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[Drama 2019] Secret Boutique, 시크릿 부티크


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September 5 2019

Teaser trailer #3 & posters for SBS drama series “Secret Boutique”


Teaser trailer #3 and posters for upcoming SBS drama series “Secret Boutique” starring Kim Sun-A, Kim Jae-Young and Jang Mi-Hee. Captions in teaser trailer states (0:14) “If I can forget the past and memories,” (0:26) “Eternal love” and (0:28) “Eternal ill-fated relationship.” Meanwhile, below are a main poster and 6 character posters for the drama series. The 6 character posters are of Kim Sun-A as Jenny Jang, Jang Mi-Hee as Kim Yeo-Ok, Park Hee-Von as Wi Ye-Nam, Go Min-Si as Hyun-Ji, Kim Jae-Young as Yoon Sun-Woo and Kim Tae-Hoon as Wi Jung-Hyeok.

“Secret Boutique” first airs September 18, 2019 in South Korea.




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Kim Sun-ah prepares for revenge in SBS noir Secret Boutique

by tccolb


A new video teaser has been released for SBS noir drama Secret Boutique, featuring actors Kim Sun-ah (Red Moon, Blue Sun), Jang Mi-hee (Black Knight), Kim Jae-young (100 Days My Prince), and Kim Tae-hoon (Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset).

The story is set within Korea’s elite circles, where there is a constant fight for power, revenge, and survival. As the central character, Kim Sun-ah plays the role of Jenny Jang: a self-made woman who rose through the social tiers from the bottom. At 18, she left her home at the orphanage and started working at a public bath house in Gangnam (one of Seoul’s richest neighborhoods). Through her work, she familiarized herself with the faces of the most powerful and elite women in Seoul, gained their trust, learned their secrets, and became their go-to person. On the surface, she now appears to be the owner of a fancy boutique, but her real business involves performing private services for Korea’s elite and taking care of their matters discreetly. However, this is only the first part of Kim Sun-ah’s plans as her true goal is to rise higher – her next step being to usurp the queen of the Dae-oh chaebol group (played by Jang Mi-hee).


The newly released teaser starts with Kim Sun-ah walking into a church. She is lit from the back, and only her silhouette and shadow can be seen. In voice-over, Kim Tae-hoon says, “You’ll have to deal with the consequences now for staying silent that time in the past.” As he speaks, it cuts to Kim Tae-hoon and Kim Sun-ah dressed as bride and groom, and walking down the aisle in an outdoor wedding ceremony. The scene is somewhat romantic with the sun setting in the background and flower petals flying in the air. However, there is a sense of coldness with the wind blowing strong, the lighting dark, and the groom’s stoic face.

We cut to Kim Jae-young who sadly says, “I want you to be happy, Noona.” before walking away. Kim Sun-ah remains still and she responds in voice-over, “Right now, I am happier than I’ve ever been before.” In contrast to her words though, we briefly see Kim Sun-ah standing with a woman in a quickly flooding room, before cutting away to Kim Sun-ah walking barefoot down a series of hallways, dressed in a robe and soaking wet. In-between the shots of her walking, there is an intercut of Jang Mi-hee slowly turning to look askance as she says, “Endangering my position means the removal of everything along the way.”


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/09/kim-sun-ah-prepares-for-revenge-in-sbs-noir-secret-boutique/

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Watch: Kim Sun Ah Seeks Happiness Among Tragic Events In Teaser For “Secret Boutique”

Sep 14, 2019
by M. Dang



SBS’s upcoming drama “Secret Boutique” keeps everyone guessing in a mysterious new preview!

“Secret Boutique” is a thriller about the struggles between strong women as they battle for power, revenge, and survival. At the center is a poor woman named Jenny Jang (played by Kim Sun Ah), who goes from working at a bathhouse to being an influential lobbyist. The cast also includes Jang Mi HeePark Hee Bon, Go Min Si, Kim Jae Young, and Kim Tae Hoon.

The newly released teaser starts with a wedding scene between Jenny Jang and Wi Jung Hyuk (played by Kim Tae Hoon) as he says in a voice-over, “I’m going to strike the wealthy families that stayed silent in the past.” It then cuts to Yoon Seon Woo (played by Kim Jae Young) telling Jenny Jang, “I want you to be happy.” Jenny Jang replies, “I’m happier than ever,” but her dark expression seems to imply something deeper. While soaked from a mysterious incident, she approaches Kim Yeo Wook (played by Jang Mi Hee), who says, “I will remove anything that endangers my place,” teasing an intense confrontation between the two.

Over a memory of a devastating bus crash, Jenny Jang further states, “Someone who lives while stuck in the past. That’s me, the person standing before you.” The clip ends with Jenny Jang seated in her office at J Boutique, saying cryptically, “No matter what becomes of me, I will see this through to the end.”




Kim Jae Young Shows Off His Impressive Physique In “Secret Boutique”

Sep 14, 2019
by S. Park




Secret Boutique” has released new stills of Kim Jae Young.

This upcoming SBS drama is a thriller about the struggles between strong women and their battle for power, revenge, and survival.

In the drama, Kim Jae Young portrays Yoon Sun Woo, the lawyer of Jenny Jang’s (played by Kim Sun Ah) J Boutique. He has a pure heart and will do anything for Jenny Jang, who is his “older sister” from the orphanage. Despite his usual cool-headedness and cold demeanor, he becomes weakhearted in front of Jenny Jang.

In the pictured scene, Yoon Sun Woo has just stepped out of the shower and looks devastated as he sits on the edge of his sofa before bursting into tears and collapsing on the couch.



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September 16 2019

Teaser trailer #5 for SBS drama series “Secret Boutique”


Teaser trailer #5 added for SBS drama series “Secret Boutique” starring Kim Sun-A, Jang Mi-Hee, Park Hee-Von an Go Min-Si. Teaser trailer runs for nearly 2 minutes. Caption on teaser trailer #5 states (0:41) “Jaebol. Politics. Murder case,” (0:52) “Lead to International City Scandal,” (1:32) “In order to survive,” (1:43) “4 women’s power game.” Meanwhile, above is new still imageS from the drama series of Jenny Jang (Kim Sun-A) and Yoon Sun-Woo (Kim Jae-Young). Jenny Jang is a powerful figure in the business and poltics field and also runs J Boutique. Yoon Sun-Woo is a lawyer who works for J Boutique. He loves Jenny Jang.

“Secret Boutique” first airs September 18, 2019 in South Korea.




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Kim Jae Young And Kim Sun Ah Have Trouble Being Honest About Their Feelings In “Secret Boutique”

Sep 16, 2019


SBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Secret Boutique” has released intriguing stills of Kim Sun Ah and Kim Jae Young!

“Secret Boutique” is a thriller about the struggles of strong women as they battle for power, revenge, and survival. The drama stars A-list actors including Kim Sun Ah, Jang Mi Hee, Park Hee bon, Go Min Si, Kim Jae Young, and Kim Tae Hoon.

On September 16, “Secret Boutique” revealed new stills of Kim Sun Ah and Kim Jae Young, making viewers intrigued about the nature of their relationship.

Kim Sun Ah will play Jenny Jang, a poor woman who goes from working at a bathhouse to being a powerful lobbyist. As the CEO of J Boutique, she attempts to become the head of Deo Company, for which she used to work as a maid. Kim Jae Young, on the other hand, has taken on the role of Yoon Sun Woo. He is the lawyer of J Boutique who is willing to do anything for Jenny Jang, his “older sister” from the orphanage. Despite his cool-headedness and cold demeanor, he becomes weakhearted in front of Jenny Jang.

In the stills, Kim Jae Young and Kim Sun Ah hint at their complicated relationship. Whereas Kim Jae Young has his eyes fixed on Kim Sun Ah, Kim Sun Ah turns away from him. According to the production team, the two actors talked a lot with director Park Hyung Ki in order to figure out how to best portray these complicated emotions, where the characters must suppress their feelings for each other.






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Premiere Watch:

by stroopwafel

Secret Boutique


Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: SBS
Genre: Political thriller
Episode count: 16 episodes

Reasons to watch: Kim Sun-ah stars as a woman determined to shake off her humble background in order to rise to the top strata of society. Starting as a bath house attendant, Kim gained the trust of a chaebol matriarch, Jang Mi-hee. Kim parlayed that trust into a position as a maid in Jang’s home. Using her wits and beauty, Kim Sun-ah managed to establish herself as the president of a boutique law firm. But she has yet to achieve her ultimate goal: to topple Jang Mi-hee from her place at the top of the pecking order. Kim Sun-ah’s mission masks some deep-seated scars and an all-encompassing need for revenge–even if revenge may mean her own downfall. If you like dramas that examine questions about human nature and explore whether there’s an end to people’s greed for money and power, this might be the show for you.





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4 hours ago, triplem said:

Kim Jae Young fan service around the 2:07 mark onwards 

  Thanks. I will sure enjoy the scene. :P


I hope the things won`t end in tragedy and heartbreak. The revenge is such a destructive feeling. I am worry a little about the heroine. Even if she wins, she can lose something more important.

From the preview, I feel sorry for both the male characters ( especially for KJY`s character) but I will root for Jenny the most. I want her to find peace, to be happy in the end, to move on from the past. We`ll see.





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“When The Camellia Blooms” + “Secret Boutique” Both Premiere To Higher Ratings Than Their Predecessors

Sep 19, 2019
by E. Cha



SBS’s new thriller “Secret Boutique” also got off to a strong start. The September 18 premiere of the drama, which stars Kim Sun Ah and Kim Jae Young, scored average nationwide ratings of 3.8 percent and 4.6 percent—beating the finale ratings of its predecessor “Doctor Detective” (which ended on an average rating of 3.9 percent).



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Refreshing: No Ahjussi to play chaebol boss or villain

Refreshing: No female leads with long flowing tresses. Short crop is powwwer

It feels a bit like Jang Hee-bin in modern suits.


I wonder if it's equally imposing behind the scenes to have so many alpha-females in the cast.


i think i will have a heart attack if i had to wait every week....for my cowardice, i think i will return to the show during thanksgiving :):)


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  • Jenny is a powerful character. I think we will get to know more about her past? It’s gonna be quite interesting if we know how she became the J Boutique CEO.
  • Her Boutique member, Sun Woo. He is one handsome man :joy:
  • Right off I hate Ye Nam, her sassy attitude really make me go sour
  • The death(Probably dead judging from the end) of the female cop & the death of the hooker will bite Ye Nam at the end of all it. I can sense it. Especially when Jenny is going to drive to find the truth.
  • Now that the Daughter of the female cop is probably going to join in to find the truth, i think it will be quite awesome to see them work together.
  • Jenny is quite ruthless as well, on which she is willing to use wrong ways to punish people. I think she respect the victims a lot. Like a vigilante.


Awesome. 8/10 :p 



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