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[Drama 2019-2020] Crash Landing on you, 사랑의 불시착

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  1. 1. What will happen to the OTP at the end of this drama?

    • Sweet happy ending for Ri-ri in SK
    • Cue sad music ..the divide is just too great ..the OTP will be separated
    • An open ending where they will meet again on the bridge in Switzerland ...

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Ratings episode 14 (Nielsen Korea)   Nationwide: 17.705% Seoul: 18.612%  

@Lawyerh , @cenching , @sadthe1st @Sejabin , @im0202 , @vangsweetie637 @lu09 @Sarang21 @thanie , @hibiscus23  now we know how he will be if his wife giving birth  # don’t move darling   

On how to save a life (by Ri Jung Hyuk) I AM NOT OKAY, GUYS!!! MY FEELINGS!!! I NEED TO TALK.  Yoon Se-Ri hates her birthday. She hates her birthday so much that she attempted suicide o







I have not been able to find the full clip with English subtitles. So am sharing here the various portions that have English subtitles added. There are two in “spoiler” coz under Soompi’s rules I can’t attach more than 3 in my post. 


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Look like Son Yejin’s fans from DC Son Yejin’s Gallery sent a coffee truck.


As a member of The Space, I want to update that last Saturday Hyun Bin’s Official Fanclub The Space treated the cast and production team to a scrumptious warm sit down meal :) 

I have alr posted two pics in my earlier post. I can’t share the official pics as I am bound by the rules of The Space. So yes, the fans of both our leads have been showing lots of love and support for this drama. 

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Sharing full clip of "Crash Landing on You" script reading from Son Ye Jin's soompi page

The last part "North Korea Ahjumma Team" is hilarious. It looks like Huyn Bin's character is so handsome, he is National Treasure in North Korea :D

And I think there will be a lot of misunderstanding in communication because the dialects from South and North are different. I think this is gonna be VERY VERY funny with sweet romance. I'm so looking forward to it. 

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In addition to a warm meal, The Space also sent a coffee truck.



My translation:


Banner on top of the truck: Colleagues who crash landed into the heart of Jung Hyuk!! Fly, Fly, gather to drink sugar tea! 

Stand-up Banner: The world's most handsome Jung Hyuk’s treat. Drink the hot tea, and may Crash Landing on You be DAEBAK!

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19 hours ago, cybertron said:

I wonder,NK people are allowed to stay in SK for a long time?

Seems like LJH don’t have a problem to be in public area in SK?

Maybe it is true like some people wish,LJH is a spy from SK?

Haha..that’s kinda far fetched :D Well, on a personal level, many South Koreans are “pro-unification”. They are tied together by the same family origins after all. It’s only because of their historical development, different political systems and ideological differences that caused them to be separated. So in a drama it is fully possible for love to surpass or overcome  all of that. I am actually quite curious about how the Writer is going to unfold this love story and that is where the curiosity and excitement lie for me.


1 hour ago, Fangirlingislife said:

@KimSooHanMoo thanks for the photos! Are jung hyuk and and seri on a date on that scene? :lol::wub:

HB looks soooo handsome even tho the photo is grainy.. And SYJ looks so beautiful..

What a beautiful couple 

Yes, LJH and YSR make such a beautiful couple. I am not sure that was a dating scene though haha..coz that location- Paju Premium Outlets is too public a place to shoot a dating scene :D

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Son Ye Jin's IG updates of her fans food truck. I love her warm words of thanks for her fans. 




@KimSooHanMoo  thank you for your fast updated. Kyaaaa really love their interview session. The sparkling of their eyes. 

Also for the first script reading seems all the team have much fun doing the shooting. 

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My translation of the tvN interview clip



Y:  Let’s start.

Y: TVN Interview, hello everyone!

H: This is Hyun Bin who plays Lee Jung Hyuk in Crash Landing on You

Y: This is Son Yejin who plays South Korea’s 0.001% high class third generation chaebol heiress Yoon SeRi

Caption : Crash Landing on You’s TVN Interview between LJH and YSR starts now. Are they using Baanmal (casual language)? These two who are normally well mannered?

H: Beg your pardon for the mixture of Baanmal (casual language) and Jondaemal (honorific language)

H: SeRi-ah, what kind of drama is this?

Y: It’s a fun drama

H: How would you describe SeRi’s charms?

Y: She’s silly and lively. Ah, I am not supposed to use casual language, right?


H: What’s your reason for choosing to act in this drama?

Y: I laughed while reading the drama script. There was no reason not to accept the drama.

H: How in sync am I with the character Lieutenant LJH?

Y: I think you match really well.

H: 100%?

Y: hmm

(Meter shows 50%)

(H hisses and Y laughs)

H: In particular, what aspects am I similar to LJH

Y: Orh..

H: Dot dot dot (with gesture)

H: If you have an employee like LJH, how would you think of him?

Y: I think it would be impossible to get close to him.

(scene from Teaser 2 where :LJH asked, “what’s the password”, “come down” with caption – “Alright, next time you will be boss”)

H: Based on the shooting thus far, which is the most interesting scene?

Y: Of all the scenes, the most recent one, er, isn’t this a spoiler?

TVN Advertisement – Watch Crash Landing on You, premeires 14 Dec 9pm)

H: What nickname would you give me?

Y: I don’t want to (laughs)

H: Good answer

Caption – Mute the laughter

H: Can you use 3 lines to describe LJH please

Y: I have already thought this through at home.

Caption : Very Proud of Herself

H: Come. Ri?

Y: Oh, this wasn’t what I prepared. I only prepared the one for Yoon SeRi.

Y: I can’t.

H: Ri

Y: Ri Jeong Hyeok-ssi

H: Jeong

Y: Jeong Hyeok Comrade

H: Hyeok

Y: (hyeokmyeongjakro chuwahabnida) Like you to a revolutionary level

Both laugh

H: dot dot dot

Y: dot dot dot


H: In SeRi’s opinion, what are LJH’s charms?

Y: He’s simply perfect man, he’s a reliable man who will protect you no matter what

Caption : As a matter of fact, he’s so reliable (scene of Teaser 2 with YSR falling on LJH)

H: What’s the nickname you will give to Ri Jeong Hyeok and Yoon SeRi couple?

Y: Nickname? (Peeped at the script in Hyun Bin’s hand). Did the script have this part?

H: You can’t look at the script

Caption: So what if I look. 

Y: Ah, Ri Ri, I remember now. It’s cute. Ri Ri

H: (nodded) Ri Ri

H: There’s a comment that says you have the most exceptional unique beauty, what’s your secret. 

Y: Heol

H: How does living in this world with that kind of face feel?

Y: (shook her head) hmm. Everyone is dissatisfied with his or her own look, isn’t that the case?

H:???? (shook his head) No


H: Use 5 words to describe our drama

Y: I can’t do it in 5 words, it’s too long

H: Why suddenly you change to honorific language?

Caption : Tongue-tied

Y: You will regret it if you don’t watch, ah yes, this is good. You will regret if you don’t watch

H: What are the 3 things to watch out for?

Y: It has a lovely and interesting story, it’s a heart-throbbing, heart-breaking love story. It is a drama that is a complete package type of gift that contains a variety of things

H: What is the most touching and heart-fluttering point about the drama?

Y: Ri Jeong Hyeok

H laughs

Y’s turn to ask H

Y: Lieutenant Ri Jeong Hyeok, what’s the reason for you to choose this drama?

H: I have been wanting to do a romcom after a long time

Y: From Ri Jeong Hyeok’s point of view, what are the charms about our drama?

H: I think it is the unexpectedness about the drama that makes it interesting

Y: Do you know that you look cool in uniform?

H: Mmm

(Background laughter)

Y: Let’s stop (meaning she does not want to do this anymore – coz he wasn’t following the script haha)

Caption: What is this, ahjussi?

Y: In the drama you have to speak in North Korean Satoori. Isn’t that difficult?

H: I had thought it would be easy as I had done this in a movie before but it turns out to be much more difficult.

Y: What are SeRi’s charms to Ri Jeong Hyeok?

H: She is outspoken..and…(thinking hard…for a long while..)

Y: Forget it

H: dot dot dot

Y: Jeong Hyeok-ah, (Y said it so sweetly that both laugh)

Y: Give SeRi a nickname

H: Materialistic Lump

Y: ??

Caption: Expression Queen. What is this?

Y: How in sync is SYJ with YSR? 

H: 70%?

Y: What aspects?

H: You are outspoken and will say what you think, but you are not a blabbermouth without constraints like her

Y: What is the strength of Son Yejin acting as YSR?

H: Lots of ideas

Y: Describe YSR in 3 lines

H: Alright, let’s have some praise

Caption: Indeed he has come prepared

H: Didn’t we check the dictionary just now?

Y: Yoon

H: (yoonyinane) Soft and beautiful. How did I want to say it?

Y: Se

H: (Sesangpitnane)? The brightest light in the world?

Y: Ri

H: Ri who came to the North

Y laughs

H: Why? You are a Ri who came to the North, isn’t that right?

Y: I really came prepared, let me do it, you ask

H: Yoon

Y: yoongigachwarrrrr (means glossy)

H: Se

Y: sesangyeseobitnanen (Brightly shining in this world)

H: Ri

Y: Ri Jeong Hyeok

H: Orh..

Y: What do you think of the chemistry between LJH and YSR?

H: When you see it you will know. Look forward to it.

Y: What is a good nickname for the couple?

H: Two Ri. There are two “Ri”, you know (Me: “two ri” is also the same pronounciation for “both of them”)

H nods proudly

Y: How do you feel living in this world with this kind of face?

H: It doesn’t bother me

H: why?

Y: What’s this?


Y: In the script, the ahjummas see LJH as a national monument type of treasure. What is your view about this?

H laughs

H: I don’t like it

Y: Why?

H: I just don’t like to be stereotyped 

Y: Your experience as a marine officer, did that help you in acting as LJH?

H: Probably. He’s a soldier after all.

Y: What do you think our drama will be like?

H: Saturday and Sunday ripped apart

Y: What did you say?

H: Because recently people are like that. 

Y: why are you like that, ahjussi?

H shrugs and laughs

Y: Describe 3 points to watch out for in the drama

H: Writer Park Ji Eun and PD Lee Jeonghyo, Lee Jeong Hyeok and Yoon SeRi’s chemistry, stellar acting from the supporting cast

Y: What is the heart fluttering point about Crash Landing on You?

H: Unpredictable romance

Y: erm..alright. I don’t know if this can be considered a heart fluttering point. Crash Landing on You will be coming soon. Please give us lots of support!

H: Please look forward to it.

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