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[Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전


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As much as I knew the King wasn't yet dead, I was so extremely annoyed when he made his appearance towards the end of the episode. So many annoying people I'd like to see die under Dongju's crossbow:


• The King! A real, right ROYAL PAIN! He's so obsessed with keeping the throne that he has no logic within him. He is indeed a shell with no moral authority or semblance of humanity left! As much as I don't like Yulmoo, this King really shouldn't be king anymore. Off with his head, I say?


• Yulmoo. Urgh. The more I see him, the more I dislike him. He's just the lesser of the 2 evils if there is no other better candidate for the throne. He is utterly selfish, self-absorbed, and is in many ways no better than Gwanghae. If only history could be re-written in this drama, I'd say, off with his head too!


• The Empress Dowager. What was that all about? What's she trying to pull with this stunt against NokDu? Isn't her son dead already? She has no heir to field for the throne, right?


Anyway, I'm extremely happy that Yulmoo's bodyguard finally died. :naughty: As Nokdu's sabunim said, that one's a bit psychotic. 

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Ep. 15 (29-30): Awesome, just wow, awesome! This has been one cool, badass, fun series to watch and follow. So dramatic, loving and intensely dangerous with twists and and turns and bows flying around and korean game of thrones unleashed on the sets of Dongmakgol, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon province!  


Loved every piece of it, every nuance, BGM, the lot.


Loved YM and the bodyguard this episode, what an epic way to kill off a larger-than-life assassin (it was cool that Lady Ssook did the fatal wound, fulfilling her promise); Loved the finality of ND-DJ romance and DJ's spell-it-in-plain-Korean-I-don't-like-your-scary-richard simmons to YM; Loved how YM just doesn't want to hurt DJ no matter what (and doesn't respect her wishes at all, even after hearing no like a thousand times! She would've stabbed him in a heartbeat!); Loved how DJ saved ND 3 times or more apart from taking care of herself; Loved ND calling YM a playboy in front of everyone and hence unfit to be king! Loved the Queen's scene with ND and his refusal to take the throne; Loved the late-King's second-son's wife Daebi's revenge / planning against current king, his son and even YM (she lost her son to palace machinations, so good for her! Had forgotten all about her, btw); Wow! And everything from YJ's scene with HT to Master Hwang's ninja moves against the much-younger assassin DH; MW-female assassin gang's arrival and moves; Loved the prodigal son ND being all masculine and strategizing and well, pouting; And loved the re-entry of the bat-crazy king. 


Someone posted that ND should not have accepted the charges (yeah, he shouldn't have, but maybe the writers are trying to reconcile the actual history with the fiction, I don't know, because everyone knows what happened in real life); Frankly, I don't care. I loved every bit of this episode. Am glad YJ made it out alive with Master Hwang (hopefully) while ND and his brother got out of at least that castle. 


Though you have to wonder how people can casually be hugging and kissing and having familial chats with errant sons and being guarded by just 2 guards, when there's a bloody coup occurring literally a courtyard away (which seemed very small in size, filling just one courtyard, instead of 3-4 large ones, maybe the producers ran out of money for extras?!) I don't care, I think they wrapped up all kinds of emotions and scenes that audience wanted to see resolved.


The only caveat now is: YM will go to the ends of the earth to find DJ and ND so how that gets resolved should be a treat too because, in next episode, King YM will get made, the sitting king is in no condition to rule, his brain and body is mush and he will be bed-ridden (nobody cares!) and YM has to be voted into power, so let's see! (no jumping the shark, please; ND and DJ have to run and live anonymously but hopefully, fingers crossed, get to live as per their potential, no chicken farming please! I don't know, writers may think that's a 'cute' future for these two brave souls!)


A bit sad it is ending next week. But what a ride!


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8 hours ago, purpleconfetti said:

I actually really enjoyed this episode and all of the fight scenes. There were so many moments that I adored

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  • Nokdu being badass- Jang Dong Yoon looked every inch the warrior prince
  • Dongju being badass- Can we get a hell yeah for the heroine saving herself and the hero multiple times?
  • Nokdu's reunion with the Queen- I love that our sweet boy tells her he doesn't want the throne and mama queen, though disappointed, accepts it because her love for him is greater than anything else
  • Hwang Tae and dad-  Yun Jeo's clear love for both of his sons and when Hwang Tae cries because he knows Nokdu still won't give up on him 
  • Ssook and Nokdu-  When Ssook appears and calls Nokdu "Lady Kim". Their friendship is everything!
  • Ssook and MW Corps kicking butt- Self-explanatory

On the less enjoyable side of things, that ending scene where the King confronts Nokdu was really painful to watch. How many times does he need to keep hurting Nokdu and ripping his heart to shreds? I thought JDY's acting was outstanding in that scene, the look on his face said so much.



I can't believe next week is the last episode! I'm going to miss this drama :tears: It will take me a long time to let go of our Dongjeon couple. 

Nokdu and dongjoo being badass this whole week while also getting their hearts hurt by the good for nothing king. The duality of emotions and acting was the higlight of the week. Some of the fight scenes were weirdly directed or choreographed though. I'm sad to see guyliner bodyguard die. Nobody to keep yulmu alive now. Maybe that might not be a bad thing but they need to depose this king immediately. He needs to be gone within the first 5 mins of the final episode. Can't stand his paranoia anymore. 


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I am trying really hard to empathize with the King. But I just don’t. Yes, it is because of the shaman’s words. But honestly, if he kept his throne to old age, wouldn’t he want his son to ascend next? his flesh and blood? It just makes no sense. What is the point of being King if you cannot (more like will not) pass it on to your own crown prince?!!


and then..

Watching ND cry at the end after all he has done for that King daddy of his. I wonder if the King has even a little bit of remorse for what he has done. But he ran off with YM. He didn’t even show a sign of care towards ND.

And for that, i just have to do it again:



Bad daddy!! 

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9 hours ago, jstgt1501 said:

:tears::tears::tears: I can't stop the tears now that I've watched the whole ep... I need urgently a really cute bts cut to recover from this ep :tears: 

KBS please be generous with us!!!!!!!!!! 


I went to sleep right away after watching the episode... still fresh from crying :sweatingbullets:...



GAWD.... I really like the episode. I can't believe an hour passed after watching it. My favorite part is the confrontation betweeb ND and King. That was POWERFUL. As much as I'm hurting for Nokdu, I'm glad he finally tells that stupid King the feeling of being hurt just like when he abandoned him. I was like ND at that scene, SO DONE with the King. 



JDY is soooo good in this scene, when his voice cracked while crying, I was like, please no stop making JDY cry, it's not good for the heart :(


And I totally love this moment when it seems ND's world just shattered and then DJ came to his rescue...that subtle expression of relief when he turned around and saw that he still have DJ in his life ...



And so, I agree with this one... this is how JDY entered our bias list :)



And am I the only one who loves all the BGMs esp. during intense scenes? Like that scene when the King slowly pointed his sword at ND, the piano.. and the violin always being played too. And I love all the different instrumental version of "Scar"... I heard a new one in this episode and I hope they release it also.


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Sigh... will the drama follow history or follow the viewers wishes..


If it ends with ND's death, well, the drama wouldnt sell KBs!... so that you know... hahhaa... so make sure its a happy ending. 


NAKDO can replace YM as the next King, with his identity... sigh, anyways, as long as he lives happily every after.. history says that the King will retire and the throne be taken by his cousin right. Sigh.

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Hwang Miyoung (Bok Nyeo - one of the Virtuous Women Corps trio) and Jang Dong Yoon catching a good meal after filming :thumbsup:



English translation of BTS is out:


@Ameera Ali  To your post below, Yulmu has too many pairings :lol: So *drumroll* who will he choose as his best bud!


@lightbringer06  To your post below, yes it was just posted today by Hwang Miyoung, but don't know if it's from dinner tonight or another day. And seems JDY is taking the tab! In reel life, Nokdu needs to give a treat to a lot of people after the battle is over -- Hwangsabu, his adopted father (best Dad award nominee), Mulwudan, Hwangtae, Vice-curator, Virtuous Women Corps trio, and needless to say Dongjoo who saved him multiple times!

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