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[Drama 2019] Secret Boutique, 시크릿 부티크


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Kim Sun Ah Discusses Her Transformation For “Secret Boutique” And Hopes For The Drama Industry

Sep 19, 2019
by S. Park

Kim Sun Ah shared her thoughts on her newest SBS drama “Secret Boutique.”

On September 18, a press conference was held for the series with Kim Sun Ah, Park Hee Bon, Go Min Si, Kim Jae Young, Kim Tae Hoon, and producing director (PD) Park Hyung Ki in attendance.

“Secret Boutique” tells the story of a woman named Jenny Jang (Kim Sun Ah) who goes from working at a bathhouse to becoming a powerful lobbyist. This thriller explores her climb to the top and the struggles of strong women as they battle for power, revenge, and survival.

Kim Sun Ah began, “I received the script and enjoyed reading it. It was a new genre, and I liked it. I liked that it was new, and I think it will be a memorable project.” She added that she immediately decided to appear in the drama after hearing that it would be directed by PD Park Hyung Ki, who she previously worked with in the 2011 drama “Scent of a Woman.”

In order to portray the fierce Jenny Jang, the actress transformed her look with a bold haircut and hair color. She explained, “The PD’s biggest request was to completely erase the pre-existing image of Kim Sun Ah. The director said, ‘Let’s cut your hair,’ and after giving it some thought, I cut my hair and bleached it. I think the director’s words turned out to be a great idea.”



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@triplemI don’t mind watching the downfall of the family. I see them I feel like they are real cunning. Like Mother like Daughter. They are both giving me the same vibe to it. I am waiting for the day Jenny finally Beats them...but how come I feel I need to go through several “Omg that family’s so evil!” Before I get their ultimate defeat? :joy:

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7 hours ago, triplem said:

Anyhow , pretty excited for this show.  It is a tantalizing female centric drama where the women call the shots and the men are eye candy to an extent  ...pretty refreshing in k dramaland


Female centric. YAY for that. It is my number one reason to be interested in this drama in the first place but the cast and story made me excited again.

I could not watch the first episode today. I can`t wait to watch tomorrow both episodes.

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It’s indeed a power play in the city. People with big names are connected to each other..our poor chess girl being drive into this for no apparent reason.


@triplem :( 


& oppa driving skills is 100%




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Sun woo sexy:blush::love:

It's refreshing to see JENNY a woman having the power to be the lead character. Usually the kind of character who is the second lead female the poor girl disamaged  in this drama is usually the lead in other drama, so it's nice to change that way.
I understand that we announced a love triangle with sun ho and JENNY and her husband,  but she is already married! sun woo himself sails between all these gorgeous women, can be a romance with the girl who lost her mother who is  the second lead female:confused: But sun woo is the male lead so jenny and him will be together, anyways  I calm myself it's revenge/action theme here

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21 minutes ago, marrez1 said:

himself sails between all these gorgeous women

He is one lucky guy..


But TBH, his abs & his back brings the charms. He will be loved for sure :) if no one loves him, their standards are real low. Such a fabulous man.


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@triplem & @Sushimi I love the 1 episode it’s quite interesting :heart: & amusing the same time :P


But How right & kind  this man is , for coming to sort out the leaking :joy: I think I just found out where the leaking  is  :mrgreen:when the mayor found girl dead her face was flawless :phew:




But when the guy come to help with leaking :joy:



Her mouth was leaking after hours of her dead  :sweat_smile:




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Wi Ye Nam pathetic & worse attempt to win against Jenny :yum::joy:


1 - winner Jenny win  line from episode 1 : { Does that sound more sincere to you  }




2- love Jenny attitude toward her , with can I spell it for you , people called it maturing :joy:



But seriously @triplem it turn out she didn’t know about mature behavior at all , the woman was over moon for getting involved in covering a murder :joy:






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54 minutes ago, rocher22 said:

He was surprised when she said she called police.

If she rise in power she could be as good as Jenny. She really have the potential. She gets what she wants using her surroundings to her advantage. This kind of shows that she is worthy to join. Hopefully Jenny can pick that info up and let her join. :) 

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Looks interesting, decided to watch because of Kim Sun Ah. Love her in Lady in Dignity and Should We Kiss First. 


A strong female character in the lead for a change unlike some revenge dramas which sometime is a pain to watch. I hope Jenny Jang will not falter till the end. 


Correct me if i'm wrong, for a fact KYO stole JJ's mother's identity, for me it not like JJ is out for revenge more like she is getting back what's rightfully her. It will be interesting to see when JJ realize the truth since she was very young at the time and how she planned to worm her way into KYO's life. 

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22 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

She didn’t really call the police, right? They came with that Oh person.

Anyway, I laughed at the ways Ye Nam kept failing in her attempts to up Jenny in clearing up for the elites, make that one elite. :lol:

When one is struggling to be competitive to beat others, they will never win, cause all they think about is wining but not how to win. Tell that to Ye Nam, this naive ‘competitor’ thinking to capture Mayor Do...Mayor Do also quite Naive to accept this small fry. Haha. He should have just stay with Jenny. If he stayed no bodies no video evidence. Simple. 


Am I going to see Ye Nam doing things without thinking beforehand throughout the entire drama? I think so. Prepare myself to smack myself on the forehead for her naive shallow thinking actions. *facepalm*


And who serves money in a metal tray opening one by one. She should just have pour it out on the table then like this save time for more things to happen in the drama. *facepalm* and do what birthday party leh? She should just do something that benefits Mayor Do..I’m pretty sure you set up birthday party or not, it won’t benefit both parties omg. *facepalm*


And killing the cop in front of a port. Omg


I like the story but the shallow thinking from the villain team is so..eye twitching

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6 minutes ago, triplem said:

While Jenny Jang is one fearless and fearsome woman ( especially if she's up against you) , the baduk player - Hyun Ji impressed me the most in the last episode. Her years of  Go training has given her good acumen and accurate perceptions. While I laugh at her super sharp eyes - even the prosecutor said it was impossible to see from so far- she is clearly very intelligent and her quick thinking saved her and the prostitute friend and son, prevented Jenny from signing a disastrous deal and helped Sun Woo to get hold of the drug addict doctor. 


 Honestly, if there is any romance , please let it be between SW and HJ- I can clearly see the connection there between the two. He was impressed with her and was kind enough to ask her to run. He knows Jenny will only use her .  I do think SW has a good heart and I think he needs to break free from Jenny . The puppy love and unquestioning loyalty to her  may have very tragic consequences.



It's true that he seems to be hanging on to jenny, I want to see a love romance  sexy between them
  i have like everyone here noticed that there seems to be something between sun woo and HJ but maybe it will be too late.
Even if it's just the beginning I wonder if jenny will not die in the end( i hope not) and let HJ take the mentor

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43 minutes ago, triplem said:

This is SBS dear...they aren't known for their crime logic. Melodrama ( and makjang :w00t: ) is their strength. 

Yes yes. But I can name one from sbs which has logic filled in. But gonna put my right hand up and say I decline to answer.



29 minutes ago, marrez1 said:

if jenny will not die in the end( i hope not) 

I don’t think she will die. She is the biggest figure & she needs to shift everything back to it’s right place..she needs to continue the legacy bah. She can’t just die like that. Instead I feel that ‘The ones that shouldn’t be there in the first place will be given back what should have been theirs in the first place’ so Ye Nam & Mother will return to the lowlife cause wi stole it in the first place. I kinda Guess that SW & Go Girl will be a couple? But still be helping Jenny.


of cause nothing is confirm. It’s just a prediction haha. Plus we at ep 2 only so it’s still early haha

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First episodes were really good. The logic in this drama is little funny. :D:wub:

Kim Sun Ah is one of my favourite actress. 

I only hope is that the lead don't die. And the plot doesn't flop in middle drama. 

SW is really hot. Hope he finds love. 


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