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[Drama 2019] Secret Boutique, 시크릿 부티크


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Go Min-si`s interview


"I remember the day I first received the script. It was winter then and it is winter now. It's been almost a year. The shooting took about half a year. ”“ I think it's over, so I'm new to memory a year ago and I'm grateful for suggesting the character I wanted to do. It seems lacking for my acting. Nevertheless, I'm thankful to see if I can meet such a great team. I think it's a work that I think about. ”

When the script reading day was the most trembling. “It's like a good example. I'm so nervous then. I am always thankful that I can feel a new excitement in an unfamiliar atmosphere, ” she said


In the end, she is reunited with her mother Jang Young-nam in the play. “Justice has triumphed,” she laughed. “When I shot the scene, tears came out. It was so crying. I really like Jang Young-nam. They were costars in her debut film, My Sassy Girl, they bwere also on TVN Sky's 100 Million Stars. It was even better to come out as a mother and daughter so I could be immersed. ”







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Secret Boutique: Episodes 9-16 (Series review)

by missvictrix


It’s been a wild ride with Secret Boutique! It’s no small feat when a drama makes big promises at its start, and then delivers on them straight through to the end, but Secret Boutique did just that.

Not only did we get our decades-long tale of revenge with just about as much drama and intrigue as you could imagine, but we also got really fantastic and moving character arcs with all of the players. I love stories about people with the courage to step back and take a look at their actions — and in the case of Secret Boutique, this element is what elevated the drama from a story of high-stakes revenge into an even better, richer story about people.


There are some dramas I watch and wonder, “Why is everyone watching this?” and then there are dramas like Secret Boutique that make me wonder, “Why isn’t everyone watching this!?” It deserved better ratings, more attention, and above all, less tempo-wrecking preemptions (dramas over sports!).


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/12/secret-boutique-episodes-9-16-series-review/

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