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Guest kitcat

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If you're with JinuSean, then you're a CHAMPION!!!


In 1997 the first hip hop duo group ever named JINUSEAN was established. Their debute album 'Gasoline' sold over 800, 000 copies, and dominated the Best New Artist of the Year Award in the Korean Grammys, and other music awards.

credits: YG Family NY 10th anniversay concert pampglet.

In 1994, Jinu debuted in Korea as a solo artist with the popular song: "I Was the Captain". Yang Hyun-seok, former member of the Taiji Boys, heard about Jinu's fame and met up with him in Los Angeles to form the group Jinusean shortly after Sean joined. The duo aimed to combine English and Korean lyrics with hip hop and funk. Shortly after their creation, Jinusean finally debuted in 1997 with their first song, "Gasoline."


Jinu Kim (김진우)


* Name: Jinu Kim (김진우)

* Birthdate: October 23, 1973

* Height: 180 cm

* Weight: 65 kg

* Religion: Christian

* Education: Business major at USC

* Interests: R&B, singing, cooking, playing golf

* Family: wife Kim Jun Hee (김준희, May 14, 2006-)

Sean Noh (노승환)


* Name: Sean Noh (노승환)

* Birthdate: October 10, 1973

* Height: 180 cm

* Religion: Christian

* Education: JFK High School Graduate

* Interests: Hip hop, sports, collecting shoes

* Family: daughter (January 24, 2006) with Jung Hye Young


The Real – January, 1998


1. Jinusean Bomb (Remix)

2. 이제 더 이상 (MF-Family)

3. Gasoline (English)

4. Celebrate (Remix)

5. Throw Them Hands Up

6. Gasoline (Remix)

7. Like this, Like That

8. What you Wanna do? (English)

9. Jinusean Bomb (Original - Feat. Perry - Bonus Track)

10. Celebrate (Orginial - Feat.이세영 & Perry - Bonus Track)

태권 V – March, 1999


1. Intro

2. 태권V

3. How Deep is Your Love?

4. Baby Come Back

5. Return of the Bomb

6. 자유

7. 자나깨나

8. Free Style

9. 너를 기억해

The Reign – February 7, 2001


1. Holdin' Down (Feat. Mobb Deep, Perry)

2. A-Yo

3. Real Ones (Feat. Cypress Hill)

4. 빙빙빙

5. Hiphop Seoul - 者 (Feat. Chino XL, Masta Wu, Teddy)

6. 부제 - 울고싶어라

7. Ooh Boy (Feat. J)

8. 2 Run Hiphop

9. 힙合 (Feat. Masta Wu, Lexy)

10. Follow Me (Feat. M-Flo)

11. JS Anthem

12. Freeflow (Interlude)

13. Outro

14. Ooh Boy (The Black Crow Remix) (Feat. 3534, Lexy, Vanessa)

노라보세 – November 16, 2004


1. What's Up (Intro) - feat. Perry & 김지은

2. 전화번호

3. 요술 방망이

4. 신나는 힙합

5. Tonight - feat. 김지은

6. 미스터 지누션 - feat. WheeSung & 마스터우

7. Good Time - feat. WheeSung

8. 보이네 - feat. Gummy

9. 2 ALL MY PEOPLE - 지누션 & SNOOP & 워렌지 & 페리

10. Welcome - feat. Lexy

11. Microphone - feat. Teddy&Danny

12. What's Up (Outro) - feat. PERRY

13. 열정 리믹스 (Remix by Y.G) - SEVEN & JINUSEAN



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Guest StarCrystal

^ It's best not to hotlink pics O_o; Just reupload them on imageshack.us.

Holy crap. I can't believe there wasn't a Jinusean thread before O_o They're the first members of YG!!

Happy belated b-day Sean and happy b-day to Jinu! Rawr, you guys rock 8D~

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Guest I<3Se7en

JinuSean rocks my socks!! Sean was so nice when he arrived at the Long Beach airport. He gave me an autograph! :D Their performance at the YG family concert was a blast. They always know how to pump the crowd!

Happy Belated Birthday Sean!!

Happy Birthday Jinu!!

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Guest hannahlove

I was also surprised that this wasn't in existance!

Jinusean were the first korean group I got really into. They made me practice my korean because I wanted to memorize their lyrics.

thanks for starting this!

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Guest the7REAL.

Happy belated birthday Sean and happy birthday to Jinu!!!!! lol before the nyc concert, i got a short glimpse of Sean talking on his cell walking into another room...haha it's minor but it was a golden moment as it was my first time seeing a star before. haha. (not counting charlie sheen!)

I love love love the 'phonenumber' song!!!! and i've watched them when they were on the heroine 5 show . i swear i watched that show like a million times..haha. they were so funny. and i remember jinu had a crush on one of the girls from there, who he had met previously in a radio show where she was knitting a scarf for her father! XD i loved their dancing! and they both did the 'carlton dance' from the Fresh Prince show. LMAO. i believe 'at the time' sean was voted for having the 'best body' and then taebin....Ah, memories..both guys are great! and i think still hot! yup. =]

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Guest smiless

After the LA concert, I've been obsessed with Jinusean. They were tiiight. They sure know how to get the crowd hyped up and standing. I probably had the most fun during their performances. Hehe.

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yehh i cant believe there wasn't a Jinusean thread! i've been a fan of them for quite a few yrs! they are one of the best hip hop groups out there and also the hottest married men lol xDD

i miss their music!

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ahhh hot married men..A++++ hehehehe.....happy b-day jinu :wub:

^True that! HOT MARRIED MEN!...They were so cute at the NY Concert...I love the interaction they had with the crowd....and they spoke english which helped a lot!...

Happy Birthday to JINUSEAN!...I wish you two the best!

I <3 YG Family!

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<maYo> sister talking....

Man these are the only two married man that i think are so HOT!!!! at the NY concert...Sean was so cute...i loved it when Sean interact with us!! he was so cute!!! i have fallen for two married men!!! hahahha.... :P

i have some pictures of Sean that i have to post up...hahah...he looked really funnie in one...because it look like he was HIGH!!! HAHAHAH.... :w00t:

yea but i love Sean the most!! because at the end of the concert...he was like watever and come over to ourside and graped my and...AAHAHAHAH :D ...but it was funnie..because..i kinda grapped him a litto hard...then the other gurls also grapped him too...so he almost fell...hahhaah...it was funnie...then Sean got up and Gummy was behind him...and did a litto playful push..hahha..i was laughing so hard...hahhaha....


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Guest StarCrystal

A few pictures of JS and Se7en are in the YG thread.

Also, while browing through YouTube for new YG concert vids, here's one from LA:

Jinusean - Phone Number & Tell Me

D: In the middle of "Tell Me" you see Sean going into the crowd. ;x People weren't kidding when they tried to grab him O__o;; xD I would have feared for his life too.

Jinu: "That's a pimp song" (or something like that after Phone Number) xD Ahahah. They're such cool guys.

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