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[Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전


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Found a link on youtube for the red carpet if anyone wants it. Just saw that kang taeoh walked the red carpet I don't know if anyone else from tale of nokdu walked the carpet. Good luck team.



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We've cleared one leg kim sohyun and jang dongyoon walked the red carpet together. He has short hair and his hand is injured while she has long hair and wore a beautiful red dress adding much needed color to the carpet. Now onward to winning awards.

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OMG I think I can rejoice here! DongJeon couple together at the red carpet, such great gift!!!! Even Dong Yoon is hurt T__T I'm so happy for this couple


Just look at them >< this couple is so gorgeous, so chick, elegant, classic, beautiful and so on ;A; 

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Both kang taeoh and aengdu have won their awards. Well deserved and congratulations.


Updating here they've announced the best couple award and kim sohyun and jang dongyoon are one of the winners. Congratulations to them. They're the first couple to be announced. Too bad none of them won an acting award yet.


Finally jang dongyoon and kim sohyun win an acting awards. Congratulations. They deserved it despite the ratings seeing them receive the recognition they deserve is good.


Congratulations to tale of nokdu team for winning 5 awards. 

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