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[Drama 2019-2020] Crash Landing on you, 사랑의 불시착

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  1. 1. What will happen to the OTP at the end of this drama?

    • Sweet happy ending for Ri-ri in SK
    • Cue sad music ..the divide is just too great ..the OTP will be separated
    • An open ending where they will meet again on the bridge in Switzerland ...

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I know the kisses are kinda lame in CLOY, but let me try to justify them :D 


So in Episode 2 we see the house inspection, which is a completely ridiculous process that actually happened in communistic regimes in some countries, and we can see a guy hiding under the bed and a girl trying to hide in the closet. Now I get what they were hinting on, but the whole scene was extremely unsettling for me, as it portrays a very specific mentality of the society - sex is not allowed and shamed for, there's no such thing as privacy. This scene actually set up the rules. A fun fact, in the country where I'm from, it's a running joke that there was no sex during communism. This is mostly due to harsh censorship and mentality. You can see the light version of it demonstrated in CLOY. And i saw some comments that both of them resemble teenagers when it comes to relationship, but I think it actually suits the NK background. 

Now let's go back to the kiss. KISS #1 - JH was truly embarrassed, he actually asked if it was ok to kiss SR. It was sweet and simple but it was also important, because guess what - the move itself is extremely bold as we saw the social norms for any sexual display in NK earlier. But I really liked the way that kiss was shot. It showed the desperation of JH's action, it was bold.

The second kiss - gratitude. Again, I liked the way this kiss was almost fragile for both of them, he is in the hospital, she is crying. It's not a hot, happy kiss. Plus later we found out that the nurse was watching them -remember, there's no privacy there. And the kiss was shot from somewhat afar, again, it's a bold move to kiss someone outside the NK's hospital. While not publishable, it's definitely frowned upon.
And kiss #3. We have another desperate kiss, not a happy one. Not a feel good one. Such close ups almost made me uncomfortable, because it's such an intimate moment, it's not even important to see their lips touching, they are never going to see each other again. That's it. And I liked how jH wanted to stick to the "handshake". He will have to live remembering this kiss. So I think that again, because they are still in the area where it's possible they are being watched. They are still too close to NK. So this is why we can't see this passionate kiss, we just see what they see - a proper goodbye.


Overall, I'm curious to see what kiss awaits us in SK, we can see that JH's style changes. /even though I will miss his military uniform/ but maybe the style of kisses will change as well? 

And hey, maybe those fan pics we saw from the shooting of Ep11 means that the director actually saw our comments and decided to refilm the opening kissing scene? 

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Ratings episode 14 (Nielsen Korea)   Nationwide: 17.705% Seoul: 18.612%  

@Lawyerh , @cenching , @sadthe1st @Sejabin , @im0202 , @vangsweetie637 @lu09 @Sarang21 @thanie , @hibiscus23  now we know how he will be if his wife giving birth  # don’t move darling   

On how to save a life (by Ri Jung Hyuk) I AM NOT OKAY, GUYS!!! MY FEELINGS!!! I NEED TO TALK.  Yoon Se-Ri hates her birthday. She hates her birthday so much that she attempted suicide o

@Favnia Regarding the house inspector catching the man and woman doing it, I think the problem had more to do with cheating than having sex. If I remember correctly, one of the ajummahs admonished the guy because his wife was working hard elsewhere and there he was sleeping with another woman. 


So the above is in the context of CLOY Kdrama land, not sure what’s the real situation in NK. I wonder how strict is NK about issues on sex and sexuality. In the show, no one bat an eyelid that JH and SR were living together in one house before their ‘marriage’. I wonder if that is acceptable in NK. 

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All I know is that I will be spending the Lunar New Year marathoning all of the episodes.


This drama is just too good. And Oh my God, when he stepped over the line to kiss her before she left, I almost died.


Actually my favorite part was her being at his parent's house. When he arrived and the two of them were talking, and SR was worried asking what happened to his face. He was talking back to her so gently, you could see the shock on his parent's faces. They had NEVER seen this side of him. I knew then that SD stood no chance of ever marrying this man. He already belonged to SR.


Then SR playing the song he wrote for his brother, wow that was an emotional scene. Her epic comeback to SK. I really loved her reuniting with her co-workers that kept looking for her. I kind of figured we wouldn't get episodes this weekend due to the holiday, so I will just go back and start from the beginning. I know there are some things that I missed. 


Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

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9 minutes ago, Keroppi said:

@Favnia Regarding the house inspector catching the man and woman doing it, I think it is more to do with cheating than having sex. If I remember correctly, one of the ajummahs admonished the guy because his wife was working hard elsewhere and there he was sleeping with another woman. 

Yeah, I understood that part. Sorry, should've been more clear. But in what kind of society a house inspector is involved in the relationship of a wife and a husband? Even if he's cheating. That's the part that made me more uncomfortable than the cheating.


Oh, and i think the same ajummah questioned them staying in the house together, but JH said she's tired and this is why she's staying in his house. It was brief though 

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I don’t like NB, but here you go:

TV: 'Crash Landing On You' continues to field debate on its depiction of North Korea

Wednesday, January 22, 2020  crash landing on you, korean dramas, tv  No comments



Article: "Glamorizing North Korea vs Fantasy" 'Crash Landing On You' reported for violating law that forbids pro-North activities

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+2,710, -465] Well it's not a drama that's appropriate for the current times

2. [+2,312, -334] Yes, it's just a drama... but you don't realize how little things like this can actually influence a person's idea of something... I support creative freedom but this went too far.

3. [+2,202, -407] To better understand, think of it this way... imagine if someone produced a drama with IU in a love story with a Japanese soldier... get it?

4. [+193, -15] The drama is totally glamorizing North Korea, though. The point of the plot is that Son Ye Jin is tired of being surrounded by her life of the old rich and capitalism so she falls in love with the human quality of North Korean society. But in reality, the North has nothing... no human quality, no anything. Just look at the clips of North Korea from CNN, the comparison of the reality to this drama is staggering. What I'm saying is that the US or the UK would never create a drama where their citizen falls in love with the leader of the Taliban or IS because they know what kind of influence the media holds...

5. [+178, -72] "It's just a drama" ㅋㅋㅋ then why not just produce another drama where Hyun Bin is the son of pro-Japanese ancestors and Son Ye Jin is the daughter of independence fighters? Is that just a drama too?

6. [+136, -19] The drama went too far for it to just be considered a drama anymore

7. [+110, -164] So many fools who can't seem to differentiate between reality and drama

8. [+91, -11] Drama or movie, we must never glamorize North Korea like this

9. [+71, -5] Apparently there's even a bar with a 'Pyongyang concept' in Hongdae now... I just don't get it

10. [+48, -4] Everyone keeps defending this saying it's just a drama but I know you'd all be up in arms if there was a drama glamorizing the Japanese occupation. North Korea has never once apologized to our country so I don't get why we're so lenient about them.



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1 minute ago, Favnia said:

Yeah, I understood that part. Sorry, should've been more clear. But in what kind of society a house inspector is involved in the relationship of a wife and a husband? Even if he's cheating. That's the part that made me more uncomfortable than the cheating.


I agree with you that it should be no one’s business but I guess this is what happens in a society ruled by dictatorship.


If you want to instill fear in people and control them, you control every aspect of their lives from their clothing, books they’re reading, to more private aspects of their lives. 


I am glad the military dictatorship in my country ended a few months before I was born because a life like this is not a life at all. 



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3 hours ago, c Cinc said:

Am I alone, that I actually like the progression of their kissing scenes? I thought that they actually did a great job tailoring the "type of kissing" they showed, proportionate to the situation. For the first kiss, we got the k-drama staple, wide-eyed kiss. Second, the rain kiss scene. I thought it was beautifully done. It was their first legitimate kiss as two people officially aware of their blossoming feelings for each other. It was a spur of the moment, very tender and gentle kiss, but filled with apprehension and consternation. At that moment, the ever upright and disciplined RJH, could no longer deny his feelings for Se Ri and allowed himself to express it. Albeit, as we saw in his kiss, still very controlled. That kiss was very much a great description of where their relationship stood. They both had mutual feelings for each other, but given the circumstances, they needed to hold back. And of course, the most recent law defying kiss was still very appropriate to the situation. Given that in their minds, it was their LAST kiss, RJH gave a very deep kiss. Full of longing and sadness. Yet, RJH still remained in character, it was gentle, respectful and pure, yet passionate. Frankly, it would have been out of character and place if they shared a torrid kiss then. Also, a "hot" kiss would have probably diminished the sombreness of their farewell.


However, now that RJH is in SK, and would seem to be staying with Seri, I am expecting for more sexual tension and lustful interactions. As others have mentioned, I am expecting the overflowing sexual tension depicted in Oh My Venus. I am no longer going to accept gentle kisses from here on. :D As I have mentioned, their kisses have been very apt with the trajectory of their relationship, so far. Now that they are in the honeymoon period of their relationship, I am now expecting passionate, hot and lustful kisses. :lol:

Absolutely agree with you!! Very well done both of them demonstrated the feeling at each scene. Indeed it was very hard :):)

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2 minutes ago, Keroppi said:

I am glad the military dictatorship in my country ended a few months before I was born because a life like this is not a life at all. 



It's the same for me!!Communism literally ended the same year i was born. 

And hey, just to keep it cloy-related, I think they did a pretty good job for a kdrama portraying this society. Some of the decore made me laugh because of how familiar it is - for example, a carpet on the wall was a huge thing back then...

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1 hour ago, justamom said:

But this also means that each episode has many more scenes. I'd reckon that CLOY has at least 15-20% more scenes than your typical drama. Many of the scenes are short. That's also why the story moves so damned fast. But it also means...the director and production team have a lot more scenes to shoot...


Anyone else noticed...?

Yes, I noticed it as well. Although the editor has done a fantastic job for some outstanding scenes, you can notice some editing issues (particularly because this drama only utilises a single camera setup).




Anyway, one thing that is unrealistic for me:


Had I met RJH on the street, I would have ogled him. I wouldn’t just walk away, that’s not possible. Those people in Gangnam were unreal!!

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[HanCinema's News] "Crash Landing on You" Tops Gallup Poll of Most Popular Programming

Gallup Korea recently released the results of a new poll measuring the popularity of television programming in South Korea. The poll was taken between January 14th and 16th, with one thousand respondents over the age of eighteen.

Respondents were given the option to list two of their favorite programs by name without prompting. "Crash Landing on You" earned the highest proportion, with it being mentioned by 4.5% of respondents.

Television dramas rarely feature at the top of Gallup polls such as this. The only other two dramas to earn such a high ranking were "Mr. Sunshine" in September of 2018 and "Goblin" in January of 2017. The list is normally dominated by variety shows, and that was also the case here. The second highest performing drama was "Dr. Romantic 2" with 3.2% of respondents in rank number four. The highest ranking for "Dr. Romantic", by contrast, was in the fourth slot in January of 2017.

The only other two dramas appearing in the top ten were "Down the Flower Path" at rank number six with 3% of respondents and "Stove League" at rank number eight with 2.7% of respondents. Four more dramas appear in the top twenty. "Elegant Mother and Daughter" at rank thirteen had 1.9% of respondents. "Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life" and "Black Dog" tied for seventeenth place with 1.4% of respondents. And lastly, "Woman of 9.9 Billion" was in twentieth placer with 1%.


Written by William Schwartz


So nice to hear about our drama being recognized more/more in SK! Well deserved mus we say!
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@Phoenix88 I just notice change of oppa hair style from when he receive the  phone call , until he run away quickly  :joy: Seri need to save her money ( he almost got himself the famous hair cut in the SK without any hairstylist help   :tounge_wink: ) 












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@Ameera Ali i know right. I'm like whooo i didn't know Oppa's hair could move like that when he runs lol:joy: and not like his usual Bowl hairstyle haha..


I'm sure the North Ajuhma would definitely dig in his new SK styling if ever they will see him in that Sk Makeover they will definitely go gaga over him :tounge_xd:


I swear i love you and your Gif's your amazing :kiss_wink::wub:

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Haters gonna hate and they won't stop. Just because CLOY is getting more and more popular every episode, things like this suddenly popped up and we're past halfway of the drama! I just hope that nothing serious will come out of it and they won't change their storyline just to please those complaints.

Since the beginning, the production were saying that this is more of a fantasy and the focus is really the love story. Was there something like this during the airing of The King 2 Hearts? It's also a story wherein they feature NK.

I wonder how many more hurdles CLOY has to overcome in the last six episodes... first, there were a lot of negative comments even before the drama started, next, HB's name being dragged in the jjm scadal, now this... 

I just want to enjoy this drama till the end...

To haters, please leave CLOY alone. They just want to ride in it's rising popularity. :joy:

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14 hours ago, sussieh said:


@Site Admin I agree!! He is in his best shape ever! Really, even those long sleeves cannot hide it! hahaha (Btw, I love how he looks with the green shirt inside his house in NK!) 


14 hours ago, Site Admin said:


Those biceps should be immortalized in .gifs and .jpegs before he goes back to his formerly slim, lean body structure.


Then we shall. :D



@Ameera Ali i was going to use your gif but you didn’t include his whole body (& hidden 6 pack — yes, 1st gif :phew: lol) :joy:

No wonder SR hugged him right away. I’m jelly.

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