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SUNMI(선미) - 누아르(Noir) cover by East2West!! (actually REALLY good)

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So Sunmi clearly is my fav Idol of all :joy: i was just mindlessly scrolling through youtube till all of a sudden i was greeted with this video by this group that i have no idea even existed for a second i though this was suppose to be an MV lmao. However, turns out not only is this not an MV but this isn't even the actual dance... WOW these guys are actually crazy. And so i decided to share this with you guys so you can take your time and relax a bit and just watch this awesomeness. Anyway hope you like it! Also, can't wait to get to know this community better! And most importantly... StAy HyDraTed drink lots of water!

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Oooo I may have to take part in the challenge! Only thing is that I don't have enough confidence to record my whole body- lol! I have a YouTube channel but never show more than waist up haha

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