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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] You Are My Destiny 你是我的命中注定

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So I just finished watching ep 21-22 with English sub, and I’m sorry, but I’m so annoyed at CJX. 
XY wanted a clean break from Anna. He already did, the first chance he got. Unfortunately, Anna had an amnesia so they have to thread softly in handling her. And ok I get that, but only for while she’s in hospital. 

My gosh, I love CJX dearly, but during lunch,  when XY tried to do the right thing, she literally stopped it. I’m like, screaming “Nooo!!!”.  - this is like the ultimate noble idiocy in drama land. No wonder Anna saw an opening (CJX is so nice and naive) and took advantage.  
I love her bestie, Siqi, btw. I’m feeling what she’s feeling for CJX. 

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Here's the full translation before the passionate deep kiss!  XY: It's you. JX: You left your mobile phone with me. XY: Thanks. JX: Why are you so hot? Are you having fever? XY

This one belongs to Wang family chat, Group chat name is "Wang family's pregnant woman is most important"   Granny - What do you guys want to eat for dinner tonight? Jia Xin - Want to e

11 hours ago, WinCee said:


I don't like how this is playing out.  I have loved most of the differences in the chinese version as compared to the taiwanese and korean versions.  But I have now seen the trailer for ep 31-36 and I am not liking what's coming up. 


  Reveal hidden contents

- Dylan finding out about the switch in contracts and taking the blame.  I like the taiwanese version the best, where the ML finds out accidentally because he filmed Anna admitting to it and realising what a terrible thing she did and why FL was so upset.


- I also saw a BTS where Dylan explains that he finds out Anna is his sister and tries to convince JY to give up XY for Anna - and it's in the ep 34 trailer. That isn't how Dylan is portrayed in the other versions.  It feels a bit inconsistent because despite liking the FL for a long time, Dylan's always done what would make her happy.


- Ep 35 trailer XY is trying to convince Dylan he is Mr W? ep 36 XY still doesn't know about the contract until Dylan takes the blame?  There's not enough time to show us happy days for XY and JY!!!!!!



OK I admit I am still addicted to this drama though!!!

I feel like the drama is going to wrap up similar to the Taiwan versions with ample time for us to see happy family life. I feel like the trailers aren’t usually true to their episode numbers. 

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8 hours ago, libra22 said:

Recap of my favourite :Cornykiss:





I love this scene.  The way he talks with his lips on her ear makes me blush :relaxed: It's so intimate I feel like I should look away!

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25 minutes ago, annamchoi said:

Hi, is this a preview?? Can someone kind enough to translate? Thanks!:)




 This is from one of the episodes after he meets her again in Hungary.


XY in bed looking at phone (He filmed her when he followed her earlier)  : She has really changed a lot.


JX (from the video) : "How's it going?"  Friend :  "Good. Very good.And you?"

XY  (looking at phone) : "Today's Jia Xin, how do you see the things that happened in the past?"


XY talking to the mask: " Without me you're living very well. Even better than with me. Looks like you've let go of everything in the past. But what about me?"   


The top says "Lizard Lizard, doesn't stop remembering" (Lizard is his nickname in the show because it sounds like Xi Yi"

"Pay Rise Pay Rise, going round my heart" ("Pay Rise" sounds the same as Jia Xin, there's a funny scene in another episode where Anson says "I want a pay rise" and XY reacts because it sounds the same as "I miss Jia Xin")


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@WinCee thank you so much for the translation! Appreciate it.:) 


cant wait to watch the reamaining episodes! Even if there  are some scenes that would surely break my heart..but then soo looking forward to wooing forgivemess reconciliation wedding honeymoon and having lilttle Ximi!:wub:


@libra22 Thank you for sharing the wedding pic!!!♥️♥️♥️

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We can see XZL getting so shy in front of FJ (Anna) in this BTS.  :lol::lol::lol:


[Landing page - BTS: XZL was very shy when acting against FJ]


FJ: The seas are so beautiful.

XZL: Ah, then I'll hug her

(Caption - Lizard's gentleman hands)

Crew: Hug for a while, ZL

XZL: It's not real shot, how embarrassing it is to hug her.

(Caption - Understanding)

XZL: How should I hug?

(Caption - No where to put his hands)

Director: You just put her hands, no, no, put her hands


(Caption - At the critical moment, still need to rely on the director)

Director: Ya, how was your hand just now? Grab her hands, yes, yes, grab her hands like this.

XZL (when FJ turns facing him): There's no need to do real kiss now.

(Caption in green - Seems so shy)

FJ: I know. Like this.


Crew: No, these details are like this.

Crew walk up to them: I'm not so easy to please

XZL: Try it with you.

Crew: Hmm, ok

Crew: I'm not so easy to please. You need to lean forward.

(Caption in pink: I'm not so easy to please ~. I'm not so easy to please ~. I'm not so easy to please ~.)

(Caption with circle: Immerse oneself)

Crew: Like this.


XZL: I dare not try it with you. With him, I dare.

Crew: You are a bit bend

XZL: No, I'm shy to look at you,

(Caption in pink - Shy)

XZL: If it is Liang Jie, I might (lead forward) while saying ...Hmmmmm. I'll do this.

Crew: Ai ya, unfamiliar

XZL: Yes, I didn't treat LJ like a woman

(Caption all over in green: I didn't treat LJ like a woman. I didn't treat LJ like a woman. I didn't treat LJ like a woman. I didn't treat LJ like a woman. I didn't treat LJ like a woman.)


Crew: (Process) Too fast.


Crew: Still too fast.

Crew: Let her kiss you up close. Two person get closer and closer

(Caption in pink - Report, Director) (Honest) (Upright))

XZL: Ok, I admit. I was still nervous in the earlier scene, but I'm not nervous now




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Preview of ep 30! :loveu:


XY asked JX to share some touching stories behind this bridge. The story that JX shared was a man wanted to cross over to the other side to attend his father's funeral. However the wooden bridge was destroyed due to heavy rain. Hence, the son couldn't see his father for the last time. So people decided to build a new bridge. XY asked JX why didn't he shared the story of a man who missed the lady opposite the river all day long. Hence, he swam over during winter time to meet the lady when the river was about to turn to ice. So JX asked him why he asked her to share touching stories when he already knew the story. That's why XY said he likes to listen to her telling a story as it feels like a kind of long lost intimacy.


Does anyone know if these stories are indeed some of the stories behind this bridge or it is just part of the script?


XY: Show me around, tour guide.

XY: Heard that the young people in Budapest loves to do something here in the early morning

JX: Couple, or newly wed, will walk across the bridge holding hands in the early morning

XY: I like to listen to you telling a love story,

XY: It feels like a kind of long lost intimacy

JX: Silly


XY: Are you still the little snail that I missed?

JX: I didn't know that, you are so..., Childish!



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Real agreement:

1)  I want to void the divorce agreement

Change to pre-nuptial agreement after heeding the lawyer's advice:

2) Remove the sentence that states that JX must leave upon giving birth

3) Change to the day when both parties agreed to divorce

4) JX will have the custody of the child





Fake agreement:


After both parties divorce:

1) Man needs to pay the monthly alimony

2) Taking into consideration the woman's financial ability and education level, the man will have the custody of the child

3) At the same time, the woman voluntarily give up visitation rights

4) If due to force majeure, will be the reason to lose child. The woman will immediately agreed to divorce the man




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