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[Drama 2019-2020] Crash Landing on you, 사랑의 불시착

Ending prediction   

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  1. 1. What will happen to the OTP at the end of this drama?

    • Sweet happy ending for Ri-ri in SK
    • Cue sad music ..the divide is just too great ..the OTP will be separated
    • An open ending where they will meet again on the bridge in Switzerland ...

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Ratings episode 14 (Nielsen Korea)   Nationwide: 17.705% Seoul: 18.612%  

@Lawyerh , @cenching , @sadthe1st @Sejabin , @im0202 , @vangsweetie637 @lu09 @Sarang21 @thanie , @hibiscus23  now we know how he will be if his wife giving birth  # don’t move darling   

more kiss will be clearly dangerous    Seri : that enough I can’t handle it  Oppa face expression ( are you sure   )       

5 hours ago, margerytka said:

Mthink there was no scene.
And maybe the drama will end just like an old Korean story about lovers meeting from time to time..  [just like MLFTS)

Totaly agree, that's the feeling i have about this Drama. They will get together  any time each year but i don't like the idea. Maybe in another country where NKs can go. 

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The last scene was so heart braking. I think is a hir father doing. Dan went to see his father and i am sure she told him about Seri. Maybe he sent those men to take her to SK or to hide her for a while till the can send her to home.  They shot the gun to make him think she is dead and he can forget  her. 


It could be that in the next weekend we will see her at home 

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I must say, I am pleasantly surprised that the plot is moving along so quickly! I wonder if this is to model a Netflix series--season 1 and 2. Even though this is a 16-episode, 1 season drama, we have reached the halfway mark and already most of the secrets are out, revelations have been made, kisses, near-deaths and escapes made. Dramatic moments that usually only happen towards the end of the series in a normal K-drama have all occurred mid-series! In this sense, it feels like we are onto our second half, akin to season TWO, (like everyone have said), and the writer is preparing to move our storyline to SK.

Am I the only one who thinks that our Villain is doing an amazing job at his role? His reprisal as a scheming and cruel North Korean soldier is spot on, not to mention his accent which tops it all off! Just listening to him speak in the scene where he storms in on Sung Joon's residence and threatens to shoot him, leaves me in awe. I mean, I may not know much about the North Korean accent, but compared to even Hyun Bin and Seo Dan (who I feel sometimes let their Seoul accent slip in), Cho Cheol Gang sounds, looks and acts his part perfectly, down to a T.

He may be disliked, and trust me, he irks me too! But having a villain who truly seems threatening and riles the audience up is central to the success of the drama. I mentioned this before but if we compare both of Park Ji Eun's previous similar works, LOTBS and YWCFTS, the villain in the latter played a huge role as it really drew the audience in and made us sit nervously on the edges of our seat each week as we worried about our leads (and if anything, catapulted Shin Sung Rok to stardom too!) In comparison, the villain in LOTBS was slightly weaker, and eliminated far too easily, which was one of the gripes some fans of the drama had. Cudos to our villain!

Having said that, I wonder which direction our writer is taking with our second leads, SD and SJ. On one hand, there are signs that they could branch off with an arc of their own given their intriguing interactions. At other times, it seems as if they will fall prey to the second lead syndrome and get caught up with their own desire to break up SR-JH, unknowingly lending hand to the real villain.  

I believe she has an idea, but is not making it clear cut so that she could tweak it depending on the response of the audience. One Cho Cheol Gang is enough, I really hope we don't get another set of selfish villains.


P.s. How good is our BTS this week? OMG HB actually played the piano himself! Can't believe he memorised the piece and played it well for the novice pianist that he is!! And loooooove their interactions, does anyone know what YJ and HB was saying at least in the first part of the video? :huh:

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1 hour ago, cybertron said:


Just to add more..If u haven't watch The Truth Beneath,please watch...

Thats my favourite role of SYJ..


Btw,the kiss scene in bts more passionate and hot than in the drama.

No wonder the nurse said deep kiss and vulgar:lol:


Thanks for the reco! I've also read about The Truth Beneath and plan to watch it soon. I've actually watched quite a lot of SYJ's movies like The Classic, A Moment to Remember, April Snow. Must also watch the movie that started the BinJin shipping ie Negotiation!


The kiss scene BTS is indeed hot!


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5 hours ago, Katrina Abdul Talib said:

Tht watch must hv been taken fm her by her abductors and will soon  lead to those involved in the brutal murder of his brother.

Unless she dropped it and he finds it

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Found these cute videos of SYJ and HB on twitter.  Super cute interactions between our leading lady and leading man! The twitter account has promised to post more of these videos since the original TVN youtube is only accessible to South Korea.


Hope I am not overposting the videos - how many can I post in the forum?




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1 hour ago, dftio said:

P.s. How good is our BTS this week? OMG HB actually played the piano himself! Can't believe he memorised the piece and played it well for the novice pianist that he is!! And loooooove their interactions, does anyone know what YJ and HB was saying at least in the first part of the video? :huh:

 Hyun Bin learned to play the piano since he was young :love: For cloy i think he just practiced to play it again since his role is a piano genius.


He played the piano in his drama my name is kim sam soon, and also in his Japan FM in 2009 

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This is a heartbreaking episode 8!!! I think a week’s break is good for me to rest my mind and digest everything!

I would love to see JH search for SR but i hope he won’t spend 2 episodes trying to find her, or found her only at the last 10s of episode 10:astonished: I can’t wait 2 weeks for their reunion:bawling:


Off to re-watch episode 8 and will be back to read the interesting insights here!



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Ok wow, I finally watched episode 8 and that last scene was intense wasn’t it. This drama has been such a pleasant delight and each episode just keeps on giving while constantly moving along at a smooth pace. I always love when a drama draws you in and is consistent and it’s safe to say that this drama has that magic about it.

I loved episode 7. That kiss was so incredibly gentle and sweet. I noticed JH slightly rubs his nose against SR’s nose before he goes in for the second kiss which just made the kiss even sweeter. The heart SR sewed on JH’s jacket was a perfect touch to add to the sweetness of this episode. I absolutely love how she has such a tough facade in SK but has melted because of JH and isn’t afraid to do sweet things for him. I could never picture her sewing a heart on someone else’s jacket in SK that’s for sure lol 


Episode 8 was a good set up episode to hopefully return SR back to SK. As much as I’d love for her to stay, realistically speaking, she needs to go back and frankly I reckon the sooner the better in order for us to see how they meet again and also (hopefully) get some happy reunited episodes. At the pace this drama is going, I doubt we will have to wait long for them to be reunited. Jealous JH is always my favourite thing to watch, he’s adorable and the hug in the snow made my heart flutter. I love how SR continued to hug JH back while denying she came back for any other purpose then to send him home. I think it’s safe to say that SR is JH’s first love too hehe

I agree with everyone’s comments on the death being staged which explains why the kidnappers let SR phone JH, because this then sets up the premise for him to think she’s dead (which I doubt he believes anyways). If it was SD who staged this, I think she just hired those men to try to return SR back to SK. In her mind, she can then lie and say SR died and she’ll get to marry JH in the end. If it was JH’s dad, then he will hide her until he can figure out a smart way to return her. He doesn’t want his family’s reputation ruined and he especially doesn’t want to lose another son so I can completely see him helping. I think he will help them be together though once he realises that his son is in love with SR. He didn’t look mad when JH said if something happens to SR, he will be living in hell everyday until the day he dies. He seemed more shocked at his sons confession. The watch will be the key to getting JH and his family out of this mess and perhaps, in return for exposing the evil Colonel, he will get to travel back to Switzerland where maybe SR will also coincidently be?


I also thought it was awesome how SR’s dad came back outside, he looked so badass. He will definitely help get his daughter back if all other plans fail. I don’t think the business stuff matters so much to SR anymore. You could see the pain in her eyes when SJ was saying she can return to her rightful place, it’s like she realised her rightful place is with JH.

The scenes at the end of each episode are fantastic aren’t they. I didn’t actually think there was more to SR and JH meeting in Switzerland, I thought the bridge moment was all but how satisfying that she actually heard him play the piano too and that tune in turn became her favourite piano tune. It’s going to be great when she knows it was him who was playing the piano and I think it will be a bittersweet moment when he eventually does play that same tune again, like he is finally ready to let go of his past and be happy in the future with SR.


Now onto the wait for next weeks episodes.. it’s going to be a loonnnggg week!

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32 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

 bromance :joy::mrgreen:

how could you bear to leave out the second photo by our mr corn chewer duckling??? :w00t:

seems like, SD’s taste doesn’t come cheap either :scream:

maybe we should pool beer and dried pollack and corns and potatoes money for a watch instead.. :glasses:

oh wait, chopard is too expensive..

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9 hours ago, ScarlettRose said:


to belting out Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton in Ep 8. 




Few words but speak volumes of meaning. 

I know! I totally understand your feeling!

Hahaha You made me want to listen to that song! And now I have been listening to it repeatedly LOL

wow I cannot get over it. 

Lost the count of how many times I have rewatched ep 8 ending scene :joy:. Torturing myself rewatching that heartbreaking scene. And it’s only Monday! 

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Omo! My heart broke while watching JH sobbing wretchedly at his dead brother, MH's altar! At last we get a glimpse of how close he and MH were from a short scene regarding the expensive watch which will help expose JCK's evil deeds. So glad to see a few seconds of my bias, HA SUK JIN as MH again in this episode! :blush:


@africandramalover yes! Kaesong where the ahjuma squad lives is indeed a parody of SKY CASTLE! Kudos to the writer!:lol:


Most of my thoughts about ep7 & 8 are already mentioned here by many of our expressive comrades here!:P


But I need to ADD that HYUN BIN as a man can REALLY CRY indeed! 

However he still looks gorgeous while crying!:love:




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