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[Drama 2020] Extracurricular / Human Class, 인간수업 - Netflix - NOW available


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Netflix Drama

Extracurricular / Human Class





Episodes: 10

Network: Netflix

Airdate: April 29th,2020





“Human Lessons” is a Netflix original series about a model student who commits crime in order to earn money along with his friends and acquaintances who unintentionally get involved in the situation.


Kim Dong Hee will play the role of Ji Soo, a high school student who makes a poor decision in order to earn money for college tuition. Jung Da Bin’s character is Min Hee, Ji Soo’s classmate who gets involved in Ji Soo’s criminal act.

Park Joo Hyun will take on the role of Gyu Ri, who accidentally finds out about Ji Soo’s crime and joins in. Nam Yoon Soo will play Min Hee’s boyfriend Gi Tae.

Choi Min Soo will be Ji Soo’s secret assistant Wang Chul, while Park Hyuk Kwon will be Ji Soo’s homeroom teacher Jin Woo. Kim Yeo Jin is Hae Kyung, a Women’s and Juvenile Affairs Division police officer. Cr. Soompi




Kim Dong Hee as Ji Soo

Jung Da Bin as Min Hee

Nam Yoon Soo as Ki Tae

Park Joo Hyun as Kyu Ri

Choi Min Soo as Wang Cheol






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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama TBA] Human Lessons, 인간수업 - Kim Dong Hee, Jung Da Bin & Nam Yoon Soo - Netflix
  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Human Class, 인간수업 - Netflix - Premieres on April 29th
  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2020] Extracurricular / Human Class, 인간수업 - Netflix - NOW available
  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2020] Extracurricular / Human Class, 인간수업 - Netflix - NOW available


‘Extracurricular’ raises questions about teenage crimes

By Choi Ji-won | April 29, 2020


“Extracurricular” (Netflix)

Are teenagers responsible for their deliquency and are adults free of culpability for the teenagers’ crimes?

Upcoming Netflix original series “Extracurricular” deviates from most Korean TV dramas about teenagers in exploring the dark reality of juvenile crimes.

Yoon Sin-ae, CEO of the series’ production company Studio 329, said that when she received the script from budding writer Jin Han-sae, she knew she had to do it. 

“The series tells the story of teenagers who destroy their own lives by making wrong decisions. I wanted to throw out questions about crimes that happen around us in real life,” Yoon said during a press event Tuesday.

“Extracurricular” shows how high school students face irreversible consequences for making wrong choices and becoming involved in dangerous crimes to make money.

The series is helmed by veteran director Kim Jin-min of “She Was Pretty” (2015) and “Time Between Dog and Wolf” (2007), and features young and aspiring actors Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Ju-hyun and Nam Yoon-soo in lead roles.



Cast members of “Extracurricular” -- Park Ju-hyun (from left), Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin and Nam Yoon-soo -- pose for photos Tuesday. (Netflix)


“Second year in high school is a time when people start to make their own decisions about life and take responsibility for them. However, whether one’s intention was good or bad is yet unclear,” director Kim said. “If there had been a set answer in the story, I wouldn’t have taken it. The script throws out a question which everyone could think about.”

Referring to the recent “Nth Room” case involving teenagers as both perpetrators and victims of online sexual exploitation, Yoon said, “The incident was so shocking that I felt frightened. ‘Extracurricular’ could become an opportunity to discuss this uncomfortable reality. As a creator, I felt I had to deal with the issues of our society with more depth and responsibility.”

Actor Kim Dong-hee, 20, who starred in smash-hit drama “Sky Castle” last year and recently appeared in “Itaewon Class,” takes on the lead role of Ji-soo in the new series.

“Ji-soo is a seemingly exemplary student who commits crimes outside school to earn money,” Kim Dong-hee said. 

Actress Jung, 20, plays Min-hee, who rules over her peers at school and joins Ji-soo in his crimes, also for money. 

“Min-hee is a character that I haven’t played before. I put in a lot of effort to break the wall between Min-hee and myself,” said Jung, who already has a 17-year acting career.

Actress Park was cast for the role of the popular yet rebellious Kyu-ri, and actor Nam plays Min-hee’s boyfriend Ki-tae.

”The two male and two female characters in the story all make different decisions. The story shows that questions don’t lead to answers but just more questions. The writer has written a terrifying script,” director Kim said.

All 10 episodes of “Extracurricular” were released on Netflix at 4 p.m. on Wednesday. 

By Choi Ji-won (jwc@heraldcorp.com)

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Interest in OTT services surges as pandemic forces people to stay home


By Kwak Yeon-soo | April 30, 2020



A Netflix logo is seen in this photo. / Reuters-Yonhap

With strict social distancing measures issued by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19, over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services have seen higher viewing and increased subscriber growth over the last few months.

According to media and consumer research by Korea Broadcast Advertising Corp., 75 percent of 1,000 survey respondents reported they refrained from outdoor activities in March due to COVID-19 concerns. Around 80 percent of them responded that they watched video content through TV and other digital devices at home.


A Netflix Korea official declined to disclose the number of subscriptions in Korea, but said "the company has seen a temporary surge in streams, but expects viewing and growth to decelerate as lockdown eases." 


Third-party research firm WiseApp has reported seeing massive increases in usage and subscription signups for the service in March. It is estimated that Netflix's subscriber base in Korea grew from around 2 million in December 2019 to approximately 2.72 million in March 2020.


The time Koreans spent watching Netflix on Android smartphones was 8.17 million minutes in the fourth week of February, compared to 6.72 million minutes in the first week of January, according to a report by big data firm Mobile Index. 


The recent performance of OTT services stands in contrast to local movie theaters' bleak monthly admissions figures. According to the Korean Film Council, a total of 1.83 million people went to cinemas last month, plunging 87.5 percent from 14.7 million a year earlier. This happened as people avoided going to theaters due to concerns about contagion.


"As people are practicing social distancing and staying home amid the COVID-19 outbreak, they watch a lot of content on OTT platforms," culture critic Jung Deok-hyun said. 



A scene from popular Korean webtoon "Now at Our School," which will be adapted into the film "All of Us Are Dead" / Courtesy of Netflix

New normal 


Netflix entered the Korean market in January 2016, airing both foreign and homegrown content. It also invested in producing original series by joining hands with local producers, filmmakers and actors. 


The first original production was adventure film "Okja," followed by historical zombie thriller "Kingdom" and ensemble piece "Persona." 

"One notable thing about OTT services is that 'Made in Korea' content can be watched by the world," a Netflix official said. "It can also satisfy content-hungry viewers who look for diverse genres of high-quality content. Moreover, Korean dramas and films are highly popular across the world beyond Asia."


To broaden its offerings, the U.S. streaming giant struck a deal with some of the major players in Korea's entertainment industry. 

CJ ENM and its subsidiary Studio Dragon signed a three-year content production and distribution agreement with Netflix last November. That same month, JTBC Content Hub, home to drama series including "Sky Castle" and "Itaewon Class," also signed a three-year licensing deal. 


In April, crime thriller "Time to Hunt" became the first Korean film to premiere on an OTT platform after skipping theatrical release. 


"It's exciting that the film was released in 190 countries through Netflix," director Yoon Sung-hyun said. "I'm open to new opportunities directing Netflix original series ― films, drama series or whatever. I don't have a fixed idea or opinion on what kind of film it should be."


Following the OTT trend, well-known filmmakers and stars are rushing to Netflix. Many find the platform attractive because the streamer is known to guarantee creative freedom so that they can unfold all kinds of stories.


Director Kim Jin-min of Netflix original series "Extracurricular," which premiered on Tuesday, said the latest project deviates from conventional Korean dramas as it is about teenagers exploring the dark side of youth. 


"Such a crime drama with a streak of intense suspense couldn't have been aired by Korean broadcasters," he said. 


Director Lee Jae-kyoo will return with the Netflix original "All of Us Are Dead," which is about high school students trapped in their school during a zombie apocalypse. An adaptation of a popular Korean webtoon titled "Now at Our School," it will be the second Korean zombie series ordered by Netflix following "Kingdom."

Lee is a well-known Korean directors both on the big and small screens, having produced hit TV series like "Beethoven Virus" and "The King 2 Hearts" as well as movies like "The Fatal Encounter" and "Intimate Stranger."



A scene from Korea's popular webtoon "Hell," which will be adapted into the film "Hellbound" / Courtesy of Netflix

Director Yeon Sang-ho, well-known for his work "Train to Busan," is set to direct new Netflix series "Hellbound." A thriller series based on the Korean webtoon "Hell," the story will be about a group of people who encounter supernatural creatures from Hell. 


Netflix is also set to release the fantasy series "The School Nurse Files" in the first half of 2020, starring actors Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk. Directed by Lee Kyoung-mi, it is based on a novel about a high school nurse with supernatural abilities who faces mysterious incidents at her new school.


In addition, star actor Jung Woo-sung will participate in the Netflix original series "Silent Sea" as an executive producer. Based on a short film with the same title, "Silent Sea" is a mystery sci-fi thriller about people confronting water shortage in the future. 




Although OTT platforms are expanding their reach to mass audiences, many industry officials predict the unexpected boost from the COVID-19 outbreak will be short-lived. Some cast doubt on OTT services replacing movie theaters, at least in the near future.


"The function of movie theaters is different from OTT platforms. Cinemas are great for watching blockbusters, where you can enjoy them through a large screen and advanced sound system. On the other hand, OTT platforms are best suited for watching films with long runtimes," culture critic Jeong said. "It is possible that, in the future, filmmakers and producers will make films specifically targeted to OTT platforms."


An official of Korea's largest multiplex cinema franchise CGV official said, "Of course, watching a film on your phone, tablet, laptop or TV can be comfortable. However, movie theaters offer a communal experience coupled with the fact that you're watching it on the widescreen with great sound quality. Society wants things to be normalized, and we're pretty sure many wouldn't want cinemas to be lost."

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This Drama need Season 2 right???


The ending tho who saved jisoo and gyuri???


Any prediction??


An actual good drama that keep you on the edge. Would be a bummer if they dont extend with season 2 bcoz the acting of the main two lead is so good

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3 hours ago, Samuel Yohanes said:

This Drama need Season 2 right???


The ending tho who saved jisoo and gyuri???


Any prediction??


An actual good drama that keep you on the edge. Would be a bummer if they dont extend with season 2 bcoz the acting of the main two lead is so good

Sure is, this show needs Season 2 lol. It might be their homeroom teacher who saved them in the end or idk. It's just speculation.

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Damn.  This drama came out of the left field.  I suddenly saw it on Netflix and started watching.  It's terrific.


It's way cool.  I am at the 6th episode, and it is humming along.  Nicely paced story. Great plot line, that shows the potential dark sides of teenage lives in striking ways.  The female lead (Park Ju Hyun) is incredible in her acting.  All round talent.  I can't believe that this is basically her first serious role.  What a find for KDrama!!


Well, Jung Da Bin, who is well-known, was advertised as the female lead, but PJH is the real lead and there is no question.

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9 hours ago, MrEildriz said:

Sure is, this show needs Season 2 lol. It might be their homeroom teacher who saved them in the end or idk. It's just speculation.

So many question to ask but not as bad cliffhabger as for example like my first first love which is really a cliffhanger. This one is more like can be consider open ending but lots of rooms to explore. 


If it got renewed, the maybe we can see them.next year at the fastest. I see the reception currently is good and things looking bright for this drama to get season 2


Btw i want to talk about the two leads. Their chemistry later on is on point and i like it. Especially the ep 10 one. And ofcourse the end too when he who didnt want gyuri to be involved in his crime thus proving that he really love her and want to take the full blame. 


And gyuri come to him if she didnt come then jisoo might be in grave instead. 


And the last dialogue ugh..

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I finished this drama in 2 days..It was highly addicting. The show was really easy to get through, it didn't feel like it was dragging on. 


My favorite character was definitely Gyuri...as much as I wanted to hate her for involvement in everything I just couldn't. Really enjoyed the rookie actress that played her. Looking forward to her future projects!


Season 2 would be really cool but I don't see how they could continue this storyline to the future.. will Jisoo and Gyuri be on the run... will we see Kitae's revenge. If anything I can see the producers telling a similar story but with different characters.

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JTBC PLUS | 2020. 05. 08.


Park Ju Hyun of "Extracurricular": "The perpetrators of Nth room case need to be severely punished"





Actress Park Ju Hyun in the drama "Extracurricular" stated her opinion about the "Nth room" case, saying, "The perpetrators need to be severely punished".
In an interview with the cast of "Extracurricular" (Netflix) conducted on the morning of May 8, Park Ju Hyun shared his feelings after learning about the "Nth room" case. She said, "I feel devastated because something like this happened in our society. This is the case that I find most shocking although I have known about many crimes before. I think that the most severe and appropriate punishments for the perpetrators of this case should be applied. 
When asked what "Extracurricular" meant to her, the actress replied, "Like the drama's title, this work taught me a lot of things similar to when attending a lesson. I made significant progress as an actress as I acted under the director's direction. Also, I have grown a lot as an adult. I think that for me, this is the best work so far."
About the opinion "The scene where Gyu Ri made a proposal to be able to participate in running the prostitution business was shocking," the actress said, "Actually, I was shocked when I first watched that scene. However, as an actress who has no choice but to act, I have thought carefully 'For what reason did Gyu Ri take such an action?'."
Regarding the simultaneous release of all episodes on Netflix's signature platform, she said, "Many people said, 'I watched all episodes in one day.' It took this work for more than half a year to film, so when I read those comments, I actually felt quite empty. Even so, I still feel grateful that everyone has watched this work."
Relating to the question about the character type that she wanted to try, Park Ju Hyun revealed, "I want to try playing the role of a senior to show a girlcrush charisma and be able to approach the viewers freely. I'd like to act in an action film because I am a person who loves physical activities."
When she was asked, "Are there any shocking events that you remember when you were in school?", she replied, "There are many, but the thing that I remember most is when the students of the same grade raped a girl. Because they were all students, they only had to receive a small punishment. It was a pretty heartbreaking incident."




In response to the question "Did you get curious about any character other than Gyu Ri when reading the script?", The actress shared, "I didn't get the script in advance. Perhaps it is because the film exploits the topic that is quite sensitive and the director wants to see the actors' qualities so that's why. In the second casting, there was only one script and all actors had to try acting with the Gyu Ri role. In addition, there was no information related to other characters."
Next, about the comment, "Besides positive reviews, there are also arguments that the film is 'provocative'," Park Joo Hyun said, "I sympathize with both views. Because when I look around, I find that adults seem to be a bit more uncomfortable. Although this is an age-restricted film, I don't know if teenagers really think that this is a common occurrence around them."
Referring to the message that the work wants to convey, she said, "I want adults to reach the film rather than the students. I hope that many people will look back at themselves and pay more attention to society's problems."
In response to the question of the type of actress she wants to become, Park Ju Hyun replied, "When interacting with any film or character, I want to help that film and character to be more attractive. I want to be an actress that everyone can trust."
"Extracurricular" which will be aired on April 29 is a Netflix original movie series. It depicts the harsh and irreversible journey of high school students who choose to walk on an illegal path to earn money without feeling guilty. In the drama, Gyu Ri, played by Park Ju Hyun, is a rebellious character who opposes her parents when they force her to become a perfect person. Her opposing thoughts rose to the climax and finally urged her to embark on the "secret mission" planned by Ji Soo (played by Kim Dong Hee).


Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive 





Kim Dong Hee Talks About Unexpected Similarities Between “Extracurricular” And “Nth Room” Case + Possibility Of Season 2

May 7, 2020
by S. Park

Kim Dong Hee shared his thoughts on the Netflix original series “Extracurricular.”

On May 7, the actor participated in an interview about “Extracurricular,” a series about high school students who commit crimes to earn money.


A collaboration between “Lawless Lawyer” and “Time Between Dog and Wolf” director Kim Jin Min and rookie writer Jin Han Sae, “Extracurricular” is a reflection of our society and the dark side of teenagers that presents a powerful question to this generation.

The cast of “Extracurricular” consists of talented young actors including Kim Dong Hee, Jung Da Bin, Park Joo Hyun, and Nam Yoon Soo, who have been praised for their performances and potential.


Kim Dong Hee began, “I feel a new kind of feeling. It feels strange.” The youth prostitution crime in the storyline bore an unexpected similarity to the “Nth room” case where women were blackmailed into taking sexually exploitative videos, which were then circulated in pay-to-view Telegram group chats.


The actor continued, “It would be a lie to say I didn’t have any hesitation about appearing [in this drama]. It was the most shocking scenario and script out of all of the ones I’ve seen so far, so I wanted to do this project. It felt very new. I felt drawn to it because it’s been difficult to talk about this kind of topic in Korean drama conventions until now. The director said that it’s a story someone has to tell, and I also felt that way.”





The characters in “Extracurricular” are controversial for committing crimes of mediating teenage prostitution. “I tried not to fall too deeply into the character,” he said. “I tried to understand him, but there were times when I hit a wall when I couldn’t understand him any further. My friends showed reactions of feeling uncomfortable. I think that’s correct and feel as if the drama’s message was well conveyed.”


Kim Dong Hee was praised for his improved acting skills through this latest series. “I’m very thankful,” he said. “My appearance felt strange to me. It felt as if it wasn’t me. I’m still in the process of learning, so I could only see my areas of improvement. As for the praise, I feel a large sense of relief.”


This isn’t Kim Dong Hee’s first appearance in a drama with a serious topic. Speaking about his appearance in the widely popular drama “SKY Castle,” the actor said, “I think there are scripts that I’m drawn to. I felt like I shouldn’t lose this and that I really wanted to do it. I don’t know if it’s instinct or what, but I tried my best thinking that I wanted to do it no matter what and that it was a project I needed to face and attempt even if I wasn’t good at it.” He added, “I felt drawn to it, and I wanted to attempt and face it. I don’t mean to say that I have a good eye.”


Kim Dong Hee said that he still keeps in touch with the “SKY Castle” co-stars. “I felt moved when Park Yoo Na said that she enjoyed watching it,” he said. “I frequently meet up with Jo Byeong Gyu, and he’s someone that I need. He also gives me harsh advice and tells me good things. He’s someone who objectively evaluates me. We all still talk and meet up with one another.”


“Extracurricular” wrapped filming in August 2019, so the cast and crew were shocked with the rest of the world as the “Nth room” case unfolded in real life.


“I was shocked to see that an incident that shouldn’t have happened occurred in real life,” he said. “There might be overlapping parts with the drama, and I hope that people will become more interested in this project. I also think that those who committed crimes should receive harsh punishments. When I read the script, it made me think that adults should take more interest in teenagers.”



Kim Dong Hee has portrayed a model student from web drama “Eighteen” to “SKY Castle” and most recently “Extracurricular.” “I graduated from a performing arts high school,” he said. “I just went to an arts school because I wanted to sing. I entered the school thinking that I could learn how to sing in the department of theater and film. I didn’t have a lot of interest in acting during my first year. I became a passionate student after auditioning for a musical and becoming a lead.” He added with a laugh, “I was tardy a couple of times, so it might be hard to say that I was a model student.”


As for any concerns about becoming typecast as a uniform-wearing student, Kim Dong Hee commented, “I was worried too, but I think I should be open to and be able to [portray characters] as long as I am able to wear uniforms. In the past, I was worried because I consecutively portrayed a student in many projects, but I want to do everything I can when I’m able to do it. Ji Soo wore a school uniform in ‘Extracurricular,’ but he’s a character that has never existed before. If this kind of character were to be created in the future, I want to do it no matter what without any prejudice.”


The ending of “Extracurricular” left viewers with questions and suspense. “The ending was filmed in various versions,” he said. “So I was also curious about the ending. I can’t not wonder what happens after Ji Soo and Kyu Ri run away. Could they not have told more of the story? They made an unbearable and irreversible choice. I don’t think they’ll be able to take responsibility for all of it. When I asked my friends, each person had a different answer. I’m curious as well.”


About the possibility of season two, he replied with a smile, “I want to ask the writer too. Ji Soo could meet a new assistant and could also become a wanderer. Ji Soo could be punished, and Ji Soo or Kyu Ri could betray one another. I can think of various stories.”




Source (1) (2)

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this specific school drama plot seriously threw me offguard!! i binge watched all 10 ep in 2 days.. amazed at the pace.. the gory and gruesomeness.. the vices.. all happening much within the minors along with those adult gangsters.. :ph34r: Gyuri took everything calmly and focused well on the next step.. Jisoo basically went into the wimpy whirlpool everytime he encountered problems.. :blink: in a way, kind of put Gyuri into more danger.. even though she had been the one to jeopardize the whole gameplay at the start when she stole his burner phone..


is there supposed to be a Season 2 for this? i don’t think Gyuri and Jisoo are able to escape to Australia since Jisoo sustained multiple scissors stabs.. so where did Kitae disappear to after being knocked out by Gyuri? :vicx:

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Kim Dong-hee on playing pimp in 'Extracurricular,' goal as actor


By Kwak Yeon-soo | 2020-05-10




Actor Kim Dong-hee landed a breakout role in "SKY Castle" in 2019, leading to parts in dramas such as JTBC "Itaewon Class" and Netflix Original "Extracurricular." 


For Kim, playing Oh Ji-soo in teen crime drama "Extracurricular" was not the kind of role he was used to playing. 


The 21-year-old actor's character Ji-soo is a smart high school student who has never caused any trouble at school. However, there is a secret he is hiding from everyone else. 


His "extracurricular" activity is coordinating a few young sex workers, communicating via texts and a phone app to disguise his voice. Abandoned by his parents, this is the only way Ji-soo makes a living. His simple goal is to earn enough money to go to college. 


It is initially easy for Ji-soo to hide his crime in after-school hours because he's a loner. However, his anonymity does not last because his classmate Bae Gyu-ri (Park Joo-hyun) finds out about his criminal endeavors. She insists on joining the illegal scheme and the two become crime partners. 


If the story sounds a little troubling, Kim agrees. 


"Teen crime and prostitution are dealt with in the series, but the plot goes down a different road," he said during an interview with The Korea Times. "It not only sheds light on the dark side of youth, but raises question on responsibility and shows how horrible the consequences are for teen criminals."


The 21-year-old actor revealed that sympathizing with his character Ji-soo was much more difficult than he expected. While Ji-soo is involved in a serious crime, he could be seen as a victim trying to survive by breaking the law. 


"It would be a lie to say I understood him perfectly well. I felt like there was a big wall between me and Ji-soo that I wouldn't be able to break through," he said. 


"Toward the end of the series, Ji-soo is caught up in a whirlwind of emotions ― fear, guilt and anxiety. He's on the brink of suicide. He wants to escape but there is nowhere to go and no one he can rely on."


Kim recalled that the most difficult scene was apologizing to Min-hee, a popular girl who leads a dual life by engaging in prostitution. 

"I cried for a few dozen times, trying to pull out the feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff. It was very sad," he said.


On the "Nth Room" case that triggered public outrage at the involvement of teenagers as perpetrators, Kim said he was shocked to learn about a similar case in real life. "I was deeply shocked and upset that such a story happened in real life. I think those who committed these crimes should receive harsh punishment," he said. 


When asked whether he is concerned about being typecast as a uniform-wearing student (Kim has appeared as a student in web drama "A-Teen," hit series "SKY Castle," "Itaewon Class" and "Extracurricular"), Kim said he thinks of it as a privilege because he won't be able to wear it 10 years from now. 

"My goal is to continue acting steadily. I'm in no rush, so I don't mind playing the role of a student," he said. "In the future, I want to become an actor who can fit into any role and have a positive influence on the public."

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JTBC PLUS | 2020. 05. 10.

New blockbuster "Extracurricular" releases actors' passionate behind-the-scenes photos















In response to the audiences' gradually enthusiastic reaction, the original "Extracurricular" series of Netflix streaming platform announced a behind-the-scenes still-cut series.

On May 11, the drama "Extracurricular" released a series of behind-the-scenes photos recording the heat at the filming scene. "Extracurricular" is Netflix's original series that tells the story of high school students choosing a criminal path without feeling any guilt to make money, thus suffering the irreversible consequences. "Extracurricular" is being spread widely with the review that the film has all three elements, from the explosive acting of the cast, strongly attractive content to the sharp message aimed at the dark reality.

First of all, the photos attracted attention to the actors' look when fully focusing on their roles. As director Kim Jin Min shared, "Actors had thought a lot before going to the set," Kim Dong Hee, Jung Da Bin, Park Joo Hyun, Nam Yoon Soo poured their heart and soul to genuinely recreate the reality of teenagers betting their lives on the wrong choice.

Kim Dong Hee - the actor who received praise from director Kim Jin Min that "He himself is Ji Soo" - has transformed into his character with constant efforts. If Ji Soo doesn't sleep well, he would stay awake for 3 nights then come to the set for recording. Kim Dong Hee showed his enthusiasm by not only expressing extreme emotions in every expression and breath, but also carefully reviewing the scene and not neglecting even when the recording finished.

Jung Da Bin also attracted attention with the image of being immersed in Min Hee character- the focus of the criminal acts. She once said, "I believe that through this work, we will be able to mention the dark reality in our society, so I acted with responsibility. I have put all my energy into every moment."

Next up is Park Joo Hyun sticking her eyes to the script even in a break in order to play an indefinable role with a double-sided and extreme personality like Gyu Ri, and Nam Yoon Soo looking worried discussing with director Kim Jin Min. Through these images, viewers can partially feel the seriousness of the actors when recording the work.

The cast's warm manner in real life contrasting with the image when conducting the harsh "extracurricular" in the drama is also noticed. Like Park Joo Hyun said, "There are dangerous scenes, so all are working hard. But on the set, everyone is taking care of each other. Whenever we meet, I feel like I actually go to school", the actors have leaned on each other after building a close-knit friendship resulting from the teamwork in extremely tense situations. The 4 leading actors, who all agreed the drama's filming site brought them lessons, created a synergy by exchanging the influence and interaction in acting with co-workers and seniors' advice.

Viewers can watch the thrilling story of "Extracurricular" right on Netflix platform.



Park Jung Sun park.jungsun@jtbc.co.kr
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive





R-rated series gain popularity on small screen in S. Korea


May 12, 2020


SEOUL, May 12 (Yonhap) -- Adults-only television series have recently come into the spotlight in the relatively conservative South Korean entertainment scene on the back of rising demand for diversified content.


JTBC's ongoing drama "The World of the Married," based on the BBC One TV series "Doctor Foster," has been in the vanguard of the popularity of dramas with the "19+ rating" on the small screen.





A scene from "The World of the Married" by JTBC (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


The 19+ rating allows only those aged 19 or over to watch the content in the five-grade TV program rating system.


The drama's intense suspense and swift storytelling altered for the local market have captured South Korean viewers, along with sexually explicit and violent scenes that are hardly seen in normal 15+ rated or lower series.


Despite controversy over the drama's cruelty and explicitness, South Korean viewers have given full support to the producer's intention to make the intriguing series exclusively for the older audience.


As a result, "The World of the Married" logged a record viewership of 24.3 percent for its 12th episode on May 2, outrunning the previous record of 23.8 percent set by another JTBC hit, "SKY Castle."


The teen crime drama "Extracurricular" also has R-rated content that covers many topics avoided in typical high school dramas. Released on April 29 on Netflix, it centers on a student living a double life.


It is filled with violence, sex work, exploitation, bullying and harassment, but it has gained rave reviews for its clear depiction of the struggles of teenage students.



A scene from "Extracurricular" by Netflix (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

The smash-hit Netflix zombie thriller "Kingdom," whose second season was released in March, is also R-rated for its high degree of violence.


Under the South Korean TV rating system, TV broadcasters have the right to evaluate and rate their own content, while the state-run Korea Communications Standards Commission checks the propriety of the rating after the series has premiered.


On the other hand, Netflix series are rated by the Korea Media Rating Board, which also reviews films.


In South Korea, where people tend to avoid mentioning sexual issues, TV series with restricted ratings have been considered minor projects targeting a smaller portion of viewers.


Before "The World of the Married," OCN's R-rated action thrillers "Voice" (2017) and "Bad Guys" (2014) and JTBC's mystery thriller "Misty" (2018) created some buzz but failed to earn huge popularity among viewers.


However, experts noted that the media market has globalized rapidly thanks to the emergence of new platforms and services, such as Netflix, while South Korean people feel less uncomfortable about R-rated content.


They said Korean drama makers are being given a chance to create more creative content regardless of the rating system and to attract more viewers across the world.


"Because of the taboo, producers have had limited choices in material, and Korean dramas have been limited to a few genres like romance," culture critic Jeong Duk-hyun said. "Now, we have to attempt new content only for adults as well."


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