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[Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전

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A thought-provoking drama review well worth the long read: https://ethlenn.blogspot.com/2020/01/review-part-1-tale-of-nokdu.html

~Start of extract~

[Review Part 1] Tale of Nokdu

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." (Albert Camus)
The review is divided into 3 parts:
Review Part 1: Tale of Nokdu
Review Part 2: Jeon Nokdu – The Hero of a Thousand Faces
Review Part 3: The History
It has been a while since a tv series engaged me this much on every level. And I mean worldwide made series, not specifically Korean. It came at the right moment when everything felt as too overwhelming and too pressuring, so a space for breathing was all that was needed and nothing more..........
~End of Extract~
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Hi! I am new here on soompi, just registered.


Though I am late, is it okay if I share here my thoughts?


I am a kdrama addict ever since 2006 and was on kdrama hiatus for past two months and when I got back, I watched this drama! Tale of Nokdu! I started watching half of January 2020 and finished it last week because I am a working single mom hehe so time is a bit challenging. Lolol.


I got addicted with the drama, one of my fave young actress since she was a kid is Kim So Hyun and a new one added to my list who is Jang Dong Yoon! 


I love their chemistry, on and off cam and I am so happy KSH is comfortable with JDY while they are doing BTS and most specially the kiss scenes!! I am so happy KSH has really grown up as an actress because I've seen a lot of her dramas and the kisses with her leads are a bit shy. Hihi. So I am hoping for a good kiss in this drama and I was so happyy it did!! All through out their BTS I was smiling and laughing, it helped me heal the tears I spent in the last episodes of TTON where drama was shown.


And finally I see this on soompi! I always had soompi to download cute pics of kdramas and after so many years I went back for TTON. I started from Page 1 until 152 just yesterday hahahhahaha. I was so happy reading all your updates, comments, and experiences. Just like miine! 


Though I am not young, or a teen, I am in late 20s and a single mom but I am a kdrama lover and I am literally haven't moved on yet with this drama.


Is it okay if I share some pictures or screenshots of their BTS? Please let me know!








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i just done watching this drama..its really cute and all out from stranger to married couple...hahahahahha


but how i wish i've got 100% happy ending where Nokdu can feel loved by his dad...hope his mom can tell a story about the king.


Dong Yoon is really really really cute and adorable...i am a fan!

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