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[Drama 2019-2020] Crash Landing on you, 사랑의 불시착

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  1. 1. What will happen to the OTP at the end of this drama?

    • Sweet happy ending for Ri-ri in SK
    • Cue sad music ..the divide is just too great ..the OTP will be separated
    • An open ending where they will meet again on the bridge in Switzerland ...

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26 minutes ago, attriste said:

Yes. She wanted to take her own life, which is why she left. She regretted her decision and came running back but it was too late for their relationship then. 

Definitely in the minority here but I loved this episode. I think personally I enjoyed all the scenes with every other character because I was equally invested in all of them. 

There were questions I wanted answered, and schemes I wanted uncovered, probably more than the OTP moments itself. The emotional depth of their heartfelt hug was more than satisfactory for me, and the fan service of half a chest made me giggle, and I laughed whenever the poor ducklings had to see all the lovey moments. I cried when Dan’s mum cried, and cheered when Dan kissed SJ. I even enjoyed the NIS arc, because seriously do you think 7 NK people running around and getting into shoot outs can be swept under the carpet? It probably will be the plot device that helps to separate and reunite the OTP eventually. 

I still hope Manbok’s family and him live to survive this. In the grander scheme of things, we know the OTP will end up together, in however satisfying or unsatisfying it may be to us viewers. However the trajectory isn’t so clear for the rest of the characters. 

I think the only issue for me was CCG’s continued existence in the face of so much. He really is tough.


Can I say YES YES YES to all you've written in your post above? 


Same like you, I totally enjoyed ep 14, and was touched, moved and made to laugh out loud at each turning point of the episode.


That scene of JH running to SR when she called him to come to her (after she has awaken) and the tears and upheaval emotions as JH finally see SR.... was just so moving....And the deep hugs, face-to-face, as if to hold on to each other as long as possible, is just so well done by both the actors.


A number of unresolved plot lines were answered too, plus some important plot development :

- SR and her mom's story (we know now that she really is her step-mom but they have a complicated emotional relationship)

- SR's 2nd brother and sis-in-law finally being outed in front of the family (love that slap from the mom)

- SD's mom finally finding out that JH had another love (that drunk scene of SD's mom telling SD to be happy was so touching)

- SD kissing SJ, and hence shows she likes him

- JH finally being able to say "I LOVE YOU" to SR!!

- The 4th kiss of JH-SR


For the cliffhanger, I believe that the villain will be the one shot as he pulled out the gun to shoot JH.


I fell in love with this drama because of many things. The OTP was one of them, but for sure the NK-SK scenario, the rich side characters and intriguing storyline (incl the very real danger that the OTP and side characters face) is what made CLOY such a rich drama for me.


Especially loved and identified with what you said here :

"There were questions I wanted answered, and schemes I wanted uncovered, probably more than the OTP moments itself. "


Hope that the final 2 episodes will wrap up the story nicely, not just for the OTP but also all the other characters that I have grown to love so much. Fighting CLOY!!





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Ratings episode 14 (Nielsen Korea)   Nationwide: 17.705% Seoul: 18.612%  

@Lawyerh , @cenching , @sadthe1st @Sejabin , @im0202 , @vangsweetie637 @lu09 @Sarang21 @thanie , @hibiscus23  now we know how he will be if his wife giving birth  # don’t move darling   

more kiss will be clearly dangerous    Seri : that enough I can’t handle it  Oppa face expression ( are you sure   )       

Just finished Ep 14, and besides the last 5-10 minutes of the episode, this was me for almost the entire ep:


The too-sweet scenes: (minor spoilers warning!!!)

1) fragile hugs between JH and Seri

2) Confession from Alberto Gu to SD!! (This boy is so sweet when he’s not trying to con anyone:wub:)

3) Everything Man-bok did in this episode bless his heart

4) JH restocking Seri’s place with food and overall just being a perfect husband (guys take notes!!!)


My wish(es) for the final eps:

1) JCG needs to die (I’m so sick of this character already)

2) Seri’s 2nd oppa and his wife jailed and disowned by the family

3) Alberto + Seo Dan

4) Ducklings return to NK safe

5) Pls keep Manbok and fam safe

6) JH + Seri = ?? 
7) Silly fluff as I was originally here for ROM-COM not angst!! Thank you in advance writer-nim!


Lastly, at this rate looks like we won't be getting to see Hyun Bin’s post bulk-up bod. The show is just trolling us at this point after that scene in this latest ep.<_< However if they do show I will wait for @Ameera Ali to do your thing:lol:

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I just finished watching episode 14 and I love it so much...:heart:


1. FINALLY development between the main leads and second couple!! Jeonghyeok and Seri FINALLY do not just stare at each other lol...while Dan and Seungjun come to terms with their respective feelings.


2. Parents' love! Seri found out that Mom really loves her and regrets abandoning her. Mom can see through Jeonghyeok's love for Seri, mirroring how Jeonghyeok's mum saw Seri's love toward her son. Jeonghyeok's father on his own way trying to protect his son and trusted ducklings (albeit trying to save his position as well). ALSO, Dan's mom drunk scene is actually touching. She agreed on Dan and Jeonghyeok's engagement only because Dan liked Jeonghyeok, but she could sense that her daughter's feeling was not reciprocated and has been worrying that Dan would live an unhappy life if the marriage goes through.


3. NIS' involvement is necessary, in my opinion. Cheol-Kang's case is not supposed to be handled alone by Jeonghyeok and the ducklings. He's a dangerous criminal who has no fear and he infiltrated South Korea already (do you think any intelligence service would just stand and watch?? He's a threat to national security). Jeonghyeok has not been able to finish his mission silently and Seri even got shot by a bullet... The case has become so big it is impossible to hide and more dangerous. We don't know yet what's happening. What did Seri tell NIS? What did Sang-ah tell NIS? Whom NIS believe? Is Jeonghyeok purposely setting up a trap for himself and Cheol-Kang so NIS can find them? Until now, tbvh, I've been skeptical about his plan and Cheol-Kang's plan to bring someone back to NK. LIKE, HOW? CHEOL-KANG WILL DRAG SERI TO THE NORTH THROUGH THE TUNNEL? JEONGHYEOK WILL DRAG CHEOL-KANG THE SAME WAY HE CAME? It hasn't been made clear. So far, the writer has managed to surprise us with unexpected plot, like how the ducklings and Manbok turned the table around by plotting against Cheol-Kang together. Hope she can write another awesome plot for this one. Also, hopefully the people who approached Manbok's family are not sent by Cheol-Kang...


4. Rom-com elements when Jeong-hyeok and Seri act all lovey-dovey, completely oblivious about the ducklings who are nauseously watching them (KID EUN-DONG is watching them with interest tho) HAHAHAHAHAAH. 


Heading to finale week~

Since it's rom-com, I think it'd have a happy ending...though we cannot be sure yet if it's going to be satisfactory. 

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Let's just all enjoy CLOY's last 2 episodes... i still have faith that the writer will wrap up everything and give our couple their own happy ending. If not... then i don't know... hahaha!


Also, if Hi Bye Mama will premier on Feb22, i guess we won't have any special episode after CLOY? Well, they did have like 3 specials already. LOL. But i want a special episode wherein they will interview the casts at the end. Hehe. Also, since CLOY already wrapped up their filming... i wonder if they already had a wrap up party? 


I'm hoping for better ratings for Episode 14... 

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Labor of love by Ri Jung Hyuk:

1. Leave her a recorded message.

2. Record her favorite piano piece she can listen to when she can't sleep.

3. Fill her fridge and cabinets with food.

4. Make sure the food is within her reach.

5. Leave instructions on how to make noodles.


Uri Jung Hyuk-ssi has set the bar high and uri Se Ri-ssi is so lucky to have him. They still have so many beautiful things to do together... I know this will be a happy ending...


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57 minutes ago, sharluvsenergy said:

I know many of you are pretty much frustrated at many things happening, or maybe not happening in the drama. I personally felt it was an excellent episode with some things tied up even though they did open up to some other problems. I am so thankful for the wiretapping technology for once cos it not only exposed the 2nd brother and sister-in-law's awful deeds, but also helped Seri understand her mother better. Thank you Manbok for being quick witted in this situation!! It doesn't necessarily justify Seri's mum's actions but it did give us a better understanding of why she did what she has done. 


I was at the edge of my seat at the end of the episode, hoping that it was Jo Chul Kang who got shot. Many of you complained that this has been done too many times, and I agree with that. But... don't problems always or usually go in circles when they are not resolved? Junghyuk is trying to set things right and have Seri live her life normally once again, but things will never be normal if Jo Chul Kang continues to live. Yes, it's annoying and frustrating that he is like a cockroach that cannot be killed, but if things were made that simple right from that start, we wouldn't have such a good drama.


Let us all be more appreciative and supportive of CLOY team's hard work and effort! I am so grateful that we have such an excellent team of actors with stellar acting skills to make everything that happened in this drama so believable and also hardworking backstage crew who have been working their asses off to present us the best possible of this drama. 


We are down to one last week of the drama so let's look forward to it. I am sure the writer and CLOY team wouldn't disappoint us!!

Wow, thank you for voicing out what I'm thinking. Haha! I personally think that they stitched up all the parts well and the parts that emerged definitely has a reason why it was added, such as the mom giving JH her card. I'm pretty sure there will be a happy ending. I'm more inclined on them meeting in Switzerland again, just like the scenes from the opening billboard. There were only a few scenes from Switzerland that has already been shown, and I think it would be a waste if they won't be showing more Switzerland scenes. It would also be a perfect location for an ending - they end up happily where they met first because of destiny. 

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35 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

@Lawyerh , @cenching , @sadthe1st @Sejabin , @im0202 , @vangsweetie637 @lu09 @Sarang21 @thanie , @hibiscus23  now we know how he will be if his wife giving birth :joy:

# don’t move darling 



# take breath , in & out slowly 



That's my thought exactly. When i saw him running in the hospital when he got a call from Seri. I thought to myself Oh so this is how he's going to run when he's wife is about to gave birth to the twins:tounge_wink: and then this scene sealed it off. Overbearing husband Jung Hyeok :joy:

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36 minutes ago, sybof said:

I really liked Episode 14 despite it being slow but I can also understand why.


Actually to be more realistic, CCG cannot possibly die in South Korea. If that is the case, disposing his body etc. would be a problem and it will never just end with our Gang going back to NK. It will only pose further problems, hence the most logical way is to get the NIS involved so everything can be tied up properly or I would call it the "official" way that will not have any other repercussions to our OTP journey together.   


I realise that JH actually noted that the NIS was following him already, and he said he placed everything on the line for this, hence I hope there is a plot twist whereby he was the one who enlisted their help. Hence he also knew he will not be coming back and saying goodbyes to Seri, as he will also be captured for coming in illegally and having a show-down with CCG. 

As for the ducklings, assuming they came in through legal means ( the sports team) , they will not be involved with the NIS. 

South Korea realizes all North Korean immigrants/defectors as legal. They only have to make sure they’re not spies. So RJH won’t be captured for coming “illegally” and he’s proven himself to not be a spy by protecting Seri and as some comments predict, Seri might have revealed his identity and he might actually be working with the NIS to capture CCG since he noticed them trailing behind.

They’ll also have no problem killing CCG since he’s committed attempted murder in SK and he’s not wanted by NK(he’s a felon). NK won’t protect him.


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After finishing todays episode, i believe this episode is far better than yesterday one.


The emotion is so full and packed for this one. I cried alot in lot of scene today.


The cliffhanger i bet it wasnt RJH who got shot. 


I wonder who SJ met at the rooftop?


Cmon guys you are all get to swayed by the fluff of romcom side of this drama but you guys forgot we got the bigger picture which is the NK SK situation. Ofcourse you couldnt expect full time romcom from riri couple.


About CCG still alive yeah it is a bit too much but if he died back there, RJH will be in a very big trouble and possibly he will be locked by SK goverment. Because it will be look like him the one who in the blame.


Lets wait for the preview and next week finale.


I have a big hope also waiting for iu ost which is so good to hear this episode


For the writter because of her tendencies of making a time jump for the ending, i wont be surprised if she also do it for this drama BUT I REALLY HOPE NO NEED THAT BS TIMEJUMP. Just give a proper Happy ending that make us all sastify and Se ri reunited with her mother,ducklings,and ofcourse his soon to be husband RJH. And maybe the time jump for the twins they had.

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Daebak episode! Never thought the story will turn this way. I had so much laughs watching episode 14.

Can’t believe the ending of this episode that the writer gave us. I think with 2 episodes left, even though RJH got shot, he will be alive. 

Hopefully CCG story will end in episode 15. So that we can have other stories closure properly. 

My fave scene in this episode. When RJH or Hyun Bin acting cute. It is really funny, especially when he shows his scars. :lol:



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He will not die or get shot. We did not see him with SR with yellow outfit yet. It might come next episode. I think that Moms and dads from both sides will come for the rescue their children. It is happy ending.  Kissing and holding cannot produce twin. Ha ha ha this drama takes us the next level of Kdrama. No super deep kissing scene, but it is so sweet. 

You probably do not wanna see two people so lovely dovely with deep kissing in front of the whole world.  I love their gestures. 


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