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[Drama 2019] Class of Lies, 미스터 기간제


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I really enjoyed this drama down to the very end.


It was nice to see the prosecutor back in the story line. She seemed to have woken up and really decided to just hand it to Deputy Yang who really thought he would be able to cover for the assemblyman. However, MH was two steps ahead of them. I was glad he was able to talk bad cop/flunkie out of taking the rap for the whole thing. The look on their faces when he confessed and told the truth was priceless.


MH's hacker friend was also a favorite character in this drama. I loved how he had the other prosecutor and his team eating out of his hand when they were trying to recover the lost video. He is hilarious. 


Once the truth came out and they showed the kids back at school, I felt like they dropped a few story lines. But I suppose they weren't that important. Wanne be popstar will never get past her role in bullying TR. I get the angst of being a teenager, but some of their actions were just downright cruel and unnecessary.


We knew the BJ killed SA, but actually watching how it played out was so heartbreaking. That poor girl didn't stand a chance. She was already dealing with the fact that she had a sponsor because she got abandoned by her adoptive parents, but to be confronted like that and then killed...I can honestly say I didn't feel bad for BJ when he got shot in the neck at the end. What goes around comes around and with his father no longer around to protect him, his demise came quick.


Overall, this was very well put together. I feel like this corruption in schools theme has become more popular with all of the real life school scandals going on. While I enjoyed the drama, SKY Castle, I also liked how well- balanced this drama was. While there were some definite darkness to this drama, there were also some brilliant comedic moments too.

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This was a nice ending. They all came a long way.


YR won't be able to debut and has to adjust to school without having real friends.Though, the girl from the broadcasting room took pity on her and will likely become her new friend. KH realized his mistake and hopefully, won't likely repeat the same mistakes ever again. HS is back to school but he will alright without SA. The bullied kid is no longer bullied and apologized to HS. No more stress for him and he will do well in his studies because he is smart. 


That woman got fired from school and hopefully she never gets to teach again. The teachers can finally breath and will likely continue to do their best to teach the students. MH joined the school as their attorney and a counselor. He made me laugh when he said "He is shy" when he was told to remove his sunglasses lol:lol:


As for BJ, Even if he got arrested, there is no physical evidence that he did both crimes. Second of all, he is a minor and he won't likely get the full sentence for murder which sucks in my opinion:crazy:. I have a feeling it was TR mom who hired that hitman to kill him. Since MH got access to those CCTV pic, TR mom can also get them. Not to mention, she has the highest motive. It amazes me how even until the end, BJ claimed he was innocent. He did all of this because his father was about to ruin his image.


Thanks everyone for the posts and I'll see you around in some other threads:heart:

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On 8/9/2019 at 9:33 AM, Love Fatin said:

Realize how only Beom Jin had no flashback yet amongst the student???


It seems like every week my murder suspects changes but the one thing remain constant is Yoo Beom Jin's involvement in the case. Anyways, my current suspects currently are: -



2. The Assemblyman

3. CEO Lee

4. Ahn Byung Ho


Back in early September, I listed my suspects and until the end it haven't change. LOL..the fact that BJ is the only one with no flashbacks just placed him as the prime suspect to murder SA in my opinion. 


I love this drama mostly because of Jun. His acting has improved so much but I won't deny my beautiful and handsome baby still has room for improvement. He was undoubtedly talented and he pulled off being BJ. I'm sure as he continues to act more and more, he will get so much better and one day baby, I am sure I will see you standing on stage with an acting daesang. 


Other than Jun, I have to give mad props to others. The drama is definitely thrilling and suspenseful and it got many to just question everyone on who could be the killer. Most importantly, I honestly just love how real the situation they created. How, as long as you have money, you won't get punished for your crimes or mistakes until people decided it was time for you to go down. 


The line MH said to BJ in the beginning of ep 16, people enjoy watching heroes fall~ that is so true. Many loves a good success story but many more expects other to just fall from grace. And those falling sometimes just have to accept their mistakes and move on with their lives, because that's just how it is. 


I'm looking forward to the next drama by Jun, Choi Gyujin (my new baby) and some of the other actors and actresses from this drama. They are indeed talented. 

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Watching episode 16 just now and I'm so glad they got the highest ratings. I really like how this tackles some real issues that emerged this year in Korean entertainment. Also, it is a good cast and all of them worked really hard. 


EDIT: After watching this episode, I'm kind of torn about the show's treatment of Lee Ki-Hoon. He apologized to Han Su for what happened in the past between him and Soo Ah, but I don't think that's enough considering he committed "attempted rape" (and stalking and bullying), which is pretty serious. Anyone else think this too? It's just like the audience is forced to feel a little sympathy (which I also felt) for him when he's done serious crimes too. 

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I must admit I do prefer romantic or revenge dramas more than i do the crime ones.  But I have run out of those with good plot lines, most are silly repeated worn out plots of splitting up couples.


This crime drama thou was pretty damn good.  Other than at the very beginning you dont have the main lead constantly being attacked to the point he is loosing most of the series.  this one gets you hooked, the main cuprit is annoying arrogant to the point you want to reach through the screen and slap him yourself.


The tension goes right down the very very last moment of the series as well.  The villan in this should get an award, if you really want to despise someone its the congressmans son in this one.......LOL

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The Class of Lies turned out to be a real find for me. Although also not quite my genre. Usually I prefer detective stories, and since I don’t want to be distracted by nonsense, I turn for help. And then I look at the detective and ask myself whether is iwriter legit, otherwise the Iwriters review did not seem to specify this. But this drama did not allow me to take my eyes off her and I'm glad that I even watched when all the episodes were released

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