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[Drama 2019] Secret Boutique, 시크릿 부티크


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4 hours ago, Goldencrane said:

Triplem, thanks for the link.  The registration form asks for a 6 digit certification number. What is the certification # please?  Do I just create this certification number?  Thanks.

Hmm. I am not sure. When I signed up in English I just gave a username and a password. 

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2 hours ago, triplem said:

Looks like they’ll show tonight since they are releasing some new stills . This link says there will be an eps 


Good news. It would have been better if SBS will give us two episodes but we are not that lucky. I will be totally mad if SBS will cancel another episode next week for a baseball game. Enough is enough.



Kdrama fashion








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36 minutes ago, hush puppy said:

The preview for ep 10 does not look good.  Looks like JJ's husband is going to betray & leave her....:angry:

 I saw the preview. Sun woo was angry at Jung Hyeok. I think he gave him a few punches. But I still don`t believe that he will betray Jenny. It looks like that but perhaps he will do something to protect her. Something does not match his profile (betrayal, siding with his mother).  But let see. Things are getting more interesting.

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Interesting episode 9. A mixed amount of emotions played out.

- I don't know if Ms Wang saw the ring DY/JJ's mom was wearing in the photo as someone mentioned earlier, if she did she is not showing any concern about it. JH on the other hand is acting strange. The words when he warned Ms Wang 'if you tell DY or my mom, DY will be the first to get hurt' omo My first thought was that he will betray DY but @larus i agree that it doesn't match his profile. Yes things are getting interesting now that YN is out of the picture and YE is stepping in her place.

- I notice that JJ teared up a bit when HJ was talking about SW saying that he was more lonely than she thought. I can see that she is concern for SW getting caught up in her revenge.

- HJ was amazing, how she caught that woman cheating in the go game.

- KYO is really evil. Why does she have to kill YN's father he's already suffering from Alzheimer.

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I`ve have not watch yet the episode 9 with subtitles but I want to say that it would have been nice if they had shown Jenny, Sun woo and Hyun ji playing baseball a little.  I am sure the audience would have loved it seeing the moment.

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I just watched ep 9 with subs:


1) Makes me more sad. The way JH reacts after seeing JJ's family pix. And the ep 10 preview actually mentioned that he is divorcing JJ. (But @imgreatgal @larus   I'm still hoping that he is just putting on an act to protect her.  Hope they will be happy in the end.  Although I don't know how, knowing JH's sexual orientation.)


2) The ship for SWoo & the HJ has really sailed. It is definite that they will be together


3) I prefer HJ with lighter makeup.  She don't look nice with the heavier makeup now.


4) So SWoo gave up baseball to become a lawyer, so that he can stay beside JJ & protect her (how sweet. But sad because they cannot be together)


.... Looking forward to ep 10

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1 hour ago, hush puppy said:

And the ep 10 preview actually mentioned that he is divorcing JJ. (But @imgreatgal @larus   I'm still hoping that he is just putting on an act to protect her. 

I believe it's an act to protect JJ. Now that I think about it, JH partner's death could be the work of his mom KYO. So JH knows how scary his mom can be if she finds out that JJ is actually WJS's daughter.

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I finally watched episode 9 with subtitles. I am sad that we did not have 2 episodes to watch this week.


1. It is intriguing to know what Jung Hyeok is thinking. It looks like he just make up his mind to do something. He was lethargic when it comes to family business but now that he knows that Do Young is from Wi family something is changed. He said it to Sun woo that he wants to change too. Why he went to Sun Woo to know informations about Jungcheon company? He really wanted to know informations about the company that invests in the international city project with Deo because he wants to be involved in business in the future or he wanted to give Sun woo and Jenny a tip about the company? Or it was a bait for them?


In the preview, Jung Hyeok did something that made Sun woo mad. Maybe because he wants to divorce Jenny. I still believe that he wants to protect her. Jung Hyeok will say to his mother that he became greedy now that Deo could lose to Jogwang. Perhaps he will say that he is divorcing because he blames his wife that his lover took his life. He will take everyone by surprise and he needs a justification. Or he really blames her now that he suspects about her plan? I don`t think so.


But why really divorcing? He thinks Jenny will not be close to the family and so close to his mother and not be in danger? He wants to get close to his mother,  to get more power in the family? 

Look how he reacted when Sun woo punched him. His smug face is telling me that he wants to play the part of being the bad guy.Jung Hyeok did not want Jenny to know that he knows about her past. That`s why his act of bad guy will be believeble for everybody, including Jenny.

Either I am right or wrong about Jung Hyeok, it is interesting where his character is going. I like that he will become more active as a character. 


2. Now I understand why they needed Hyun ji to play go game. I could not understand who was that woman and why they need to play when I was watching without subtitles.

In the preview it was said that Jojwang has been selected as a prefered bidder. What went wrong? Ye Nam?


I still want to watch a scene where Sun Woo, Jenny and Hyun ji were playing baseball. It would have been nice.

Jenny knows that Sun woo and Hyun Ji are becoming close and she likes that someone is caring about him . I like how the drama showed that she is feeling guilty that Sun woo took her path. She wondered how  his life would have become if he had not taken her side. I also like how he responded that he smiled but she did not notice. Is his way to tell her that he dod not regret being with her.


3. Lee Ju Ho, the city counsilor is not working for Jojwang or something else. He was upset with the mayor and he took the picture to Kim Yeo Ok. He really think he will do what he said?

Jenny really has a soft heart. She doesn`t want to see a family being torn apart. Now that Hyun Ji is in danger how Jenny will protect her? Maybe she will tell Sun Woo to stay closer to her?

Kim Yeo Ok confessing to Jenny how she once got rid of a girl and her brother and that she is capable of anything!!! Indeed she is. Now she murdered an old man who had dementia just to not have a vulnerability herself.


I really want Jenny to stop working for Kim Yeo Ok. I wish she will win the bidder on her name but does she have so much money? :D

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I believe Ye Nam will cooperate with Jenny from now on. Because she has begun to understand her biological father better - from two incidents:


1) At the rooftop, he thought his father is a materialistic man, who do things for money. She blamed him for starting a new life & forgetting about her & her mum.  She asked why he decide to come back now.  (But at a later scene, when she went back to see him at the place where Jenny & Sun Woo had him hidden, she found out that he is suffering from alzheimer.  Even then he still kept the dress he had once bought for her. Her mother had came to him with a son. Yet he assured her that he will care of her older son as his own.  He is a kind man & a good father)


2) Her father was forced to reveal the identity of KYO & Ye Nam in a press conference.  At the rooftop again,  YN asked him why don't he tell those present that he was forced to do so because some people have held his pregnant daughter hostage. (He said he could not say that.  Because Ye Nam is his daughter too.  I supposed it means - how could he talk as though he only has one daughter; that he only care for one daughter.  While denying the existence of the other. He could not hurt her feelings like that. A good father)


So now that her mother had had her father murdered, Ye Nam will never forgive her again. Ep 10 will be interesting.....

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