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OCN Drama

Class of Lies



미스터 기간제

Network: OCN

Episodes: 16

Genre: Thriller

Airdate: July 17th - September 5th, 2019

Aritime: Wed & Thu @ 23:00 KST

Director: Sung Yong-Il

Writer: Jang Hong-Cheol

Official Site: HERE




Ki Moo Hyeok  is a lawyer with a high winning rate. He only cares about money. Due to a murder case at a high school which he deals with, his reputation as a lawyer hits rock bottom. In order to regain his good name as a lawyer, he sneaks into the high school and begins to work as a temporary teacher. He tries to reveal a secret which the students have. In so doing, Ki Moo-Hyeok gets involved with Teacher Ha So Hyun. She is P.E. teacher who loves her students. Ki Moo Hyeok and Ha So Hyun then face the students' secret. (Cr. to Asianwiki).




Yoon Kyun Sang as Ki Moo Hyeok/Ki Kang Je


A snob lawyer (Ki MooHyuk) who only cares about money lost his reputation. He disguises himself as a school teacher (Ki KangJe) at prestigious CheonMyung High School and tries to find the truth about what is going on at this school


Keum Sae Rok as Ha So Hyun


A P.E. teacher at CheonMyung High School. She unconditionally trusts and supports her students


Jun (U-KISS) as Yoo Beom Jin


A student of CheonMyung High School. He is a top student who is perfect in everything. He is part of the best class of the school composed of only 4 students


Choi Yu Hwa as Cha Hyun Jung


A criminal ace prosecutor from the legal department who has been the rival of Ki MooHyuk since the Judicial Research and Training Institute


Choi Kyu Jin as Lee Ki Hoon

Han So Eun as Han Tae Ra


Kim Myung Ji as Na Ye Ri


Other cast:


Jang Dong Joo as Kim Han Soo
Byung Hun as Ahn Byung Ho
Seo Ji Young as Woo Eun Hye
Lee Jung Min as Kim So Hee
Wi Ji Yun as Choi Min Ji
Kwon So Hyun as Seo Yoon Ah
Kwon Hyuk as Yang Sang Bae
Lee Bit Na as Lee Ji Eun
Yoon Ji Wook as Kang Woo Jin
Kim Jin as Yoon Kyung Min
Cha Joong Won (차중원) as Jang Jung Tae
Ji Chan as Song Jae Woo
Yoo Sung Joo as Lee Do Jin
Sin Jae Hwi (신재휘) as Joon Jae


Character Chart:














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The school theme, which is connected with murders, problems and horrors, has now become popular, as I shall see.
Of course, I'm waiting for this drama. Very very very. Just "Beautiful World" will end and I will be able to plunge into the next school problems that lead to disaster!:w00t:

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This drama is so, so dark. I guess I should have known it would be, even simply based on the fact that it's airing on OCN. I'm not sure why I thought that there would be more comedy in it. Rather, it goes to dark places almost immediately, and it seems it will get even darker.


Still trying to figure out whether Yoo Beom Jin will become one of the good guys who had been helplessly looking on as terrible things happen, or whether he will turn out to be one of the ringleaders of the terrible things happening after all.


Ki Moo Hyeok, however, is very relatable, both in his guise as what a lawyer who fights for his clients using any and all methods possible to win, and as the person who goes undercover to figure out what really happened because he won't just stand by while he gets used and played by anyone. He's drawn to be a complex person, but with a certain naivete which he is rapidly losing even in the first two episodes.


The corporate law firm that KMH had been working for as well as the school that he goes undercover at are scary, scary places filled with people who firmly believe that there are people like themselves who matter and all of the others who are just meant to be used. *shudder*

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another intresting suspense/thiller school drama with rich and powerful peoples kids. 

First two episodes were intresting. 

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3 minutes ago, philosophie said:

Any romance so far?


No, not really. There is some potential for romance, but that is definitely not the thrust of this drama.

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I wished he would have filmed the rooftop fighting using his phone. He was quick and smart enough to do that for the morning smoking gang. Why didn’t he at least film what’s going on first, and later can decide what to do with it? Same goes for all the photos in the dark room. He should’ve filmed some of them for his file. What’s the use of going under cover to investigate if he’s not going to keep any documentation? What about collecting clues and evidences?.... Sorry, rant over. I like the premise very much, but towards the end of ep.2, I am a bit worried honestly that the writing might not be tight enough for this genre. 

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