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[Drama 2019] Doctor Yo-Han/Doctor John, 의사 요한


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Watch: “Doctor John” Cast Exchange Goodbyes In Video Of Final Filming

Sep 10, 2019
by C. Hong


SBS’s “Doctor John” shared the behind-the-scenes video from the drama’s final filming shoots.

The video shows the work that went into filming Ji Sung and Lee Se Young’s kiss scenes, both in the airport and at the park. Lee Se Young is also spotted having a cute struggle with her English lines in another airport scene.

During another shoot, Ji Sung and Lee Kyu Hyung put a surprising amount of detail into their characters shaking hands and putting their differences behind them. Hwang Hee and Jung Min Ah show off their “couple rings” as their characters walk off-camera hand-in-hand.

While filming the very last scene in “Doctor John,” Lee Se Young and Ji Sung have a sweet conversation in front of a white screen. In reality, Ji Sung is saying random words to Lee Se Young like, “This is Cha Yo Han, and this is Kang Si Young. Do you think the director loves them?”

At the end of the shoot, all the cast members exchange hugs and take commemorative photos together.



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The Making video is more intimate than the actual episode :joy:


The cast and crew, seem like they were really like a family. Having fun filming. No wonder they create such a magical chemistry.

Also love how JS and SY hugged each other at the end of their filming, i think he said something like " Thank You, You worked well, lets keep seeing each other in  along time" AWWWWWW :love:

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I'm glad the cast seem to work well together and have good working relationships.

At least there is a higher chance of the same cast returning IF we get a season 2. :P


6 hours ago, Tjhin Tanti said:

Also love how JS and SY hugged each other at the end of their filming, i think he said something like " Thank You, You worked well, lets keep seeing each other in  along time" AWWWWWW :love:


I thought the same thing too!! I was trying to read his lips :P

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Doctor John OSTs & Instrumental:


Credit :JULY EGG



1. Way Back

2. Look At

3. Star

4. Pain or Death

5. Just Go

6. Way Back (Acoustic Ver.)

7. Reason 

8. Golden Hour

9. Run

10. Life Cycle

11. Actually

12. Into The Room

13. Morning Star

14. Fatal

15. Coming Home (Guitar Roman)

16. Pulse

17. Pure Death

18. Serene Death

19. Day Off

20. Memories

21. Mad Cello

22. Creeping Monster

23. Jest

24. Decision

25, Pain or Death( Guitar Sad)

26. Obsession

27. Remembrance

28. Coming Home

29. Missing

30. An Unpleasant Memory

31. Swear

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I love Samuel Seo's "Pain or Death" song it gets me emotional especially at the end of episode 24 "I want to live" :bawling: 

I wish they released the different version of it (he's singing ha ha ha.. whoa whoa... da da da instead of the lyrics) 

it started playing at ep 18 47:27 and in some of the later episodes too. not sure about earlier in the drama 

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I may be in the minority here, but I like the ending. I never looked at this drama as a romance or melodrama, because that wasn't the central issue here. This drama was very consistent about centering it around the practice of euthanasia, terminal illness and pain management. It just so happens the leads were attractive and had great chemistry.


The three years apart is realistic. I cannot stand when a lead in a drama is legit sick or injured and they go overseas and magically everything is cured within a year. That is not realistic. Treatments take time. Often when it comes to drug trial and experimental treatments, this takes years. In the beginning, it was a lot easier for him to keep in touch and post his vitals, but as expected, he got ill. His health was vulnerable before he left, so it should've been expected that he would get ill once he was in Cleveland. Plus, you add in the fact that he is in a new country, new environment, around new bacteria and diseases, his system was very compromised. From day one KSY jumped in with both feet, YH did not because he has been told his entire life that he is ticking time bomb that could go off any day. He was still dealing with the death of the CIPA patient he could not save and relating it to his own health. I am sure he went through the ringer with all of the testing, and there were probably a lot of days where he could barely move or do anything. It also appears that when he returned to Korea, his health still wasn't the best, but he was in remission and learning how to work his way back. 


With that being said, we all know how KSY is, she would have been almost a nuisance had she known the second he stepped back in Korea. YH is a man who did not want to have a "caretaker" but rather a woman in his life. I can understand this. He kept an eye on here while gaining his strength and setting up a future for himself that would ensure he could be around for this woman a little while. Is this a glamorous or super romantic ending? No. But is it realistic? Yes. Now, he's healthy, he's found a new purpose and in a position to be the man that she needs in her life. I like it.

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Lee Kyu Hyung was nominated for Male Exellence award at 2019 Korea Drama Awards. Congratulation for the nomination. 


2019 Korea Drama Awards Announces Nominees





Male Excellence Award:


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Ode to Dr. John!


I haven't posted in Soompi in a very Long while!


But I had to resurface to provide support to this wonderful drama ( I'm on my 3rd re-run right now) Back to back :)


While I'm not saying the drama is perfect - not by any means.  It tries to do too much and it's all over the place sometimes!! But, I'll save the critique for another time!!


Today, let me just sing its praises:)


Ji Sung, wow -  that guy can speak volumes with his eyes. He looks so so gorgeous!! And fits the role to a T!  I love the pairing - both the leads have performed so well, you just can't get enough of them!!


And the soundtrack is awesome.   So I'm stuck on Dr. Cha yo Han - just can't seem to move on. I see a 10th re-run coming up on the cards, but hey I'm enjoying it all. 


For for those who haven't yet seen it - I strongly recommend it!

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After reading some recommendation about this drama, i basically binged on it these few days. For a medical drama, i liked the fact that it focused on the less popular anesthesiologists than the ever dramatic surgeons. It also attempted to explore the subject of euthanasia, which is generally a taboo subject. Unfortunately the drama is also romance heavy. You won't believe how many times i fast forwardes scene with the 2 leads staring into each others eyes. 


Imho, this is a drama that didn't need any romantic plot. Instead of a girl-guy lead it will also work with a girl-girl/guy-guy lead. And change the leads' dynamic into mentor-student kind of setting. 


Anyhow, here are my findings after speeding through the drama:

1. Cha yohan=cha dohyun. I think ji sung as one of the most seasoned actors in dramaland. But his performance here isn't his best. He has been there done that. I wish he was more distant. 

2. Lead girl has a perpetual frown on her face. I don't know the actress. She isn't too bad but the character lacked firmness. 

3. I preferred the 2nd couple over the first even though they had a weird way of bonding. 

4. I wondered why the selected setting of the coma doctor's incident was a climbing trip. Why not something like a fall during hiking/cycling? If you remembered the climbing scene it was a really steep climb and i no man would survive that fall. 

5. No one wants lee kyuhyung to be a bad guy. I was curious about him in stranger, loved him in life and looking forward to hi bye mama. 

6. Lead girl was reminded to tie her shoes because a doctor must be ready run. But later as she matures, she upgraded to stilettos. 

7. That huge expensive hospital doesn't have good pa system. Otherwise the actress's son may be found sooner. 

8. The doctors/staff of hospital does not have group chat. Refer #7. 

9. Patients suffer while the doctors stare into each other's eyes. 

10. I am annoyed by the lead actress's hair. Is that medium or long length?? 


There are so many other things that bothers me in this drama. But maybe they have been discussed in earlier post. I can only say that of all medical dramas i've watched, this has the least desirable hospital forme. 

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I read that they are working to made DrJohn season 2.



Doctor John 2 is a drama set in response to the continuing demands of many viewers who watched Season 1, a human medical anesthetic pain medicine drama that provided viewers with another turning point. It seems to unfold into the next story after the last last prescription. It is a story that will deal with anesthesiology and pain medicine, scheduled for the second half of 2020. The actors are currently in consultation and the sbs is trying to organize. -sbs drama officials-





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