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[Drama 2019-2020] Crash Landing on you, 사랑의 불시착


Ending prediction   

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  1. 1. What will happen to the OTP at the end of this drama?

    • Sweet happy ending for Ri-ri in SK
    • Cue sad music ..the divide is just too great ..the OTP will be separated
    • An open ending where they will meet again on the bridge in Switzerland ...

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43 minutes ago, L A said:

Jeong Hyeok topless would send CLoY's rating through the roof hahaha!


43 minutes ago, L A said:

yup yup if Hyun Bin wants 20% he’s gotta earn it 


1 hour ago, lucia704 said:

all expect to see JH being shirtless, at least, in Seri's house but he still covers even his neck. 

Count me with those who want to see RJH shirtless hahaha :love:.  I have hopes that it will happen since her house has automatic heater hahaha, after all in NK his house was colder than SR’s luxurious condo. LOL

HB said that he worked out for this drama so please director-nim/writer-nim, take advantage of that hahaha. I can easily imagine his hidden abs and biceps, those high neck and long sleeves shirts cannot hide them LOL. 

Btw, it seems that this long wait for following ep 11 is making our thoughts run wild :lol:


@Site Admin I agree!! He is in his best shape ever! Really, even those long sleeves cannot hide it! hahaha (Btw, I love how he looks with the green shirt inside his house in NK!) 

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44 minutes ago, L A said:

yup yup if Hyun Bin wants 20% he’s gotta earn it :phew:


I honestly think this is his peak shape, body wise. He had a frail (almost androgynous) build with his past dramas, especially in Secret Garden. The heroine looked more masculine than him :D.


In CLOY, however, he is in his hottest form. Yet we haven't seen even a shadow of his bare arms.


Hyun Bin said he worked out for this role yet all the evidence of it is covered in turtle necks and long sleeves. Those biceps should be immortalized in .gifs and .jpegs before he goes back to his formerly slim, lean body structure.

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1 hour ago, lucia704 said:

We all expect to see JH being shirtless, at least, in Seri's house but he still covers even his neck. .


It's been 37 seasons of turtle-neck sweaters for our Binnie <_< That man needs someone like Ms. Young-And-Rich to spice up his fashion and his life.


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14 hours ago, INeedAFan said:

The wedding called off once RJH went to the frontlines (someone correct me if I am wrong). Why? Because it is impossible for him to attend his wedding during his deployment, which I believe should be a couple of months.



Agree with this too. The engagement plot has already overstayed its welcome. :D


I don't get why RJH is still considered officially engaged when he has already ended their engagement in that hospital scene when he confessed that he liked Seri. I mean, what else is there other than the guy telling SD he cannot marry her because he is in love with another woman? That's pretty much etched in stone. NO MORE ENGAGEMENT. END OF DISCUSSION.


Also, RJH parent's reaction to the lovey-dovey couple is the last nail to the coffin. They have already accepted Seri into the family, albeit with a "heavy" heart haha. The only thing left is for SD to tell her mother and her uncle that it's over.


After that scene, RJH had pretty much acted true to his heart and like a man desperately in love with another woman. There was no hesitation (except for the kisses *cough*) on his part anymore to show his love for Seri because his conscience had already been cleared. He was man enough to face and tell SD. The ball is in her court now.


This is true for all agreements and negotiations, romantic or otherwise. Both parties should be in agreement. WSeo Dan, holding on to the engagement is just as GSJ decribed it, an obsession. And that's kind of freaky.


This is not RHJ's fault anymore. One sided love does not make an engagement, especially when the other party has explicitly stated that #1 he does not want to marry and #2 he likes another woman. Is SD really gonna force him?

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1 hour ago, Nesseri said:

I would love to imagine Jeong Hyeok and Se Ri will have a scene similar to one part in Fifty Shades where the actress ate ice cream sitting on the dining table in the dark and the actor came into the kitchen half naked to have a glass of water (forgive me Lord for I forgot both actors' name in Fifty Shades due to my post pregnancy brain cells LOL).. then we could imagine what is next hahaha! Just my suggestion & imagination. Jeong Hyeok topless would send CLoY's rating through the roof hahaha!

Will see whether HB is willing to do it in CLOY. He was topless in Wrath King movie and fans first impression at that time,he'll be like that in many scenes, at the end, that's it..it's only at the beginning of the movie. While in Late Autumn, I closed my eyes when Tang Wei tried to unbotton his pants, but..again, it just stop there.. regarding kissing scene in Late autumn, if we study thoroughly, the kiss didn't look  like so passionate, it can be described as someone who is longing for the kiss,bw have you guys watched bts of that scene? HB was actually very shy doing it.

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My day starts and ends with checking this thread. This.Has.To.Stop.:lol:



21 hours ago, thanie said:

@ScarlettRose, regardless :D

His hair looked sexy push back, lol! You mentioned WINE earlier. You obviously edited your comment. Are you drunk? Or sober ... 


After I tuck the kids in bed I sometimes drink wine while listening to piano and contemporary classical music to set my mood for the night to tidy up the house. You know what happens next.:blush:



18 hours ago, africandramalover said:

I'll take a break from the forum because I really need to get my dissertation done.... See you at episode 11....


PHD? Can you tell me what you're working on because right now for me it stands for Please, HB, Drop the shirts!:naughty:



7 hours ago, thanie said:

I wonder where this conversations are leading 

Seriously, I need Se-ri's king-size (or was it king size?) to be fully utilized :D. It's too big for her! Since RJH will be playing the role of a bodyguard, that means, she will be guarding Se-ri 24/7 ... that gives them enough room for the ff.:


Elevator Kiss

Car Kiss

Wall Kiss

Love-Making (in the office or at the Couch)

To the MODS, I apologize in advance (I can no longer count the times I got reprimanded :sweatingbullets:) I am just having fun with my fellow comrades 


Why not! Those are basically normal but again this is rated PG so they should find a way to show something enough for us to go wild in our dreams or imaginations after watching it but within the limit.:grin:


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Phew, this thread really FLIES! Just not long ago, everyone was chasing to reach page 100 and now it's already page 172!!


Was just rewatching ep 9 and tears came again at the scene of the ducklings and Seri watching the mountains while they say good bye. As soon as the OST "The song you and I used to sing" came on, I felt all emotional. This must be my favorite OST of CLOY so far (though I love all of them). It just move me so much, as it's sounds old-school about love, friendship and separation, all in one.


As for that "kiss" that everyone's waiting for, I gotta laugh at all your funny discussions LOL!! Let's see if writer-nim and director-nim will fulfill all your wishes!


About HB's showing of his muscles and upper body, I only just realise that he's one of the few top-leading korean actors who have not (or hardly) do that on screen!! Others like Gong Yoo, Ji Chang Wook, Kim Soh Hyun, etc etc. always have that special shower scene with top body shown, but not HB!! Wonder if that's one of his requirement and clause in the contract?? Maybe he's too shy to show his body lol!!



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@thanie yes let him bump into HB when he goes to SK :)

Woah a lot of comrades here wants HB baring his 6 pack? let's see if he'll do that, he seems very conservative! I just like his role here & his facial expressions of being so naive and innocent; even the way he talks LOL, he's terrific actor!

well comrades, you need not wait to see HB shirtless in CLOY here's an example although i think he'd look better these days if it's in CLOY than the one from this photo?



cr: soompi


cr: hottie wordpress


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52 minutes ago, Site Admin said:

The only thing left is for SD to tell her mother and her uncle that it's over.

There was a scene in episode 10 where SD’s mom and uncle discussed the cancellation of the wedding and they were ‘normal’. I agree that SD needs to tell them. However, I think they kinda sense that SD has another guy, SJ.

53 minutes ago, kimsabu said:


There was a news coverage done by JTBC yesterday. It trended on Naver for a while.


I am a minority here, but I hope the F5 wouldn’t find JH as soon as possible. I want SRxRJH’s quality time where they can go on dates! Please!

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3 hours ago, RobinM said:


Dude but They waited like 10 years though even when she became legal in Goblin. Boo!  Was hot when it happened though:)


It should be like Suspicious Partner. That’s the Hottest fade out bed scene I can recall :) 

I agree with you I wish for something similar to suspicious partner for cloy too. Both the lead there shared sizzling chemistry just like HB and SYJ. If they can't show us bed scene for some reason I would like if they can show a morning after similar to suspicious partner. It was so beautiful and natural. That kiss on her head and shoulder kiss I still swoon thinking about that:wub:. I am sure with HB and SYJ it would be treat to watch scenes with such beautiful love making

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Just now, Xoxo said:

@kimsabu when did this happen? Wow.. This drama surely caught lot of attention not only from fans but also from political group :o i hope this issue won't bring pressure to the production team. cLOY team fighting! 

Orig article: https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20200122131606151

When it’s already the 10th episode, that’s the time they they will complain? Like seriously. :flushed:  Besides it’s a drama with a romcom genre after all. Can’t they just lower the threshold for their sensitivity. 

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@kimsabu let’s not worry too much. I believe tvN has some measures to overcome this kind of problem. I believe they already anticipate this problem will arise somehow. Anyway, all things can be settle with money. Political group loves money and i believe this is the reason too they rose the issue


oh i forgot to say hi to my fellow Malaysian @cybertron n @adawiyahsulaiman :) 

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Hello folks! I'm returning to Soompi after years because of the madness that CLOY is!!!


Wondering if anyone has projected how the storyline will take shape. Will Captain Ri defect to stay with Seri in Seoul ? Or will Seri give up her chaebol life to live in Pukan? Or will they end up in Switzerland? 

Edited by junelives
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