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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] You Are My Destiny 你是我的命中注定

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7 hours ago, libra22 said:

You are my destiny has exceeded 2 hundred million views in 3 days!



Ps - Sorry to cause some confusion earlier regarding the viewership as I was looking at the english word on the earlier poster.


Oh its okay. I am sure its gonna have +1.5bil views soon :blush:

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Here's the full translation before the passionate deep kiss!  XY: It's you. JX: You left your mobile phone with me. XY: Thanks. JX: Why are you so hot? Are you having fever? XY

This one belongs to Wang family chat, Group chat name is "Wang family's pregnant woman is most important"   Granny - What do you guys want to eat for dinner tonight? Jia Xin - Want to e

beautiful people, 

for anybody who really want to hear the ost in mp3 format , i already have 4 of the ost :

JUNI22 - Li Junyi

 Luna - Snail Desire

Vanessa - Snail Desire

 Xing Zhaolin, Jie Liang - Seriously


just put your email n i will send them to you :blush::blush:

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Yeh! New BTS! Here's the translation:


Crew - Get ready, Action!

Crew - Please cooperate. Pretend. Good. Good, cut!


Screen caption - Happy to be mischievous! The joy of a man (is to disturb LJ)!


XZL - It's particular cool to bully her. I have bullied her for a few years. 

XZL (talking behind LJ) - You are mentally handicapped. Blame no one.

XZL - She said she doesn't know how to use that handphone. Low IQ. I've known her for so long. So many years. Just...4 years. Her IQ has never exceeded 80. (Haha, he really enjoys teasing her).


XZL - No use.

LJ - Face the camera and say. I am thumping on your back and you asked me to get lost. Say it again.

XZL - This is because yesterday I asked her to watch movie with me, but she went to watch a concert of a little brother.


XZL - Just bully me.

LJ - Yes, I bullied him. I bullied him and I injured myself. I bullied him.


XZL - What's wrong?

LJ - Try it yourself. I didn't lie to you. Knock into this.

XZL -  I didn't mean it. Does it hurt? Does it swell?

LJ - Really, I didn't lie to you.

LJ (facing the camera) - I'm always being bullied by him. What can I do? I'll like to ask the crew if they have purchased an insurance for me.


XZL - Show them how she bullied me. Let's see who bully who. I'm being bullied everyday. So unlucky.

LJ - My body always have bruises.

XZL - Look!  (Pulling up his pants). This is from chasing LJ. Bullied me!

LJ - That is for the drama.


These two are so childish!




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Here's the interview with the director.

He talks about the challenges faced shooting at 4 locations (Island, Hungary, Cruise and Shanghai).

For the scenes at the island, they need to film while travelling to the island and also need to capture those scenes when the ship stopped at the harbour as the ship have fixed timings to leave.

For the scene on the cruise, they need to film with the disturbances of other 4000 - 5000 passengers on the cruise. These are all unforgettable experiences for him.



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It's been ages since I logged in but I needed somewhere to talk about this drama!!  So happy I stumbled back here! Hello everyone who's here!


I have watched the Taiwanese and Korean versions, and I have to say this is my favourite version (so far!) I am up to ep 12.

- XiYi is the most likeable version of the ML

- JiaXin is already showing growth

- Dylan is soooo fine I never got SLS with the other versions but this one is going to be hard!

- NaiNai is beautiful and regal and such a clever secret cupid

- the visuals are pretty, and the story is moving along.  I hope we get to see the second "half" of the story soon.  It will break my heart but it will hurt so good after!


I can read about 80% of the chinese subs  so I will help out with translations whenever I can!



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Awww, can't wait for ep 20!

I wonder what happened in between that their relationship has changed so drastically.

Won't it be inappropriate to flirt like this if he has yet to break off with Anna.

Anyway, here's the sneak preview and the translation:


Xi Yi - I can't take it anymore. Go get some plasters from Aunt.

Jia Xin - Ok, wait for me.


Jia Xin - Are you feeling better? The plaster is here. Why didn't you put on any clothes?

Xi Yi - Ouch, little xi mi's mama, I'm in pain! Didn't you say, I don't have to be afraid with you around?

Jia Xin - Yes, I'm here. Where to paste the plaster?

Xi Yi - Paste wherever you like.

Jia Xin - Huh?

Xi Yi - So you don't like me?

Jia Xin - No, no, I like it all.

Xi Yi whispered - So you like me so much?


Jia Xin - What happened? Painful? You have a bad waist?

Xi Yi - Who say my waist is no good? My waist is ok. Look! 

Jia Xin - Didn't you say you are hurt here and there? There hurt and here hurt as well.

Xi Yi - I'm hurting all over. Come. Paste for me. Paste all the remaining plasters on me.

 Jia Xin - Let me go!



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I agree with everything @WinCee has mentioned. There's so much positive change to the original script: 


-Anna is less annoying and actually pretty

-JiaXin has more personality and her characterization is believable

-JiaXin has an awesome kickass female friend (Mary Sue lead with a healthy female friendip?! wow!) who seems to have an interesting budding loveline with Anson

-Even all the side characters are acted wonderfully and often add comic relief e.g. auntie, cousin, tiger mom, sister, islanders etc.

-Many scenes have been modified with more detail to patch minor plot holes in the original storyline e.g. the lead-up to the one-night stand and how they got married 


I'm really enjoying it so far :w00t:

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Our Mr Lizard is jealous here! :joy:

Here's the translation:


Teacher- Babies between 0 to 3 months will have feet that is of the shape like a frog. We can't wrap too tight at the feet so as to prevent affecting the development of the hip joint. Like this.

Dylan - Complete.

Teacher - Not bad, not bad.


Xi Yi enters the room.

Teacher - This daddy is very talented.

Jia Xin  - Teacher, he is not.

Dylan - It's ok.

Xi Yi - Sorry, the baby has a dad. (Talking to Dylan - I'm here, you may go.)

Jia Xin - Xi Yi, didn't you go to Paris?

Xi Yi - Something went wrong with the air ticket. Concentrate on the lesson. Come, teach me how to wrap.

Teacher - Ok. You cannot wrap too tightly at the feet. Yes, like this.


Dylan - Jia Xin, since your hubby is here, then my mission is complete. I'm leaving.

Jia Xin - Thanks.


PS: Does anyone finds that Dylan looks abit like Park Bo Gum? Or is it just me.



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This is so funny! :lol::lol::lol:


XZL's posts this pic on weibo showing him pressing two drinks at the same time.

The blue one shows "Cheng Jia Xin" and the red one shows "Anna".


Capture shows: "Zha Nan" Wang Xi Yi


渣男 [zhā nán] - This Internet slang term usually refers to dissolute and licentious men who are disloyal in love, but it also describes men who don’t work hard for career advancement. Sometimes it is another way of describing the male chauvinist pigs.





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And the official weibo account posted their wechat messages. 

This one belongs to Xi Yi. He named Jia Xin as "Lawful wife (with a pic of a snail next to it)" in his phone.


JX - Wang Xi Yi, the food is in the fridge, remember to heat it up before eating, don't forget.

XY - I won't eat it if you meet up with Dylan again.

XY - Full of anger.

JX - How come I smell a sour taste, strange.

XY - You are mistaken! I'm afraid others may misunderstand.

JX - ???

JX - I don't understand.

XY - Don't need to understand. Just listen to me.

JX - Why are you acting so strange recently? 



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And this belong to Anna, she named XY as "Little lizard"


Anna - Little lizard ~

Anna - Do you miss me?

Anna - :tounge_wink:

XY - Sorry, quite busy recently.

Anna - (hahah, soompi don't have this emoji)

Anna- I'm going to have a new performance soon.

Anna - Don't you want to come and watch my performance?

XY - Then I'll get Anson to book a ticket for me.

Anna - Hee Hee Hee, I knew it.

Anna - My little lizard will definitely come and watch me.





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This one belongs to Wang family chat, Group chat name is "Wang family's pregnant woman is most important"


Granny - What do you guys want to eat for dinner tonight?

Jia Xin - Want to eat Tomatoes and eggs noodles

Xi Yi - Huh??? Again Tomatoes and eggs noodles

Xi Yi - Granny I want to eat braised pork

Cousin - Braised pork + 1 !!!

Xi Yi - Jia Xin likes to eat noodles, but little xi mi will definitely follow daddy

Aunt - Mum, soon I'm going to turn to Tomatoes and eggs noodles

Granny - Ok, tonight eat Tomatoes and eggs noodles


:lol::lol::lol: Actually the vote is 3 braised pork vs 1 tomatoes & eggs noodle. No wonder they named the group chat 'pregnant woman is most important'.



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