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[Drama 2019] Watcher, 왓쳐


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52 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

Why I love bodyguard, because he is good at everything , anything,


And he finally got called by name in this episode:  Jae Sik.  

My favorite character.  Seriously.


Loved it when he said, "if you live long enough, you can change."

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2 hours ago, thistle said:


And he finally got called by name in this episode:  Jae Sik.  

My favorite character.  Seriously.


Loved it when he said, "if you live long enough, you can change."


I loved that we’d learn more thing about him , his name , his motto, his suspicious thought :mrgreen:





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The last few minutes of this episode were crazy-making:  why is TJ trying to get killed?  Is this part of a plan?  What is going on?!


It kinda felt like there were various double-crosses going on at once, and I couldn't figure it all out.  The only character I can trust right now is Jae Sik!  :P

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- The boyfriend is definitely suspicious, feel like the girl will be the third party who listens in and give information to her so called boyfriend. 


- Feel like there something sinister that is with DCK, his good personality is a facade to his real personality. He is nothing but the same to all of those corrupted people


- Father seems to be a good guy, all he wants is to protect his Son


- YG on the other hand, he looks like he can manipulate people lol. Look at how easy the chaebol son gets caught in to his lies and then arrest him


- Plus.. Park..The chaebol guy's man. He seems cool:P I like him, Plus his thumb has been cut off too. So the cutting off part might be some sort of the killer's markings maybe?


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@triplem & @thistle

I am really disappointed , with the cutting thumb monster, why every victim get their thumb back successfully 

 :mrgreen: - is he killing them with kindness :phew:



Was the ambulance that quick, or was he the best doctor/ monster ever  :sweat_smile:



Caring for the severed digit

If you have a severed finger or fingers:

  • Don’t remove any jewelry or clothing from the finger.
  • Gently wash off the amputated finger with water or sterile saline – don’t scrub it.
  • Cover the finger in a damp, gauze wrap.
  • Put the finger in a clean waterproof bag.
  • Place the bag that the finger is in into another larger plastic bag.
  • Place the bundle of plastic bags on ice.
  • If more than one finger has been amputated, put each in its own clean bag. This helps to prevent infection and more damage to each individual digit.


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I just watched the episode 5. I did not have time right now to read this thread or to comment much but I will say just a few thoughts.


I love this drama. It is a thriller just like I want it to be.


So, it is true that Kim Jae Myung is trying to protect his son. He contacted him after 15 years. I think he thinks he could be in danger now that he is in corruption investigation team.

Another baddies came to the scene. I want that third generation chaebol Jung Han Wook to be in prison ASAP. I was glad that Do Chi-Gwang choked him a little in the interogation room. :)

 I noticed that Park Si Young worked for the police and he had the thumb cut just like Tae Joo. Probably by the same man.

Han Tae Joo still thinks that Jang Hae-Ryong has something to do with her attack? I don`t know what he is trying to prove when he asked Muil`s CEO to order him to kill her. Does she is waiting for him, prepared this time? 


Han Tae Joo asked Kim Jae Myung to kill Oh Sang Do to have something to negotiate with Muil? WOW. She is swimming in dangerous waters. Let see if this will work and they will be a step further to catch the big bad man.


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After watching ep5, we can all say that YG father is protecting him by not seeing him for 15 years. 

But I don't get it why he suddenly wanted to see him even though he knows it can bring harm to YG. 


I didn't noticed Park Si Young's thumb was cut too like Lawyer Han. Which could mean that he left the force after he was attacked by the unknown killer. 


I am thinking that YG mother was murdered by the same man who attacked Lawyer Han and her husband. 

Is it the killer could be among the 5 guys in the photo? 

I don't think his father murdered his mother. I'm sure he was forced to take the blame to protect his son safety and he is still doing so after 15 years. 


In the preview ep6, Lawyer Han asking YG if he really thought his father murdered his mom which means she is in doubt of his father's guilty to murder

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Some quick thoughts before I livestream Ep06 soon.


I'm loving the mind games in this! When CK sent YG to ask TJ if they could use her office for the sting, TJ caught on that CK asked YG to mention Jang Hae-ryong to get her to agree more easily. The fact that CK knew how to make use of TJ's obsession with JHR to get her to agree + TJ herself catching on CK's idea - love the way they think.


As what many are saying here, TJ's intentions are the clearest of them all here. She only has that one goal, and she sure as hell is determined to get there. No matter how extreme her methods are, or whether it goes against the goal of the corruption investigation team.


Her talk about being on whichever side can give her what she wants + asking Muil's chairman to get JHR to kill her - I like how extreme she's willing to go haha, and how she looks more at the 'big picture', even if it means sacrificing herself.


CK/TJ's dynamics in the team is quite interesting to me. They're both in it for something (TJ saying 'we all have something we want' in Ep02 when they just formed the team). It's clear what TJ wants, but CK we still don't know. Even TJ was still asking what he wants in Ep05 (their convo in TJ's office), and it's hard to buy his 'nothing, just don't want anyone to die' response right now with so much suspicion against him haha.


And YG, he doesn't seem to play the mind games like the other two. So far he still follows CK/TJ's lead on ideas, basically being the action-taker. He still feels quite pure, being worried about TJ from the start till now. I felt his disappointment in Ep05 when he thought TJ was helping with the sting operation but she killed it and proposed a different proposal instead. I'll be waiting to see if he'll have more suspicions/other intentions instead. (There was that scene where he was looking down from his house at CK/TJ in the car in Ep03, where I wondered for a bit if he was becoming suspicious of them haha)


Other smaller points/questions:

- Prosecutor Lee Dong Yoon said that TJ's attacker was dead when she asked him in a cafe in Ep03. Wonder if it's true and if he did know who it was (well in any case, he's also dead so no use)

- So Jae-sik (TJ's bodyguard) was a debt collector in the past. No wonder TJ said he was good at finding people and asked him to help CK find Oh Sang Do's wife :joy:

- Soo-yeon's "boyfriend" is suspicious too. Jae-sik's observation seems spot on. Wondering if it could be the police contact who planted her in the investigation team to watch on them.

- Still unanswered qns from prev eps: CK putting stuff in the washing machine 15 years ago + Mr Kim's killer letting YG off


Awaiting Ep06! CK getting more and more suspicious. TJ's finding doubts about YG's dad murdering his mum, and YG saying 'Let's catch the murderer together.' - wondering if it's the start of an alliance between TJ + YG, against CK.





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Er okay. 


Im just jumping around, can’t remember everything I saw.


YG got to house, sprayed stuff on the floor wore glasses and they could see blood stains on the floor. Wife died. YG is affected by it.


So TJ & Bodyguard went to a pub where Junkie Chaebol is drinking. Said few words head to bathroom, DCK comes attempts to talk to him. TJ comes back. They talked. DCK left. Then the husband of the missing wife kidnapped Junkie and drives to the location where the husband force junkie to dig the spot where they buried his wife. Wife is dead. Husband cries. Junkie took this time to smack husband in the head with the shovel. Runs. Husband chased. Team comes, they chased. Husband stand off with junkie. YG intervenes. Tries to calm husband down only to have DCK shot him dead.  YG went home bloodied called TJ alliance. Meanwhile they found another body. (Might be mistranslation but I heard it’s not a Korean?)


Preview TJ looks suspicious. YG talks to his dad. YG’s father points a gun at DCK.




Back in the pub, junkie and TJ talking. DCK far enough to see him talking on the phone (the figure). Junkie told TJ that it’s him. DCK went to meet his father before.



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Pretty sure...Trailer a shot of two man on the ground one of them is YG or it looks like him. Then TJ comes over. TJ is the suspicious one now. We are like playing some roulette..so what? Are we gonna get YG next? Lol 

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edit: Thanks for the recaps!!! 


On 7/20/2019 at 10:03 AM, titania1000 said:

I love to read your comments about your mother's interest for this drama. It's so rare to see people willing to watch with subs. 


General consensus is that Seo Kang-joon is too beautiful to be a cop. :wub:


My mother loves it but can't remember anyone's name (Old cop, handsome cop, Lawyer, etc). Subs don't seem to be a problem for her, she can follow the basic goings on. She might not watch all the way through because she has to go online, which is not her thing really.

Loved one is LOVING it--though also struggling to keep up with names. He has lots of thoughts including: Did Dad really kill Mom, b/c it seems too obvious? Who else did 'hottie cop'(his phrase) see get killed... mentioned in ep 1. and who is Inspector Jang who is missing(ep 5)... he thinks, and I agree, that this could be our real baddie... he also thinks that Dad is running a ring of corrupted cops/or similar inside the jail--which I agree with too.


We've agreed that there should be no romance; that Jo Soo-yeon might be the mole (who is her boyfriend??? LO wants to know why he isn't "Oppa"); and that Jang Hae-ryong will end up helping out for a bit and eventually will get killed during a sting.


Final note from LO. He thinks that since I am older than 'hottie cop' I can't call him that... which is cute. B)


Cannot wait for subs on ep 6... 

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this is suspicious roulette. When you think that one is person is the suspicious something else happens and other person becomes the most suspicious. 

I honestly don't know if we should trust anyone.

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