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[Drama 2019-2020] Crash Landing on you, 사랑의 불시착

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  1. 1. What will happen to the OTP at the end of this drama?

    • Sweet happy ending for Ri-ri in SK
    • Cue sad music ..the divide is just too great ..the OTP will be separated
    • An open ending where they will meet again on the bridge in Switzerland ...

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Preview for ep 6




YSR: Ri Jung Hyuk-ssi, you are protecting me right now

RJH: Not protecting but supervising. I am not someone who is following you or protecting you

YSR: Will I do a good job to not get caught?

YSR: You left the key

SD: To experience this kind of situation for the second time, it’s right for me to be upset, right?

GSJ: I hope you are not having a hard time just because of a man

YSR: I am not following him but we came together

SD: I have set the marriage date with him several days ago

GSJ: Other than me, do want to keep another person safe?

JCK: Who is that woman?

YSR: You are thinking much about it because you like it (it can also refers to a person. Need to see the next episode to know whether it refers to a person or something)

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12 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

is she taking crash landing on you to the next level :joy: 

she crash out Sleeping when ever she touches his shoulder :mrgreen:

most effective way to be really close to oppa and making sure he doesn’t leave u alone to sleep!! :w00t:


i finished reading all the recaps for ep9.. now, another 18hrs for a good quality eng sub online hahaha


seems like quite a bit of plot twist in ep9.. i love how the little gestures of kindness will eventually bring help in future :D


:heart: throws finger hearts to all chingus here :heart: hahahaha

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Spoiler for ep 5 part 2


While on the way to home, YSR and RJH discussing about what the neighbors would say if he has another woman. RJH said that they won't know because SD is currently in studying in Russia. And then he saw her right in front of his house






YSR: That woman is her, right? You are really a fool. What are you going to do now?
SD: Long time no see

RJH: When did you come back from Russia?
SD: Few days ago. I'm sorry for coming without telling you. I came to bring back my uncle's car 

RJH: Ah, I have told him I will return it this weekend

SD: I see

RJH: This lady is

SD: My mother wants to meet you. We have to set a date soon for our parents to meet. I will go back for now and take the car with me

RJH: It's dangerous for you to drive alone at night

SD: So, what should I do?

RJH: I will drive you back to the city

SD: Thank you

RJH: And this lady beside me is a comrade who is currently working together with me

SD: Is that right?
YSR: Yes, that's true

SD: Once you finished, are you going to meet with her again?
RJH: I won't

YSR: Yes he is right. After our work is done we won't meet again. Forever. So I hope you won't misunderstand about this. My speaking tone is a little bit weird, right? I am from Division 11. It's a special case so I hope you will understand

SD: It doesn't matter for me

YSR: That's a relief then. Uh well, it's time for me to go home. Have a safe drive back and excuse me

RJH grabs YSR arms

YSR: What?

RJH drags her away from SD

RJH: Do you have another place that you call home? It's dark outside so just stay at home and locked the door. I'll be back soon

RJH: Let's go



On his way back to the city, RJH keeps glancing at the door making sure that YSR didn't get out and SD noticed it. Inside the door, YSR looks speechless






On their way back, SD asked RJH how many times they have met. According to the right order after engagement is marriage but they left one thing undone, which is fall in love. She wants them to fall in love and ask for his cooperation. RJH answered that he will do his best.



YSR who is waiting for RJH to comeback find the rest of ahjummas gathering in front of the door. NWS has told them about SD and they want to console her with drinks






YSR asked the reason for gathering and they are discussing that SD is more rude than YSR. They are discussing that they can't believe that RJH 'cheated' YSR with another woman. To make a good opinion for others, YSR explained that RJH has been arranged to marry with SD by his parents and being a good son he accepted that. YSR and RJH relationship is like a romeo and juliet story.




@thanie SD and YSR has met each other in ep 5. The make over scene also happened in ep 5. The neighbors help YSR to prepare for her trip to Pyong Yang.

RJH planned to include YSR to the national track team as a reserve. That way she can escape to Europe. So they need to go to the city and take her photo to make a passport.

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oh my BinJin :heart: I loooooveeee eps 5. Omo omo omo.....  I laugh too much 

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this drama is gold. son ye jin is born to be yoon se ri and hyun bin for jeong hyuk

that heart gift because all comrades is beaten is funny as hell. i love this eps,so much comedic moment :D

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This drama is moving quickly to the top of my favorites!  I hope it continues to be so charming to the end.  :)









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My take on episode 5



I have an unsettling feeling about the relationship between Goo Seung-joon and Jo Cheol-kang. I am curious about how this relationship will affect SR and JH.


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Our Hyukie got jealous because Se Ri gave his men many hearts so he stomped angrily into his room

and gifted all of us this most adorable pout. :wub::wub::wub: 







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Spoiler for ep 5 part 3


JCK interrogated RJH's squad









JCK kidnapped (?) RJH’s squad and interrogated them about the real identity of YSR and the reason she came to their country. All of them have been beaten but they kept her secrets until the end. RJH came to rescue his men and told JCK if he wants to ask something then ask to the right person, which means him.



RJH rescued his squad and brings them to his home safely. He lets them eat dinner at his place.







That night the squad have ramyeon for dinner at RJH’s house. RJH apologized to them because they got hurt because of him. PCS grumbled that the reason they got hurt is because YSR. YSR admitted it, she doesn’t have any money to repay them so the only she can give is finger heart. All of them are shocked. RJH watched her in disbelief. On their way home, they are discussing why YSR giving her the heart gesture, especially to PKB she gave it twice. RJH got mad hearing that. He told them to go back home and noticed them tomorrow he will leave to escort YSR to Pyong Yang to make a passport. Back at home YSR is washing the dishes while worrying about whether her face will be bloated or not because she ate ramyeon for dinner. RJH just glared at her back and asked “ Do you have many hearts?”

YSR: Is there a person who has more than one heart? What do you mean?

RJH: Forget it. It will only make my head hurts

RJH: I will sleep on the bed tonight

YSR: But my back will be hurt

RJH: Whatever (he is sulking and slammed the door)



The next day, RJH and YSR go to Pyong Yang by train







YSR: Well, I want to ask you something. While I’m there, after I go to Europe, there will be nothing happen, right? What I mean will it affecting you in a bad way?
RJH’s father: If something happened to the person that you recommend, I can’t protect you about the result or the after effect
RJH: I knew. I will take the responsible for everything
*flashback end*
RJH: Nothing will happen
YSR: Really?
RJH nods
YSR: That’s a relief then



They have to stop on the middle of their journey because there is some problem and the reparation will take some time. (I think this is where they shoot the scenes in Mongolia)






People gather in group over the bonfire. YSR look around her that people have blankets.

YSR: Oh they have blankets. Did they buy it? Or did they bring it?
RJH understood her glance that she wants the blankets
YSR: It feels nice and warm. It covers my feet. Shall I say it feels like upgrading your seat class from economy to business? I think it’s a right a decision for us to sit outside here. You too take a seat. It’s warm (RJH just sit down) Oh? They eat corns and potatoes (RJH sighs and stand up again).
YSR: *with innocent tone* Where are you going?

 After awhile he roasted the corn for her
YSR: It must be delicious. You too take a bite
RJH: You really adapt fast
YSR: Hmm it’s delicious.

YSR then tried to make him buy her warm water and RJH grumpily ask did she want to stay at that place forever because she keeps asking for something for him to buy. YSR told him that she has money to buy the water too. RJH ask where she got the money and she answered she sold her watch




While RJH is roasting the corn and potatoes for her, YSR looks at RJH who is so kind towards her and said that he is a nice person









YSR: Ri Jung Hyuk-ssi, you are a nice person.
RJH: Why do you suddenly say that?
YSR: Yeah, suddenly I have a thought like that. In the future, you will be a good husband and father
RJH: I don’t know. I don’t think about the future
YSR: Why? (RJH gives her the potatoes he has peeled)
RJH: If something happens differently from what I imagine, it doesn’t feel good
YSR: Have you ever experienced it?
*flashback to the past where RJH was pursuing his dream as pianist and suddenly his brother died*

RJH: I had
YSR: That’s why you must have been hurt by it (pat his shoulder) There is a saying from India. Sometimes a wrong train brings you to the right destination. It’s the same with me. In my life, I always take a wrong train. That’s why once I wanted to stop and didn’t want to go anywhere. I had even tried to jump off somewhere. But look at my situation now. Even if it’s a wrong train, I have crossed the 38th border line. Maybe it won’t end as what you have expected but try to think anything about the future. Even after I left, I wish you to be happy. No matter what kind of trains you take, I hope you arrive at the destination safely.


The night got deeper and YSR falls asleep.






After their talk YSR fall asleep and RJH covers her with his outer coat. He gently puts her head to rest on his shoulder. It feels uncomfortable for him but he makes sure she sleeps soundly and warm.


During this moment, the upcoming OST sung by Davichi is played as their background song. 



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Thank you so much @alleram95 ! I really enjoy reading your translated recaps. Reading your recaps gives me a new level of enjoyment of this drama. This drama is so good that I am losing sleep coz of it haha.. I watch the highlight clips on naver, then Netflix with English subs, then come here to check out all the posts here..what can I say? This drama is just TOO DAEBAK!!! And both Hyeok-ie and SeRi are just TOO CUTE, especially in Episode 5!!!

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when you don’t have KFC 

their is the next best :joy:



# her world crash down , with thought of eating DP  :mrgreen:


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Deep inside JH already loves Seri. He is risking his life to send her back because he knows that’s better for her and because she wants it. That’s true love, unselfish love. He only hopes she can be happy and safe, it doesn’t matter if he will never see her again. I’m already emotional for them.

“So you want to go back because of men?” Jealous JH :joy:


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When Seri wanted to comfort Capt. Ri, she made an analogy of life. She said that she too had take the wrong train and even want to jumped off from that train. Capt. Ri turned his head to hear. He noticed and recalled that Seri ever wanted to jump off from the bridge in Switzerland. He did remember her.

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