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[Drama 2019-2020] Crash Landing on you, 사랑의 불시착

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  1. 1. What will happen to the OTP at the end of this drama?

    • Sweet happy ending for Ri-ri in SK
    • Cue sad music ..the divide is just too great ..the OTP will be separated
    • An open ending where they will meet again on the bridge in Switzerland ...

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I like the lines from the drama so much that I recognized all. 


“Why does the wind blows?It is blowing to move on"


“If it is meant to be, it will be"


“I made a promise to her that as long as she is in my sight, I will protect her"


“being single is a trend nowadays"


“Hoping that you are worrying about me like I do and wishing that you are pining for me like I do, is it love?"

“Or on the other hand, wishing that you won't be worrying about me and you will forget all the moments we had shared, is it love?"

“If it is neither, is it love that I am willing to go through everything from the very beginning so that I can meet you once again."


“Don't forget that the person you should never forget in your life is someone you like not someone you hate."


“You came into my life like a gift. I am thankful for that,”


“It’s not good to drag with someone or something for a long time.”


“It is not confidence, it is fate"


“Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station"


“I am a woman who has gone through hell of earth, water and even air"


“No matter what happens, I will remember you"


“Even if I have to worry about losing you everyday, I still want you in my life"


“What about we spent our days pretending like we can meet the next day and live a happy life?"


“When living your life becomes fun and happy, even if you forget me one day, I will be okay"


“As you are leaving soon, please do me this flavor.Take care. Don't get hurt.Live a good life.Don't forget us"


“I don't want to go back to North Korea.I just want to stay here with you.I want to get married with you here and have a child who takes after you."


“I want to see you grow old with gray hairs and wrinkles.You will still be pretty, right?"


“Your looks are totally my type.If our countries reunite, let's meet on a different occasion"


“Even if it breaks my heart because it is a dream that won't come true, I would like to sincerely dream about the future"


“You can meet the person you want to meet if you wait and pray desperately"


“I love you"






“Let's meet at the country where this flower blooms"


“I hope you arrive at the right station, no matter which train you take."


“Does this mean you have become a special person for me?"


“All I had was myself, I didn't have anybody else, so this is awkward for me, having someone else that isn't myself"


"You're waiting for someone, but even you think that you're pathetic. That's not love. It's an obsession. The love you once had has changed and is now rotting. You should throw it away"


"At the end of that long dream, I finally made a choice. That even if I go back in the past, even if I do for a hundred more times, I will still choose to meet you."


“I got on the wrong train, and that very train brought me here. It brought me to the place I've yearned to come every morning and night. It brought me to my destination."


“I don't want to cherish you just as a memory"


“Edelweiss symbolizes precious memories"


“Until the day you find me, I will be waiting and praying desperately"


“We only have one life but I decided to spent my life encountering the love of my life, letting him go and waiting to meet once again"


“In a person's life, it is always the end that matters the most"


“You didn't fall, you descended"


“I hope you won't miss the small happiness you can find in your everyday life"


“We have never welcomed spring or sweater during summertime together but thanks to his messages that come like a gift every few days, it makes me feel like we are spending every season together"


"I am afraid he will be sad if I am so I tried my best to laugh, be thankful and happy"


“If we try our best, perhaps, fate will be on our side"




Is it just me who finds these lines so heart touching and meaningful?Still can't get over CLOY








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44 minutes ago, phoenixfire25 said:


Here you go...


Also someone edited this pic to fulfill our dream. Oh I so wished to see this :wub:



Thank you so much!

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote images, thanks!
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A question once again, comrades. Thank you in advance.


In Ep 10, there's a scene where Seri was waiting for the green light at the road intersection when she saw a kite and she stared at it quite long. Is there a symbolism there? Or the kite reminded her of her paragliding incident? What's your interpretation of this? :)

it's funny that i check updates in this forum more than i do with fb. Im ignoring fb nowadays. Haha!

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1 hour ago, Samnamu-unnie said:

A question once again, comrades. Thank you in advance.


In Ep 10, there's a scene where Seri was waiting for the green light at the road intersection when she saw a kite and she stared at it quite long. Is there a symbolism there? Or the kite reminded her of her paragliding incident? 

it's funny that i check updates in this forum more than i do with fb. Im ignoring fb nowadays. Haha!


i believe you see that same kite in NK in the next scene. 

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1 hour ago, Katelyn Lana said:

What about we spent our days pretending like we can meet the next day and live a happy life?"

I think this was what kept them going during their separation time.


Yeah @Heidi Seow, this melody is really beautiful.I tear up everytime I listen to it.That familiar feeling of saudade:bawling:.



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So... do we know (or have some pretty convincing support) that there was a wedding scene and kids?  I guess with the twins we have the photo with SR's dad and NIS agent, as well as TVN's post-drama release of the Switzerland photos with SR in a flower dress.  It did look like she could have had a baby bump.  For the wedding, did we ever have any fan photos of them filming outside a church, chapel, or anywhere else?  


Also apologies for asking again but I'm just really curious if Ms. Fortune Teller's comment about MB not returning to the village actually meant his family would be able to move to the big city.  Anyone know?  Need to close that loop!


15 hours ago, L A said:

In JH-SR case, the desire to reunite with Seri helped him create his plans and gave him the energy to carry them out. If he told Seri to pray desperately, I believe he worked himself desperately to make the reunion happen. If it seems like years of waiting for Seri, it is years of action for JH during their separation. In addition, knowing well Seri would go back to the empty life she had before meeting him, he took care of her (like he had been all this time) through the timed messages. I think this act of caring is not just for her benefit; it is for his benefit as well, unbeknownst to him. Because, when knowing you're accountable to someone, you tend to live more responsibly and rationally.


Seri, on the other hand, is supposed to be vulnerable given her situation. I believe JH could contact her if he plans it well enough, but she just simply has no means to find out about his well being. Although she has been showing traits as RJH's equal in previous incidents,  it is after their separation that I find Seri truly shine as a strong woman. With only faith, she relentlessly finds ways to see him again. If RJH has a plan, Seri has too many plans and she is going try them all until they meet. That's how I interpret the things she has set up things in Switzerland. 



Ah, well said.  You're right.  Especially the bold line, it's so true...what he did was also an act of taking care of her that was for his benefit as well.  I am so amazed by how many beautiful angles we can identify to interpret their ending.  I like your comments about how she relentlessly finds ways to see him again, but I think this didn't kick in until she got the last text message (she didn't get the ball rolling on the scholarship or doing grandiose things to trigger an article even he can access until after the last text, when he told her to meet him in Switzerland, I think).  I may have to re-watch, it happened way too fast (the scenes at the end).  Not a complaint by any means, it just makes me sad every time I think about SR in that one year.


14 hours ago, TotoroSY said:

I agree, I also wish they included scenes of JH planning for his reunion with SR in the epilogue, just like what they usually do as a flashback to explain things. We got hints of it when JH announced to the ahjummas that he is being discharged and will become the pianist for National Symphony, but more details will be even better.


As for no sad scenes of SR, she said something about being happy and taking care of herself, as that will make JH happy. Seriously, both of them are SOULMATES and just know what the other person is thinking or feeling, even if they are apart physically. That's why we SHIP this OTP so hard!


About JH's mom helping him, I actually think his dad will also have played a big role. He's the one with all the influence and power, and probably the mom helps to persuade him. When the dad rescued JH and killed the chubby Military Director, and then asked JH about SR, I can see he has decided to support his son in whatever his heart desires. JH's tears when he saw his dad kill the military director shows that he was very touched by what his father did to protect him. Remember that before this, CCG was telling JH that his dad didn't protect his older brother and JH was so shocked/ saddened by it.


I also think JH kept his sanity and motivation by working towards the reunion with SR. He must have kept in his memory (he has very good memory lol) all the text messages he wrote and even do the same things he advised SR to do. Besides SR, getting back to playing the piano again must also be another inspiration and happiness for him. He is fully living again after SR crash landed into his life. :D He even helped MB and family relocate to Pyongyang with a new job!


JH can't tell SR at the beginning of his text about the possibility of their reunion as that will totally cause her to go haywire and panic, instead of focusing in taking care of herself and living happily. He's also taking a risk with that reunion text cuz he could have been easily killed by the military director on the way back to Pyongyang..... thank god this is kdrama romcom and the writer gave us a happy ending!



Agree on all your points.  The bolded line - yet another example of why SR is such a strong, female character.  So proud of her!  


And yes that was the first time that she asked him to stay!  She didn't even respond that way to him during the soju confession about how he wanted to stay with her.  Those 2 are so strong.  They tried to accept that they'll never be together, right until the bitter end.

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Sometimes I wonder how much the production costs for background musics.



Wow everyone always says good things about working with SYJ :wub:

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Should be a significant sum for music production but they will make a profit from the OST anyways. And I like the fact they added in snippets of the drama for the musicians to immense themselves into 

my favourite line would be from JH: 

“I have been looking for you everywhere”

~underrated 1 liner but impactful~

how to get over the withdrawal symptoms would be to wake up and sleep in to Sigriwil both vocal and instrumental...and while driving I listen to it too and I smile to it!



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Just watched the last episode 2 days ago. I kept looking at the remaining minutes  :lol: huhu i dont want this drama to end  :bawling:  the legendary farewell scene at DMZ border also got me cried when SR screaming and running to RJH :bawling: 


If i'm not mistaken that's the first time SR finally said it out loud that she wanted RJH to stay, right? :bawling::bawling:


I was actually kept wondering why the writer didn't make RJH and SR really fight together for their love, so they can live and growing old in some other place together..


Or maybe make RJH died so he can live in Switzerland with different identity. Well, i guess it will need more than 20 eps :blush:





A local brand in my country created this pin. The owner also watched this drama and drew SR with her finger heart :lol:but many people requested her to draw for RJH version too :joy:


I got mine today and just can not resist to share this cute pin here :heart:

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2 hours ago, Kristen Son said:


i believe you see that same kite in NK in the next scene. 

@Kristen Son You mean there was also a kite flying scene in NK earlier? Thanks

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Hi, this is my first post here! For those who are lurking for Sigriswil's lyrics (for the Full Version), there is it! I got it from Melon lyrics! Surprisingly it's english lol but I bet the Opening Title Version is another language (?)


Just for a while
I'm pretending like
I'm still in the place we were
I was there for you
you were there for me
we know
Day will come and go again
No matter where
No matter how
Wandering about in strange night
Won't you be here by me
Now I hold your hands
With you I feel alright
How does it feel
It's been a long day or night
How does it feel my friend
It's been a long day or night
Just for a night
I dreamed about
the times we had back in the day
I was there for you
You were there for me
We know 


Btw, it's so fun reading all posts here. Actually I'm waiting for Park Jieun's interview. I'm so curious how she comes to this wonderful idea and concept and also all of the interesting facts she thought while writing the script. I know it's rare for a scriptwriter does an interview, but...

I remember last time I read 'proper interview' was from Healer's scriptwriter.


And thanks for the links of Mr Kwak interview!!! I'm laughing and 'saudade' at the same time lol.

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I did mentioned before she was inspired more than 10 years ago and I shall expand it here since many are curious


Writer Park Ji Eun was inspired in 2008 where a report of a South Korean actress Jung Yang boating adventure was swept away due to bad weather and ended her up in the border of North Korea and she had to make a quick exit

this was originally planned to be a fantasy rom com and so we have CLOY and evidently she choose paragliding among the various modes of transport to crash land on JH 


genius writer isn’t she? This is the umpteen time I am professing my admiration for Writer Park Ji Eun! 

this is the very reason I was excited about CLOY since early 2019 and wanted to see how writer park expand her inspiration into a fantasy rom com and boy she nailed it 

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By far the best girl character I have ever seen....Girl crushing her :wub:



(Video credit to editor)


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3 hours ago, INeedAFan said:


Wow everyone always says good things about working with SYJ :wub:

Can someone translate? Please and Thank you.



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OSEN | 2020. 02. 20. 12:59 AM


Hyun Bin becomes more popular than ever after "Crash Landing on You"




Actor Hyun Bin has caused a sensation again in Asia with "Hyun Bin syndrome".

After receiving affection from many viewers with the role of Ri Jeong Hyeok in the recently-ended drama "Crash Landing on You" (cable TV station tvN, scriptwriter: Park Ji Eun, director: Lee Jung Hyo), Hyun Bin still caused a "fever" across Asia even though the drama has already come to an end. Although the actor has always been popular with the public for his deep acting in every work, this drama is even more special when it comes to the ultimate romance, different from previous films.

As the elite officer Ri Jeong Hyeok, right from the first scene, Hyun Bin made the audience unable to take their eyes off his perfect, "God-gifted" visual. Moreover, he also showed his diverse charisma through every episode and gradually revealed the image of an infatuated young man through the development of his feelings toward Yoon Se Ri (played by Son Ye Ji). 

Besides, Hyun Bin, who the public warmly calls the "king" or "adonis" in romance films - has satisfied the "dream love story" of female audiences from many generations, from U20 to U50. He achieved this by perfectly portraying the character Ri Jeong Hyeok and continuously enhancing his special ability in the works he participated in so far.

Hyun Bin portrayed 200% of Ri Jeong Hyeok's charisma, from the puppy-like cuteness with a carefree image in front of the piano, the pain that cramped his heart with the drunk confession at Seri's home, the kindness that soothed Seri's feeling with actions rather than words, to the trustworthy image as he always protected Seri at any time, as well as the delicate as he always remembered even the smallest words Seri said.

Moreover, even with the unrealistic details that many audiences realized, Hyun Bin still managed to immerse them into the drama with his signature casual and profound acting. In addition to that, in "Crash Landing on You", because he played a North Korean officer, he had to act using this local accent. In spite of that barrier, he still did well as the center of all the characters thanks to his stable acting skill. Thanks to the actor's solid capability in all genres, from romance, drama, to action, the audience have praised him "Hyun Bin is a genre himself".

Ri Jeong Hyeok, Hyun Bin's new lifetime role, not only conquered the audience in Korea but also stole the hearts of young women across Asia. Although the drama has ended, the enthusiast interest of Asian fans is still continuously spread on online forums. In addition to appearing on the real-time search keywords of Weibo, China's biggest SNS, the actor also appeared on the main pages of Chinese mainland media outlets, proving his immense popularity. Besides foreign media, advertising brands are also actively contacting the actor.

Becoming the center of attention again when creating the "Hyun Bin syndrome" through the drama "Crash Landing on You", Hyun Bin has chosen the film "Bargaining" (rough translation) of director Yim Soon Rye to be his next work. In 2020, Hyun Bin is expected to continue challenging himself with unlimited portrayals as the "icon of hardworking".


OSEN = Reporter Seon Mi Kyung /seon@osen.co.kr
Photo = Provided by tvN 
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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The best way to get these unaired scenes are usually through the Directors Cut.

I hope it pushes through!

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What Singapore fans say about K-drama Crash Landing On You and 7 things to know about the show


A still from television drama series "Crash Landing on You" starring actress Son Ye-jin and actor Hyun Bin.PHOTO: NETFLIX


SINGAPORE - Crash Landing On You, which stars the popular Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin, smashed viewing records with its finale on Sunday (Feb 16).


According to Nielsen Korea, the show has become the second-highest-rated drama in South Korean cable television history, with a peak rating of 21.7 per cent. It is just behind Sky Castle, a drama about South Korean "tiger mums" which achieved a peak rating of 23.8 per cent in February 2019.


In Crash, a South Korean heiress played by Son is blown into North Korean territory while paragliding and meets a dashing North Korean army captain played by Hyun.


For Mr Raymond Babol, a Filipino expatriate based in Singapore, the appeal of Crash similarly transcends borders.


The 36-year-old senior designer says: "My siblings in the Philippines and my aunt in the United States were talking about it in our group chat, so I decided to start watching it."


Since then, Mr Babol says that he has gotten hooked on the storyline. He even cried at the finale, which he found brilliant.


He adds: "I am going to recommend this to every person I know."


Similarly, piano teacher, Madam Tan Sok Hoon, 51, and her husband watch the show religiously and are particularly fond of the leading lady's wit.


Administrative executive Crystal Ling, 28, who follows the show, is also a fan of lead actress Son. "I've watched almost all of her shows," she says.


As for 19-year-old Tan Qiao Lin, a relief history teacher, she enjoyed the way the show humanised the North Korean citizens: "It was entertaining to see them going to computer cafes and getting into online games."


She also liked the depiction of the relationships between North and South: "The show made me aware of the sadness and longing that Koreans who have family or friends on the other side of the DMZ (demilitarised zone) must be feeling."


"It was bittersweet when the characters' return to their respective sides because they can never see each other again."



A still from television drama series "Crash Landing on You" starring actress Son Ye-jin and actor Hyun Bin.PHOTO: NETFLIX



Suffering from withdrawal symptoms? Here are eight things to know about the show:


No, none of the scenes were shot in North Korea. Instead, filming took place not just within South Korean locations such as Jeju, but also in countries like Mongolia and Switzerland.


Park Ji-eun, the screenwriter of Crash Landing On You, has many other hit K-dramas under her belt, including My Love From The Star (2013-2014), The Producers (2015) and Legend Of The Blue Sea (2016).


Screenwriter Park drew inspiration from actress Jung Yang's 2008 accident. The actress was sailing in Incheon when her boat was swept away due to the weather conditions, causing her to almost cross the 38th parallel - the border between North and South Korea.


The production team had consulted North Korean defector-turned-YouTuber and reality TV celebrity Kang Nara on details about life in the country. Kang, 22, had defected in 2014 - her mother had paid a broker to smuggle her into China.


She took a roundabout route through China, Myanmar and Thailand before arriving in South Korea to reunite with her mother, who had defected two years earlier in 2012.


According to Kang, about 60 per cent of the portrayal of North Korea is accurate. "The richer families in North Korea like to show off their wealth by adding lace curtains to their windows. So that was pretty well portrayed," she commented. She also appreciated the detail about kimchi caves.


"Since rural North Korea doesn't get electricity, they don't have refrigerators. They have kimchi caves where they store kimchi, and that was also recreated well," she added.


This is not the first show where lead actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin have starred together - they had first done so in 2018 South Korean action crime thriller film, The Negotiation. Son played Chae Yoon, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's crisis negotiation team, while Hyun played Tae Gu, an arms dealer who had kidnapped two Koreans in Bangkok.


The popularity of the show has given a boost to businesses such as South Korean chicken franchise Genesis BBQ and jeweller Swarovski. In the show, the lead characters eat Genesis BBQ's speciality Gold Olive Chicken, while Son Ye-jin's heiress character wears a pair of Swarovski earrings.



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ho everyone... can someone send me a link of the twins wearing tomato costume please... ^^

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