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[Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전

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15 minutes ago, Gi said:

omg this episode is crazy 


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nokdu kissed the other male lead to distract everyone from the little girl calling out to him  


lmao so this is the comedic kiss that kang tae oh was talking about, huh?:joy:

EDIT: Crazy to think how--


we got the two male leads to kiss each other first than either of them kissing our female lead Dongjoo bwahahaha


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Lol this episode again both the funny and the feels. I need to wait for subs, but that scene with NokDu chasing YulMu was HILARIOUS. Even funnier was when YM refused help and rather let himself fall into the water. I had tears in my eyes from laughing. I'll leave the other comments for after I've watched with subs, but man, if only we had ep 6 properly as well this week!! How am I going to wait again!!

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THEY KISS!!!!!!!!:wub:

(My hand's shaking so I cant capture the moment. LoL) 


My opinion abt today episode.


I dont know how to say abt today episode bcs without sub I dont understand it all . But there's something about editing. The scenes skipped too fast. The awkward moments were not much as expected. And the love-confusing period is kind of... confusing. And the comedy kiss (you know what I mean) is not really necessary, but just for fun.

It was a chaotic episode.

It was like... LOVE = Destroy + Confuse




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10 minutes ago, cherryblossomkawai said:

Honestly I am surprised by the speed of the romantic plot. I didn’t expect two kisses in episode 5. 

Same! Maybe I'm just used to the whole dramatic-romantic-tension/will-they-or-won't-they for 15 episodes and then getting together at the last episode thing for most kdramas haha. I'm curious though, to anyone who has read the webtoon, was the romance this fast there, too?


Methinks that Dongjoo will push Nokdu away haha she'll be the one who'll resist (especially with her plan of assassinating the king), and that will result to the tension in future episodes.

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8 minutes ago, lightbringer06 said:


Yup! Kinda... but if I remember correctly, he kissed her twice during their first kiss :joy:... 


The second one was interrupted and real jealousy come




But, it'll be ok :joy:


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