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[Drama 2019-2020] Crash Landing on you, 사랑의 불시착

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  1. 1. What will happen to the OTP at the end of this drama?

    • Sweet happy ending for Ri-ri in SK
    • Cue sad music ..the divide is just too great ..the OTP will be separated
    • An open ending where they will meet again on the bridge in Switzerland ...

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Ratings episode 14 (Nielsen Korea)   Nationwide: 17.705% Seoul: 18.612%  

@Lawyerh , @cenching , @sadthe1st @Sejabin , @im0202 , @vangsweetie637 @lu09 @Sarang21 @thanie , @hibiscus23  now we know how he will be if his wife giving birth  # don’t move darling   

On how to save a life (by Ri Jung Hyuk) I AM NOT OKAY, GUYS!!! MY FEELINGS!!! I NEED TO TALK.  Yoon Se-Ri hates her birthday. She hates her birthday so much that she attempted suicide o

1 hour ago, superspace said:

Guys, tomorrow will be our first weekend without CLOY!


I try to watch another drama to distract my feeling of loss due to CLOY, but it didn't work.

At the end, I am exploring instagram, youtube, twitter, soompi forum for any content related to CLOY & Binjin. :heart:


I know it will be hard, but never thouht that will be this hard. Hahahaha

Any of you feel the same?!



YES!!!! Normally I can't wait till the last episode to know how it ends but this time I'm more sad it's over. Like you I've rewatched...but not the same. Trying to watch their other works.....but I've already watched them all lol! Last night as I was rewatching trying to analyze their emotional scenes eg..the drunk confession when he was telling her he wanted to see her when she was old and gray how he bet she would still be pretty...he was looking at her so pure and raw it's so easy to forget they're acting...or was he? Anyway I was thinking about other dramas I've watched that at the time felt similar so did they really seem that legit or are we wanting to see that because we like them and like them together so much?

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That was FAST! 



2 hours ago, Beurandless said:

The sad ending of our second lead couple inspired me to make this video about why Kdrama second leads are so tragic. Oh man, writer-nim is so cruel.... :unamused:

I was sad about it, too, as I've been rooting for SD x SJ romance as well. How could second-leads have this kind of fate in kdrama? 

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More interviews and articles seem to be coming out after the finale. This one is an interesting interview with the Props Manager and Costume Manager of the production team - they talked at length about how they designed the NK military village!



Cross-border S Korean drama overcomes political risks

Associated PressFebruary 21, 2020, 1:54 AM UTC




SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — For the South Korean crew behind the latest hit drama “Crash Landing on You," recreating the life in North Korea was a painstakingly meticulous process with big political risks.

“At first, we were even told not to use the word ‘chairman'" when referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said Joo Dong-man, a props manager for the story about a South Korean billionaire heiress who accidentally paraglides into North Korea and falls in love with an army captain.

Apart from its fantastical plot line with prominent stars like Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, the drama has been creating a buzz for its unconventional take on North Korea.


With detailed portrayals of the isolated country down to words, objects and the makeup style, the cross-border love story even drew praises from several North Korean defectors in South Korea. Behind the effort are people like Joo, who had soaked in almost everything about the secretive regime — collecting details from books, experts and North Korean escapees.


Joo said recreating life in North Korea was a difficult process, simply because there’s no guidebook on multiple hurdles he had to hop over - skillfully and delicately – to accurately depict the country while dodging criticism. He said rules, self-imposed by the production team themselves, were arbitrary and frequently subject to change.

“Later, we got permission (to show propaganda slogans),” Joo told The Associated Press. He said three names from North Korea’s ruling family dynasty – Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un – were banned till the very end.

The surreal plot – cross-border love between beautiful heiress and a handsome North Korean soldier from the top military family – doesn’t fail to show occasional glimpses into the most repressive authoritarian regime in the world. The team had to tread carefully in order to avoid glorifying or misrepresenting the state.

They blurred the portraits of the Kim dynasty, which are mandatory in public places and private homes in North Korea. Objects displaying the faces of the Kims are practically illegal in South Korea, where wearing or possessing them could be considered praising the regime, which is punishable by law. The two rivals are still technically in a state of war.

Since all North Korean adults are required to wear a pin with the leaders' images to show their loyalty, Yang Hee-hwa, a costume manager, said the cast had to wear them too. But she devised her own safe way of doing so. “Our badges were almost half or one third smaller (than actual badges),” Yang told AP.

The team created scenes that had “the least resemblance to South Korea,” according to Joo. He said the most difficult props was smartphones made in North Korea, which came from a series of meetings with defectors, including one based in Yanji, the Chinese city near North Korea. Joo declined to comment further on the process due to sensitivity of the matter.

Joo brought with him three North Korean phones, each as much as three times the price of an iPhone.

Joo said some scenes were exaggerated for theatrical reason. One scene where a woman puts together a makeshift plastic shower stall to keep the water warm for longer drew a complaint from one of defectors for being “too condescending.” The defector who advised the team had told him that such method was used in the 1960s.

However, Kang Na-ra, a Youtuber who defected in 2014, said people living in rural parts of North Korea still use it. Kang was one of the escapees who provided real-life depictions of North Korea – from a group kimchi-making session to a popular make-up style that emphasizes the eyebrows.

The South Korean actors speak with a North Korean accent and use expressions less familiar in the South.

The drama series aired its final episode this week. For Yang, this was an opportunity to create something new. “Everything we did was the first so there wasn’t any benchmark (to follow),” said Yang. “I think we’ve created the benchmark.”

"To be honest, we always showed poor and famished scenes when it comes to North Korea,” Kang said. “But I really like this drama because it shows that North Korea is also a place with people, and they know how to share despite the scarcity."

The drama is one of a few reminders of Kang's faraway home. It’s also a distant place for both Joo and Yang, because neither nation allows contact with the other's citizens.

“I thought about how nice it would’ve been to film in Pyongyang,” Joo paused. “Well the time will come one day.”






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7 hours ago, blue_fleurs said:

If the award shows were showing a preview clip of HB and SYJ before announcing their Best Actor and Best Actress in a drama, what clips would you guys choose?


For me personally, I will choose the first encounter between RJH and Seri for SYJ, when she said that golden words "Your looks are totally my type!"




It's not only because of acting but it's the first impression of how bold and strong the character Seri is even when she is in other country, to be precise in an enemy country. And I'm sure there would be laughter in audience after seeing that.


Best acting by SYJ as Seri for me :

-Of course the interrogation scene, no doubt that's best scene.







-Her reaction after RHJ said "You said it wasn't even a kiss". I don't think anyone can act the way she reacted to RJH's words and turned around not just once but twice! :lol:



-The final good bye at DMZ line




Best acting by HB as RJH :

-The scene at DMZ line when he saw Seri and ran towards her :wub:




-The Interrogation scene



-When he took the bullet in ep 6 and fell down


(Gif/pic credits to editor)

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Had an emotional tug thinking about SR's monologue while she was in a coma, when she recalled her memories with RJH and said that if she had to choose, she would choose once again to meet him all over again.... and then realizing the name of her coveted brand is... Seri's Choice.  We were given a clue all along where this was going :bawling:



@phoenixfire25 great selections and thanks for including the gifs!  I like the idea of choosing the comedic scenes too, it is a rom-com after all!


15 hours ago, Samnamu-unnie said:

     I just hope it was made clearer why Seri sought euthanasia in Switzerland. My hunch is.. With the kind of family life she had, a dysfunctional one, that could be the reason. She was unloved and longed to be loved. But I could be wrong, there may be another reason. Im a bit puzzled why that issue was not elaborated. Seri mentioned to JH her former suicide attempts but surprisingly, Seri didn't tell why nor did JH asked the reason why.


15 hours ago, Dana T said:

Luckily he was outside her hospital room when she played recording of her mom talking to her when she was unconscious so by that he was able to fill in the blanks pretty much I'm sure. Before that point I had wondered about that also. That's part of what made their story so special though...they just loved because they loved even without all the answers 


I didn't give enough thought to this scene where he stood outside as she listened to the clip - thanks for pointing it out!  RJH indeed did get a glimpse of the reason and very likely filled in the blanks himself... her mom had abandoned her and she has had to live with that growing up and had no support from her siblings.


Come to think of it, I don't think SR ever knew about RJH's brother until, honestly, the interrogation scene when he told her that was his purpose of going after CG :blink:... Even when she discovered the watch (that it made its way back to him), they didn't talk about its significance.  


I think this is clever and well thought out by the writer.  They are in their 30s when they meet.  Their story doesn't dwell on past adversities, but instead focuses on self-recovery, healing, personal development, and new discoveries.  It's very present and forward looking.  In a way, not knowing is good, so each person doesn't have to think the other is trying to "fix" them or make them "better" again, the love is there regardless.

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@thanie woah that Filipina was so lucky to have been at the location of CLOY at JH's house in the drama! Won't it be nice if all of us can experience that as well? :blush:Thanks for sharing!

I'm also quite sad and didn't see it coming @Beurandless@thanie about Dan and GSJ that their love story ended in that situation! I think writer-nim in spite of doing that wanted the viewers to see that no two stories can be as perfect at the love of JH and SR (?) just a thought :( ! I must admit that the charac of GSJ did grow on me in the last few episodes esp when he helped JH/SR to take the safest way for SR to go back to SK!

Anyway, it's been a week this w/end that we're left with just good memories of this drama but it's one of those Kdramas that left us with that but almost certainly already got a space in our hearts for as long as we're here to enjoy Kdramas :)

Here's an article fr hancinema re one of the F5s:


I seem to have problems posting hancinema these days, yday Jillia had to help me with the photos of JH/SR :) so I'm afraid it might happen again so i just got you the link above :)

@Jillia thx again for editing it for me :)

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I love episode 16 very much I’ve memorised all the dialogues in that episode now. Last time I rewatched it I even turned off the subtitles so that not to be distracted by the subs and I could focus on their acting and emotions and all. I just love it so much. This has inspired me to learn Korean now, maybe I should start looking for Korean classes.

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I'm sad that the thread is slowing down... 


Anyway, I have been writing a fanfiction for JH and SR to nurse my addiction... Two of my long standing gripes is that the period that they weren't in contact weren't colored much for us and the fact that there wasn't enough OTP screen-time in the closing episode. 

I was wondering if I can get suggestions/thoughts on scenes or even plot lines that I can explore before they decide on a future.  


DM me... or if its ok to discuss here, then go for it :)

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Wow, an article from NYT


Cross-Border S Korean Drama Overcomes Political Risks

By The Associated Press

Feb. 21, 2020, 12:41 a.m. ET


SEOUL, South Korea — For the South Korean crew behind the latest hit drama “Crash Landing on You," recreating the life in North Korea was a painstakingly meticulous process with big political risks. 


Link: https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2020/02/21/world/asia/ap-as-skorea-cross-border-drama-1st-ld-writethru.html



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1 hour ago, Momo_07 said:

I'm sad that the thread is slowing down... 


Anyway, I have been writing a fanfiction for JH and SR to nurse my addiction... Two of my long standing gripes is that the period that they weren't in contact weren't colored much for us and the fact that there wasn't enough OTP screen-time in the closing episode. 

I was wondering if I can get suggestions/thoughts on scenes or even plot lines that I can explore before they decide on a future.  


DM me... or if its ok to discuss here, then go for it :)

It’s so good! Please update often! And to everyone else: check it out omg

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OSEN | 2020. 02. 21. 6:54 AM


Covid-19 epidemic spreads, Hyun Bin writes letters in four languages to fans




 Actor Hyun Bin was worried about the safety of the whole world when the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading.

On February 21, through the official SNS of the management company, Hyun Bin expressed, "You might be spending day after day anxious and worrying over the Coronavirus disease 2019 which is occurring all over the world and throughout Asia including China and Japan as well as Korea. I’d like to ask after your health at least by writing to express my worry over whether the place you are at is safe."

Then, he added, "Just as we’ve always overcome difficulties by cheering each other on despite difficult times, I hope the Coronavirus disease 2019 passes by as soon as possible. I also appreciate those working tirelessly day and night to eradicate the virus, and I will cheer them on until the end. Furthermore, I sincerely wish the quick recovery of those suffering from its infection."

Hyun Bin also wrote posts in English, Japanese, and Chinese to show his sincerity to international fans. He satisfied fans with the message, "Again, I hope all those reading this are able to maintain their safety and health from the virus and I will pray this incident safely passes by. February 21, 2020. Hyunbin."


Hyun Bin has completely conquered the small screen audience with the role of Ri Jeong Hyeok in the drama "Crash Landing On You" (tvN). His next work is a movie named "Bargaining". This movie is about the kidnapping of Koreans taking place in the Middle East with the content about saving the victims.

On the other hand, Korea is also in a difficult situation because of the Covid-19 pneumonia epidemic originating in Wuhan, China. Because of patient number 31 (a follower of the Shincheonji), the number of infected people in Korea has exceeded 200 and 2 people died in this country. As a result, people nationwide are in greater fear than ever.



OSEN = Reporter Park So Young /comet568@osen.co.kr
Photo = SNS 
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive 





6 Unforgettable & Heart-Fluttering Moments In "Crash Landing On You"



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So thoughtful of HB !!! I'm also hoping the Coronavirus victims will soon recover and everyone will be safe as well. 


On the lighter note, I saw this on CLOY fb group and thought to share woth you all. It was written by Mattelney Jadezane :)


"Our Dearest Hyun Bin sshi,
 I am writing to let you know how grateful I am for your prayers and concern to all the people affected by the Corona Virus.I am from Canada and we also have some cases in different provinces respectively..However, I do not know if it has brought to your attention and if you are well aware of the new virus that is fatally attacking thousands of people around the world the type that is more dangerous than the so called Corona Virus..Thousands of people around the world are badly infected with The #Binjin2020 virus aka the #Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin virus..For your information, this virus are severely affecting thousands of people in all walks of life, whether young or old, married or single, and rich or poor even to the highest ranking political family in South Korea..Persons affected are experiencing difficulty of breathing, chest pains, anxiety and/or panic disorder, insomnia, anorexia nervosa and or bulimia, massive headache due to lack of sleep secondary to binge watching and CLOY hangover,eye pain from reading subtitles and reading viral posts, manic depressive disorder as triggered by Cho Cheol Gang And Yoon Se-ri’s sister in law, depression, mood swings,delusions and hallucinations, laughing alone, heart palpitations, tachycardia, addiction, dehydration from crying too much,bladder incontinence for laughing too much, some are manifesting high fever and febrile convulsions from watching hot scenes ..all these above signs and symptoms are life threatening, it can lead to serious multiple organ failure and people are desperately looking for a Vaccine and cure..You are our only hope for the cure..Your help will be highly appreciated! Based on these signs and symptoms may we request for a high dose of Hyun Bin Music Sedative as an antidote for our CLOY beating hearts ..can you please make a music video cover of But It’s Destiny by 10cm.....Kamsahamnida Hyun Bin Sshi❤️❤️❤️Saranghae -Vast Entertainment....."

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Yoo Soo Bin Talks About What It Was Like To Work With Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin, And Choi Ji Woo In “Crash Landing On You”

Feb 21, 2020
by S. Cho

Yoo Soo Bin, one of the rising stars from tvN’s “Crash Landing On You,” has shared some behind-the-scenes stories from the drama.


In “Crash Landing On You,” Yoo Soo Bin played North Korean soldier Kim Ju Meok, a K-drama fanatic. After meeting Son Ye Jin‘s character Yoon Se Ri, he hilariously played the middle man between her and his fellow soldiers to “translate” between North and South Korean using his knowledge attained from watching dramas.

He commented on working with Son Ye Jin, saying, “She is so beautiful so I was very nervous, but I was able to comfortably act because she took care of me like an older sister.” He continued, “I think our chemistry was even better thanks to her meticulous consideration.”


Yoo Soo Bin also referred to Hyun Bin as an actor he wants to be like, sharing, “He has incredible passion for acting. I was shocked to see him work so passionately with the responsibility that one has to have as an actor. He kept us all balanced so we were able to act without concerns.” He added that it was an honor to have gotten to work with Hyun Bin, explaining, “In the future, I want to become an actor like Hyun Bin who does not lose sight of his original intentions.”


On top of being a K-drama fanatic, Kim Ju Meok was also known to be a huge fan of Choi Ji Woo and her drama “Starway to Heaven.” As a parting gift, Yoon Se Ri promises to help him meet Choi Ji Woo, which he is finally able to do when he crosses into South Korea.


Regarding Choi Ji Woo’s surprise cameo, Yoo Soo Bin shared, “Since we had to act together as soon as we met, I was very nervous and embarrassed. I think she might’ve noticed I was nervous so she approached me first, saying, ‘I’ve been enjoying the drama.’ She even made jokes so I was ultimately able to film comfortably. My meeting with Choi Ji Woo was personally an extremely precious and meaningful scene. I want to thank the writer for including that scene and Choi Ji Woo for acting with me.”


Yoo Soo Bin also addressed their parody of an iconic “Stairway to Heaven” scene, saying, “It was originally written in the script but I felt pressured to really make the scene memorable. I didn’t want to purposefully make it funny and make fun of Kwon Sang Woo. I acted as Kim Ju Meok and expressed the scene seriously.”


“Crash Landing On You” aired its finale on February 16 and recorded the highest viewership ratings in tvN history.



Source (1)





Kim Jung Hyun Discusses The Fate Of His Character In tvN’s “Crash Landing On You”

Feb 21, 2020
by J. Lim

Kim Jung Hyun recently sat down for an interview to discuss what happened to his character at the end of tvN’s hit drama “Crash Landing on You.”


“Crash Landing on You” told the story of Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin), a wealthy South Korean heiress who is forced to make an emergency landing in North Korea during a paragliding trip due to unexpected high winds. There, she meets North Korean officer Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin), who falls in love with her while hiding her and trying to protect her. Kim Jung Hyun played the role of Goo Seung Jun, a businessman and con artist with a British nationality who had sympathy for Yoon Se Ri and love for Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye).


He began by stating, “The drama ended with so much love being given to it. I think we were able to convey our hearts to all the many people who watched, and I find that so meaningful. The wrap party was great, and I’ve been so happy.”


Kim Jung Hyun shared that at the wrap party, screenwriter Park Ji Eun came up to him and thanked him for doing so well in the drama. “She said, ‘Everyone’s going crazy over Seung Jun dying. I feel like my life is in danger.'” Though it had a risky move, it had been one that left a lasting impression on viewers as Goo Seung Jun was shot and gave his life trying to save Seo Dan.


Kim Jung Hyun said, “To be honest, even up till when I received the script for episode 15, I didn’t know that my character would be dying. I was shot at the end of that episode so I asked director Lee Jung Hyo if I was dying and he said, ‘I don’t know, but I don’t think so? Things have only just begun for your character, I’m sure you’ll live.’ But then I read the script for episode 16, and I died. I kept reading till the epilogue hoping that my character would survive, but I was still dead.”


He added, “Though, as an actor, it would be better for me if I’m able to film more scenes, I was able to feel that Seung Jun was loved by the viewers. I know that there are some viewers who believe that Goo Seung Jun is alive and well somewhere. I think if that’s what people want to believe, then he could be happily living in peace somewhere. If given room for interpretation, I believe he could be alive.”


Kim Jung Hyun expressed that he was satisfied about leaving such a big impact on viewers with his character’s death. He said, “When we went to the wrap party after we finished filming the last episode, everyone was talking about how it was a shame that my character died. To have people thinking about and feeling bad for my character is something I’m very grateful for as an actor. I’m grateful and satisfied. If you think about it in a different way, I wonder if Seung Jun could have had a happy ending that was as happy as Se Ri and Jung Hyuk’s, and I think in that aspect, maybe it was the best decision for him to die when he did.”


Other than his death scene, Kim Jung Hyun has had many memorable scenes in the drama, some of which including when he ripped a plane ticket with his mouth and when he used a rifle. Kim Jung Hyun said, “In the script, it said to just rip the ticket but I came up with the idea to rip it with my mouth. I think it came out well because the camera director is so talented. My mother really likes that scene.” He also shared that his friends often talk about the ticket and gun shooting scenes and added, “I feel like the scenes came out much better than I could have hoped for with more emotions. I spent a lot of time filming the gun shooting scenes, and I think it was worth it.”


Finally, Kim Jung Hyun stated that he had become energized through “Crash Landing on You.” He said, “Being able to be a part of such a great project makes me feel like I have a medal I can wear with pride every day. Many people watched over me through this drama and I was able to share a warm but intense story. I think, no matter what project I return with next, I will do my best to choose one that delivers a message to viewers.” He promised to shorten his time between projects, and after a quick break, he will be looking into offers for his next work.

“Crash Landing on You” ended on February 16, setting a new record for the highest viewership ratings in tvN history, scoring an average nationwide rating of 21.683 percent and a peaking in real-time ratings at 24.1 percent.



Source (1)

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That's so awesome about HB writing the fan letters! It's also great to see all the articles coming out from the cast praising and supporting each other that shows such respect and appreciation for themselves and their craft...love it! I have thought many times that I hope HB to be the genuine thoughtful person he portrays himself to be. I know in SK they are much more careful and private with their lives and held to a higher standard than the celebrities here in the US. It's not uncommon to hear stories of scandals here on a regular basis. My ultimate dream is to visit SK one day. My husband finally said he'd take me lol! My fascination with kdrama....aside from the obvious insanely beautiful men and women is the culture they represent. Respect, loyalty, pride, discipline, PASSION, and even yelling haha...just being real. They love and hurt and keep loving. I know it's fiction but based on what I've studied those things are very true to form as the way of life in SK. 

Btw...you know you have it bad when you are walking through the grocery store humming Photo In My Head by Song Ga In....what to do:tired:. Has anyone by chance found the IU song with violin intro that's played in the drama? All I find is one that starts with whistling 

Edited by Dana T
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“Crash Landing On You” Scores Top Spots On Lists Of Most Buzzworthy Dramas And Actors


Good Data Corporation has shared its weekly rankings of the most popular dramas and cast members who have generated the most buzz over the past week! The company analyzed news articles, blog posts and online communities, videos, and social media from February 10 to 16 for 24 dramas that are currently airing or are set to air, and they revealed the results on February 19.


In first place for the fifth week in a row as the most buzzworthy drama was tvN’s “Crash Landing on You,” while the show’s leads Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin take No. 1 and No. 2 respectively on the list of most buzzworthy actors for the tenth week.


The top 10 dramas that generated the most buzz [2nd week of February] are as follows:
1. tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” — 35.17%
2. JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” — 19.18%
3. SBS’s “Stove League” — 16%
4. SBS’s “Dr. Romantic 2” — 8.86%
5. tvN’s “The Cursed” — 2.91%
6. JTBC’s “War of Prosecutors” — 1.96%
7. KBS2’s “Forest” — 1.59%
8. KBS2’s “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” — 1.54%
9. MBC’s “XX“ — 1.39%
10. OCN’s “Tell Me What You Saw” — 1.34%


The top 10 drama actors that generated the most buzz [2nd week of February] are as follows:
1. tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” Son Ye-Jin
2. tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” Hyun Bin 
3. JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” Kim Da-Mi
4. JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” Park Seo-Joon
5. SBS’s “Stove League” Nam Goong-Min
6. tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” Kim Jung-Hyun
7. tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” Seo Ji-Hye
8. SBS’s “Dr. Romantic 2” Ahn Hyo-Seop
9. SBS’s “Dr. Romantic 2” Lee Sung-Kyung
10.  JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” Kwon Nara



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On 2/20/2020 at 12:36 AM, Esteraela said:


Some people are really unhappy with CLOY because Jeong Hyeok is cheating on Seo Dan.

How will you justify that JH was cheating on SD or not?

I don’t view it as him cheating on Seo Dan. As Dan’s mother herself said, the two were not married, how could Dan have had an “affair”? Same logic for JH I feel. And he was honourable too — he came clean with Dan and told her he was in love with someone else.There was nothing sneaky about their relationship once he was clear about it. And before that, there was no sneaking around either.

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Seo Dan's ending is gonna bother me for a while. It was just so unnecessarily cruel...even down to that fortune teller saying she's basically going to die alone. Oh but she'll be successful. I know they're pushing the strong, independent message and yes, Seo Dan was very strong, but what happened was a tragedy.


It's like she wasted 10 years and she's grappling with that, and was finally given a glimmer of hope and true happiness only for it to be violently be snatched away for no good reason at all. That whole storyline left a bad taste in my mouth. 

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