr: IG jaeuckismylife























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