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[Drama 2019] A Place in the Sun, 태양의 계절


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2 hours ago, joan0528 said:

My hunch is right, ms.yang son is not chmn jang child and it might be mr.jung son...

Some of you feel pity at KI but in todays episode i think he wanted to kill himself or what then YW follow him, suddenly KI point the gun to YW and tell him that they will do together, they born in same day and they on same day,,SW come in front of YW and beg KI not do it, instead SW ask KI to kill her instead because she is the reason why KI become miserable and suddenly we can hear a gunshot (it the last scene so we dont know who has been shot by the gun...

DS wahh i cant help but laugh out loud, it though she know why YW is unhappy that she know about how chmn jang killed his father but suddenly she tell YW about what SW told her about SW was a mountain gwanarak viper ( if im not mistaken by the word ) and tell YW that she will become more powerful than SW and show YW some scene,,hahaha YW cant believe what he see in DS attitude...

And also about CHmn jang killing YW father, he is not the one who kill him, he only ask CTJ to just scared him so that he will not leave to US with JH but CTJ killed YW father because ever since he love JH..

KI is really depressed. I still feel pity for him because he has been abandoned so cruelly. Again, it would have made all the difference for grandpa and mom to just say and act, “ we still love you, we will get through this tough time and adjust.” 

the worst thing for a human being is to be abandoned from their social group. That’s the worst form of bullying. That’s why people commit suicide and fear exile. 

nope, he’s not perfect, and I always found him a bit dumb and annoying, but perhaps if he had been allowed to be a farmer - he was good with handling things at the arboretum - or do artistic activities, we would not find him dumb, we would find him a genius chef or artist? 

The people driving KI to desperation and this edge right now are his grandpa and mom. They are the elders and should know better.


As for shooting SW, isn’t it her turn to be in the hospital? 

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I'm laughing watching the episode.  The crazy DS actually believed what SW said, that she was a viper from Gwanaksan (Gwanak mountain; near Seoul).  DS tells YW that she practicing to become a crane that eats a viper.  She acts it out, eating a churro!!  Our man is like "what is wrong with you?"... and DS goes, "okay, don't worry. I won't become a crane. I will remain as a human".  Haha.

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32 minutes ago, jayakris said:

I'm laughing watching the episode.  The crazy DS actually believed what SW said, that she was a viper from Gwanaksan (Gwanak mountain; near Seoul).  DS tells YW that she practicing to become a crane that eats a viper.  She acts it out, eating a churro!!  Our man is like "what is wrong with you?"... and DS goes, "okay, don't worry. I won't become a crane. I will remain as a human".  Haha.

Has YW not heard of getting second opinions, or is there on,y one psychiatrist in all of Seoul?

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I really got tired of tension, so I focused on other things.  (like KI hairstyle)

really my friends, this is just drama, go easy please.

the drama is really getting too exhausting.

I was like: Oh my God, KI is going to kill YW


then I said, why am I getting too much worried?? 

this is just drama after all


I learned to see the other side of the picture from my dear dear friend @Ameera Ali  :wub:

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@aidaladida A subbed preview?!  Wow, we are getting spoiled!


Looks like this drama on the hunting ground is YW and SW's fault.  KI was getting back to his old mild, "won't kill something that cute" self,  when they showed up and made him crazy.  He might well have gotten okay and happy again if he'd had some time taking long walks and chilling in the fresh air. 


Update: nope, I'm wrong. 


KI totally was going to kill himself.  And they did irritate him.  They should have simply told him they would listen and to talk to them, or simply that they were sorry or something, not acted all high and mighty (YW saying he will help and was worse off), or offering to be killed (SW).  i think KI is still going to jail for a very long time, though.


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Sorry to say this and this is rare in drama land that I say this however if he did shoot her, then that is her karma long time coming.


You cant push someone to the brink and not think about the consequence to them as a result.  What KI was the one that didnt turn back.  How was he suppose to, all he did was be born the wrong day and yet everyone wanted something from him, the person he loved the most used him to the point that in divorce he said he never wants to meet her again.


I mean how much do you really have to feel pushed in your life to feel like that.  Its only when he does something desperate its like "ohh wait what, i can help you get a new and bettter life"  HELLO you were busy stripping him of his old one did none of you consider how much it was ripping him apart just because you wanted to get to his father, initially it wasnt him.


I hope she is shot, sorry but i hope she is to learn what happens when you really push someone over the edge.  He will be punished but he is already in hell there is no more for him to go through when you feel your life is already worthless.  But it will still all be his fault thou, wait and watch, he will eventually be caught go to jail if he did and then "wow enlightened moment" come out a changed person.


If it does thats going to annoy me more, she caused it all along with his father, both didnt consider how much it was ruining him in the process nor stopped to make sure he didnt get hurt.  If he changed along the way they should of realised it was according to their own actions of dragging him into this.

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Lol   KI isnt the victim here at all he knew for a good long time  the monster his dad  and he wanted nothing more then to follow in this footsteps.  


OTY has lost so much because of him and his dad, he lost much more and he still a good person  he was betrayed by many people yet he still did his best.


He made his own choices and that will be his own ondoing.

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@fragglerock well-said my friend, he is destroyed totally by everyone. He wanted to die 


CTJ used him and SW used him, his only mistake was falling in love with SW in the first place 


@dramaninja I really wanted to say something. KI's motives are different from CTJ. CTJ is greedy only. But KI is driven by jealousy and revenge. He wanted to die several times, unlike his father who never thought of committing suicide. In my opinion, KI is emotional. He doesn't use his mind.



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16 minutes ago, joan0528 said:


Yes I agree with this totally 


But why did Jang kick him out? 

I never liked the old man.


Also KI wanted to tell JH the truth at the beginning but SW threatened to divorce him. She knew he was weak and hesitant. He turned evil because he wanted revenge against SW who married him to make JM inherit everything. Also when JH lied to him, all his trust in her went away and he wanted more revenge 

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1 hour ago, dramaninja said:

Lol   KI isnt the victim here at all he knew for a good long time  the monster his dad  and he wanted nothign more then to follow in this footsteps.  


OTY has lost so much because of him and his dad, he lost much more and he still a good person  he was betrayed by many people yet he still did his best.


He made his own choices and that will be his own ondoing.

Well said. KI may have been a victim of his father's greed but he had a lot of chances to walk away and start fresh. But nope, like his father, mother and sister, he wanted something that didn't belong to him and he is reaping what he sow.


@nohamahamoud2002 I'm sorry to say this: True, he is emotional but he is also a coward for taking the easy way for killing himself. Jealousy, I understand but revenge, he is taking out on the wrong guy. His life wasn't the only who got ruined, YW was worse than him. 


@fragglerock No need to be apologize:sweatingbullets:. SW isn't exactly like other FL with her track record lol:lol:. But I'm sorry to say this too lol:sweatingbullets:. If SW didn't do what she did, she would have been next in CTJ list. She made the best choice back then for her and JM safety. If someone is to blame for this entire thing, it's 100% CTJ fault. Not to mention, KI being a fake would have gotten out someday by someone else. Eventually, I don't think things would have made a difference. He would still be used by his father and he would likely make the same choices to stay in his position with or without SW being in the middle of this. 


I apologize if I offended anyone-_-. However I'm really done with KI LoL:lol:.

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If the writers are reading this, don't out KI in jail. That shooting happened because SW egged KI on while he was deep in depression. She could have told him there was this big world and he could go travel and to think of Jimin who still loved him and to please put the gun down and take another day at least to think. Instead, she had to be a noble idiot.

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7 hours ago, joan0528 said:

Finally i have someone who is same thoughts as me, everyone here is pity for KI for what happening to him right now but for me its KI choices of action...everybody in this drama has at fault but its up to the person how he/she handle the situation and regret or do much worst...

SW live her life for the person she love and when that person was supposedly died all her hope were gone and knowing what the cause of death thats why she decided to get revenge (which was her mistake taking revenge to KI who was innocent) but as time past SW repent of what she has done and started to do the right thing which was to divorce KI so that KI can have a happy life with another woman...

Now as for KI yes at the beginning he was really innocent and pure because he still dont know what his father and his wife did but after he learned the truth, he started to change athough sometime he back off of his plan but the blood of CTJ which was running in his body was more make him so evil things..up until now KI still feel sorry for his father because he cannot protect the logis but he didnot feel sorry for his mother who took care of him for 40yrs and frame YW for murder...

Now my question is, if KI plan for framing YW for murder of mr.hwang did go as KI plan and YW jailed for murder he didnot commit, DO YOU STILL PITY KI? OR DO YOU STILL TELL THAT ITS NOT KI FAULT WHAT HAPPEN???

It s just now because KI plan went the wrong way and everything else...


I agree. We all make our choices whether it is the right one or the wrong one. We cannot blame anyone else because given the circumstances there is always 2 paths to take we only have to choose the right one.

Kwang Il was inherently a good person thanks to the upbringing of the mother, Jung Hee however, the influence of his birth father is much stronger. 

Yoo Wol on the other hand, went through life the hard way. He knows how it is to live in a harsh and cruel world. He was able to overcome those factors and make something of himself without trampling on other peoples' lives. He stuck to his principles of what is right or wrong. He is not influenced by anybody except of course if it is doing good things. 

Unlike Kwang Il, who lived a pampered and comfortable life. He has no ambition contented with how his life was before he learned the truth and  CTJ began influencing him.

But there is one factor that is the cause of all that has happened and  the results not of their choice. And  the choices  people involved eventually had to make. The grandfather who tried to stop Jung Hee and Sung Kyu from going to the US.  Though he did not ask or tell Tae Joon to kill Sung Kyu, he started it all.

Choi Tae Joon made his choice to kill Sung Kyu and Mr. Jung almost by causing the car accident. And so the choices have begun starting with Choi Tae Joon. :naughty: 

We are all responsible for the choices we make in this life. Not all are choices are the right ones but then we still made them. We just have to accept the outcome and move forward and do the right one next time. 

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The KBS preview page and blurb came up late, though the preview video was out with the episode - http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,97,798483

Blurb: 시월은 병원으로 이송돼 긴급수술을 받는데... 유월은 이대로 시월이 떠날까 봐 불안해하고, 광일은 시월이 걱정돼 몰래 숨어서 지켜본다. 한편, 태준은 광일의 소식을 듣고 광일에게 당장 외국으로 떠나라고 말하고, 유월은 구실장이 있는 곳을 찾아내는데....

Translation: SW gets transferred to a hospital and undergoes emergency surgery... YW is nervous that SW may leave just like that, and KI is watches her in secret, worried about her.  Meanwhile, CTJ hears the KI news and tells him to urgently leave the country, and YW finds out where Mr. Gu is.


So we learn that SW is not dead, at least.  Good!

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@lu09  No no i understand exactly where your coming from and like others have said he may of been in love with her but he also knew he was being used as well and who knows she may of been the next target on his list and he may of still made those same choices.


Normallyt he drama's work in that fashion, and sure if the villan makes his choice then he takes the consequences of his actions.  There is one drama I forget the name of it where she abandoned her child and really hit the wall with her vandetta, at the end thou she went to jail and came out but struggled so much getting back on her feet, eventually her abandoned daughter who still disliked her actually came to help her out by the end I found myself feeling compassion for her plight and the fact the parents if they had not of did what they done she may not of been caught, but her greed got the better of her.


Another one had a couple interested but she was more interested in his friend, as a result the other one comitted suicide.  So they split resolving the situation.  Years later they meet again however he found out she is dating his long term best friend, emotionally they could not stay away from each other and tore him apart.  HIs friend decided to stay loyal to him but a situation at the end which was a misunderstanding provoked him so he shot him.  He was gutted pulling the trigger on him but emotionally was pushed too far, his friend survived it was minor, but had to hunt him down as he reclused himself away from people and didnt want to talk.   He had to try to repair the relationship. 


Both plots twisted and turned to make you see that the villans are not always the villans of stories and the hero is not always the hero.  They make mistakes all of them and sometimes the hero makes worse choices.  For me that is KI as well.


II was really gutted by his reaction when he said if i had to meet you again I wouldnt.    Another words he felt like it was all her fault she did all this.  Revenge has consequences to it, and only those drama's that highlight the fact make them reasonable drama's.  This one is saying "Its okay to torment the villan, after all he is his fathers son anyhow and going to turn out like him at some point so why not just push him there faster"  and the heroin "Its okay if i use him after all he knows I am, his father would hurt me and my son, so the ends justifies the means I dont have to give you any consideration as I am justified"..


Umm sorry a world of no way shape or form is that justified.  Sorry sweety for your character but i really hope you are shot, I hope you recover but I hope you are shot because i have the feeling that he is going to take all blame and responsbility and in some way he will end up with the guilt of it all with her being divorced and free to have her sun shine and roses family.  I hope she is miserable.....pfft...


LOL.......feeling spiteful after watching him try to hurt himself because of it......sorry all........

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My friends, I saw some cases, in my own family, where a child who has one evil parent and the other is  good, always chooses the evil one, if he is aparently stronger. I am not surprised at all, that KI chose his evil dad over his good mom. Also remember at that time, KI couldn't confide in JH about being a fake son. So his dad had the upper hand and used him again. CTJ is to blame 


YW  is an exception, not a rule, and remember that he was away from his parents, so no evil or good influence for him. 


@fragglerock  yes, they turned a good man to a monster. Because CTJ and SW used him, an innocent  man, in their  revenge and for their own purpose, and I never liked SW. 


@lu09 no I never thought of suicide as weakness. It is when you know that no one cares about you,  it makes no difference to anyone whether you are dead or alive. A suicidal person forgets for one moment that if people don't care about you, there's God who gave you life, loves you with your faults.  You only have to remember that and know that if everyone gives you up, you still have God to turn to


Suicide made KI more human from my point of view . If he was like  CTJ, he would have committed murder in cold blood, and went on living as if nothing happened. But he can't do that. He thinks that both of him and YW should not have been born in the first place 


Most of you dislike KI because you prefer SW and YW.


I have nothing against YW. He is a good man. SW hurt him as much as she hurt KI. He was a victim of CTJ and MR too. But he is strong. He knows how to survive, after being left alone as an orphan


SW is never my favorite character 

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I think whats missing is the perspective of "Revenge" even I get excited to see the villan get theirs at the end of the show.  


But the reality is very different, revenge is paying someone back for what they did to you or others, some kind of offence or perceived offence.  More than often you have go below your own sense of morality to acheive that.  At that very point, revenge is not worth it and it makes you no worse than those who you are trying to get back at.


No matter the reasons SW may of had, no matter how justified it seems to be or her or actually is.  The fact she had to use someone else in order to acheive her scheme's makes her no better than CJT at that point.  Granted she didnt do anything extreme like killing someone and all the  other offfences but she has plenty there on her books as well.  


So while there are SW supporters and some KI supporters as well, the lines are blurred here because how can you call someone wrong and what the other did right when had to hurt other people along the way who also didnt want it either and to that point it drove a man to almost take his own life in the last episode.

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